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Sterf @FemSteph Portland, OR

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🔴 LIVE // More Destiny 2! Powered by @Xfinity XFi 📶💙 #Ad
@Mae @AvaGG Miss you both 😭
🔴 LIVE // Destiny 2 Grind continues Powered by @Xfinity XFi 📶💙 #Ad @bluejay_712 BLOOOOOO 🥵I have had really terrible heart burn today and I am so uncomfortable. Going to tackle the pile of IKEA furniture I… @littlesiha Gosh you’re so cute. @ItsAwesomeJoey Pho, the ultimate comfort food ♥️
@LexiRosegg I bought the flowers in an icon pack and then added the background color in Photoshop. @Famoso__ 😭😭 @lintgamer Imagine telling someone what app to use @_DavidSmith you’re a S A I N T @MrsDrLupo Girl. I changed it like 400 times before settling on this lol @LexieFork I will toot it all day and all night if you come show me how good it is 😏 @HershButt ShortcutsWork in progress. 😬 @_DavidSmith Will you release a custom color wheel for the background? Would be amazing if we could have the text w… @Armyofdemigods Razer Kraken!
This is the greatest thing I've seen in 2020. McConaughey nodding along with a smile. Julia laughing. Morgan Freema…
Retweeted by SterfI dont know who needs a pick-me-up today, but holy shit this has me in TEARS 😂 Brad, you will forever be my child… @Electra How?? It’s so beautiful 🥺
BREAKING: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who charted a course for women’s rights at the U.S. Supreme Court and became…
Retweeted by SterfWhoever keeps sayings "lol 2020 can't get any worse" you suck and I hate you😭 will never complain about the rain again. ☔️♥️ @h3h3productions This is bullshit. Buying a TF hoodie as we speak. @MerryKish MARY ITS RAINING FINALLY 😭😭 @TheAlanJohnson 👀 @DaisyyCaterina What a condescending raging hypocrite. I stopped reading because I was so irritated by him lolHas anyone that follows me read Blood & Honey? I need to vent about how much I fucking hate Reid.🔴 LIVE // More Destiny 2 grind today! Powered by @Xfinity XFi 📶💙 #Ad
Talented and STUNNING. Download Bad Summer, ya goobers.’ve been trying my hardest to manage my anxiety and stress with this whole hazardous/apocalypse air quality situat…💚💚💚 @Synth967 You’re mansplaning resets to me, sweet summer child. @Synth967 Pinnacles reset, homie. I started this week at 1003.Destiny has sunk its little claws into us again. Ended at 1044. 1050 soOoOoNSomeone please tell me they have the @Gothalion clip of him calling Rahool a Tool and to eat shit diarrhea face. Please. PLEASE I NEED IT. @Fwiz @GoldGloveTV Third trimester, here I come. Thanks, Ryan!! ♥️🔴 LIVE // D2 1030+ Light Grind Cont.
