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I need this Kid on MY team! More brains than most people I meet! Cold Fact: Learing how to cut off certain people from my life Honestly has been the best thing for my simple Pe…
This is progress! People are FINALLY cutting off their BS friends.. Bravo the homie @LewisHamilton Don’t sleep on the WORLD CHAMPION! Clown of the Day…. smh Music and entertainment is fun….. But sometimes I'm distracted by Life.A lil something to watch on Quarantine! A Blast from the past. 'TANK GIRL' entire life I have ALWAYS made it a point to PAYBACK every single Cent or Favor that anyone has ever loaned or d… message from Coco's aunt Sandra.. Her Father's sister.. Still recovering from her bout with Covid.. 'Appreciate L…’s finally doing better.. Still on Oxygen.. Fingers crossed. Says it’s the worst and scariest thing he’s ever bee……. USA has a lotta BS going down DAILY.. And its NOT gonna just stop by itself.. The GOOD people must Stand t… has Personally affected my family… So I take this shit Personal. Just sayin.Karma..
NOW dude puts on a Mask… After all his cult members are in the hospital… smh #CovidCoco and I on the way to @BabyChanelworld ’s 1st parent/teacher meeting….…….. I’m DONE for the day.. Game: Gamblers take risks….. A Hustler NEVER plays a game they can lose. #FACTDaily Game: Never EVER EVER EVER EVER gamble against Street Hustlers… EVER! I can break it down and tell you in de… of the Day… 'Everyone should sit halfway out the window with a selfie stick and a Gun...' friend you should follow @LazDetroit Actual emergency room Doctor! And MC. Pay Attention. want people that say people CAN’T change to check out my man @cclarkinspire7 Very similar story to mine.. ‘INSPI… of the Day…’s finally improving.. 2 weeks in ICU. He’s starting to breathe better on his own.. Needing less oxygen.. Still… the main thing you watch daily is IG.. You could be giving yourself Brain Damage.. That’s not Real life. It’s a Highlight reel.ICE Cold Fact; The Laws do not apply to the people/powers that make them…
Oh..... I’ve been meeting Karens my entire life.. smh my favorite Tweet from the recent past…. CLASSIC MATERIAL ‘Big D Daddy from Cincinnati’ of the Day… 'her face when he walked in HIS house…' smh Cold Fact: are None... Only this ONE.. Mine. 👊🏽
Just put on a Fn mask... for the Dumbfucks: Stuff: Rocking Gears 3 with tha man that made Griffin happen.. @therealcliffyb… I’m done. Lol of the Day…. ‘I talked to my attorney….’'s your favorite Ice T/ FinalLevel Tweet or Reply?
ICE Cold Fact: every Karen.. There’s an AHole man... lurking.He’s still in ICU, second week……. Not getting worst though.. So stabilized. We’ll take that for now.. Thanks! #Covid Racial issue is just like the Police issues.. Good Cops have to stand up to Bad cops… No-Racist have to addres… my last Tweet… Pow! think the reason we NEED to point out Racism to people is SOME people will Never personally experience it.. So in… motivation during these trying times... @BabyChanelworld is just 4 now.. Too young to truly know what’s going on… Karen of the day… “I know EVERYONE in this neighborhood..” Smh of the Day….. He say’s ‘All lives matter, then they laugh..’ smh
Thanks for all the Love and Support we’re getting during this rough family time.. @cocosworld and I TRULY appreciate you..When your girl says “There’s something out back, I need you..’ You act like she’s scary…… Then you see it……….. Cohen went down I was DONE… When your LAWYER goes to Prison!!!! Thats some other level Crime shit…. LolF that… I got outta CRIME. problem with the Presidency is NOBODY with any level of Sanity would want that Fn Job…
Lol. Thanks but who’s Ice TEA??………. Before you hate. 8 in ICU.. His Oxygen levels are fluxuating from bad to decent. He has Pneumonia in both lungs.. No preexistin… still believe MOST people are good… That may be by a small margin though..RIP Nick.. 41 smh. #Covid the BS continues.. This country is divided as F.... smh you Missy....❤️
Clownass MFs....‘2020' Hopefully has opened the World's eyes.. To how GREAT people can be, standing together against injustice.. An…
Posting this for the Non-Believers... This is not a game friends... It's dead serious. 'Coco's dad realizing his so…’ll say this as simple and as straight as as I can… ‘The Virus is REAL and it will FUCK you up and possibly KILL y… is the Fn point of telling people YOU won’t wear a mask?? Are you tough? I don’t understand. Why promote it? S… I’m healthy and so is Coco and Chanel.. Coco’s father is the worst.. But his 2 sisters and 20yr old son… 6 in ICU… Still fighting to stay off that ventilator… smh Thanks.
For everyone asking on updates.. Coco’s father on his 3rd day in ICU.. Trying his best to avoid going on the ventil… her.... She popped on my page talking shit.. I’m dealing with alotta family drama right now.. Not it the mood for… did I threaten to hit anyone Clownass?? your biggest moment in your LIFE is getting dragged by someone who doesn’t even know you?? You are nothing @NicoleArbourYou’re really desperate and pathetic... fact @NicoleArbour follows me just to talk shit proves she is a Nobody... Never was.. Never will be..Is this stupid bitch talking again? We’ll bump into each other sooner or later.. idiot....
Coco speaks on her fathers condition… Coco’s father is still in ICU after 3 days... Thanks for all your good wishes and prayers...🙏👊🏽 #COVID
‘Your biggest Mistake, is thinking it’s Fake.....’ #Covid
Coco’s father checked into the Hospital yesterday. Covid in AZ
We are right now going through a 2nd Civil Rights movement.. My father marched in the 60s for change.. Good Cops ha…[Regarding previous Tweet] White people love to tell black people that we’re ALLOWED to make money by them…. SmhRacists of the day goes to YOU.. Clownass..!! We have todays DUMBFUCK of the Day Winner!! 🏆🥇 much…. to @Revolvermag 👊🏽
Q: What's a SAFE distance to talk shit to someone who would F you up? A: The InternetThanks homie.. Don’t worry bout me, Worry about earthquakes.. Still benching 300 on a bad day.. lol… And can Beat the Dogshit outta your Bitchass today. you are Dumbfuck of the Day! 🏆🥇 Congratulations Clownass. somebody coughed on me or my family on purpose??! They don’t have to worry about the Virus... The’ll be waking u… better change his name to LuckyMF! is the game of Lies, Deception, Favors and Death.. Always has and always will be.. ‘I got outta Crime.’Democrat / Republican.. I said it before….’Both Wings are on the same Bird’Thanks but I’m not a Democrat or Republican… I’m myself.. That’s it. this point, wearing a Mask in public is more of an IQ test.. @Focus3Dots Awwww man! I was just talking to Dre… So Fd up.. My sincere condolences..Do your dogs think they are human…? King Maximus and Princes Alexus sit at the table when Coco fixes there food..… and Romance is still alive! When I STOP talking about human rights issues because I’m afraid of losing money…. THAT’S the textbook definition of a 'Sell Out'Once again… A White man telling me I should shut up because I have a Job… They are obsessed with my finances… Eat… watch this…. And tell me how I should feel.. smh to our treatment.. Black people don’t have time or energy to hate whites.. Or the power to enforce racism.