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Jake Flores @feraljokes Hell's Bathroom NY

Comedian and host of @PodDamnAmerica and @MrCleoPod / Homeland Security's Comics To Watch

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Kavanaugh hearing is going well so far @LucyXIV Are you mad because the water spirals in the wrong directionFinally watched Damn Daniel. I feel it's some of the most important queer performance art of our time.
Retweeted by Jake FloresQuestions for #kthalpShow guests @feraljokes @isamuel? cc: @gabe_pacheco
Retweeted by Jake Flores @PopulismUpdates Wuh oh @ConnorSouthard This ain't it chief 🤣🤣🤣Do you think Kate Bush would come on my podcast @steve49526400 @AnnCoulter You just said the words "Nick would be ashamed of this tweet" and I am the one who has n…, BURGERS, BURGERS, BURGERS, BURGERS, BURGERS, BURGERS, BURGERS, BURGERS, BURGERS, BURGERS, BURGERS, BUR… @AnnCoulter Don't sign your tweetsRespectfully, Lorne is totally incorrect.
Retweeted by Jake FloresThis person seems insufferable
Retweeted by Jake FloresBill Burr is short for Williamsburg
Retweeted by Jake FloresIf you people keep bashing the depressed for enjoying Bojack Horseman we’re going to go back to making music and killing ourselves*yelling at siri to pencil in what parties i plan to ruin with my presence this week*I graduated high school not knowing the Korean war happened
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@WorldOfTankies Yeah but if you look closely you can see that one of the legs is brokenHalloween themed sequel @islandgoth @Bug_Grrrl I had a boss once that begged me not to leave and I continued to work for him and then he fi… Cruz going to Whataburger and ordering a fish sandwichTed Cruz trying to do the Run The Jewels hands but he's just doing this 👉👌Ted Cruz turning up the volume on a porn hub video but he still can't hear anything because it's playing through a… Cruz trying to dab and hitting his wife in the face and he doesnt notice and just keeps waving and smilingwhen i block people its cool, like Neo kicking agent smith down a flight of staiors. when people block me its because theyre pussys
Retweeted by Jake FloresOnce I get some good snack cakes it's over for you hoe hoesI want to be swallowed by a sink hole and killed @rachelmillman Of course I do @rachelmillman This is a cursed image @rachelmillman What the fuckBronx 👏 gentrification 👏 is 👏 real 2016 vs 2018
Retweeted by Jake Floresthis is your daily reminder that tucker max of ‘i hope they serve beer in hell’ ghostwrote tiffany haddish’s memoir…
Retweeted by Jake Flores @andersleehere Anders do you have a girlfriendWhat a time to be this tiredJesus christ dude just have me on the show Zedong's first name stands for "My Ass Off"
Retweeted by Jake Flores @feraljokes I think we're both brain geniuses:
Retweeted by Jake FloresThere I fixed itDamn accidentally bought oedipals instead of edibles and instead of getting high I killed my dad and had sex with my mom @CNNRGLDN Fuck @MikeLeePearl LmaoI'm not joking when I say this: the part in the shining where the guy is getting a blowjob from the weird proto fur… weird that Republicans are full on nazis now and they still do that weird last question of the debate where the… I thought two years of minor celebs shaming people would really get them to vote.
Retweeted by Jake FloresWoman say I’m afraid of commitment until I tell them that I raided as the same blood elf for almost a decade then a…
Retweeted by Jake Flores @eliyudin 🤔 Idk. Didn't know that was a thing. Shit!!!Look I turned from one type of douche to a whole other type of douche!!! I buy this Jones has been banned from chaturbateI talked to a guy with a tucked in shirt and a wristwatch for 30 minutes last night before realizing he wasn't indu… to learn what is and is not antisemitism from the lady who wrote the books where all the bankers were hook-…
Retweeted by Jake Floresas a fan of da Dailey show this exciting news for me 😀
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This is like Keyser Soze level is buying these Halloween costumes @Zaannnn @PodDamnAmerica Wait till you hear my other ones @Zaannnn @PodDamnAmerica I am extremely bad at all impressionsI know I know obvious punchline here but I would not disparage an honest garbage man by comparing him to a fascistSomething that's really confusing about new york is that the sanitation department officer uniform looks almost ide… @DanielKasshu I just can not wait to finally die @kinematografi I use soundcloud. I got an email from anchor offering their shit for free and I was wondering what the catch wasExcited to get killed by Hillary ClintonIt is decided. This indeed "ain't it chief" @kinematografi Apparently it's bad @David_Quinones Good to know! @alexnpress God damnHas anyone used Anchor to host a podcast? Is it good?Very brave of DL Hughley to perform his new stand up special in disguise 🕵🏿‍♂️A modest FALL TOUR announcement! 9/26 - NASHVILLE @zaniesnashville 9/28 - ASHEVILLE @GreyEagleMusic 9/29 - ATLAN…
Retweeted by Jake FloresOK let's hang out IRL @bromethazine It sucks assThe answer to your question is that All Cops Are BastardsDoes anyone know what today’s date is??????New episode of Hatefuck Revolution w ⁦@feraljokes⁩ ! Yo #fuckchapo #sexism #poddamamerica #brocialism #dsa
Retweeted by Jake FloresImagine being excited about this media is a great place to see people who called you "gay rain man" in high school put a rainbow filter over their profile pictureabsolutely nuking my dick into 1000000 pieces with one of those wile e coyote tnt plungers
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Retweeted by Jake Flores @raaleh @LouisAkerman @trashfuturepod Lol
Its insane that Danny Glover is named Danny And Donald Glover is named Donald and not the other way around @JacksonRobHURTS I think about it a lot yes @J_Rosenfield Lol man its cool. You're not wrongYou know what's funny about this is that I think y'all were kind of right and you changed my mind and I will still… damn dude I was just retweeting your good point all have a brain disease where they simultaneously believe that their art is too important to be held dow…
Retweeted by Jake Flores @luisadieznuts Come back on the show any time!!!They should predict mass shootings as part of the weather every morning
Retweeted by Jake Flores @ACLUofficial Well the person who called them out used the word "drag" so I dunno I'm still skeptical. One thing th… @ACLUofficial OK so if I'm getting this right, it's not a woke podcast, they DID say something racist, and the resp… @AlannaMarieS This!!!! @luisadieznuts This is pro comic. I said let comics be comics but yeah drinks @luisadieznuts Fuck. There's a lot going on here and work just picked up. I gotta come back to this. Learning is fun!!!!!!!! @luisadieznuts To be clear my main point was on the audience and how they assign wokeness to shows like GWF and are… @luisadieznuts That being said, when I talked about Nanette people described it as a "backlash" and not a dialogue… @luisadieznuts Maybe I'm cynical. I'm 100 percent pro dialogue (you can read about it in vulture 😉) but I don't alw… @luisadieznuts Podcasts are different from stand up in that the audience comes to it, whereas in stand up its rando… @luisadieznuts God damn it come back on the podcast @luisadieznuts OK 🥊 I have an appropriately gross metaphor for this : cumtown isn't propaganda, its pornography. No… @luisadieznuts @ACLUofficial Not me I have never done anything wrong on the internet