@Hi_im_Georgie @PlayStationAU DESTINY!!! After I finish my titan I can hop on my 2nd char and rank with you. ☺️🔴 LIVE // D2: Xenophage Quest
@itmeJP ♥️ @itmeJP Getting ready for Beyong Light 😊
🔴 LIVE // Playing Destiny 2 with the homies! Running through Garden of Salvation blind today 😊 Powered by @Xfinity @CannibalQueen21 Our costco had filters still. We picked up 6, if you needed to come grab one 🥺 @HayliNic And drive through 13 hrs of smoke? Can’t ☹️
🔴 LIVE: Playing Destiny 2 @LuluLuvely Does this make us family 🥺 @bluejay_712 Yes. 🥰Babe 0/10 - Unless you are the father of my child or one of my hot girlfriends, you can fuck right off. 😀Stephanie 10/10 - Before gaming, I used to go exclusively by this. Steph 100/10 - It me. Sterf 10/10 - Main commu… @iFooYa I love my Foo ♥️ @OmgItsMessica It’s a gamble. Our house is safe from the fires and well insulated. All the smoke is blowing East, a… @ajmueller @i1_ghost Agreed. PurpleAir makes both and indoor and outdoor one. Might be worth picking up for future. Stay safe! @sWestlich And how are you measuring the AQI to know what it is near? Several gov websites all have this area within a +/- 20 AQI as well. @quistdupont That’s totally fair. We are expecting rain in PDX by Monday. If that doesn’t help air quality, we are… @quistdupont Also, we did this hack with some of our box fans, and it really does actually help while we wait for o… @quistdupont Our house is new, and we have no noticeable smoke smell. Also, a lot of articles I’m reading say it’s… @H2O_Quotez Air quality due to the fires. 0-50 is considered healthy. Anything above 300 is considered extremely hazardous.Does anyone have a spare tour bus or luxury RV they could float me for a while so I can pack my family and drive Ea… @i1_ghost The issue is all of the ones on Amazon wouldn’t get here until Friday. Would defeat the purpose. 😞 @zachulon Yeah, we’ve had the AC on circulate since Thu. Like I said, very little to no smell in the house. I’m hop…'m out today near Sweet Home, Oregon where the closest Air Quality Index monitoring station is reading ~488ppm.
Retweeted by Sterf😰 @Di3seL_ I appreciate you. The issue is our dogs. We would need to drive. And sitting in a car for however many hou… @zachulon I honestly feel trapped and it’s giving me the worst anxiety. @MoxxyFavore That’s kind of what I wanted to know. It’s supposed to rain on Monday, and they say it will help a ton… @OGKrushz @zachulon @dunkman @zachulon Yeah but like where? We have two big dogs. We would need to drive. This is the entire west coast currentl… house is brand brand new, and we have great insulation on windows and vents and all that. This is just so unpre… for info on AQI meters you can use in ur home that are accurate? Portland just hit the 400-600 range tonig… @Fwiz It's 400 here. ☹️🔴 LIVE // Playing: Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. Gaming to take my mind off the 🔥🔥 FIRES BURNING DOWN MY ENTIRE STATE…
🔴 LIVE // Playing: Rogue Company Sign up for the beta! #Ad // Long
@jjjulia__ Thank you, though!! ♥️♥️ @jjjulia__ We have one on the way. Will be here Thu, was just looking for something sooner. Found an easy DYI hack in the mean time.Over 500k people under mandatory evacuation in Oregon due to wildfires. Roughly 10% of the state population. This shit is serious.
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My family is being evacuated from the OR fires. Going to help them get settled. Probably no stream tonight. @bluejay_712 SO PURDY
🔴 LIVE // Just Chatting Powered by @Xfinity XFi 📶💙 #Ad dad’s two favorite book series, which he heavily influenced me to read a young age, were LOTR and Dune. Movie…🔴LIVE // Playing: Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments
@Sampai Diaper back packs are the way to go! And I got a separate changing pad thingy. These are the ones I picked… @renee @JERICHO It’s so good 😭Um, this wind storm is no joke. 😳
🔴 LIVE // Starting Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments today! Come hang out in this @Xfinity powered stream 💙📶… a ton of stuff from the old house, and got so many things done at the new place. But I am feeling extra tired…
@KP5ive Don’t worry, bro. I got a smoke grenade. @MsTeamKK I’m not sure the brand of hair, but the method is Natural Beaded Rows (NBR) extensions.
@taylorgarciaaa Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Air Brush, Black, Packaging May Vary @Mxdieee Thank you! I’m obsessed ☺️I’m feeling cute as hell. 😚 JUST WANTED TO SHARE THAT IVE BEEN IN SUCH A GOOD, HAPPY MENTAL PLACE LATELY. POSITIVE VIBES, EVERYWHERE. ✨Happy birthday, smol boi. ♥️ @oreeeo🔴 LIVE // Playing: Marvel's Avengers (Part 3)
@Grillinessou ??? Sad has ever been part of the equation. @b0esing TWINS!! Our baby boy is due in December too 😭😭 @ImTnFD @GoldGloveTV Why is that oof? I love building furniture.