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finland real? @tsunomakiwatame 🍉🍉🍉
Retweeted by fiandraおはよう!🍉
Retweeted by fiandrai think god is real and is creating physical anomalies just to fuck with jerma
Retweeted by fiandraMieruko-chan #見える子ちゃん #Mierukochan
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I present Neco-mee #pikart #pixelart
Retweeted by fiandrareading the bionicle name like an ancient greek philosopher @TheAlfax was planning to re sub to zoom through heavensward and stormblood but it looks like i won't be doing that anytime soon @TheAlfax sounds like a fucking nightmare lmaoKapolsek membelokkan cerita: bunuh diri karena depresi ditinggal ayahnya.
Retweeted by fiandraDikasih pil, tertidur, diperkosa polisi sampai hamil. Minta pertanggungjawaban, ortu pelaku memaksa korban meminum…
Retweeted by fiandra @DingDongVG Been going back to Pokemon recently after not playing it for over a decade, reminded me of how much I e… "LAN party" in 2006. We used to be a country. A proper country.
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Retweeted by fiandraMiles Morales’ story and the #SpiderVerse web expands. 🕸 Take a first look at Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (…
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5周年記念配信見てくれてありがとう!✨ 配信中に発表した通り、私キズナアイは 新しい挑戦の準備のために 2022年2月26日に開催するライブ Hello World 2022をもって 無期限スリープ(活動休止)します!…
Retweeted by fiandraKizuna AI The Last Live “hello, world 2022” 日程: 2022/2/26(SAT) 会場 :後日発表
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Retweeted by fiandraSemeru volcano in East Java erupted today 4th December 2021. Interestingly enough I visited the volcano exactly 1 y…
Retweeted by fiandra @geoffkeighley are you sure about that
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lol. Here is another confirmation that we are playing highly modified mobile ports. There is still this widget left…
Retweeted by fiandraVery bad notice for them.
Retweeted by fiandra>paid expansion could say the switch has been going well...
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Retweeted by fiandrawhy do you people turn every funny joke into an outlet for the black void of unresolved angst you're holding onto f…
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@AStallwitz @DaveOshry Doesn’t everyone have an orb?
Retweeted by fiandra @therealcliffyb Don’t you just hate when memes are unoriginal and boring?
Retweeted by fiandraYou need to stop everything and read this Doc Burford essay on games and NFT right now, because it’s hilarious and…
Retweeted by fiandrasuch a bad party but i love em, Weather Report animated 🙏🏼
Retweeted by fiandraWhy should I get up?
Retweeted by fiandraI HATE SPOTIFY WRAPPED
Retweeted by fiandra*important* new fandom lore
Retweeted by fiandra @Tylagaunt I remember tuning in to the release stream of another light and people losing it on the last minute of the songok why did they include this
Retweeted by fiandra @Respawn > "Titanfall is core to Respawn's DNA" > hasn't done a single thing to help even titanfall 2 with its serv…
Retweeted by fiandraAppreciating satu tayangan sinema ngga harus degrading the other parties sih menurut gua. Lepas dari maksud tuh adm…
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@redvoxband Thanks Red Vox, very cool. you Red Vox for spending 1,205 minutes with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #SpotifyWrapped like TodayWait Stone Ocean is airing December 1???i cant stop making these
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Pushed BTD 4.6.0! Live on Firefox, in review elsewhere: - QRT + images/videos - Inline emoji/gif pickers - A notif…
Retweeted by fiandraHi @TRANSTV_CORP, meluruskan ya : 1. Ini BUKAN pasangan saya yang selingkuh 2. Kalian bikin berita ini ga ada konf…
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Retweeted by fiandra @airaniiofifteen @inugamikorone
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Retweeted by fiandraw #ポケモンBDSP #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by fiandracreating an oc via miitopiatwitter added ads in replies, fucked upFood $200 Data $150 Rent $800 Low-poly NFT yacht $650,000 Utility $150 someone who is good at the economy please he…
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consider this a warning
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Retweeted by fiandra“Shapeland isn’t a real park. These are numbers you just made up. But that’s not actually true. Because Shapeland i…
Retweeted by fiandrathis shit is like 3 years old and it still worksmy old working wireless earphones when my new wireless earphones broke
Zelda 64's Game Code Has Been Successfully Reverse-Engineered, "Opening The Door" For Gaming News Sites To Make It…
Retweeted by fiandraspent my saturday listening to the first 5 seconds of palkia's theme over and over again
@weeabob that video of a dude fucking a fish but replaced with a magikarpKeputusan aborsi harusnya berada di tangan korban, atau Wali. Bukan polisi, bukan bupati, bukan dinas yg ceritanya…
Retweeted by fiandraalso came with this cute lil manga that explains what a famicom is, what a cartridge consists of, etc had the chance to look at the famicom i bought a few months ago apparently it’s bought in showa year 61 (1986…君はもう見たか! 『鹿のゲーム Switch / PlayStation』 そのパッケージの中身を!
Retweeted by fiandraSTILL A BANGER #PokemonShiningPearl #NintendoSwitch relic
Retweeted by fiandrafeelin like shit rn just found out i can't buy the scott the woz monopoly
time to Never Play itgot da gc loaderrrr Payday 2 that’s a ton of Pokémon games! I wonder why they aren’t selling??!?
Retweeted by fiandragws ainya 😔👉"not quite nitro" is a free bot that you can add to your discord servers to use emojis anywhere…
Retweeted by fiandra @FuckPapaCone 35 😈😈
no bc why did my teacher do this
Retweeted by fiandra @weeabob looked into it and found out two of my tweets got into r/Hololive for some reason @weeabob me complaining about nier reincarnation not being available in south east asia! The boys are back and this time they’re going French 🇫🇷
Retweeted by fiandrai think if J.R.R. Tolkein was alive and you tried to explain to him that you wanted to make cryptocurrency based on…
Retweeted by fiandraNFT supporters really tried to claim it was the best platform for artists while I have seen these fuckers hack more…
Retweeted by fiandrathis pic goes so hard
Retweeted by fiandra>Kasus kekerasan di kampus oleh guru besar UI >Cuma jadi gosip selama bertahun2 >Bakalan dispill semuanya satu2 ole…
Retweeted by fiandraStreamlabs reached out to us back in February asking a lot of prodding questions about @joincombo only to launch a…
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Retweeted by fiandraイラストレーターのアカウントが乗っ取られています。 多くの絵描きやフォロワーが、気づかないままこのアカウントをフォローしているようです。 っていう話。 2次的被害を回避するためにも確認しようね。 乗っ取り通報も。
Retweeted by fiandra @weeabob twitter user weeabob in the search of pits they’re making payday 3 to another storefront exclusive i swear to god
hearthome city’s gym leader when she sees me go into the rooms with wrong answers so i could grind exp @JohnnyUtahNG beetleActivision Blizzard Board of Directors are still standing by Bobby Kotick as CEO, announcing in a new statement las…
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No. It’s Jerma if he never ate that sleeve of Oreos in 1997.
Retweeted by fiandraSpaces not being discreet meaning I have to see this at the top of my phone at all times because of my fucking mutu…
Retweeted by fiandra @weeabob Brave man