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A military leadership forum emphasizing the skills required to excel as a field grade officer, but applicable to any uniformed or civilian leader

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There is a difference between a recon platoon (ninjas) and a scout platoon. Praise the manuever gods for the retur…
Retweeted by Field Grade LeaderGreat thread/tribute. Read the whole thing
#AIM2 I had three "top" units that I could have really gone with as #1. The one that actually got the #1 was the on…
Retweeted by Field Grade LeaderGreat leaders focus on bringing out the best in their subordinates
What’s the most unprofessional thing you’ve seen In a meeting? we near the end of the 20-02 #AIM2 market I think it’s time to prep 21-01 movers (1OCT20-31MAR21 PCS timeline) w…
Retweeted by Field Grade Leader @goat_path Beautiful, right?
By the way if you are at FLKS today you should swing over and see @Ross_Coffman. I sent invite to @MCTP_OGAlpha as…
Retweeted by Field Grade Leader @TheWTFNation Calibri as the default font!!
It isn’t too late to join in on our December book club initiative. Click the link for more info!… @MeganJantos My favorite thing about the book so far is that it addresses many aspects of life to help us be more balanced
Retweeted by Field Grade Leader @JD_GoldNo27 @the4x4podcast Just read our goal setting book, then set goals to finish the others... @the4x4podcast @FieldGradeLDR Same here. I’m really into two books right now along with a 3rd that I’m casually rea…
Retweeted by Field Grade LeaderDone! The book is on the way!#goals #goal-setting
Retweeted by Field Grade LeaderAnd another book purchased. I’m such a sucker for new books.
Retweeted by Field Grade LeaderLooks like I'm about to abandon a book to start a new one.
Retweeted by Field Grade Leader
This is sure to be a great initiative for those looking to make lasting habits in the New Year! My technique for t…
Retweeted by Field Grade LeaderFor the kids that secretly liked the ad nauseam discussions in class... and went home and read the endnotes.…
Retweeted by Field Grade Leader @WeGettinItDone @102ndblackhawk6 @Doctrine_Man @TheCompanyLDR @PatDonahoeArmy @MeganJantos @OldCavDude @102ndblackhawk6 @FieldGradeLDR @Doctrine_Man @TheCompanyLDR @PatDonahoeArmy @MeganJantos @WeGettinItDone
Retweeted by Field Grade Leader @FieldGradeLDR @Doctrine_Man @TheCompanyLDR @PatDonahoeArmy @MeganJantos @WeGettinItDone @OldCavDude
Retweeted by Field Grade Leader @FieldGradeLDR @Doctrine_Man @TheCompanyLDR @PatDonahoeArmy @MeganJantos @WeGettinItDone @OldCavDude
Retweeted by Field Grade Leader @FieldGradeLDR @MichaelHyatt Bought it... 👍
Retweeted by Field Grade LeaderMaybe @JoshuaBowen_100 can help this initiative spread to @WestPoint_USMAThanks to @MichaelHyatt for providing the backbone for this series!Hey @TheWTFNation, you guys into goal setting? Help us spread the word!Hey @TXMilitary this a great way to get some valuable self development in a very structured and goal oriented way.…
Retweeted by Field Grade Leader @102ndblackhawk6 @Doctrine_Man @TheCompanyLDR @PatDonahoeArmy @MeganJantos @WeGettinItDone @OldCavDude @102ndblackhawk6 @Doctrine_Man @TheCompanyLDR @PatDonahoeArmy @MeganJantos @WeGettinItDone @OldCavDude Step #4, joi… @102ndblackhawk6 @Doctrine_Man @TheCompanyLDR @PatDonahoeArmy @MeganJantos @WeGettinItDone @OldCavDude Step #3, Joi… @102ndblackhawk6 @Doctrine_Man @TheCompanyLDR @PatDonahoeArmy @MeganJantos Step #2, join our Book Club Facebook Gro… @102ndblackhawk6 @Doctrine_Man @TheCompanyLDR @PatDonahoeArmy @MeganJantos The framework for the series is pretty s… forward to hearing how @102ndblackhawk6 @Doctrine_Man @TheCompanyLDR @PatDonahoeArmy and @MeganJantos do g… team, this is the moment you've all been waiting for. Click the get more info on our December Book Club initia… waiting for a tweet from my top fan, @CartierVaughn Belts save lives. And tvs. While car is moving. #usawtfm
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@FieldGradeLDR I am thankful for the unwavering support I receive from my family daily.
Retweeted by Field Grade Leader @MikeMooreDO @ndpalmers97 Just want to throw in that I’m having Thanksgiving with Lou Kangas. Lancer 3s circa 14-16
@FieldGradeLDR I’m thankful that my brothers/sisters in arms and I can all share the experience of depression—toget…
Retweeted by Field Grade LeaderHappy thanksgiving from TF Gimlet!
