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Deral Fenderson @Fendersonia Bibleland, Virginia

Artist. Musician. Weirdo. 30+ year veteran of radio, now @wuvtfm I like to make loud noises that you either love, or that piss you off. Heh.

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The people saying Cruz deserves to eat dinner in peace, are the same people who’ve been telling me we need to leave…
Retweeted by Deral Fenderson @di_bofa Been in that place. Not a day in the park by any means. Sending kindness and positive flow. Keep fighting as best as you can.
@AugustJPollak @Atrios Just looking through some old calendars of mine and whoa
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Lmao wtf is this? Wtf kind of fucking weirdo esp a teenager had a calendar w/the names of ppl at parties written in…
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@mmithbaby You'll likely pay whatever exorbitant amount of money someone is asking, and you'll get your ticket, and… wondering why this isn't being talked about more.... is it because the news came via Canada? @facdaniels @LVFightShop @FrankieKazarian @ScorpioSky Super sweet shirt. Dig that design!Your ex-wife wore a disguise on national television to talk about you beating her
Retweeted by Deral Fenderson @mssinenomine Far too many charities are there to net some CEO a big paycheck. "Non-profit", my ass.And I only have a clue what this is because of @JimSterling (Thanks!) about right! that you've gotten the costume based on a fictional dystopia removed, can y'all muster up enough backlash to do…
Retweeted by Deral Fenderson @jusmas27 @neeratanden @jjz1600 Oh C'MON!! It was Susan Sarandon's fault! And "The Russians"!
@LLW90210 @ThePaleApe
I mean I'm scared to click or even scroll through the timeline right now!! 🤪🤪🤪I see Bert and Ernie and Sesame Street trending and I can't make myself click because I'm still feeling unclean fro… @http_error_418 @EmmaKinema @donkey_walloppa HOLY SHIT WHAT I WOULD DO FOR SOMETHING THAT ACCOMPLISHES THAT. You… @EmmaKinema @donkey_walloppa That worked for me on Facebook, too. Eventually the robots just give up. Mark 'em al… @JackTay47063855 @VABVOX @fawfulfan @WSJ @BenSasse @SenSchumer @KamalaHarris @SenFeinstein @jaketapper @CoryBooker YOU. who can be sure about what happened 36 years ago ALSO REPUBLICANS: when the founding fathers put a co…
Retweeted by Deral Fenderson @infinite_scream So many perfect moments for this account in my feed. Here's the latest I just saw: @WONF4W So if the tournament decides "the best in the world", are the "champions" and their contenders going to be… @cherryrae @LadieAuPair I believe in you too, and yeah... that's a fucker of a proposition. It's one thing to liv…
@newageamazon Yep. I agree with you on pretty much all counts there. WWE still has way too far to go. @Moose_Bigelow Probably the same type crap that the kids did that got them on the firing squad on You Can't Do That On Television. @Wra12Cjwr1 Don't leave out Puerto Rico!! The shit they pulled there was super fucked. @Feeney4th @bryanalvarez Wait until you read the bullshit shitshow that WWE pulled out for the end of an otherwise ok-sounding show. @Man4wweladies @TheWrestlingEst @DomoGenius18 I'm almost 45 and been watching since the early 80s. I love when stor… @nazenanip4ul @WrestleTalk_TV Yeah, I'm only going off recaps, but that sounds about right. Lesnar at least had sto… @TheWrestlingEst @Man4wweladies @DomoGenius18 Love the recaps that remind me why I stopped watching WWE. NO DQ MEA… @WrestleTalk_TV They really can't help but just throw spaghetti at the wall sometimes. Sounds like a shitshow ending once again! @FlannelJedi @TwoClawsMedia It's been too long since I've seen it... but after seeing it in the theater, I declare… @gulagboxhero @johnny_1205 @BethLynch2020 I always ask those inconvenient questions, like WHAT WOULD JESUS DO? Wel…
@ChelseaDWECT Way to go. You really showed 'em. Your bravery is comm.... ...oh wait. Sorry. Thought I was respon…
Obama: I blame the people for not voting People: Hello I would like to vote DNC: No. #NYPrimary
Retweeted by Deral FendersonTo vote in #NYPrimary for Gov, u had to register as a Dem in Oct. 2017-5 months before @CynthiaNixon announced run…
Retweeted by Deral Fenderson @cherryrae I'm not yet in the streaming game myself, but I edit for one. How hard would it be to do a short IRL str… typed mine without thinking and i regret it every day
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Believe it or not, this is a shark on the freeway in New Bern, North Carolina. #HurricaneFlorence
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@kulturalmarx Nina Turner is white feminism, too!
building an empire made entirely of beef takes time but also retweets
Retweeted by Deral FendersonRead our full anti-pipeline statement here:
Retweeted by Deral Fendersonrage against the machine were funny because they earnestly tried to educate people about colonial violence and stru…
Retweeted by Deral FendersonWooo yeah baby.. it's that kinda night 😝
Retweeted by Deral Fendersonthe crazy bread facebook page agreed to remove a pic of crazy bread after i reported it for being “too crazy”
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lmao imagine being surprised by this because he gave michelle obama a cough drop at a funeral
Retweeted by Deral Fenderson @NekoCase @megrar In nyc there was a 'united feeling' for all of two weeks, before the cruelty came out and as a na…
Retweeted by Deral Fendersonwhy are people factchecking this. have you ever worked in a bar full of frat cowboys when killing in the name comes on
Retweeted by Deral Fenderson @NomikiKonst That is OK but Judge Kavanaugh eating pasta with Ketchup should disqualify him from any office or cour…
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This cartoon is over 80 years old.
