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Deral Fenderson @Fendersonia Bibleland, Virginia

Artist. Musician. Weirdo. 30+ year veteran of radio, now @wuvtfm I like to make loud noises that you either love, or that piss you off. Heh.

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Unarmed protesters, protesting Nazis in their streets. Thank God militarized police were there to point assault rif…
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@WamsuttaLives @Newsweek Oh c'mon!! The Onion has better journalistic standards than that!! Better writing too!!
ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Juliana Hatfield Sings Olivia Newton-John’ Illuminates the Legend’s Timeless Songcraft ★★★★★ by…
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So the U.S. leads a strike on Syria a day before the OPCW was set to investigate whether chemical weapons were even…
Retweeted by Deral Fenderson @womensmarch This whitewashed nonsense is what happens when you let your movement be taken over by corporate founda…
Retweeted by Deral FendersonIf any of my kids turn out to be war criminals, please feel free to shit on my memory the day that I die.
Retweeted by Deral FendersonA very fun read. I hope all of these adult babies lose every single thing that brings them joy, entertainment or br…
Retweeted by Deral FendersonNothing new here. I have friends that got the same shit when they wanted to vote for Bernie in the primary in NY b…'d think a million plus Iraqis would beg to differ on that "dignified" shit. we’re in Japan right now.
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@Grindpod Thanks for leading me to what looks like a horrible movie!! It's even on the YouTube!!So, let me get this straight. We can drop bombs on people for “humanitarian” reasons but we can’t feed American cit…
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It's a "humanitarian" effort. @TheAVClub Ableist problems. Try going to shows in a wheelchair, where half the crowd tries to be nice, while the o… @J0hnnyXm4s @Jaku @CalithonSR Enjoyed getting my Jaku and Johnny In The Morning fix!!
@theHenryDemos Well, I'd gladly trade that awful "cheese" stuff for aisles of Godzilla toys in our stores. Deal?That headline is HARSH. Luckily, he can still sell hot sauce and no worries, he's in America... where millions o…“Come a little closer, madam- I want to save you 25¢ on Monster Vitamins.” - Monster Vitamins ad, feat. Vincent Pri…
Retweeted by Deral Fenderson @theHenryDemos Do they not have it at the 7-11 stores there? Thought I saw one of those in a Being The Elite video.
I reserved this seat, fuck you.
Retweeted by Deral FendersonIt's not about racism, it's not about sexism; they object to Sanders because they are RICH PEOPLE or they WORK FOR…
Retweeted by Deral FendersonPeriodic reminder: Joe Kennedy III recently argued that marijuana should remain illegal so cops can use the excuse…
Retweeted by Deral Fenderson @bunkytown I tried to reply to that other tweet that went away... reading that person's bio made me tweet: Maybe… once joked that the names of ZSJ’s submissions are all Godspeed You Black Emperor! song titles and then I see thi…
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This song always helps cure an ear worm. Every time. @Iheartnoise A quick check tells me that those are likely scalper bullshit from the pre-sale. That show goes on fu… @Iheartnoise They do, and I can almost guarantee the band had nothing to do with prices being like that. Those loo…
Buying a congressman is like a fun sport for rich people! Don’t you want to give it a try?
Retweeted by Deral FendersonIf People Deleting Facebook Want To Be A Part Of A Social Network, They’re Welcome To Come Connect With Friends Amo…
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@CentristSlayer Not to mention that his logic is totally flawed. Pence keeps women away from him "out of love for h… @ArkylieZaniida @doctorow I got two FB accounts... both are under pseudonyms. One of them I've used for the last…, there goes that plan of kicking out those native Hawaiians off their land for a house, huh?
