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Designed the first Android app for @bumble. Made animations for @OnePlus. Won an @Apple ADA. Founded @HAUS_XYZ 🦄 @studiofortnight — Podcast @beardyheretics

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@callumchapman @chickpeachana Will do when I come back, unless you also dispatch internationally @callumchapman @chickpeachana 👏 congrats guys! I definitely need to get one for our Jack Russell.
@linuz90 And then the pencil support and writing recognition, bliss! @TIM4UGiulia Grazie mille, le ho appena mandato il DM @TIM4UGiulia Ciao Giulia, non mi segui quindi non posso ancora mandarti il DM, grazie @TIM4UGiulia Ciao Giulia. Seguimi così posso mandarti il DM, grazie. @TIM4UAlessio @TIM4UGiulia è da 2 giorni che aspetto l’attivazione della mia nuova sim 100 Giga con modem esterno m… @dennisver @mymind Tbh I can't remember, I believe 1 or 2 weeks ago.These are the types of emails I like. /cc @mymind @MrBrianHinton @makemepulse I never really thought of it that way but it’s sad to see that.Really cool hover effects on @makemepulse 🤘
@frankdilo Oh my oh my! I wanted this so much!
@charlespattson 2D or 3D humans🎙 Today we pushed Episode 4 of the @beardyheretics podcast. I’ve introduced @DescriptApp to my editing flow and th…
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@AlexanderBor Same here, I read some horror stories of something similar happening over in the states and it’s horrendous. @AlexanderBor I can’t believe it’s still a thing in the UK 🤦‍♂️ @patrickc Love the refresh! Great job as usual!🎙 Today we pushed Episode 4 of the @beardyheretics podcast. I’ve introduced @DescriptApp to my editing flow and th… @IamtheHiggster Are you holding it?Getting a lot of these recently. I value my time a lot more than giving it away for free to someone that might neve… @alexmuench This is so true! It’s really easy to work in silos when the team is fully remote and everyone’s busy wi…
@FZammit It really was ☹️ and almost got banned from traveling to Malta because of the UK messing up procedures for…
I am almost home, exhausted and with one more flight to go. But I cannot leave Malta without scoffing down a few Pa… @soldni @TweetDeck I started using @TweetDeck because of @dvassallo’s recommendation in his Twitter course and it’s… @shl 🤯 @Danielle92_ @callumchapman this is you 😆 @shl 🤯 @callumchapman I read Sakura Gelly and I thought you were importing edible goods from Japan and I got all excited 😂 @domenico_loia Thank you Dom! Hopefully we can meet soon! @kkuldar 🤞 thank you!This morning I boarded the first plane leaving Manchester. It’s going to be a 10hours adventure but I can’t wait to…
@jkane The cheek! Oh my. Just watch out for it and then 🏦 @AndrewAllsop But they are delicious 🤤 @IamtheHiggster Interesting! $nio has been a great earner for me, up 120% right now. @brdrck So much this! 🤞Major kudos to @fffabs for sending a copy of @rohdesign Sketchbook Handbook along with some swag!
Retweeted by 🏖 on an island @IamtheHiggster Ha that’s a nice way of thinking about it. I am making on average 8-10% profit right now across 12… @ppkorevaar There is also a lot of hope in electric cars and the future looks bright. $WKHS is also a great busines… @jayman Sure but it’s the future and many are betting on it. ⚡️ @kyee I did! Thank you but didn’t put a lot 😔 as I am still hesitant of putting £1k or more. @JoeBarbieri_ I give you that 😆 @moorstas @vanschneider Looking nice, I’d love to test it out.$TSLA is 🚀 To put it in perspective: 📈Market cap gone past $207 billion. 💰More valuable than Honda, Ferrari, BMW,…
@callumchapman @ShaneHudson Haha I like your thinking. @callumchapman Definitely the modern side for me.