Retweeted by Deral FendersonYep. damn does @njpwworld do a great highlight reel! This ten and a half minute chunk of great moments makes me wan…
@TrancewithMe @JAdamMoore I was reading along, and I'm not sure his interjection was necessary at all (and I'm sure…
Retweeted by Deral Fenderson“Siri, show me an example of modern capitalism’s death spiral.”
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@ChronicTami THIS 💯
While we have more people in jail than any country, we are beginning to make progress on criminal justice reform. T…
Retweeted by Deral Fenderson @johncusack Hardly ever wasted, he could *make* a movie by just being there... or at least make it palatable by ju… @johncusack His turn as a sleazy southern senator in Striptease shows a master of the craft. Underrated for sure. I… shit this might be the single most perfect example of the galaxy brain meme in the wild. what an unbelievably…
Retweeted by Deral Fenderson @ashleypissdale dont call yourself pro-life if you wouldnt let a disabled man take up residence in your ass
Retweeted by Deral FendersonI totally will. Need to find the right photographer. 🤔
Retweeted by Deral Fenderson @cranstonl1972 He's doing a lot more for the people than most senators that are supposedly on the "good side", but… @ChronicSexChat "Healthcare team"? What's that? (yeah, that's an answer) @ScottWalker GO FUCK YOURSELF. They kneel to protest police killing unarmed black people. Guess you're fine with…
A truly brave op-ed from the anonymous Trump staffer
Retweeted by Deral FendersonFarewell, my feathered friend. #RIPBurtReynolds
Retweeted by Deral FendersonThat video is fucking weird.Today in Washington...
It’s been gestating for a fair while, but I can finally acknowledge that, as of today, I’m starting work on a book…
Retweeted by Deral Fenderson @NonStopPop @TheDavidZucker Excellence Will! I know that you'll do a bang up job on this! Zucker, Abrahams and Zucker are in GOOD HANDS!!Just a reminder that none of these people had a problem with @Kaepernick7 kneeling until they found out why he was…
Retweeted by Deral FendersonThis post is an advertisement for the music released on Doom Trip Records.
Retweeted by Deral Fenderson @RD_Mullin @TheRickWilson @realDonaldTrump Nah... he just pays his workers shit and has them in total fear of losi… @lib_crusher That third picture is precious. She's all "NOPE!"RIP #Nike. Due to the upcoming conservative protests, you'll end up in the dustbin of history just like: -Walmart…
Retweeted by Deral Fenderson @mccoym03 Well, the second half is historically when the Chokies take the field. Just saying.Chicago Police just realizing they ordered a bait truck filled with Nikes
Retweeted by Deral FendersonIs this peak acting like a dipshit and doing something completely meaningless to own the libs? Certainly looks lik… @johnrich @Nike Oh yeah John well I put it on my shorts so it cancels out
Retweeted by Deral Fenderson @55Counties While I certainly agree with what you're saying, the problem is that the "both sides" thing is clearly…
@AfgHenryPollard @andrewlong166 @PFTompkins @mulaney You really should trademark "ha ha dispenser". That should be on a t-shirt. @color4d @FrizFrizzle For some of them, it's not even about whether they're forced to wear it or not. They just se… Vs Tugboat in Electrified Hoagieweight Death
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@DoughboyLA Honestly, I think a lot of people have soured on him since he shafted Colt Cabana with those legal bill… @IAmJericho is GOAT!! masculinity
Retweeted by Deral FendersonSo many great matches at #ALLIN , but for my money, I gotta say the @PENTAELZEROM vs @KennyOmegamanX was tied with… @mattbasedd @ryansatin "If we run out of time, we'll bring you the footage next week!"The #Villain ☔️ #ALLIN
Retweeted by Deral Fenderson @cyberpilate SERIOUS UP. The reverence (despite some of the silliness) is amazing. There's something for everyone. @OfficialPWI The WWE is its own beast these days & no longer the thing for many of us. But this All-In stuff? I've… @CrackerBarrel @ALL_IN_2018 Neville is in there! @JoeyRyanOnline just had the best wrestling entrance/return ever!!!! #ALLIN
Retweeted by Deral FendersonTo go from an old school NWA title match with an emotional ending to a street fight where somebody went head first…
Retweeted by Deral FendersonA crowd of men dressed as penises carried off the murderer of a man who came back from the dead to flip him with hi…
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@DistortedKiwi I snagged the Waxwork poster from my neighborhood video store in the 80s! Looked great on the wall,…’s trash like this that intimidates people from pursuing a dream. Guess what? Having a job is cool. Working at…
Retweeted by Deral FendersonGood morning. We interrupt the 24 hour celebrity funeral channel to remind you that a majority of Americans live, and die, in poverty.
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