Retweeted by Deral Fenderson @mediumvillain Not to mention that they're actively trying to fuck over progressives. WHAT COULD GO WRONG?? @hipsterocracy Saw them open the Long Cold Winter tour at its stop in Hampton VA in the late 80s. Bulletboys, Wing…
@DoomTripRecords @Tarkamt_ I appreciate it.... but I think I've scraped it together (for my listening, of course!)…
@BenigmaBot Fuck that slimy motherfucker. @lucasjlynch Now you wanna know who's really offensive? People claiming to be "transabled". Look 'em up. What a fucked way of thinking. @lucasjlynch As a disabled person, I think the cartoon would be more accurate if the chair was parked in a cemetery… @daveanthony Payable to whom? @MCDeKaP TMI, maaaan! (Hope you feel better, though) @daveanthony @ShutUpAndrosky The whole thread is a bunch of people calling him out and then celebrating their block… @jhedelstein Don't burst their bubble. Also, tell them they definitely need to see *this* documentary on the Netfl… @FrankConniff I thought Mueller himself was a Republican!? Did I miss something? @daveanthony I think it's funny that people are just now getting upset about all the data-tracking going on at the… week in "The Democrats don't care if they win or lose": @MikeVanderbilt So you're Pickle Mike now? @authorblues Taco?Happy Birthday to #BillyCorgan, born March 17, 1967! @Albumism BEST BILLY PICTURE @FaerieWhings @leftist101 @EIWBM_Cat I'm sure those dead people LOVED the "increased engagement" their appropriated photos got!!
@Greg_Palast Democrats can't let go of "The Russians" storyline because they don't want anyone to see how they scre… I die DON'T say I'm "free from my wheelchair" or "better off & without pain" If you think disabled people are…
Retweeted by Deral Fenderson @Iheartnoise @NedRaggett The memes were ready for it!! (Best version IMHO) @bourgeoisalien @Enjoneer01 @ninaturner @_Anunnery @socialist_angel @jaketapper @tomwatson It's the same folks that… @LeftwardSwing @ninaturner Agreed... one million percent. @Gemenist @Iheartnoise You'll definitely want this one then!
@Newsweek What could go wrong? @bettyaberlin I see this idea turning out REALLY WELL. why I hate capitalism #3758 @WrestleTalk_TV I hope not. @SaraJBenincasa Do the towels slide towards the toilet on the rack at the same time that balls roll away from it on… @SaraJBenincasa Even the angles created by your photographic composition are making me seasick! Congratulations!! 😜 @BustedOpenRadio @JRsBBQ @IAmJericho @AXSTVFights @KennyOmegamanX @rainmakerXokada @MattJackson13 @NickJacksonYB Fu… @BustedOpenRadio @JRsBBQ @IAmJericho @AXSTVFights @KennyOmegamanX @rainmakerXokada @MattJackson13 @NickJacksonYB I… recap: 1) Bain (Mitt's firm) and two other firms collected $200 million from Toys 'R' Us after buyout 2) It stil…
Retweeted by Deral FendersonEnvironmentalism FTW: NASCAR Is Cutting Down On Emissions By Replacing All The Race Cars With A Single Bus That Dri…
Retweeted by Deral Fenderson @bunkytown I like the cut of your jib! @JOtter64 @blaubok @LeftwardSwing I thought so. It's quite informative on how politics work. Money and endorsemen… @bunkytown Oh there's sportsball on? TIME FOR A NAP!! 🤪😜🤪😜🤡 @ObtusePollman Did her bot army retweet the retweet? @blaubok @LeftwardSwing I'M A GREAT RESEARCHER, DIPSHIT. Bernie doesn't even make the NRA list:… @JOtter64 @blaubok @LeftwardSwing @blaubok @LeftwardSwing Did you even read the article? Or are you just expecting the headline to do your hatchet j… @blaubok @LeftwardSwing Quote from the article you're screencapping: "That was odd. Sanders was the ex-hippie ex-m… @JimmyJazz1968 To be clear, I hate the vampire capitalists just as you are stating. Clear Channel "hoovered up" ton… @JimmyJazz1968 I'll miss Toys R Us, but I won't miss iHeartRadio/CheapChannel one bit. As a thirty year radio vete… @jendziura They're just republicans that want to smoke pot. I got no use for them.