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Since 1946, Fender has been the world’s foremost manufacturer of electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitars, amplifiers & accessories.

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‘Cause sometimes change... 🎶
Retweeted by Fender @HERMusicx You rocked it last night! 🤘🙌🎸
See which new Fender amps turned heads at #NAMM2020! new pickups to sweet swag, we just debuted new accessories and apparel at NAMM that will amp up your style.…
Introducing Ultra JammJam – an epic celebration of music and mastery. In the coming months, watch as world-class ar… Fender’s connection to auto-making in Episode 1 of Dream Factory. #FenderCustomShop Master Builder Ron Thor… month’s edition of Fender Sessions: #Grammy-nominated soul-funk duo @BlackPumasMusic perform three songs off t…
@frazierriver Strumming ✔️ Focus ✔️ Passion ✔️ He's well on his way! 🤘 @Stuey31429024 🤘🎸 @matt_jaffa 🤘 @BigT_Music 🎸🔥Here's your chance to #TestDrive the new Ultra Series at Lane Music in Germantown, TN! On Saturday, 1/25 from 2pm -… new pickups to sweet swag, we just debuted new accessories and apparel that will amp up your style!…
@MichaelTurner73 Runner ups have been announced on our IG Stories! You can see on our IG Highlights 🤘 #1: Paul McCartney supposedly wrote “Helter Skelter” as a reaction to which 1967 hit single?Fender Play LIVE: Classic Metal Crash Course | Start Your Free Trial Now: | Fender Play Giv…'s your chance to #TestDrive the new Ultra Series at Sam Ash Nashville! On Thursday, 1/23 from 2pm - 7pm, play…'s almost time for Fender Play LIVE! Tune in @ 5 PM PT for a classic metal guitar crash course with Noah Harmon a…
@jscotheathman And so it begins! 🤘🎸 @TheBuffaloRoam_ Can't go wrong with the Sunburst! 🎸🔥🎸🔥 @Justin_Emord Loud and proud! 🤘🎸🔥 @BryanLazar1 We're feeling it! 🤘🎸 @tomek65667191 What a beautiful sight! 🤘This week on Fender Play LIVE: Host Noah Harmon and special guest Davin Givham of @detanglermusic will be giving a…🔊SOUND ON 🔊The Reflecting Pool Delay/Reverb combines two classic effects into one. Stacked with Type, Variation and…
@RafaelRSalazar2 You said it! 🤘🎸Can’t never tell her nothin... it is what it is 👊🏽 🎸 @Fender 👚 @ModestlyMini 📸 @normanjones 💇🏽‍♀️…
Retweeted by FenderThe ’64 Custom Princeton Reverb Amp is exact in nearly every detail to its 60s forerunner, ideal for vintage tone e… The incredible @Fender stand - in pictures
Retweeted by Fender @Nikwestbass @jammcard 🙌Crushed it on Friday @Nikwestbass! @JennNelsonBass Sounds like a win-win! 🙌 @guitar_yorch 🤘🎸🔥 @TheRealDannyB87 Raising him well! 🤘🎸 @JonWolske 😂🤘 @wrstprtyevr 🤘🎸❤️ @SkipSugg 🤘🤘🤘 @Markuss157 "Wants" are important too 🤘🎸 @PortlandsBatman New year, new hobby! 🤘
@FilfyRicky 🤘🎸😎 @LouieLively 😍🤘 @docstymie Awwww yeah! 🤘🎸 @sam_pheasant What a beauty! 😍 @bluesocks81 Love this! 🤘🎸🤘🎸 @Haute_and_Savvy Glad you liked it, Tina! 🤘 @mookswarfare 🙌🙌🙌 @CamiloBroce1 🙌 @1_honour 😍🎸 @leighfugeguitar So glad to hear, Leigh! 🙌 @Juanitocure 🤘
It's Day 4 of @NAMM 2020! To close out the week, we'll look at new additions to the American Original Series, the M…
@14Chihuahua Sometimes you've got to bring the heat! 🎸🔥 @iheartguitar Appreciate the love! 🤘 @kapnstranger 😍🤘🎸Leah Wellbaum from @SLOTHRUST stopped by to try out the Ultra Jazzmaster, Reflecting Pool Reverb/Delay and Tone Mas… @warpheads 🤘🎸😎 @CRChic 🤘🤘🤘 @buckethead93 😂🤘We’ve got new apparel, barstools and more out now! See all our new lifestyle products on 😎🐻… to Day 3 of @NAMM 2020! Today we'll look at refreshed and expanded Player Series, the Mustang GTX amp, and… @TonyBMullins 🎸🔥 @danideahl 🤘🎸🔥
.@Fender has revived the Lead II and III for its Player Series
Retweeted by FenderWith its new combo amps, @Fender has nailed both nostalgia and innovation
Retweeted by FenderThe @jimadkinsmusic JA-90 Telecaster Thinline @NAMMShow #NAMM #NAMM2020 new #JimRoot Signature Jazzmaster @slipknot check out the new American Acoustasonic Stratocasters at the @NAMMShow! #NAMM #NAMM2020 @GeorgeHarrison “Rocky” Stratocasters #FenderCustomShop're back for Day 2 of @NAMM 2020! Today we'll look at new Fender Signature instruments, the American Acoustasonic… the @Fender Acoustasonic Stratocaster in action
Retweeted by FenderSee 9 amazing #FenderCustomShop finishes from the the @NAMM floor! Which one is your favorite?… a look inside the most ambitious new offerings from the #FenderCustomShop Master Builders, the 2020 @NAMMShow @CT_MUSIC41 🤘🎸
.@lindsayell jamming on Master Builder Carlos Lopez’s Sugar Skull Prestige Collection Strat! She’s hosting our… @ChicagoMusicEx 🤩We're at @NAMM to show off our new 2020 Fender gear! Today we'll take a look at the new American Ultra Series, the…'re kicking off @NAMM 2020 with the #FenderCustomShop showcase! Take a look at just a few of the unique and extra… Play LIVE: Learn The Blues ft. Christone "Kingfish" Ingram | Start Your Free Trial Now:…
@JamieHayward20 @TMRManagementUK 🙌 @HeatherYoumans 🙌 @GuthrieTrapp 😍Perfect Match ❤️ @Fender
Retweeted by Fender @KWShepherd 🙌#NAMM #NAMMShow #namm2020This week on Fender Play LIVE: Tune in at 5 PM PT for a blues crash course with Christone "Kingfish" Ingram! He'll… to the Dream Factory! In Episode 1 of this new series, Fender’s connections to auto manufacturing are explo… @alainparadis Hi there, your discounted price will show up in Canadian Dollars when you apply the discount code in… @ArielONeal 😍 @iamkiol 🙌 @DMReidy Loving this! Keep up the great work Mia 🙌
. @Fender's Acoustasonic Stratocaster revealed
Retweeted by Fender.@thetylerbryant shows off the Acoustasonic Stratocaster – the newest addition to the American Acoustasonic Series…
🔊SOUND ON 🔊 The Pour Over Envelope Filter offers High, Low and Band-Pass filter types. With sweep direction control…
Ready to start playing your favorite songs on bass? Check out 10 easy songs you can learn from #BobMarley,…
Get lost in the colors of this Jawbreaker Strat 🎨 ​ ​Crafted by Dale Wilson in Corona, CA. Happy Straturday! 🎸
@ed_sleep We announced on our Instagram Stories! Go check it out 😎 @ErikArko Wow!! 😍With a new year of music just getting started, which guitarists are you most excited to see? This article that high… @finally_in_tune 😂 @JimmyLeeUS 🤘🎸 @bekibrindle 🎸🤘