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Fido_Bloo @FidoBloo Georgia, USA

Hey everyone! I am a furry whose hobbies include reading, writing, and furry art. I like commissioning art and open to any questions or debates!

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@AshyPrime Question though, how is it homophobic? @thedailybeast How is this news?
@sraeyynamoot Jesus because I’m not going to put material items above himFor my well-being and health I’m gonna work out. Anyone is free to join including both men and women @lordvictor @RileyFirePaws I just say it like this, if there is no evidence of fraud or collusion then do an invest… Morning! *PA - #CertificationHalt UPHELD *AZ - Legislative Hearing Sched WI - Petition on 150k ballots going f…
Retweeted by Fido_Bloo @Xrcalo Sounds like a memeLol @LucyCollie_ @g_liosus Raffle!!!🌟FREE ART RAFFLE🌟!!! Entry requirements: -follow my page -retweet the post -comment "Raffle" below ends on th…
Retweeted by Fido_BlooEven with using the argument of more liberals voting by mail, Trump theoretically still has a higher number. Evide… @sixthleafclover Looks unnatural at times imo
“Party time 🎊 “ Finished commission for @FidoBloo This took like forever to make 💪, But we hope you like it !!
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I think we are now at the turning point
@mrfoxxu I’m more so referring to I would not be surprised if the media does this @SparkToons Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy @starsalts @DClawyCat Water and psychic🌟WEEK 2: WIN A POKEMON MOUSEPAD! 🌟 This giveaway will have THREE winners! And yes, EVERY type is available as a mou…
Retweeted by Fido_Bloo @DutchieNorth Well get ready if Biden is in office everyday will be sunshine and butterflies according to the media.
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After a few years one of the biggest commissions I did is complete! It is a party scene with all my fursonas! The… @WienerDogWorks GIVEAWAY! Once I hit 1,000 followers, I will pick a random person and you will receive an icon! • You MU…
Retweeted by Fido_Bloo @_Neffertity_ I would @JossPhaux It’s not technically a mystery when I have said it lol @JossPhaux Oh fun. So had any campfires recently? Made it to state twice so there’s that 😊 @JossPhaux Which points have I not answered? I answered all of them and if I didn’t which part didn’t I answer? @JossPhaux Hey whether or not you trust the personality test still fun to look at, like astrology. But I will admi… @JossPhaux Lol I’m actually pretty happy and chill. I like various discussions but I guess that’s my ENTP side coming out @JossPhaux Based on your profile/posts you called conservatives and police toxic, so why is it any different? Call… @JossPhaux How am I upset exactly? And everything is fine, so what’s the issue exactly lol @JossPhaux Hey that’s their choice 😊 @JossPhaux Yeah pretty much. Why change something if not broken? @JossPhaux How is that exactly hate? Saying some people are toxic is not exactly attacking a group. Heck I bet ev… @JossPhaux By allowing anyone who is interested into the group. It’s not difficult but I guess freedom of speech i… @JossPhaux Well you claim that I am a Nazi, fascist, racist, etc. Not only myself but others and I am asking how?… @JossPhaux Continue to promote a freedom of speech environment. Not really a difficult plan lol @JossPhaux How is it a hate group where it’s literally a chatroom for all views? @JossPhaux I said my plan lol. Continue promoting a free speech environment @JossPhaux How are they fascist exactly? How are they Nazis? How are they racist? You say this yet never provide… @JossPhaux When have I ever said I hated LGBT people lol. You see your making a strawman here as I never said anything like that. @Arta_Shrike I mean when has the news ever lied lol @Tactical_review Plus you can call 911 but won’t get there until about 10 minutes @JossPhaux Let’s ask this for example. Let’s say the furry fandom was not dominantly LGBT and they silenced any LG… @JossPhaux Ok and that’s fine. When have I got angry for someone not listening to my opinion? Never as idc at the end of the day. @JossPhaux How is it stupid to support freedom of speech? Plus how is the group a Nazi group? You say this yet ne… @JossPhaux You do know the reason for the response was the pic was out of context right? What I stated simply was… @JossPhaux I honestly don’t care what others say about me because I rather have everyone have the right to an opini… @JossPhaux Lol I just said the plan in promoting a freedom of speech environment and not falling into the lines of cancel culture 😂 @JossPhaux So what’s wrong with freedom of speech exactly? @JossPhaux So you are saying about how it’s impossible to have freedom of speech and not falling under the lines of cancel culture? @JossPhaux Creating an “pro freedom” environment no matter what one stand point is. As the idea of the chat is a h…
@DiezelRaccoon @ViktorzeHusky Deputy Sheriff @DiezelRaccoon @ViktorzeHusky Yep @DiezelRaccoon @ViktorzeHusky @Crim_Mip Well luckily it’s still being used and shown a success rate. Btw wishing death on someone is not making… @SpiritSodaroo Don’t worry I was a Patreon supporter of Pocari and stopped it because of blocking me on a Twitter for my views🍁 giving away another mspaint badge for november!! 🍂 ✅to enter, follow me and retweet this! ✅winner gets any char…
Retweeted by Fido_Bloo @Crim_Mip And the medical experts also stated the following being that masks do not help, the survivability rate is… are Open! I'm starting with 5 slots, but I can reserve more if needed. PM me if you're interested!
