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Jake Flores @feraljokes Hell's Bathroom NY

Comedian and host of @PodDamnAmerica @MrCleoPod / went on Cumtown 💎 went on Chapo 💀 Homeland Security's Comics To Watch

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you gotta admit it's kind of hilarious that after all the military coups the cia has supported in other countries w…
Retweeted by Jake Flores @Dirt_God Make it bitchNew Bonus ep w/ @leftcoastpod and @icaito on LA and Spanish language communication within socialist campaigns. Smas…
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@kathbarbadoro 😈😈😈Lmao someone out there is jacking off to Manga about ICE agents New Amazon Service Just Comes To Your House And Kills You
Retweeted by Jake FloresHey ATX pals go see Erik, he kills me. And you know me, I hate comedy NEW EPISODE ~ Comedy in a Police State: ICE, SESTA-FOSTA, Stand-Up, & U.S. Culture Featuring: Comedian Jake Flo…
Retweeted by Jake FloresLol all of the people that have been yelling at me about Hillary Clinton for 2 straight years are starting get on b… hearing @feraljokes dive into the efficacy of comedy in politics on the latest episode of @revleftradio. I do…
Retweeted by Jake Flores @BBCandice Naw back soon thoughI actually think Trump and Putin's sexual relationship is beautifulYou’ve done it guys. You’ve saved democracy by saying Trump and Putin are gay for each other. The first 1000 times…
Retweeted by Jake FloresLook who I ran into Ed Sheeran you know the vibes🤨get the strap #lecheminduroi
Retweeted by Jake FloresThis one's me Musk... Suck my dickYou know that shit people do where they compare horrifying news stories to Harry Potter? I'm gonna start doing that… to have left LA, where the entertainment industry ignores you, and made it back to New York, where it actively hates youTwo Worlds One CupI love to eat Mexican furry candy*biting into a piece of Digiornio's pizza* damn did you get this delivered from a shitty restaurant?
Jakes website, with all of his tour dates, is here: Jakes podcast is here:…
Retweeted by Jake FloresPete Davidson has a tattoo of Garfield because he is dating GarfieldI've found the most liberal image ever
Retweeted by Jake FloresLol can not believe mister Trump was rude to my hero, the queen of England @NicoleConlan Lol was it the griffin Los Angeles story in 4 acts @feraljokes I don’t know about all that, but appreciate the dialogue and the shout out. ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾
Retweeted by Jake Flores @King_D_Frederik @daveanthony @DocMellyMel "Organizing" isn't a vague term she just pulled out of nowhere, its fair… Elon Musk is being findommed by mitch McConnellElon Musk is either a liar or the dumbest man alive DAY 1 MILLION: got contact high doing a podcast. Sitting in a Little Caesars in one of THESE chairs eating a p…
I pulled over a car to retweet this. This woman absolutely decimates Jon Lovett. He's a smoking crater.🐌 His name is Gary and he is a fascist you for supporting live comedy.
Retweeted by Jake FloresKoch brothers gave Andrew Cuomo $87,000.
Retweeted by Jake FloresI'm in LA for a couple more days does anyone know of a large stone obelisk I can die in front ofButterfly guy meme of the guy looking at capitalism imperialism white supremacy patriarchy classical liberalism McC… really need to mute the word "Russia."
Retweeted by Jake Flores @EmmaBowers This is a subtweet/Chaos magic ritual. I'm trying to will something into happeningGod Dang AmericaLmao Dan everyone believes you that you're in a jet, we're making fun of you because you're terrible at comedy with me you cowardI don't get why it's so hard for people to grasp that it is very, very bad that Russia interfered in the 2016 elect…
Retweeted by Jake FloresTook a piss here
Retweeted by Jake FloresThis all ends with one of these people calling in the coast guard on a troop of girl scouts for forming an unauthor… #Ozyfest is gonna slap so hard.
Retweeted by Jake FloresTIRED WIRED know more about Drake’s feelings than my own.
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Woooo gunshot noise gunshot noise Purge 9: Nainan. The Nainining @PodDamnAmerica is climbing the charts. Eat your heart out, Paula Poundstone.
Retweeted by Jake FloresLA. DAY ?: I no longer trust anyone in this city. Everyone is covered in gasoline and fighting over who gets to li… y'all need to know about me is that I love to party but I also have gasHyperion Avenue Tavern not the other HyperionThis is really, really damn good, y’all—and also made us realize the error of our ways concerning a few things. Wel…
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@CONNORisSWEET @cushbomb @PodDamnAmerica Connor drank 6 beers during one recording it was great @nothingwascool @cushbomb @PodDamnAmerica Aum Shinrikyo (no idea if I spelled that right)Hi. We had the great @cushbomb of Chapo Trap House on the podcast to try to explain everything. Just everything. Ho…
Retweeted by Jake Flores“i’m hilarious and should do comedy” - extremely bad peopleLA SHOWS
Retweeted by Jake FloresYou know nothing Jon Schnatter LA! Tonight we've got @JamesFreyComedy #OliviaGrace @feraljokes @JoelBoydTV @DietJay @TylerMez @kylerainey and…
Retweeted by Jake FloresI finally feel vindicated in saying out loud that I never thought Papa John was funnythis is one of the funniest things i've ever seen:
Retweeted by Jake FloresLibertarian Wins Debate With Imaginary Girlfriend
Retweeted by Jake FloresLA. DAY 4: Used Google maps to drive to a "book store" and a "fast food restaurant." Ended up at a an empty room w… @BBCandice OK I fixed itHe's not even a democrat!!!! @BBCandice God damn it typoyelling at someone in a Puerto Rico shirt that they're being un-American is peak level dumb old guy cotton hill shitImagine being Papa John's wife. Whenever they get in a fight, she probably says something like "Wack dick. Wack piz…
Retweeted by Jake FloresLiam and Noel’s long forgotten brother Declan Gallagher.
Retweeted by Jake FloresWhy do all of these men sound like bigoted muppets @TerribleLefty Come on No justice, no pizzaABOLISH SLICE 🍕