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I like music & stuff. Senior Producer @Cafeoto. Curator @Counterflows.

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James O’Brien is a nasty & a stupid man - & the two are strongly linked, his stupidity comes from smugness, an inab…
Retweeted by Fielding Hope @JumsDentures At the moment no, but I can understand why people want us to. We want to try encourage more people to… @Auntie_Flo Yeah and i don't see a 'streaming competitor' as the solution too. It's the long term dedication to reo… @Auntie_Flo Yeah I agree with this completely! @Keplacuts Yeah a full cultural boycott gets my approval! I've never used it actually ever, nor have I ever been te… still blows my mind that people deeply invested in radical politics on this site continue to use it all the time… simple way we could tackle the rise of streaming & its lack of support of small artists is everyone in arts/med… later today for OTO members and then publicly this Wednesday. As usual it's a great way to support artists and… weeks' Takuroku releases include a 1 hour crisp eating exercise piece, electronic combobulations from Japan &… think the striking thing about Ennio Morricone is the sheer volume & breadth of what he made. Loads of people hav…
Unidentified Solo Piano recording by Monk >>>>>>> Unidentified flying objects @helena_celle Any chance of a cheeky Craig Charles improv set?
New Aşıq Nargilə!! Recorded in Tbilisi for Mountain of Tongues. "All proceeds from downloads will go directly to N… indoors were made for spending far too much time trying to find pictures of Morton Feldman's anatolian ru… a lot of videos, incredible... this
Scotland's slavery links weren't confined to Glasgow. Here I am in the Press & Journal talking about the North East…
Retweeted by Fielding Hope @OttoWillberg it's a killa duo, i dig the release recommended list of bandcamp-fee-waiving-day recommendations from @misterminsoo. Worth checking out! @SamLMackay Yeah it's beautiful music. Props to Stefan and @deathisnot full archive here fee-waiving day! Here's some personal recommendations... person, why not buy some music instead of endlessly sampling on Bandcamp / YouTube / Spotify / Soundcloud? You…
Retweeted by Fielding HopeJamming some Shostakovich while the rain pours outside... Mmm that #fridayfeelingRe: LRT. Please don't use violent threat and sexual threat against women in supposed opposition to transphobic stat…
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@oliebrice @ItPainesMe haha! @ItPainesMe *fairly new @ItPainesMe Oh it's a secret, but all will be revealed in time :) It's a great and fairly Argentinian electronic artist @OttoWillberg Hate to break it to you btw, but... @OttoWillberg M8 have u never heard of Flea? It's actually a computer music album, so no physical bass on it 😲🤯"The ghost of Jaco Pastorius haunts the mainframe" - happy this is part of a description of one of the new Takuroku… discussion about better collective community action/support, venue membership systems, improved transparency an… to see major figures in the UK music industry stand for it while it's on its knees. I'd love to see this supp…
@are_bend thanks for the kinds words! signed up to this. A bargain and absolutely essential to keep this creative community thriving and it's presen… few people have been asking about the artwork. All designs have been courtesy of @floatinglimb, who has also been… now have 37 Takuroku titles, including 6 new releases that are out today. Check this super cool doggo on Han Ben… @XPressz @Cafeoto it's a brilliant release - thank you!!Pleased to reveal today 6 new Takuroku releases. All new work by Naima Karlsson, Han Bennink, Otomo Yoshihide, Yoni…
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@tweeteuan thanks man x @AishaOrazbayeva thanks aisha xI have to add that there's not a single receipt of Ted being anything but diplomatic & kind to people that want to… @PaulMargree @YoniSilver thanks mate!thanks @tusk_music & @YoniSilver, it's appreciated. I'm proud of how brave they're being, but I won't pretend how g… recommend you message your MSP about this to make them aware of the effects of transphobia on its members, activi… is my sibling Mhairi is referring to here, and I can attest to what they've been to is just the tip of the ice… tbh
Jamie XX be like "I know a place" and takes you to Wagamamas
Retweeted by Fielding Hope @RailtonLucy That one is unreal, such a melter! 'The Quest' is quite an overlooked album imoEric Dolphy would have been 92 today. It's extremely sad to think there's a chance he might still be alive today if… @kkilimis yes, beautiful stuff! big ali galbraith 'n' allI'm late to the game with this, but i've been really enjoying the intimate folk laments of New Zealand's Maxine Fun…'ll be out this Wednesday. If any press/radio (etc) would like to hear the albums drop me a line at weeks' Takuroku releases include new work by 3 heroes of the Japanese underground, an extremely strange techno…
@MrMalky @GreedyRunner @aninginainanaw @Bonjour_Teddy @helresa Is this respectful to you? Davies pays tribute to the late Simon Fell in his just-posted AMPLIFY piece, please read his accompanying te…
Retweeted by Fielding Hope @tristan_bath I wish I could be as hopeful right now, but regardless, here's hoping indeed! I've left the party now… @tristan_bath It's curious... I just wonder how long he continue what he's doing (trying to strategically win an el… @krldslv It's interesting isn't it? I thought they would dig his business-like veneer but it's clear that most peop… finally had the guts to bring up the subject of Keir Starmer with my very centrist/liberal parents. The first thi… personal announcement about my experiences as a trans person within the SNP.
