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A third thing: From the two songs I’ve heard, I don’t like his new album as much as I liked his first. The first al… Styles was on SNL this week. I haven’t watched the sketches bc football, but I did watch the songs. Two thing…’re taking things to the next level with @Harry_Styles. #HarryOnSNL
Retweeted by Brittany GTexas punter Chris Naggar's 366 yards in the air today are more than QB Sam Ehlinger has thrown in 8/10 games this season.
Retweeted by Brittany G#Auburn and #Georgia players kneel for a photographer that was knocked out on the sideline after a play.
Retweeted by Brittany G @NC_Gamecocky I’ve gotten a few texts that said she is doing well. She’s communicating and able to move everything.…
Retweeted by Brittany G @UteBeliever We had an entire day of college football played and they just showed clips of the top 5 then it was the Tua show.SportsCenter is treating this Tua injury like he died. They just did a career highlight reel. @utescootin Completely. @utescootin It was after his long TD run. He got an unsportsmanlike penalty for it.Does anyone have a good video shot of the Moss high five with the fan?Harry needs to work on the accent a bit. @theyearofelan I have very low standards, but eating a dog’s mouth leftovers falls below even those. @STELLAaustin @theyearofelan 5 second rule doesn’t apply to liquids.Brant Kuithe has best night for a Ute tight end since 2013 in win over UCLA By @JoeAColes
Retweeted by Brittany G @PaulYoachum It’s so hard to tell with Clemson because the rest of the ACC is such a disaster.Yes national media, please keep assuming it is a foregone conclusion that Utah will lose to Oregon in the PAC 12 ch…
Retweeted by Brittany G @LuckeyUte @johncoonsports And by “at first,” I mean “when I arrived five minutes late because I missed the train.” @LuckeyUte @johncoonsports I was worried at first. @yournoodleface @SLCScanner It’s a pretty big tree. @yournoodleface @SLCScanner There is a reflection of the lights on the pavement so it’s possible? @LuckeyUte I do, too. @SLCScanner That is absolutely crazy.Additional pics. Picture number one is the same vehicle in 2 pieces.
Retweeted by Brittany G @SLCScanner HOW?!No. 8 Utah routs UCLA 49-3 to improve to 9-1.
Retweeted by Brittany GUCLA blew a 3-0 lead.
Retweeted by Brittany G49-0 run for the #Utes
Retweeted by Brittany G"[Donald Trump] has more energy than anyone in the White House.” -- Stephanie Grisham FUN HISTORY FACT: Hitler ha…
Retweeted by Brittany G @LuckeyUte From what I’ve learned from my dad’s weekly rambling, Urban seems to be less excited about the SEC/Clems…’m starting to feel like I’m the only person in the world who did not personally overhear this call.
Retweeted by Brittany G @ute_pilot @equitybruin Since Kevin Bacon convinced John Lithgow to allow it back in the 80s. @JDWackrow @AshaRangappa_ I mean I know he's pretty overweight, but I didn't think that he was big enough to have b…
Retweeted by Brittany GUtah is undefeated and has out scored their opponents 97-16 with the UU on their helmets.
Retweeted by Brittany GHere's your top-5 of NCAA single season pass yards/attempt leaders Jalen Hurts- 12.3 (2019) Kyler Murray- 11.6 (2…
Retweeted by Brittany GTyler Huntley with his 335 passing yards on 18 attempts tonight passed Michael Vick for 4th all time in NCAA histor…
Retweeted by Brittany G @nosxaj11 @KalanisCalves What about the other one-loss teams behind Utah?If a team wants to land a spot in the #CFBPlayoff they need an elite QB. @Utah_Football has one in Tyler Huntley. H…
Retweeted by Brittany G @nosxaj11 @KalanisCalves Yes, Oregon and two one-loss SEC teams being ahead of Utah in the rankings makes them unimpressive. @nosxaj11 @KalanisCalves The Playoff committee disagrees with you. So does every other team that plays Utah. @nosxaj11 @KalanisCalves Outscoring your last six opponents 228 to 54 does. @youarejball @KalanisCalves 🤨 @LuckeyUte @PhxUte Agreed. The rest of the Pac-12 will have very little influence one whether Utah gets in. They’re… Huntley @_SNOOP1 with the line of the night. @Utah_Football
Retweeted by Brittany GDad was worried and complaining about the Ludwig hire before the season and I said we’d be fine. I won.’s been 14 years since the UTES have had: 300 yard passer - Huntley 100 yard rusher - Moss 100 yard receiver - Kuithe
Retweeted by Brittany GHe’s graduating early and is an honor roll student while leading a top 10 team, but yeah, he can’t count. @Madisox43 Perfect. @Madisox43 Maybe some Mormon vs non-Mormon drama? @homerj79 are two rules when preparing to play Utah: 1. Don't give them any bulletin board material. 2. Don't break Ru…
Retweeted by Brittany G🤦‍♂️
Retweeted by Brittany G118-16 now.
