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Creating champions on and off the field since 1971. Don’t miss @OhioStateFB vs. @ClemsonFB in the @CFBPlayoff Semifinal 12/28! 🏈🌵 #FiestaBowl

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For this week's #tbt, we're throwing it back to last month's @DesertFinancial Fiesta Bowl Parade, presented by…
One more media session for @Coach_EdOrgeron this morning, joined by @LSUfootball’s #NationalChampionship. to wave the championship flag. #CFBPlayoff x #NationalChampionship #GeauxTigers
Retweeted by PlayStation Fiesta BowlRan into our friends/partners from the @Fiesta_Bowl and @CottonBowlGame. #collegenationalchampionship
Retweeted by PlayStation Fiesta BowlConfetti for everyone! 🏈🎉 this man's name in the history books. His five passing touchdowns are the most ever in a CFP National Champi…
Retweeted by PlayStation Fiesta BowlCongratulations to @Coach_EdOrgeron, @Joe_Burrow10, the entire @LSUfootball program and their fans! What a season!… had 6 catches for 93 yds and a TD in last year’s #FiestaBowl. 🏈🙌🐯
#DidYouKnow Both teams in tonight’s @CFBPlayoff #NationalChampionship won the @Fiesta_Bowl in 2019? @ClemsonFB won…
Retweeted by PlayStation Fiesta BowlDo you smell what @TheRock is cookin’?, of course, we should also take a look back at @LSUfootball’s win in the 2018/19 @PlayStation #FiestaBowl! tonight’s #NationalChampionship game, let’s take a look back at how @ClemsonFB got here!
Who will take it home: @ClemsonFB or @LSUfootball? #NationalChampionship’s @CFBPlayoff Media Day here in New Orleans, where our last two @PlayStation #FiestaBowl winners are talking abo… @DanSileoShow DM your address and we’ll have them out to you next week.AZ represented in New Orleans! Makes sense since our last two #FiestaBowl champions are both here.
#tbt While in town for the @PlayStation #FiestaBowl last month, @ClemsonFB teamed up with Fiesta Bowl Charities,…
Still thinking about the @tacobell Live Más Student Section. Congratulations once again to the @ClemsonFB faithful…
It was on this date that @PennStateFball defeated the @MiamiHurricanes to win the National Championship in the 1987…
Special thanks to our @AzMilkProducers Half-Pint Judges for helping judge all of the floats during our parade on Sa… the final day of 2019, we take another look at Saturday's @PlayStation #FiestaBowl between @ClemsonFB and…
@belkbowl @BeerBrewerDan @CheezItBowl Pretty good?! 🙄We were so happy to have you join us for the parade and game, Amy! 👏👏 to see VetTixers out on the field at Saturday's @Fiesta_Bowl!
Retweeted by PlayStation Fiesta BowlThe @ClemsonFB team felt disrespected all season. Then the undefeated defending nat'l champs entered the…
Retweeted by PlayStation Fiesta BowlThe top two played in our bowl games in 2019... Burrow on Jan. 1st and Gordon this past Friday night in the… Davis perfectly illustrates how the entire #ClemsonFamily feels this morning... 😄 #ALLIN
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So true."Just as a kid, you dream about these moments to be able to play in a [PlayStation] @Fiesta_Bowl. It is really craz…
Retweeted by PlayStation Fiesta Bowl2️⃣1️⃣.2️⃣ MILLION! 🥳 #FiestaBowl tip to you, @ClemsonFB!
Retweeted by PlayStation Fiesta BowlA night to remember for @ClemsonFB!