Retweeted by Fielding HopeSome context to the situation that marginal music & the arts is in under covid-19 in India. Thanks to the ever wond… @sofingusa Ahh wicked! 💥 @mypandashallfly A bit 'Windows 98' isn't it? ha! I dig it too.Rainy day music 🌧️🌧️🌧️ creation of “10k additional prison places” will require the creation—and that’s what it is—of more “crime”. and…
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If yr like me & dig Antonini and want to read a big article about his work in the context of Italy's post WWII soci…’s literally singing along with her sheep & it’s adorable. This Saudi woman sure loves her sheep & I think it’s…
Retweeted by Fielding HopeCultural Boycott
Retweeted by Fielding Hope @mister_p6 Now time to hold to account all those diddies in the Scottish music/arts scene(s) who still think transp… @olsonpower @YouTube killer @neutralmilkscot ha! 'glincel' is a new one to me, perfectThe Graham Linehan suspension might seem like a fleeting moment online, but he's the master of ceremonies to a legi… @hellkopfig Was pished and felt quite sad a minute ago but now i feel pished and very very happy
@room40speaks Yeah the UK arts situation is awful! I can imagine it's not a lot better in AUS? I admittedly haven't… @Ellis_Samizdat haha, i know, i ain't pissed off (see the other comments in the thread). keep it coming tbh!Thanks to @FFFreakout - one of the best podcasts/platforms out there for myriad forms of weird music!A real pleasure to be Free Form Freakout's FFFoxy Podcast to chat about OTO, Cry Parrot, Counterflows and the Takur… @ruaridhTVO @dalecornish haha! @ruaridhTVO @dalecornish "went to a trilogy tapes night, didn't really listen to the music and got pished on their… @voyeurxxx lollllll. You and Conal in the picture, of course @dalecornish yr far too nice and wholesome, haha! I personally love the memes tbh, even if they're a little snidey. @limbswilson I love almost all of them too. Plus it's probably the only free marketing we get outside of the Wire,…"sounds or looks weird? sounds like cafe oto to me, lololol!"People do more memes about Cafe OTO than they do talking about it on here lol @posthuman @r_ibeka @SubClub @LaCheetahClub To suggest we should only criticise big brands is disingenuous and soun… now have 31 releases out on our new Takuroku digital label, featuring new works by Steve Gunn, Lucy Railton, Phe…
Retweeted by Fielding Hope @r_ibeka @SubClub @LaCheetahClub Yeah that's definitely a concern - and I think it's right to lay down the pressure! @r_ibeka @SubClub @LaCheetahClub There's a danger of promoters announcing now as protection of 'brand optics' (excu…'s absolutely no way the UK arts can survive with this. It's a roadmap to increased health risks for all invol… @r_ibeka @SubClub @LaCheetahClub OTO/Counterflows have been having these conversations for weeks, but want to take…