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Broken toy, being held together by tape, drugs, humor, and caffeine. Love my wife more than air. Fuck MAGA.

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@minkpinkustink Ok...When? @_Jizzabelle @McRaeWrites My problem the opposite. I’ll say nice, complimentary things, until one in a while I’ll… @davenewworld_2 Get a sign. Hopefully, they can read it..
Retweeted by Sgt. Sean, 🦇 💩😗 Minion Division @broken_rhi So sorry. Didn’t know until know. @ericonederful Raise it above your hips and apply ice 15 min on 15 offRacism has always been a weapon of the rich. Poor and undereducated white people are not wielding the blade. They ARE the blade.
Retweeted by Sgt. Sean, 🦇 💩😗 Minion Division @karlitaliliana We can afford $15/hr. Cost increase would be marginal, and buying power increases, which helps the overall economy.This is amazing, this man says everything many of us know and have felt. If you have the time, please watch and sha…
Retweeted by Sgt. Sean, 🦇 💩😗 Minion Division @afiercemind Overloads my implant...but it’s cool. Rock concert...90k fans at a football game...barely controlled chaos. @afiercemind What kind of loud? @afiercemind @ericonederful If you said half the shit he said, you’d be Inmate #5365876-B @ericonederful Probably start with your legs, though. @_SingleBabyMama @mommeh_dearest I don’t know either! I’m so freaked about offending people. Can’t go three days… @KiffinEileen Had a cat shrimp from a can...shrimp flavored yum yum...throw him a cooked salad shrimp?… @_SingleBabyMama @mommeh_dearest 💜💜💜 (Is that the right color?) @MichaelJLev @FFDopester Not to be too cynical, but has he even blamed God for a bad kick? @_SingleBabyMama @mommeh_dearest One time, my iPad died while shopping so I couldn’t call a Lyft. Since I have hea… @stephiesmallls @cusumano_sal I wouldn’t give Ragu to my SIL...and I dislike my SIL more than the Rams. And I blee… @stephiesmallls @itsbostoncream Be safe. Unfollow. @roxiqt @StephanieMacas @WerewolfExec Or, get a jug of protein shake mix and a blender bottle from Amazon/Walmart/T… @roxiqt Since I got my cochlear implant, music sounds like it’s going through 6 inches of water around my functiona… @hesmarie @LifeThrewLemons @MumInBits She doesn’t wear makeup. But, I’ll accept your words as truth. @_SingleBabyMama @mommeh_dearest Don’t get nervous until it gets to 30%. One of the few things I’m not neurotic abo… @LifeThrewLemons @MumInBits 1 and six zeros 1 000 000 @hesmarie @LifeThrewLemons @MumInBits A million dollars? In Feb? @LifeThrewLemons @MumInBits I did. 1 million in toiletries? Going to last a LOOOONG time.Ms Belted Kingfisher is usually super-skittish but she was so busy looking for fish along the Bronx Kill…
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Retweeted by Sgt. Sean, 🦇 💩😗 Minion Division#HomeRepairInnuendo. I’ve got some grooved pipe for ya, ma’am. 😉 @Cooperstreaming @Hopegiver I don’t even know you, and I would gladly throw in a buck or two, just to help a fellow human being. @cheyannarach Sexy...🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️#4Words4MyAge. Hotel California radio hit @covie_93 Well, $500 million will be a home for him to live in until he’s in Rikers. @writeden Sick of 62 inches of mighty Jo? NEVER! @Jimhern3 @sheseemslegit Without being a perv, studies show it helps to stimulate sleep. @ElfNDragon Too many to list. Granted , I have 5 psych disorders, adequate medication, and no therapy/psych help f… @ResilientMama_ I feel for you. @ssims20497876 @andy_muan really think that’s what college costs? She’s going for her PHd...not cheap, u… @ResilientMama_ Am so sorry. Sometimes you have to protect yourself by saying goodbye. @Tamzi2508 Saw this...thought you might enjoy it. @Tamzi2508 @WritingsFromJen A like mind...thank you, universe! @stephiesmallls Hey! Don’t self-abuse! @here2spew Hey...what’s up? @JocAPhotography @ArtIsMyPorn Thank you for posting this piece of beauty.A Tufted Titmouse making a tough decision of a sunflower seed or a peanut.