Retweeted by PlayStation Fiesta BowlGood luck to @Trevorlawrencee and @ClemsonFB, who will play for the National Championship once again! #AllIn
Retweeted by PlayStation Fiesta BowlGood luck to @Trevorlawrencee and @ClemsonFB, who will play for the National Championship once again! #AllIn tip to you, @ClemsonFB! night to remember for @ClemsonFB! you participate in our 50/50 Raffle, presented by @DiamondCasinos, at the game tonight? Well here is the winni… CALLED. GAME. #CFBPlayoff
Retweeted by PlayStation Fiesta BowlThis is the kind of rain we love to see 🏆 #ALLIN | #CFBPlayoff
Retweeted by PlayStation Fiesta BowlWe’re live with Dabo Swinney, Trevor Lawrence and Chad Smith at the #FiestaBowl postgame press conference.… was @OhioStateFB taking on @ClemsonFB in the 2019 @PlayStation #FiestaBowl! Relive all the moments from Twitter…’s in? #AllIn. No. 3 @ClemsonFB returns to the #CFBPlayoff #NationalChampionship after a 29-23 @Fiesta_Bowl vic…
Retweeted by PlayStation Fiesta BowlA live look at the #FiestaBowl postgame press conference. #CFBPlayoff to @ClemsonFB, your 2019 @PlayStation #FiestaBowl Champions! to the @ClemsonFB Tigers the #FiestaBowl Champions. Best of luck in the #CFBPlayoff National Cham… the @ClemsonFB Tigers as they punch their ticket to the #CFBPlayoff National Championship game.… interception by Nolan Turner means that @ClemsonFB is #ALLIN the #CFBPlayoff national championship game. They… asked for entertainment. You got it, America! @ClemsonFB recaptures the lead with 1:49 to go in the game. A 3… 3:07 to go. @ClemsonFB has the ball on their own 6-yard line trailing by two. Can they drive down the field?…'s the call on 4th down? A 23-yard TD to put the Buckeyes ahead! #CFBPlayoff
Retweeted by PlayStation Fiesta BowlWe told you this was going to be a wild finish. @justnfields connects with @chrisolave_ for the 23-yard TD.… a 3rd! Catch final quarter of the @playstation #FiestaBowl on @espn! More 📸 on our Instagram! up because we’re in for a wild finish to the 49th #FiestaBowl. #CFBPlayoff | #ALLIN | #GoBucks's an INT by Isaiah Simmons and @ClemsonFB takes over. 99-yard drive was only the third in Clemson history... And it gave the Tigers their first lead of the night.…
Retweeted by PlayStation Fiesta BowlTravis Etienne to the 🏡 @ClemsonFB takes the lead! #CFBPlayoff
Retweeted by PlayStation Fiesta BowlThe @ClemsonFB Tigers have taken their first lead of the game on a 53-yard throw from @Trevorlawrencee to… button on the @PlayStation controller do you use to down a punt? Whichever one it is, both @ClemsonFB and… #ALLIN
Retweeted by PlayStation Fiesta BowlFinal 2 drives for the offense: TD, 75 yards, 10 plays TD, 83 yards, 5 plays Final 2 drives for the defense: 3-and…
Retweeted by PlayStation Fiesta BowlCoach Swinney's halftime thoughts:
Retweeted by PlayStation Fiesta BowlDabo said this would be “must see.” #CFBPlayoff #FiestaBowl #GreatnessAwaits (🎥 @espn) America, Are you watching? We’ve got a good one going. Back-and-forth @OhioStateFB and @ClemsonFB go.… does it for the first half of the @PlayStation #FiestaBowl! We got a close one with @OhioStateFB up by two. Th…!! @Trevorlawrencee just took it to the house on the 67-yard touchdown run and the @ClemsonFB Tigers are right…😤😤😤
Retweeted by PlayStation Fiesta Bowl📸📸📸 #CFBPlayoff || #ALLIN
