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luv islamophobia nice out here, highly recommend!
sorry to report that i saw a photo of commissioner al schmidt and he is in fact very hot.idk about u guys but i would like policies to better my life here on earth. feel very weird & bad about how people are talking about mcconnell's health, and i also feel bad for feeling bad… so we’re clear, there is no way to have an honest conversation about immigration from Central America without…
Retweeted by fae ehsan @ArrogantDemon bye haterNo doubt India's air is a global embarrassment but Trumps commentary on India's air in the backdrop of his justific…
Retweeted by fae ehsanAs you go to work today realize that millions of Americans would do anything to be in your shoes. We teamed up with…
Retweeted by fae ehsanDonald Trump called immigrants racists and criminals and said those who came to their court hearings have low IQs.…
Retweeted by fae ehsanWe literally have the stupidest leader of all of the developed nations.
Retweeted by fae ehsan @HannahLaurison wow the memes that are to comeTrump revives his false claim that Pelosi was dancing in the streets after he imposed travel restrictions on China.…
Retweeted by fae ehsan @by_CKennedy i got some new bras 🤷🏾‍♀️ @by_CKennedy i literally screamed "it came to america from europe!!" and stomped upstairs. am now taking naked selfies lmao @XO_LM thank you homie 🥰he's immune? #Debates2020"You're lucky I didn't kill more of you" is quite an answer #Debates2020
Retweeted by fae ehsan @by_CKennedy that's hair losstrump always looks like he has to poop #Debates2020 @Petitesuissesse you good?
this was very fun. donate to give culinary & nutrition classes to people all over the city + camden. grateful for a… News anchors when @PeteButtigieg stops by:
Retweeted by fae ehsan @jwbussmann i'm dyin 😂 @LenniBug ?? what? @XO_LM i have never heard of such a thing!! @XO_LM i legitimately don't know what this joke is 😣 @itsonlyzach i don't even want one to go, i just love them all so much.thinking about my favorite rachels @CoraLinehan i have RTed him in the past, just gonna acknowledge it here!if you RT m*tt *gles*as, i'm blocking you, bye.✌🏾 billy madison! starting this obama
Retweeted by fae ehsan😂 @exfkaty love it here 🥰🥰
@by_CKennedy lol i know about him & borat--just confused because i haven't seen anyone praising borat tbh @by_CKennedy who is "praising borat"? i'm so confused about The Discourse today.basically all over the place.i have cried a lot today and it's about like, a video of joe biden hugging a kid, thinking about the huge loss of a… @earnest_rs wait is this about giuliani?? @KaraNextWeek i love that guy's cart the most out of all the halal carts! @kmanguward ehsan 2020: i've already voted#TheBachelorette #BachelorNation #bachelorette Moynes has a face for selling cleaning products and no one can tel…
Retweeted by fae ehsanIsrael has the right to defend itself from a Maher al-Akhras, a man chained to a hospital bed starving himself to d…
Retweeted by fae ehsani love our lt. governor john "wife guy" fetterman in large part to U.S. intrusion, I was separated from my mom at age 2. By the time I met her at age 5, she was…
Retweeted by fae ehsanme trying to stop myself from posting every single thought i’ve literally ever had on the internet
Retweeted by fae ehsanyall know who isnt defending chris pratt? the better chris trio
Retweeted by fae ehsanit took me a second before I realized what this ad was actually for but in that second I had already picked my bags…
Retweeted by fae ehsani would like to see anna faris weigh in on the chris discourse tbhall this over a few one's gotta go tweets lmao"erie is a dump & i wouldn't be here if i were winning." sounds like a message that'll win PA would like more of whatever this content is #TheBachelorette
Retweeted by fae ehsanthis riff between bennett and demar is hilarious sorry #TheBachelorettethese two like each other *so much* and it's such good TV! go clare and dale! #TheBachelorettehonestly, same.“Women are so emotional” Meanwhile, men after someone disrespects the rules of losing strip dodgeball:…
Retweeted by fae ehsanthis conversation with brandon OMG #TheBachelorette blake moynes like @NessaKhalia right?when clare pulled out that dress #TheBachelorette's kind of...awesome to see a contestant not idolize their parents' marriage & relationship #thebachelorette @sarahehsan92 he wrote a letter to his past self and read it aloud to clare. low key, i am scared of him!It may seem like a blip, but millions of people watch #TheBachelorette. It matters that @Clare_Crawley spoke so can…
Retweeted by fae ehsan @sarahehsan92 please do not tweet about politics during the bachelorette thank you @bikemamadelphia ok yeah he's fine#thebachelorette bennett waiting for clare to come back me, thinking we were going to get a more mature bachelorette who do you guys think clare likes best? #TheBachelorettesomeone said dale has big ruin your life energy 😂 #TheBachelorette#thebachelorette dale: clare clare: woman is literally crying on tv because some men said kind words to her, that is how rough it is out there #TheBachelorette
Retweeted by fae ehsan
Source says Jameer Nelson is coming home to work for Sixers Elton Brand is hiring the former Saint Joe’s star 👍🏼
Retweeted by fae ehsan @MarkRuffalo @prattprattpratt 🤡 @exfkaty PHEW! camp needs to come out and address this, sorry. i get that there's an election in 2 weeks but 🤷🏾‍♀️. @senatemajldr McConnell told his members in a closed door lunch that he told the White House not to agree to a…
Retweeted by fae ehsani know so many men who are like, "i'm just dumb and don't know anything!" and it's so infuriating! love dips so much, i will be making the white bean avocado dip this week! @artsaucy @SEPTA_SOCIAL EEP!!!! @moidem i was like "oh shit it's 12:30?!" @moidem found the beginning kind of slow, to be honest. but it's rapidly becoming very exciting & i read it for a few hours last night!!The fall resurgence of COVID-19 is here. My entire administration has been preparing for this all summer. Here…
Retweeted by fae ehsani am reading LONG BRIGHT RIVER which is set in philadelphia and it is a wild wild ride.That man purposefully masturbated during a work meeting and we’re supposed to go “golly! What an easy mistake for a…
Retweeted by fae ehsanNews: More than 50 former senior intelligence officials, including ex-Trump admin officials like Russ Travers, have…
Retweeted by fae ehsan @GeeDee215 dang imagine telling on yourself this way 😬😬😬Am I the only person wondering if this is something Toobin has done on Zoom calls more then once and this is just the time he got caught? 😬
Retweeted by fae ehsanwell done @JamieGauthier1 💖
this is in response to the jeffrey toobin thinghow about just waiting until you're off the zoom call to play with your genitals, idk just spitballing here @exfkaty @JGitto i called my husband my ex boyfriend once and he was like "😒 grow up." @KaraNextWeek ahhh!! i did have a tailor repair a ripped thigh in denim once, and it lasted me another year-ish? bu… @KaraNextWeek in the same boat. i would like a size smadium 😅
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