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Attention, Avengers! The Marvel Champions Core Set will be available on November 1st! #MarvelChampions sides of the Galactic Civil War are outfitting the troops that form the backbone of their armies with new weap…
The #StarWars #Legion Clone Wars Core Set hits stores on October 18! Prepare for its arrival with our tips on assem… @MarcianTobay Hi, Marcian! The Path of the Serpent expansion for Mansions of Madness will be released on November 1… us today as we preview the five heroes found in the Marvel Champions: The Card Game Core Set, releasing on Nov… @Faifur Hello! Just contact our customer service team here and they will get your investigators back in fighting sh… @AdamDunnVideo Hi, Adam! I believe the app was updated so it could be used at Arkham Nights this past weekend, but… @Punchboarders @GamingRulesVids @teamcovenant Hello! I'm glad that you're excited for Marvel Champions—we are too!…
We're switching things up this week! Rather than #Caturday, today we are hanging out with our wonderful #Saturdog—…
@thegeekkeeper @starwars Thanks for checking out X-Wing, Roger! Which faction did you lead in your interstellar dogfights?What does Matt Newman have planned for #ArkhamNights2019??? Only a few more hours until the sacrifices—I mean 'atte…! Check out the exciting news from our friends @AconyteBooks! Epic Battles Multiplayer Expansion broadens the possibilities of your #XWing games with 11 cinematic scenarios… @PeteBond007 Hi, Peter. I don't have an update right now, but our team is aware of the issue and we are working on…
Check out #FFGLive on Twitch and YouTube now for a closer look at what lies ahead for the Destiny and X-Wing World… the madness that you will face when the Ancient Ones arise and preview the Ancient One Phase of Arkham Horr…
@cityrat Hi! You can contact our team for any rules questions on our website here and they will get back to you as… the most turbulent night in Rokugan's history behind it, what does the future hold? Find out in a new short st…'s our final #WonderWednesday before the release of #KeyForge: Worlds Collide later this year! What card would yo… dangerous rescue mission draws your investigators to a silent, dead world in Dark Side of the Moon, the Third Myt… @Shaneomac811 As long as you provide the Empire with plenty of ear scratches, everything will be fine! 😉 @kabes76 @starwars They look great, John—definitely ready to crush some rebel scum! Thank you for checking out Star Wars: Legion! @TvGrange Hello! Our IP Policy will be your best resource for information about that. You can check it out on our w…
Carrying the mantle of Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan fights crime as one of the youngest heroes in the Marvel Universe. F… in to #FFGLive on YouTube and Twitch NOW for a preview of the Ms. Marvel expansion for #MarvelChampions! YouT…
@CalcuChris Oh no! I'm sorry that happened, Chris. Please contact our customer service team here and they will do e… world of the Crucible continues to evolve as new factions join the battle. Preview the power of the Saurian Rep… @sojpodrpg Hello! That's a question that could probably best be answered by our OP team. You can send them an email… @Hudinart Hello! If you're interested in freelance opportunities, please send our team an email at artists@fantasyf… @game_tables 😍 It's beautifullllll 😍 @JohnCizmar Hi, John. I don't have any new information about the Legion paint sets at the moment, but you can keep… @teabletop @albino0rca @sugarhighscore @kimjoyskitchen Wow, that's amazing, @teabletop! I hope that your nephew had a fantastic birthday!🎉 @AlmightyMooX Haha, thank you for checking out the Dead of Night expansion for Arkham Horror Third Edition! We wish… @gwalchjuni Congratulations! We appreciate your tireless efforts to defend the city! @cigdangle Hi, Tommy! I'm very sorry about the delay and we appreciate your patience— the wait is almost over! The… @Silverblade0110 Thanks for checking out the Arkham LCG, Paul! Which investigator did you team up with for your adventure??? @Ross_S0 Hi, Ross! I don't see anything coming down the pike at the moment, but you can always keep an eye on our U… @tometabletop Wow! Thanks for the kudos—I will pass your kind words on to the team! I hope that you continue to enj… @buffaloseven Thank you for the kind words, Brad! I'm glad that you and your Fellowship are enjoying Journeys in Middle-Earth!
Assemble your team. November 15th, 2019.
Retweeted by Fantasy Flight GamesPrepare for untold terrors in the heart of Arkham. The Dead of Night Expansion for Arkham Horror Third Edition is o… @Civilname374 Wow! Thank you for the kind words, Dan!
