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@afrofutility zero from me 🥰 @racailleux also dita von teese @nobamboozles omg sky train throwback lol (let's find some other lectures to be in together!!)
having crushes is somehow both antithetical to productivity & an impetus to better craft, simply one of life's mysterious pleasures @Eduardlazarus @_witchslut hahahaha we were all panicking (for diff reasons) @_witchslut @Eduardlazarus dirgahayu, edu! senang-senang bersama ijul ya! ttd ibu pejabat @ztsamudzi may i come in too? at least for spraying sontag with disinfectant @memritvfan omg which one @ivannmakhsara 😑pitch: farah khan tiktok dance challenge @AriaAber happiest birthday, aria! big fan of your work ❤️imagine living in the Parasite basement — no rent, no human touch, like writer/artist residency
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@gutomako i'm so sorry... sending much love ❤️❤️❤️ @afrofutility no other way to live!! @kiva_jane ma'am i'm from netflix we'd like to offer you a contract @slownotions 🥺😭 YES yes also other public tings! train ride, karaoke, long walks, hanging out at le community space loool @slownotions miss eating claypot & steamboat with y'all 😭 @satanicnebula 👁️👁️you know that line in Fleabag that's like "i wouldn't be such a feminist if i had bigger tits" mine is "i wouldn't… @alinedolinh OH MY GOD
@ranggadachlan @irnarale yes please we need pendeta panas @frankoceanhafiz alumni donations: indomie parcel to churonno 🍜 @frankoceanhafiz gladly 🎓😭 so honored ty 🥺💖 @frankoceanhafiz i didn't graduate thus i don't count 😌💞 @gardenexperienc 🌳💚
"i'm the one who called, who screamed thirty years ago: i love you. i scream that i want to love you. i love you. i…
Retweeted by اناث ثرية @kiandrogynous watch the ghostly short bbhappy birthday marguerite duras 💘 @falsecatch love u! @falsecatch ❤️
nagisa oshima, fruit chan, roy andersson, michael haneke are all aries (makes you think!) @tasilsa TEXT HERbeen so long since i last went to the movie
Retweeted by اناث ثرية @gutomako yes i was reminded of your piece!!! 💕 @ShelleyBFarmer pls keep your recommendations comingcronenberg & amirpour know home-piercing your lover's ear is sexy as helldelete soon but isolation got me thinking about directors' body part fetish lol (favs: agnès varda & zia anger love… wolves fighting inside of me one wants to catch up with the Angela Davis & Naomi Klein lecture the other wants… @frankoceanhafiz giallopapi @ShelleyBFarmer @AngerZia drafted my email the day before!! lol @ShelleyBFarmer SO GOOD i still have residual tears 😭😭😭one of the best admission emails i've ever received (this is a true story) @tatum_dooley YOU DO
@ShelleyBFarmer oh my god yes"What if what remains / was only a door for departure not for / returning. What if there could be both but / after…
Retweeted by اناث ثرية @nrmnp love u 🌺 @moodbergman tada just bc ur crush sucks doesn't mean u should stop crushing!!Aruna dan Lidahnya is a movie about finding out that your crush is underwhelmingbasking in @arsepoetica's latest✨ (+ the jacqueline rose reference!)"Places of bliss; / only a few of them left today. / Four months prior to meeting you / in the flesh I talked to Cl…
Retweeted by اناث ثريةasked my mother what she's watching on tv ("Mohabbatein, from when you were a child") then she wondered if the titl… @CatraWardhana catra pls dia menyuling bunga buat bikin parfum 😭 with a beautiful girl doing beautiful tings in a beautiful place @CatraWardhana sayang sama mbaknya 🥺 @falsecatch is2g everyone is making CAKES @slownotions FINALLY @psychostronot teh bunga 😳🌺 @afrofutility i'm the only innas you know!!!typing "Dua Lipa Mark Fisher" into Twitter search bar & experiencing a momentary delight
@kristenyoonsoo @hausofeels omg The Hunger thumbnail makes it even better @forking_shirt honestly i'd watch this fight @airgita ♥️♥️♥️ @forking_shirt 😭been so long since i last went to the movie @_witchslut way to find out about how i'm predestined to be dramatic as hell
wanting to speak to [certain embodied audience] so much, so bad you become removed from all modes of expression kno… @falsecatch yes! or roast a deer lmao i do not care i want an oven so bad 🥺gofundme dot com i want to buy a cool oven!! i have done many things but baking
@nobamboozles @nobamboozles WRONG (banging my head against the wall rn) @racailleux how do i mute pictures on here @nobamboozles thought you were JOKING about the meeting lol my badwhen a filmmaker is rich & untalented... bro are you rich or are you untalented? pick ONE CRIME only @lilearthquakess colorful nails, communism, cinemaperfect song, on loop, quarantune etc grief 🤝 eschatological griefnobody talks about the apocalyptic time the way (my) muslim mom doesthere are sites that give you somehow relevant recommendations (Spotify, Book Depository) then there's Shopee that… @EricNBarroso ty!! @EricNBarroso oh no, still can't send a msg but yes i do have one, tsuroiya dot innas at gmail @EricNBarroso i'm sorry it seems like i can't dm/reply to yours
@scrapper_142 omg
@eawright @GuernicaMag erica, thank you so much!! ♥️♥️♥️ @dewirosfalianti oh my god thank you for reading ♥️♥️♥️365 days since agnès varda passed away 💔 @frankoceanhafiz send me a galley @nrmnp thank you for reading 💓 @nrmnp HAHAHAHA sorry i'm a bat @cgduckworth extremely same
@kangrozin ty!! @_witchslut 😭🥺💞feeling ecstatic & grateful that my poem finds a home in @GuernicaMag 🖤🖤🖤"Holy in my head: you holding / on to what remained of me from the / night and breathing another life into it, / he…
Retweeted by اناث ثرية @RuffneckRefugee happy birthday!! mashaallah 🥺✨ @sad13 !!!!!!!
learning about anticipatory grief @falsecatch cofounder 🤟🏼 @dhami the makhmalbafs are on another level (the only nepotism i support)too sentimental [as/to be] a critic, too contemptuous [as/to be] a poet
Retweeted by اناث ثريةsome of you may not stockpile dettol right now but will stockpile durex after all this ends