@kkuldar I was going to say Superhuman but I am going to unsubscribe from them too. I guess Spark by @Readdle has i…’t touched any code in ages but managed to spend a few hours over the weekend building my minimal blog in… @preshit How did you get it? 😆 I am trying with Siri but nothing. @nickvernij I’ll have to add @mailbrew to the list, although you’ll still get them as emails it’s just a wonderful… @Jonnotie 👋 @Bendeguz_B @CastroPodcasts I would love that! Thank you for the suggestion! @pumpkin @CastroPodcasts Haha it’s great! @CastroPodcasts Whoa that’s magical!! 🌟I’ll never get tired of the delightful animations in @CastroPodcasts
@AlexanderBor @antonzykin Yeah I would use it mostly for design and light 3d work so I guess that would be enough. @AlexanderBor @antonzykin Have you tried the 4k? I wonder how it compares as it’s almost half the price @AlexanderBor @antonzykin Never tried one but I am tempted to replace my iMac with one of those and just plug in my rMBP @morganknutson That’s huge! Congrats dude 👏 @frankdilo Exactly that. And the entire issue of being an old style, almost JavaScript-less app gives it an unpolished feel. @antonzykin Make sure you get the most recent model @antonzykin Ha! I believe it does. @frankdilo Not bad at all, tempted not to renew though as the more I use it the less I like it ☹️ @antonzykin LG 5k? I believe that’s the closest you can get. @dvassallo But I assume this is for a lower level of seniority. I haven’t seen many experienced developers or desig… @callumchapman 😂 aw his face! Rocking that gold nail polish 💅Congrats to the ADA winners but I really think Apple should have a games-only award (AGA?). @lukeleighfield @Mailchimp @ConvertKit @SubstackInc Yesss, and I love getting your newsletter @fehler @Mailchimp @ConvertKit @SubstackInc @parimalsatyal @usefathom @nbashaw Yup, I get them in my inbox ✌️ @fehler @ConvertKit @Mailchimp @SubstackInc I love reading the weekly newsletter btw. Really tempted by Substack be… are you using for sending weekly newsletters nowadays? Are @Mailchimp, @ConvertKit and @SubstackInc viable options?The first reviews are coming in for @beardyheretics and it's great to read listeners are enjoying listening to us.… @NathanJY Haha I was dancing 🕺 @NathanJY 👈 👆 👇 👉 @jorilallo I use Klok by @Buuuk and it works well as a widget.
@Ithora @dvassallo No exactly, but why the fixation of the 5 years? Why not 6, 12, 24 months? It doesn’t have to be that far ahead. @jorilallo I’ve been using it for a week but I don’t think I’ll sign up for the $99 plan. The app feels like a web… @daveyheuser I can test it later if you want, I’ve only tested Figma and it’s great. @Ithora @dvassallo Sure but it doesn’t have to be 5 years. It’s also important you revalue your aspirations because… @dvassallo I used to ask that question during our branding workshop, it puzzled clients every single time. It’s suc… @charlespattson My favourites are: oh this looks like X, when there is no resemblance whatsoever or link to a 10yo…
@NickSloggett 😂 we are not far at all! @NickSloggett Yeah for sure! I like a mixture to be honest, I live in Manchester and it’s a great place with a nice… @NickSloggett Expensive, noisy and too busy. Mostly expensive. @NickSloggett Yeah it really depends on your vibe. I like London and Paris but I wouldn’t live in either city. @NickSloggett You’re always welcome back. Give me a ping next time. @NickSloggett We are Europeans, Nick. We don’t live to work 😉 @jamesm @jonatan @philipamour 👁👄👁.fm @philipamour @jonatan 👁👄👁 @charlespattson It is what it is, Charles. @IamtheHiggster @Trading212 Btw if you had a free account, I’d still try using that code / registering a new one, a… @IamtheHiggster @Trading212 Oh okay. I am still newish but already doubled my earnings in ~2 weeks so take it with… @IamtheHiggster @uixmat @Trading212 Haha no worries at all. Did you have some £££? @IamtheHiggster @uixmat @beardyheretics @tillkruss @fortelabs @Trading212 Here you go - it… @liampmccabe *Chef kiss*. @AdrianBentley It’s not paint, it’s strawberry smoothie and father in law wants a taste. 😋 @coconidodev @CemYildiz Karen’s face?
@brdrck Whoho, I am glad that worked! No problem at all. @brdrck Dude that’s really strange @brdrck Yes my bad. And you managed to install the profile across on the Apple TV via Xcode? @brdrck This is how I had to install the profile on mine and it works well