Retweeted by Field Grade Leader @FieldGradeLDR Eating thanksgiving dinner with a bunch of my heroes
Retweeted by Field Grade Leader @Gypsy___Dave Absolutely @FieldGradeLDR I've got a great unit that will make a huge impact on the future.
Retweeted by Field Grade Leader @ncangler06 Oh hell yes @FieldGradeLDR Family, our blessings of liberty and the selfless men and women who serve this country every day!
Retweeted by Field Grade Leader @FieldGradeLDR Thankful for an incredible team of leaders in the Iron Rakkasans and in the Rakkasan Brigade! Have a…
Retweeted by Field Grade LeaderOkay #miltwitter, what are you thankful for today?Prepping for our upcoming book club and reflecting. Thanks for being a part of the Field Grade Leader team and cont… @CartierVaughn Thanks so much for your constructive feedback
Why own a #car, when you can take #Tesla’s Cyber #Bus?
Retweeted by Field Grade LeaderHappy Monday. Just remember, this is a short week and it includes pie...
There are only a few days left before our December book club! Here are the details
@TheWTFNation @PatDonahoeArmy @MG_SmithT @SNAFU_Sara Also a history major...A follow up on our leader professional development program conversation.
@KTB_500 @ArmyUPress @FieldGradeLDR @mil_LEADER @FORSCOMLdrDev I hope you’ve read this first - foundational reading…
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20-02 Movers and Units: STRATCOM will be out today. AIM Markets will now close on 6 December 2019. Let your friends…
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Is too much of a good thing a problem? terrible news out of Afghanistan @CartierVaughn @RWPUSA
This tweet and replies is not getting enough attention. This is not a hellsite it’s a mobile classroom.
Retweeted by Field Grade LeaderAn AIM note...we apparently did a correction or something because as I re-look my unit marketplace, I have (new) ad…
Retweeted by Field Grade LeaderThis 👇🏼 and the reply by the @USArmy just made my night. 👏🏼
Retweeted by Field Grade LeaderIt's finally here! My very own book. At one point in my life I thought I'd just let it stay a dissertation. I'm tha…
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Hope you had a well rested weekend and you’re ready to kick start the day with some good PT this morning! Remember…
Retweeted by Field Grade LeaderUnlock your subordinates full potential.…
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Doctrine - it makes a difference! does this technology impact logistics on the future battlefield? and help us keep the conversation going!How do leaders make themselves more approachable? gem pulled over from Facebook...
@ArmchairMajor Did it win?
Retweeted by Field Grade LeaderLeaders- please stop sending emails after 1800 in the evening and on weekends. Here is a thought 💭-can it wait unti…
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Want to build unbeatable mental toughness? Be prepared!
Tune in to this talent management live stream, if you have time! (0715-0815 EST) you are on Fort Bliss and want to talk about updates to AIM and markets please come out to Soldier Hall, buildin…
Retweeted by Field Grade LeaderAre you excited about the December book club? Click the link and order it today.
Had a great discussion yesterday with @AndrewSaslav who made me think about the roles of my Field Grades at the Bat…
Retweeted by Field Grade LeaderHere’s one story of the Army Talent Alignment Process in action. What’s your story? @USArmy, please have @usacac write this into doctrine immediately (@Doctrine_Man @102ndblackhawk6
"Rapid, constant, and disruptive change is now the norm, and what succeeded in the past is no longer a guide to wha…
Why do you serve? Share your story with friends and family in the civilian world today. @olsen_soldier I’ve heard that one before
We’re super excited to announce our next book club series. Click the link for more info. Please share to help get t… Public Affairs people - get in the conversation!!
@pinkpen6ninja @GroupMctp @FieldGradeLDR @102ndblackhawk6 @TheCompanyLDR @complexwar @OldCavDude Just got home from a full day of work.
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This is a great piece for new/future FGOs. The fact that an NCO authored it is just sheer gold. Well done! Recommen…
Retweeted by Field Grade Leader @FieldGradeLDR I see what your did there
Retweeted by Field Grade LeaderI’m blessed with A great CSM/BN CDR relationship and hope for the same for the future and current FGs in my formati…
Retweeted by Field Grade Leader @jsavagedavis There have been a couple of solid threads on AIM from @102ndblackhawk6 @mattstrand27 on the topic @jsavagedavis This is my first experience with the marketplace and am learning a lot as a unit rep looking for tale… you working, or off for a four day weekend? @102ndblackhawk6 @TheCompanyLDR @complexwar @OldCavDude @childersawMy idea of “balance” is an extended morning surf session on the north shore to celebrate a day off from work!Would less time force greater efficiency? read. Very important for XOs and Bn/BDE Cdrs who (when allowed) will be pulled in a million directions ea…
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Even someone as busy as a Battalion XO can employ some of these mindfulness tips.
@alexbridgeforth No set goals.