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Fernando @fernando_822 South Central LA

Photographer / Director of Photography BLACK LIVES MATTER !

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@20one__ LMAOOOOimagine fumbling me. condolences.
Retweeted by FernandoKobe Bryant x Lil Wayne
Retweeted by Fernando😭😭😭😭 thread 😂😂😭😭 brotha was starving, and nobody blames him
Retweeted by Fernandothe male g spot is in the heart
Retweeted by Fernandoi have decided to never feel anything ever again. Thank u all for understanding
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@ech0astral What the fuck did I just watch
Retweeted by FernandoNew Upload. Go like and run it up 🙏🏽🖤 👇🏽
Retweeted by Fernando to do today.Bomi Youn has one of the best faces.
Retweeted by FernandoYour last month of the year is going to be better than your last 11 months. Keep the faith your blessings are coming. 🙏🏾❤️
Retweeted by FernandoLonely. @WhatJuSee Nah the reason this person gave me was because these perv photographers are ruining for everyone else.Bro shut up know 📈📈📈 soon.PEGGY BUNDY 🤧🔥🤧“there’s our little photographer! hope you brought your camera 😃”
Retweeted by FernandoFriends who post your brand without asking>
Retweeted by FernandoSMD @IAMAIMOS Yesssss and he bodied out west 🤧there should be a category for album covers in award shows. photographers and graphic designers need their due as well
Retweeted by Fernando @FergusonPhoto_ YuppppNO CEILING 3 IS GASSSS @WhatJuSee It’s on lil yachty album 🤧 @luvvlaz I got you
King von said “Can’t love me and do me dirty at the same time ... pick a side”
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Retweeted by FernandoSmall restock is now available in limited quantities. Be very fast go! Go! Go! 🙃
Retweeted by FernandoRT, if you’re trusting God.
Retweeted by FernandoThere has to be a second part to 120Dear Lord, Today, I pray for the constant reminder, that God is not like man. Your ways are not our ways. Thank Yo…
Retweeted by Fernando @firefistcakes Chilll @BROKENVISUALZ $400, they’re usually $625Today this Black Friday shop ⭐️✨
Retweeted by FernandoDamn should I get the Ramones low ? They’re so cheap right now.AOT SEASON 4 IS TWO WEEKS AWAY !!!’nn COBRÉ 🤧 @WhatJuSee Od🤧You might be realizing that you’ve outgrown your career or the... More for Leo became popular in the U.S., in part, because restaurant owners didn't want to pay black Americans after the…
Retweeted by Fernando1999 Beyoncé
Retweeted by Fernando @nickwnyc_ Nah we don’t need that anymore @playboicarti i found the journal my dad used to write abt my mom in. this mf was such a simp.
Retweeted by FernandoTwo hours into Black Friday and yea I need to stop buying clothes. Who has the strobes on sale thooooo @IAMAIMOS 🖤🙏🏽My goal for 2021 is to be more social.Still trying to get out of the hood, don’t you forget that. 📝 @IAMAIMOS I’m tight son 😂WHOLE LOTTA CAP 🔴Nipsey said “never talking bout the sex make her want sex more” and you niggas did not hear him.
Retweeted by FernandoRemoving myself from a lot of people see ya when I see ya
Retweeted by FernandoAny dope black or POC owned brands with Black Friday sales ? I’m only supporting Black and POC.💋
Retweeted by Fernando @playboicarti It was all cap smhTainy is the Metro Boomin for Spanish music.My sisters are getting me champagne drunk and I’m gonna regret it in the morning.After tonight I really need to start working out.IDC IF IT'S LONELY AT THE TOP KUZ IT WAS ALREADY LONELY AT THE BOTTOM.
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Retweeted by Fernandoi think about this everyday
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2020. @S0xKrispy Word 😪Euphoria season 2 next Sunday, it’s about to be a good winter.It’s fuckin 1992 i said @mattebrand
Retweeted by Fernando @_flixz He was cappin lol I’m not putting my hopes upNO CEILINGS 3 and Bad Bunny album tonight ! @bitchimblockaye My guys said a perc 30 lmaothankful.
Retweeted by FernandoDimitry on 120.
Retweeted by FernandoOne thing about kids they gone tell you the truth 💀💀
Retweeted by FernandoHappy holidays as well.. we ain’t celebrating that other shit we just happy to be with the family 🤍🤍🤍
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Retweeted by FernandoFeeling unappreciated/ slept on sucks 😒🥺
Retweeted by Fernandokillerbigsweet photography by unnell
Retweeted by FernandoDear Lord, Today, thank You for Your amazing power and work in my life, for Your goodness and many blessings. Than…
Retweeted by FernandoRIP 🤧🙏🏽🐐🏁 got a new tattoo dedicated to Nipsey 💙
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Retweeted by Fernando @S0xKrispy @toreno__ BODIED 📈🔥🤧 Home Mixtape Cover Shot by @S0xKrispy Style & Direction by @toreno__
Retweeted by FernandoI always order food when I’m depressed lol. @nickwnyc_ Smh that album has no skips @tanerelle in All of Her Glory. Shot by Me Makeup by @makeupbynimai
Retweeted by FernandoRoddy really got no Grammys nomination smh @nickwnyc_ I thought this was Roddy Ricch cover lol @WhatJuSee LmaoooIndya Moore
Retweeted by FernandoS/O to everyone that came out of the dirt. The odds are always against usHad the biggest gig of my life not happen because of some bullshit. God is really testing my patienceWomen are the prize 🤗
Retweeted by FernandoFuck I hate my life lol.2020
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