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Fernando @fernando_822 South Central LA

Photographer / BLACK LIVES MATTER !

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Goodnight 🖤I would of never thought my life would go this path, just feeling hella blessed right now.yup yup
Retweeted by Fernandohe produced Don’t too 😭B Cox was showing me the piano notes for My Boo and I was about to be in tears 🤧"Nobody knows how pure you are but you" I felt that.
Retweeted by FernandoJuneteenth being made a federal holiday the same year governors are removing critical race theory from classrooms….…
Retweeted by FernandoWhat a time to be alive. I want right now is someone scratching my head while cuddling 😔 & Key soon.🤧🤧🤧🤧 seal introduced to water for the first time 🥺
Retweeted by Fernandobeing a woman must be fucking hell
Retweeted by Fernandojust ordered a new film camera 🤦🏽‍♂️I’ve been in MY bag, this studio session isn’t helping @nvrheardofyou 🖤🖤 @likkleveganting Thank youuu @fauxly WowwwwI heard him LOUD and CLEAR.
Retweeted by FernandoThis the one.
Retweeted by FernandoChecking Account : $12,852 Savings Account : $220,459.00 Claim It 🙏🏽
Retweeted by FernandoI’m not taking out my blackmagic if the budget is less than 3k."Ry Ry World" for Mariah the Scientist ☆ Photo by me
Retweeted by FernandoDrugs N Hella Melodies FT @KALIUCHIS 💕 6/18 🍿
Retweeted by FernandoBruhhh I’m starving but I ain’t going to waste $45 on sugar fishThis retrograde has me fucked up lol. It’s been playing with my emotions. My super 8 is done for now, but I just go…
I shot my shot one time and she posted me on her story saying “this the type of niggas I attract 🤢🤢🤢🤢” I ain’t been the same since
Retweeted by FernandoWtf wrong with y’all rappers/music artist?! HOV bout to catch that L doe!!!
Retweeted by FernandoSUMMER 2021 is LIVE!
Retweeted by FernandoLUMBERJACK
Retweeted by FernandoIt’s been a while since I posted something new.📸📸📸 2021
Retweeted by FernandoMatters of sharing and finances are at the forefront for you n... More for Leo can’t let my feelings get involved now, that should of never happen.shoot more friends & family. @90pts Or Dennis Rodman, or Steve Kerr etc. you can’t win a championship without a squad.If you can watch anime with her, wife her up.Focus on the purpose! Plans change all the time. Purpose remains.
Retweeted by Fernando @russdiemon I just wanna shoot your LA show 📹📸I wanna be more involved with my community. If you’re from South Central and want to create something hit my line.Nobody hit me up, only if it’s about money.I eat pussy for my own pleasure…..Once this check hits, I’m going to be on the island by myself. This shit is much needed.Anemic women need love too.FACT: photographers are the coolest friends
Retweeted by Fernandobitches ain’t funny.Where the restriction release parties @?
Retweeted by Fernandohe’s pushing 40 and is dating someone who’s not even allowed to drink legally. this isn’t just weird it’s predatory
Retweeted by FernandoI NEED A VACATION BY MYSELF NOW.Honestlyyyyyy
Retweeted by Fernandoan old favorite, 2018
Retweeted by FernandoTalk to me in English fuck that 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Fernando“Brands to Watch” via @ComplexStyle
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Retweeted by FernandoMy super 8 is done 😩😩Idk if I’d feel excited or disrespected 😂😂
Retweeted by FernandoThis not my girlfriend we just eating crab legs
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People are preaching on my TL today 👏🏽People might not “like” or “comment” but I promise you they’re watching. Move accordingly.
Retweeted by FernandoSAY IT LOUDER FOR THR PEOPLE IN THE BACK. really need to understand the power of networking. And not just using ppl for work but building ge…
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Retweeted by FernandoLMAOOO
Retweeted by FernandoFully reopening shit is so sus.
Retweeted by Fernando😭😂😭 woke up thinking women deserve less today. And I was right. 😪
Retweeted by FernandoMy debit card since i’ve been fully vaccinated
Retweeted by FernandoSensitivity is high for you today, and the thoughts and opinio... More for Leo just wanna shoot one festival man.😔😈
Retweeted by Fernandofriend zoned. @juicycheetahs 😭😭😭this the goal
Retweeted by FernandoI have the same birthday as Dom K wtfDon’t rush your content or goals to keep up with everyone else.
Retweeted by FernandoPreach!!!
Retweeted by FernandoZAY SEASON. asked me on a date, that’s a first.My only four moods ;
Retweeted by FernandoGugu Mbatha-Raw for Porter Magazine photographed by me, styled by Maya Zepinic
Retweeted by FernandoI wanna create, but I’m trying to survive right now.absolut gucci by tom ford / 1999
Retweeted by FernandoI claim it in Jesus name, amen.☁️💜🍬
Retweeted by Fernandocasamigos turn me into a casafreakhoe
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Morning yoga with her dog Secret.. 🎥 IG: my_aussi_gal
Retweeted by FernandoI don’t do nothin for my haters fuck y’all.
Retweeted by Fernando @lucysiyu Facts @bzdarling I’ve seen it too many times out here. It’s a marathon regardless if you kiss ass or not.I don’t kiss ass so the road is gonna be longer.THIS. & Motivate Ilford xp2
Retweeted by FernandoGotta get back into shooting my own projects.LMAO man can impregnate 9 women every day for 9 months. Those are 2, 430 pregnancies. One woman can only get pregnant…
Retweeted by FernandoOfficially LA based , here goes nothing. let’s work!
Retweeted by FernandoI could use another Stimmy…..
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