Retweeted by PlayStation Fiesta Bowl.@ClemsonFB is on the board! @Swaggy_t1 scores on the option, an 8-yard run to cap off the 10-play drive.… @feliciacmichael Thanks. We'll be passing this along to the bosses.Another field goal by Blake Haubeil, this time from 33-yards out, extends the @OhioStateFB lead with 7:20 to go bef… PLACEMENT 🎯 #CFBPlayoff
Retweeted by PlayStation Fiesta BowlThe run that put J.K. Dobbins ahead of Eddie George for Ohio State's all-time single-season rushing record…
Retweeted by PlayStation Fiesta BowlFamous J.K. Power Rankings: 3. Simmons 2. Rowling 1. Dobbins @Jkdobbins22 has 144 yards and a touchdown on just 7… @OhioStateFB Buckeyes extend their lead on the 22-yard field goal by Blake Haubeil with 14:11 to go in the 2nd.… quarter wrapped up. @OhioStateFB leads it. Can they hold it? Tune in to @espn for the 2nd quarter of the… with one in the desert 🌵. #CFBPlayoff #FiestaBowl #GoBucks: 10 | #ALLIN: 0's @OhioStateFB's turn to get the big SACK to force a 4th down punt. They take over on their own 20. #CFBPlayoff @ClemsonFB sack forces @OhioStateFB to punt with 2:50 to go in the 1st. #CFBPlayoff #GoBucks: 10 | #ALLIN: 0 Dobbins 68 yards to the 🏠 #CFBPlayoff
Retweeted by PlayStation Fiesta BowlHe wasn't J/k. Just like that, Dobbins breaks the 68-yard touchdown run to extend the @OhioStateFB lead.… 49-yard attempt by @ClemsonFB's B.T. Potter is no good with 8:44 to go in the 1st. #CFBPlayoff #GoBuckeyes: 3 | #ALLIN: 0It's @OhioStateFB that gets on the board first as Blake Haubeil hits the 21-yard field goal. They lead @ClemsonFB call is reversed and the big catch by Garrett Wilson counts. @OhioStateFB has a 1st and Goal from the… the 49th #FiestaBowl is officially underway. #CFBPlayoff | #GoBucks | #AllInDabo's pregame speech 🔥🔥
Retweeted by PlayStation Fiesta BowlSun goes down and we go up. Let’s get this #CFBPlayoff fiesta started! #FiestaBowl #GoodyearBlimp
Retweeted by PlayStation Fiesta BowlOH... @CFBPlayoff #Buckeyes
Retweeted by PlayStation Fiesta BowlAlmost time for @youngchase907 to eat. 🍽
Retweeted by PlayStation Fiesta BowlAll of us. #GoBucks #ToughLove
Retweeted by PlayStation Fiesta Bowl𝙏𝙧𝙖𝙙𝙞𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣𝙨 Walk of Champions #ALLIN
Retweeted by PlayStation Fiesta BowlPutting in that last minute work. The @PlayStation #FiestaBowl is about to start on @espn! 🏈🌵🔜: PlayStation @Fiesta_Bowl No. 2️⃣ @OhioStateFB brings a 19-game win streak into the #CFBPlayoff Semifinals 🆚 No…
Retweeted by PlayStation Fiesta BowlWhere we droppin’? Into the @PlayStation #FiestaBowl! @ohiostatefb takes on @clemsonfb on @espn 5pm PT! 🏈🎉 QB Trevor Lawrence is warming up. Will he and his Tigers punch their ticket to the #CFBPlayoff champion…’s just about that time. @OhioStateFB has arrived. @PlayStation #FiestaBowl is gonna be 🔥 on @ESPN!
Heisman Trophy finalist @youngchase907 is all business as he arrives on the field with his Buckeye teammates prior… the Orangutan was right with his pick last night. Will Rayma also be correct for tonight's @PlayStation🏈✍️ #FIESTABOWL GIVEAWAY 🏈✍️ We’ve got two footballs to give away, one signed by @ClemsonFB Coach Dabo Swinney an…
Retweeted by PlayStation Fiesta BowlAre you ready to show off your skills? Stop by the @MayoClinic Football Toss on the great lawn of @StateFarmStdm🏈 ARE YOU READY? The @PlayStation #FiestaBowl is just hours away, which means you don’t have much time left to mak…