Retweeted by Brittany G @equitybruin I’m glad you had a good trip.Aww. I missed an extra garbage time TD.BREAKING: Baylor releases new logo after blowing 28-3 lead
Retweeted by Brittany GWe only have one more home game and that means only one more time to see Huntley and Moss at RES.
Retweeted by Brittany G @BadGuyUte Imagine what they could’ve done to USC if they’d had an actual good opponent to test them before the game.*warning graphic image of stillborn with major birth defects*
Retweeted by Brittany G @equitybruin Told you. :-pExactly. @equitybruin @BruinFanCam It’s 40 right now. For mid-November after dark, that’s downright balmy. @equitybruin It’s called Mormon Standard Time. It’s rooted in our tendency to show up at church 10 minutes late bec… @equitybruin I’m impressed with him tonightCount 'em: 1⃣, 2⃣, 3⃣, 4⃣ @Utah_Football with another takeaway! 📺 FOX
Retweeted by Brittany GMoss is looking a little hobbled.That fake punt was a Kalani Sitake play call. @equitybruin At least the weather is good.Really nice of everyone to show up by the start of the second quarter, I said hypocritically.(This is my dad and the dad behind me.)IDEA: Game announcers but it’s just two dads explaining the game to their teenage daughters. #GoUtes #UCLAvsUtahPresident Mayor Pete
Retweeted by Brittany G💪 Tyler Huntley can do it all He puts @Utah_Football on 🔝
Retweeted by Brittany G @Jedi_drea I’m mad my phone autocorrected away from Yoda.I sat down and Utah had two sacks in a row. You’re welcome. #GoUtes #UCLAvsUTAHJust saw Gov. Huntsman on the elevator. He was also late. #GoUtesFavorability: Buttigieg 72/16 (+56) Warren 71/25 (+46) Biden 64/33 (+31) Klobuchar 53/23 (+30) Sanders 61/35 (+26)
Retweeted by Brittany GCNN/Des Moines Register Iowa caucus poll (Nov. 8-13, MoE +/- 4.4 percentage points): Buttigieg 25% (+16 since Sep.…
Retweeted by Brittany G @equitybruin You gave your spot away so we can all come troll you now. @chadcluff @Hookemcougs I brought a couple steins with his name on them. @X96 In before someone makes a low-effort Sister Wives joke.Visiting the game tonight: Alamo Bowl official Reese's Senior Bowl official Detroit Lions Carolina Panthers Buffalo Bills Chicago Bears
Retweeted by Brittany G @ghostbusterbob @RideUTA That sucks. @100ThingsUtah @TheJazzyUte So no. @stujohnsen Shh! @ScooterMagruder The long-lost brother of Stevie Nicks.If Oklahoma beats Baylor, they move ahead of Utah? @RideUTA Already on the next one!As of right now, there's exactly 4 undefeated FBS teams, each from a different conference which could make life eas…
Retweeted by Brittany GYet they are ranked in the top 5. #SECBias @Jedi_drea Maybe Yoga is part of a religion that believes in reincarnation.The problem is that at Murray Central, there is one walkway from the parking lot to the stop that is in the middle… missed the @RideUTA train by 20 seconds. It left as I was walking across the tracks. I gave the driver a “WTF MAN?!” shrug. #GoUtes @SonjaTweeting @scotsman252 @eveewing @AGirlsPod Of course we’re real! There were lots of girls in the 90s who were…
@cottoncashcat I hope not, too.Looking at housing in the bay area is like looking through my old sims 2 houses. Oh, the kitchen is also the bedroo…
Retweeted by Brittany G @RubinReport This is the official Congressional press list, not a supporter mailing list. Our apologies, as someon…
Retweeted by Brittany GAbsolutely perfect throwback. @gracetopia @ShelbyHintze @Nicole_Cliffe Clearly none of these internet people have ever been to a relief society a…