Retweeted by Sgt. Sean, 🦇 💩😗 Minion Division @smartass_moms Not the biggest fan, but won’t pass it up. Not working for you? @UnfilteredMama North of the borderI love Roxy! @here2spew Can we have lemonade after you tie me up? @BunAndLeggings Narrator: And this is how husband wound up sleeping on the couch over MLK JR. weekend, without the sex. @stephiesmallls @ffb_victoria He had that “deer in the headlights” look last game. Guessing it hasn’t improved...I bring you... ~ The reality of homeschooling a small child ~
Retweeted by Sgt. Sean, 🦇 💩😗 Minion Division @SupertiredWoman @dishs_up I hope this isn’t the wrong crowd, but I’m more of a 10 spoonful kind of guy. But, pint… @dishs_up We have a seldom used 2nd bedroom...just say the word, it’s yours. @Love_bug1016 @pro_worrier_ You have a gorgeous spirit. It flies on the wind like a leaf.i hope you find your person. the one who feels like home, no matter the distance. who knows you’re a lot~ a dreamer…
Retweeted by Sgt. Sean, 🦇 💩😗 Minion Division @rexthetvterrier @48hours My favorite Rex! @weedswildflowrs Like when I order food for my wife and I emphasize no Mayo because Mayo will kill her. And eyes roll... @mattgaetz @WorstCassie 🙋🏼‍♂️ @RiotGrlErin Lincoln: Greatest president in America. Strong leader, understood what true leadership means @stephiesmallls Sensing grey area...can you be more clear? 😜 @IneffableIgor @conor_tripler @jesawyer Then, I profusely apologize. @IneffableIgor @conor_tripler @jesawyer Wow...special kind of evil, ain’t ya? Some people can’t get an higher educ…'ll never be as cool as this corgi wearing sunglasses😎
Retweeted by Sgt. Sean, 🦇 💩😗 Minion Division @stephiesmallls IS A NEED
Retweeted by Sgt. Sean, 🦇 💩😗 Minion DivisionTerrifying... @WritingsFromJen Regular or white cheddar? @emrazz Was gonna defend him for a half second...then I realized the first thing in his bio Is Christian. Yeah...hates women.Hey @FBI: This man is @WeberJess. On June 19th, 2019, I exposed his fake press credentials (screenshot and video be…
Retweeted by Sgt. Sean, 🦇 💩😗 Minion Division @donie @MissAngSays Reason #7,487 why I’m glad I gave up FB 4 years ago @NotYoMama9 @dishs_up Cut yourself a break. She’s fed. @GNURM @MandyRudeNC @SDonziger Goodbye, cray cray MAGAT @kimmer4667 Got into a screaming argument once because...I moved a woman’s cart that was blocking the entire aisle… @stephiesmallls Glitchy @English_Channel @realfunghi Get out of my head, my friend. @eleniZarro Oh, God yes. And I’m gonna spend a few months in purgatory working that off.
Poor little girl.... @stephiesmallls I know in my area I can get some alcohol delivered thru 7-11 app. @WorstCassie Yup. @stephiesmallls Some places allow for alcohol delivery through services like door dash... @thearibradford @HomeWithPeanut I respectfully submit to the almighty @thearibradford a third type: The ones who w… @crazycrawfMI @DevinCow @McDonalds Here is a list of his restaurants please boycott
Retweeted by Sgt. Sean, 🦇 💩😗 Minion Division @oh4forksakeNZ Booped your nose @FfbKell @parlertakes They can’t force you to self incriminate. You may plead the 5th and never speak at all. But t…
Retweeted by Sgt. Sean, 🦇 💩😗 Minion Division @smartass_moms Wanted to see some batcrap cray cray come out of your device...damn. @smartass_moms I wanted drunk tweets last night... @smartass_moms My wife and I might not have sex, but at least we have each other to cuddle and do couple things wit… @KathrynTewson @parlertakes Touché @WorstCassie Tired of my wife going to bed at 1:30 p.m. when I get up at 9:30 a.m. You’re still my fave weirdo on Twitter! 😍🥰Enjoying a piece of avocado while ignoring the annoying noisy robot vacuum
Retweeted by Sgt. Sean, 🦇 💩😗 Minion Division @RatPackDC Hello, Annette! Always wonderful to see you, darlink! @realkatiejow @BetsyDeVosED You must be a Summer’s Eve @parlertakes Thought there was a point where if you don’t, they throw your MAGAT ass in jail...or did I miss something in Civics class? @LadukeChar1 @parlertakes Where’s the brain bleach? @FANTASYBROZ1 @liveocgirl Complaining about furniture delivery during a worldwide pandemic? Yes, it’s on the par w…