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That girl who laughs at everyone (let's laugh at her) - writer/journalist/party grrl - co-host of @wyrdsignalpod ella/ella/suyo

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Israel has a piece of military doctrine called the Samson Option—essentially nuclear annihilation of the entire reg…
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Pals, what's a good nocturnal read?I don't care to explain my reasoning, but I sincerely believe Iran should have nukes @leaacta I mean, they can @leaacta Sudden flashback to a day spent with Hungarian gf where she wore a Eugene Thacker hoodie, and I, a shark onesieEvery second tweet is some batshit promoted thing and it's really unsettlingThought I was sleepy but I was just drunk - wow this sucksSurprise desk inspection
@hauntonaut Fun fact - I saw the West End show when I was like eight and was so tense because I knew a massive ghos… @esperdiol Honestly they're one of my favourite things on here @Kali_K_priv Too blessed not to be the case
[Peter Steele voice] They're married ...naow @pearlsnappea Anyway, I read on and stopped thinking about them altogether @pearlsnappea But she's his girl, too, no?I wonder if Peter Steele's girlfriend and her girlfriend are still togetherBirthday walk thread hard to express quite how much being able to go back to university this year has benefited my mental health - I… could probably switch out 'cis' for 'neurotypical' but that's not a conversation my seminar group is ready forHappy birthday to this absolute mad lad 📼🥀☦️🌂🌲👽🔥🥃🚬 is a nice thing to watch with insomnia? Got it bad rn
Do you spend the majority of seminars talking by virtue of having the lowest tolerance to awkward silences despite… alt. titleYou ever browse your GIMP folder and wonder who the hell ever let you use a computer?
Anyone doing cool stickers? I think I may finally be getting my new, disability office-subsidised laptop and want t…
@leaacta hiiii
@thewastedworld I let Mothman into my heart long agoYou all have very beautiful voices - thank you for sharing
Romans clipping @MummyMaster420 Do you know how the [GRINCH] first came into being? They were elves once, taken by the dark powers,… @PartyPrat You have reverse resting bitch face and I'm both curious and envious @bwo_pod 💜📡🖤Episode #1 is here! This week, Sean and Matt discuss why they've decided to start this podcast before unpacking t…
Retweeted by 🏰 Revolutionary🥀 gf ⚔️ Lucretia ✨ @dikeeris I love this track so much! 💜📼📡In any case, I am no longer out of methylphenidateReflecting on my kvetch about bureacracy/admin and the fact that I crashed out of an job last year, I should add: w…!!!
pls signal boost this is important @fresh_prance Yeah, this shit is in our blood - if we're not allowed to play out our petty revenge fantasies then w… tweet was brought to you by my week getting completely derailed by my ADHD meds disappearing into a black hole… kind of really sucks that the overwhelming need to defend the NHS means it gets a pass on its extremely backward… Watched Over by Machines of Loving Girls
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Retweeted by 🏰 Revolutionary🥀 gf ⚔️ Lucretia ✨ @GrahamReznick Losing my shit that there's a Dick Tremayne/Albert Rosenfield spin off showRT if your Mayor sucks
Retweeted by 🏰 Revolutionary🥀 gf ⚔️ Lucretia ✨Seriously, after lockdown one of my main plans is to cosplay a member of the Student Council and go to the Palatine… Utena anime is so much more rewarding if you read the manga first The manga: and who? this is how I fucking just start my day thenSeriously: setting up secure, dual online/offline backup servers, circulating podcasts on cassette, getting serious… to begin seriously preparing for an imminent existence without the internet [it is five AM]Woke up thinking about the carbon footprint of all the shit I have online
Is anyone else finding they can't search for any of their tweets from older than two months ago? @FolkParanoia Quote tweet me bro @PartyPrat Incredible vibes environmentI'm not sure this was the right version to settle on but I'm genuinely delighted that I can finally participate in… #LGBTSTEMDay - I'm studying for an MSc in owning the libs think I understood the thing
@leaacta You'd actually be really good - I'd totally listen! 📼📻📡
Still toying with the idea of a solo politics+theory project/persona - what sounds best?
Honestly this is the sweetest thing I've ever heard omgOh, my boys! My BOYS!
@dikeeris Ahh, yeah! 🖤✨Do I look like anyone? I wanna do the thing
@quidtumcicero The final girlboss, if you willGirlboss Industrial Complex line hits different after reading abut _that_ show he did in 1973, nglStraight up putting 'Guided by the beauty of our weapons' as the working title for my essay about liberal intervent… @GarethLWatkins1 Just gonna go ahead and state that if this was actually a thing then it was almost certainly Dan A… it referring to the Pendulum Foucault or the prison guy, tho?Sudden glaring realisation that in one of the WH40K novels there's a character called 'Foucault' - trying to rememb…
@MummyMaster420 I've been toying with the idea of 'Investigative Sonic Landscapes' that's basically stuff that soun… @FolkParanoia I actually met the guy one time and took his details but then immediately lost them. In any case, I h… for a surprise [just hangin' out] (2019)
@ordinaryfreak69 Verso actually published a thing about exactly this a while back @xenogothic Love to see itGoing full Snakepit baitI agreed that if I get a first on my MSc I have to get an owl tattoo - currently I'm leaning towards a half/half th… know that this isn't on the top of everyone's thoughts right now but the window for Tool to 'bash one out over lo… Adversaries (Valie Export, 1977) comes to the world's attention when an inexplicably large number of world records are dramatically broken during… anyone remember a weirdly low-fi science fiction anime film - that (I think) aired on the Sci-fi Channel in th…
Gf who brings you special lunch because it's Reading Week and you're a huge weeb 🖤🐼🐙🍜😳🍣💜✨ @p4im0nia Tron (1982)
Me rn Gun Meme: It's all Foucault (earth is the entirety of social sciences academia)
Retweeted by 🏰 Revolutionary🥀 gf ⚔️ Lucretia ✨ @hauntonaut Oh fuck this is so good! 👀
@aubrika I'm high and this is a very weird gif to be looking at (ur super cute though Xx) @maponus_ Oh god yes, so much about her is genuinely terrifying
Kind of enjoying this lull period when he's no longer a dangerous liability but before open season as a class enemy… again turning to Dune to articulate my thoughts @GrahamReznick This feels more like a Guardian awful takeCute day 🖤✨📡🌲🌌🦉🪐🖤
Bumping off Kontravoid as the least girl, despite multiple extremely solid bangersOh fuck - how did I forget? just occurred to me - freaking out a bit