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Oh take a nice look at this @ThetaBetaRawr You recreating “We’re Number One”?In case cancel culture gets even more extreme, check out George Carlin. His comedy is great and literally brings u… @dixielioness So what right does the government have in deciding where I can or cannot go? @sirhottest @CassandraRules I’m confused on what SJWs want. They want equality and representation yet want to canc… @Arta_Shrike History repeats itselfWhatever happened to trying unique art styles? @AmericaOutrage @room4446 I gotcha ☭Oh wait I see how this works now. If it doesn’t benefit the left it’s wrong but if it does it is right.
@zephyrrcue Can you DM me through Twitter because for some reason I cannot find you on Discord. If you want to try mine is Fido Bloo
@zephyrrcue @VinylTastic @Aimtec_CH @CoolKoinu What’s your discord? @captainboones Stardust @BuddyGoodboyEsq Curious question, are you saying people shouldn’t have a right to visit their families? @FoulestPanda There’s a high survivability rate. You’ll be ok
@TheHinduDindu Yes let’s listen to a fictional show 😂 @AuraPuffs Lol that was a mistake. I guess for me I will literally work my way in turning off lights to my room.… @AuraPuffs Why is the light switch outside your room?What kind of society are we when we’re being conditioned to fear our family and friends? THIS. IS. NOT. HUMAN.
Retweeted by Fido_BlooWith recent events involving the election and potential future lockdowns, I’m coming to the conclusion of this bein… @THawk1701 @SovietsniperYT @PeaceWolfActual In other words, using emotion instead of logic. Gotcha @PeaceWolfActual I honestly don’t get what’s the issue with peacefully disagreeing?
@VinylTastic @Aimtec_CH @zephyrrcue @CoolKoinu $75 @VinylTastic @Aimtec_CH @zephyrrcue @CoolKoinu $60 @zephyrrcue @CoolKoinu I’ll go $40
@Kobii_Wolfy I think I got more questions than answers @Beautyofthebass Someone just no scoped him duh @SpongeBob The opposite of mumbo @LaurenWitzkeDE I don’t think Trump won CA. I can see them going more red but do not see it yet @InternetHippo Whose paying for it?
@apollo_gen I’m pretty sure that’s the windows background lol
Got an adopt from @ShadowEon! Love the character and hope to continue to grow with it! They are selling adopts no… @SidneyPowell1 “Peter Neffenger, President & on the Board of Directors of Smartmatic ... just so happens…
Retweeted by Fido_Bloo @SidneyPowell1 @realDonaldTrump What is the kraken exactly? Like did they state what it was? @dmarcushammond_ StardustIt’s a weird video but is telling some truth true this is getting bigger @kerac_fa @stardragon777 Lets do it!✨Art animation raffle!✨ Thanks for 500 watchers! Prize is idle animation of an artwork of the winner's choice! (s…
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@CjFauxx Got any samples of your art? Not necessary the actual adoptables