@MatthewStones Hi, Matthew! I'm sorry, but we don't have any new information about The Gray Cap Cantina Raid Map at… @CS_ElleArt Wow🤯 Jabba looks amazing, Elle! Thank you for checking out Imperial Assault!Tune in to #FFGLive on Twitch and YouTube now for a special AMA stream for #StarWars #XWing Miniatures Game with de… new age begins in Westeros with The Things We Do for Love, the first 88 card Premium Pack expansion for A Game of… @CoyoteKidd Hello! Marvel Champions cards fit in Standard Card Game Sleeves. @usugurai22 Hello! Just contact our customer service team here and they will do everything they can to help get you… @NathanEBiangel Hi, Nathan! The Outer Rim mat will be out on October 18th! @Hagott4 Not the pouty bat face! The Outer Rim gamemat will be on sale on October 18th! @supertactix Hello! This art piece was done by the wonderful David Kegg!Learn the true power of your investigators by previewing the Action Phase in Arkham Horror: Final Hour!…
The chill October winds bring dark tidings and strange beings this #WonderWednesday. What card would you build arou… than rely on huge warships, the smugglers of the Outer Rim support their enterprises with the C-ROC Cruiser.…
@Tyth95 That sounds like an amazing run for Yorick, @Tyth95! Do you know which investigator you want to try next? @Slyko_ Good luck, Stephen! I believe in you!In partnership with our friends at Escape Games Canada, we are proud to announce the opening of The Missing Will, t… in to #FFGLive Now for a special AMA stream with designers Alex and Luke to talk about Star Wars: Legion! Link… an army of minions, incredible abilities, and deadly schemes, the villains of the Marvel Universe will do what… @xinck21 Hi, Nick! Thank you for noticing that- I will look into getting the website updated right away. The Captai… @JasefWisener Hello! The wait is almost over! The Dead of Night expansion for Arkham Horror Third Edition will be available on October 4th!It's International Music Day and The Piper of Azathoth is celebrating with an unearthly tune for the boundless Daem… @Blufffkin Hello! We have not announced any plans for KeyForge digital play, but if you like, you can contact our t… @DMZilla Hi, Eric. I'm sorry, but we don't accept unsolicited design or development submissions.
@gamesbymanuel @sam_santos Hi, Manuel! Sorry about any confusion, but Marvel: Crisis Protocol is actually being mad… @GreenRoninPub @Philgamer Yeah, same. But I think it's safe to say we will both support you whatever you pick, Jay!Step inside the Lost Temple of Yig and face the trials of the Father of Serpents in today’s preview for the Path of… @varghulf Hi, Ed! Just contact our customer service team here and they will get you back to your battles on the Cru… @KE8AOE Hi! Sorry about the confusion, Zach! That is meant to just link you back to the announcement article, so we… @Lord_Flashhart @leehunt316 @mickybluuu @sandrafrog @Warlock_AMC Thank you for making Twilight Imperium part of your game day, Matt! @wizardwheezes Thank you for the kind words, Gina! I can't speak to any plans for any unannounced products, but you… @jonwesleywalton Thank you for checking out Eldritch Horror, Jon! Which Ancient One did you face off against this weekend?
Happy #Caturday, everyone! Today Jellybean is ready to take on #MansionsofMadness! Will she side with the humans, o… celebrate National Ghost Hunting Day, we’re releasing this 100% REAL photo of Matt Newman with a ghost from his…
@eventhorizon003 Yes it did!Take a look at the latest products from Fantasy Flight Games, now available at your local retailer or online throug… weather may be cooling down, but FFG Live is just heating up! Check out the live streaming content we have on i… your amazing powers in today’s preview for Marvel Champions: The Card Game! #MarvelChampions
We're proud to announce our #KeyForge cash prize tournament series! In 2020, ten #VaultWarrior Qualifiers will be h…
Retweeted by Fantasy Flight GamesTune in to #FFGLive on Twitch and YouTube NOW for an incredible #KeyForge Organized Play announcement with special… @OniNoDave @davflamerock @matthphoto Hi, David! That question could best be answered by the @FFGOP team. You can se… @calcapone66 Oh, he'll be fiiiinnnnee. Leo can handle anything! Thanks for checking out Eldritch Horror, Calvin!
@geekygaymerguy Thank you for the kind words, Theo! Do you have a favorite hero to play as so far?As the seasons change, so to do the elements of Rokugan. A new FAQ for Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying is avai… they worked on things like #KeyForge and #ArkhamLCG, our designers began with their own amateur projects. Jo… is the big reveal! Be sure to tune in to #FFGLive tomorrow at 1pm Central Standard Time for a very special… back to #WonderWednesday! What card would you create for this cutie brought to life by the amazing Grigory…
Tune in to #FFGLive on YouTube and Twitch now to check out a very special stream where the team kicks off their own… the Tantive IV, a huge ship expansion for #StarWars #XWing! @Dru_Horgan Hi, Andrew! We can now confirm that the Lion Clan pack will be legal for Worlds! @scottshot263 Hi, Spence! We don't have any updates at the moment, but we will make a post as soon as we have more information! @slum0a Hi, Steven. I don't see anything coming down the pike at the moment, but you can always keep an eye on our…
Attention FFG fans! We are looking for help from Philly locals for PAX Unplugged! If you are close to PAXU and want… @Dru_Horgan We haven't forgotten you or the noble Lion Clan, Andrew! We are still aiming to have an update this week. @Schlaften Hi, Dean! I don't see anything coming down the pike at the moment, but you can always keep an eye on our… @NAyronis Thank you for the kind words, Nathan! I will pass the kudos on to the team! I'm glad that you are enjoyin… Flight Games is proud to announce the Genesys Foundry Spotlight, a monthly article that highlights the grea… @damianclarke Hi, Damian! No, a bag is not included in the components for the Arkham LCG. If you would specifically… @TheGravecrawler Thank you for the kind words, Zak! Do you have a favorite House combination you're hoping to find? @thecreevedog @LookoutSpiele @ActionPhase @IBCGames @PWalkerHarding @BradyJSadler @AdamBSadler Thank you for includ…