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Thrilled to make my @SYFYWIRE debut where I get to discuss how THE OLD GUARD sets a blueprint for queer representat… @atomicwick Bye, MegMood: wait!!! @projectslay Sending love and good vibes. ❤❤ @academy_queens Not really. Not because he's bad. He's just in the wrong category. If anyone should've been nomina… he have a speedy recovery.
#NowWatching MONSOON via #Newfest2020 @LITMAJOR_music I'd definitely go for a jog with him.Of course.. Sidney and Laurie, gotta go with Teresa "Tree" Gelbman. @NextBestPicture I don't even need to watch the trailer. Jessica Rothe is in it so I'm already soldThe Talented Banana Basket*drool* Bullock
okay but when are we going to appreciate steven yeun, though?
Retweeted by The Wicker MattOne of my favorite movies from last year. if its nonlinear structure isn't entirely in-sync, SUMMER OF 85 is still an interesting, twisted spin on the c… The Lighthouse 2. The Witch 3. Midsommar 4. Hereditary SUMMER OF '85 #NewFest20201. Rear Window 2. Psycho 3. Rope never see people complain about straight sex scenes but when it’s gay it’s too long and explicit
Retweeted by The Wicker Matt @TheMarckoguy Future Nostalgia, Dua Lipa Brightest Blue, Ellie Goulding @JRParham And the tanktop he wears throughout...whoof @cwj92movieman @kengreller Congratulations!!#NowWatching LADY IN A CAGE An even earlier predecessor to our renaissance of "eat the rich" films
@BrandonStanwyck The Ravenclaw mug is definitely on brand. You strike me as one.BREAKING FAST is a simple yet well-made demonstration of how strong romantic connections can come from small inter… BREAKING FAST @ #NewFestBetter late than never but I finally have my review of #TheFortyYearOldVersion. Check it out! @ValerieComplex More of the same. After one rejection, I start feeling crippled and feel unsure about sending the… Could be my go-to panic attack suppressor song... quiet. I'm thinking. Mulligan played the hardest role ever in Drive, she had to choose between Ryan Gosling and Oscar Isaac
Retweeted by The Wicker Matt @TheChewDefense @mavericksmovies Which I'm sure makes people even more upset by his recent JK Rowling comments. @mavericksmovies Besides his recent comments about JK Rowling, I think him winning the Oscar over Keaton and his li… @alamanecer Happy Birthday!!! question I always ask myself. Where is the love for Carla Cugino? @SkylerLuttrell He is. So magnetic that it's a shame he's not in it enough. @SkylerLuttrell Or Yahya as a way to capitalize on his recent Emmy win. @Klee_FilmReview HeatAs for my personal Top 5 out of that stacked ensemble: 1. Sacha Baron Cohen 2. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II 3. Frank Lang… that CHICAGO 7 is now on Netflix's FYC page, but nothing on category placement yet. My guess is they'll hav… @TheMarckoguy Ah @TheMarckoguy That's a cool name @TheMarckoguy So adorable!!! What's the dog's name? @TheMarckoguy One of my favorite moments of the series tbhAlso, because the episode ends with Buffy and Angel dancing to "Wild Horses" by the Sundays, That song, for me at… Seale may not have been officially part of the Chicago 7, the fact that it didn't delve deeper into his outsi… it's because its ending was too hasty and I also thought Bobby Seale's storyline was mishandled.Split down the middle on TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO 7. Has typical razor-sharp Sorkinisms one can find in a Sorkin script… @trashmatsuit Hey, beautiful!
#NowWatching I felt drained today, I thought of the end of the Buffy episode "The Prom" to feel some happiness. I mean… this time of year, I'd probably be hopping on the train to NYC, drinking my Dunkin' Donuts coffee, as I head… @ShaneAvery @JRParham @TheManish89 @dancindanonfilm @FilmnSports21 @atomicwick @awards_watch @MovieNut14 @academy_queens In that field, I'd say definitely.My only goal is to create stories that put more Latinx people in settings we haven't been permitted in before. I wa…
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He can finally get his Oscar nomination for writing THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES. @mavericksmovies I think he should go Lead. @trashmatsuit I remember when I first saw it, I was too afraid to go to sleep for two nights afterwards. @trashmatsuit It's so good!!!My updated "31 Days of Halloween" marathon on @letterboxd. An attempt to at least watch 31 horror films this month…
@JorCru @SamWineman I look forward to listening!This is a lovely film. Be sure to check it out when it hits Prime. @ronaldotrancoso I went with "movie isn't good" but I'd go with "Not her best ever." While it doesn't hurt to win a… course, my wonderful roomies! @the_cinemabliss, @FionaUnderhill, and @CaseyLeeClark. Sorry, I'm sure I'll be… knew it would happen, but regardless of whether I cover or not, it'll be sad that Sundance won't be the same this… starryness of this cast is quite blinding.. @mavericksmovies Marty @LITMAJOR_music @NickT00783 Or Chloe Zhao. @NickT00783 It's so good!! @NickT00783 And Minari. Another film about a working class family living in America where the grandmother plays a key role. @NickT00783 @LITMAJOR_music Ooooohhh. I'd see this version.Quote this with your 4 Best Lead Actor performances of the decade... @JBraverman1 Right. I still haven't seen Pieces of a Woman but yeah. @j_geaney @Cinemaniac94 Seconded. This helps very much. Helps you remain centered and in control. @LITMAJOR_music For sure. Especially because Lead looks more competitive with McDormand, Davis, Kirby, Mulligan, Pf… @HannaFlint Wonderful piece! @carlosojano Look, I want them to win an Oscar as much as the next gay. Just..not like this lol @SamCoffey72 Agreed.Also, some terrific performances that have already been seen. Toni Collette, Mia Goth, Talia Ryder..Given how Supporting Actress is less stacked, it could be an easy victory for Glenn. Then again, with performances… @FritzandOscars Mona Lisa Vito meets Wladyslaw Szpilman. I have literally nothing to say. @unkeelman87 Same. I don't want them to win just because it's their "turn." @robmacfarlane16 Like an SNL sketch @itsdougjam @FilmMomatic they're* @filmactually I'm not excited, but who knows if it'll surprise me. @itsdougjam @FilmMomatic I mean.. -Based on a novel? Check -Prestige cast/director? Check -Actors going through dr… @ShaneAvery She's clearly fed up with her 7 lossesLooks like Oscar Bait: The Movie. film performance: LILTING Best TV performance: LONDON SPY Birthday, #BenWhishaw!!!!! Jolie. @ronaldotrancoso Yeah. I respect the film's fandom, but something about it just didn't click with me. @ShaneAvery On Prime: The Stepford Wives. The original 1975 one. (Also, the good one lol) Also, Peeping Tom. @reyzando Sorry, buddy. You can DM me if you need to talk to someone☹️ @__Nathan You're welcome!!!