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Hero Of Troy. 💯🔥 @finalmouse
Retweeted by FinalmouseGodlike mouse has arrived @finalmouse
Retweeted by Finalmouse @finalmouse 💯🔥
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@finalmouse Fight Night music n stuff
Retweeted by FinalmouseNew Freethinker here. @finalmouse
Retweeted by Finalmouse @CurreeSZN Beautifulred is better @finalmouse
Retweeted by Finalmouse @finalmouse God of War #46 and King of The Dead #266 Now this is Artwork in its True Form
Retweeted by FinalmouseEVERYONE WILL GET ONEEveryone is going to experience a Starlight-12. It is my purpose.God combo
Retweeted by FinalmouseLook what has arrived 😍 @finalmouse (374/2500)
Retweeted by Finalmouse1151 has arrived from the heavens, this mouse is actually crazy... @finalmouse
Retweeted by FinalmouseKING OF THE DEAD. @finalmouse
Retweeted by Finalmouse @finalmouse LION ENERGY
Retweeted by Finalmouse @CarlosNoPants SheeeeshKing of The Gods. 0476 / 2500 @finalmouse
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@nixfps_ @vulpocalypse @badseedtech Yea patents. Legal patents we own. On honeycomb construction in shells of a mou… @nomsfud @absent_1312 @nixfps_ @vulpocalypse @badseedtech If I had the time to respond to every random person on th…🤤🤤 Still can’t get over how gorgeous this @finalmouse #Starlight12 is
Retweeted by Finalmouse @nixfps_ @vulpocalypse @badseedtech You mean every release where we change the game and have unprecedented demand?… @badseedtech @Maloc_KBMaddict @vulpocalypse 👍 will get the promised review units to you as soon as possible. @vulpocalypse @badseedtech Also need to realize our twitter dms are pages long. Additionally, you can’t snap your f… @vulpocalypse @badseedtech We already told badseed months ago we would send him review units. But we still haven’t…完璧 - @finalmouse x ikki68 x @Bone42069
Retweeted by Finalmouse @finalmouse 0929 reporting for duty….. ❌🧢 thanks for making this machine of a mouse😎😎😎
Retweeted by Finalmouse @finalmouse this is so sexy 🔥 0709/2500
Retweeted by FinalmouseThe gremlins can't compete @finalmouse @LogitechG @Razer
Retweeted by FinalmouseJust when you thought @finalmouse was done they continue to change the game. 969/2500
Retweeted by Finalmouse @finalmouse found the new GOAT 😤
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Announcing the date and dropping the trailer. No actual drop on July 7th. But I can say that the drop will be in 2021Next drop announcement & trailer coming the night of July 7th.Number 98 is here! The king of the dead has officially arrived at the garden of the gods! Super light and is insane…
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Retweeted by FinalmouseI’m putting the best & most creative Starlight pictures on our Insta. In a few weeks will decide on a winner from t… by God's, harnessing raw power from a dying star. The legendary God of War in its purest form of art deserve…
Retweeted by FinalmouseJust Better @finalmouse
Retweeted by FinalmouseBeen Using This Beauty (Starlight-12) For A Few Days Now...NO COMPETITION 61/2500 @finalmouse
Retweeted by Finalmouse @finalmouse Born from the Stars, Forged by the Gods. I will become Legendary.
Retweeted by FinalmouseI’m not a photographer but I sure as hell am a godlike gamer 😈 @finalmouse #GodOfWar #Starlight12 #finalmouse
Retweeted by Finalmouse @finalmouse finally came in and I love it
Retweeted by FinalmouseForged from a dying star, hand crafted from freethinkers, used by the best. @finalmouse Shoutout to @jewlslove98
Retweeted by Finalmouse @finalmouse just got the mouse of the gods courtesy of area and @finalmouse Seeing really is believing. Insane how…
Retweeted by FinalmouseThey did it again. God DAMN. @finalmouse
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@finalmouse simply the best
Retweeted by FinalmouseI told you we made the greatest mouse of all time. And I’m telling you now everyone is going to get a starlight-12.This is legendary @finalmouse
Retweeted by FinalmouseShout @finalmouse for this beautiful piece of hardware. After 2 days of usage I can easily say its the best mouse o…
Retweeted by Finalmouse @finalmouse
Retweeted by FinalmouseShe’s here! @finalmouse
Retweeted by FinalmouseNo words needed. @finalmouse
Retweeted by FinalmouseAbsolute beauty @finalmouse
Retweeted by Finalmouse0869/2500 The best mouse in the world Thanks @finalmouse
Retweeted by FinalmouseThe mouse feels incredible, freethinking like never before. Ares, God of War. 0010/2500 Thank you!!!…
Retweeted by FinalmouseGod of War ⚔️🔥 1150 / 2500 @finalmouse
Retweeted by Finalmouse @finalmouse Starlight-12 Achilles. 42 grams & wireless is an absolute game changer 😈 Loving this mouse so far
Retweeted by Finalmouse @finalmouse It looks and feels even better in hand than it does online… (0654/2500)
Retweeted by FinalmouseSo hyped to finally have a top tier small wireless mouse! Already in love! 😍 Amazing work @finalmouse !!!
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Hail Hades! 🔥90/2500 @finalmouse
Retweeted by Finalmouse @marky_mx Sheeeeesh @finalmouse 😬
Retweeted by Finalmouse👀@finalmouse 0815/2500 0831/2500
Retweeted by Finalmouse @finalmouse 461 reporting in. See ya’ll in @PlayVALORANT. enjoy the bottom of the scoreboard 😈
Retweeted by Finalmouse @swayy_ty Beauty @finalmouse some pics I took today :D
Retweeted by Finalmouse @finalmouse When your mind is finally at ease and you can sleep comfortably knowing your mouse didn't get lost duri…
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Ohhhh shit it’s here. Pulling the Starlight-12 out of the box was truly an unbelievable experience 0155/2500…
Retweeted by FinalmouseKing of the dead number 5 @finalmouse
Retweeted by Finalmouse @NeonShouta @mem_ry @DesktopOne And good wireless technology. Something not many people have @NeonShouta @mem_ry @DesktopOne The fact is that modern sensors are all mainly competing for power consumption now.… @NeonShouta @mem_ry @DesktopOne He also seems to think he can feel .75ms as a human being. That’s less than a milli… @NeonShouta @mem_ry @DesktopOne Don’t even argue with this clown 🤡. Clearly lost. Because first off the sensor in t… are already working on the production of future starlight-12 magnesium colorways. This is just the beginning.Can’t wait for everyone to have a Starlight. Everyone will get one. @Isekaims 100 years and there won’t be anything better0478 @finalmouse Starlight 12 Achilles Small. My main mouse for the rest of my lifetime. 100 years of starlight!
Retweeted by Finalmouse @finalmouse, the hero arrives.
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All the best aimers in the world will be at FinalCon 2021. See how you matchup. More info coming soon.FinalCon Holidays 2021. Arrange your travel now.Elephants, belly dancers , fire jugglers, acrobats. All your favorite pros and gamers. And of course Starlights… are going to have the biggest popup shop of all time this holiday. Every freethinker prepare your travel now.… OVER NOW. IM JUST GETTING STARTED. I have poems to recite. Lion poems. Every single gremlin that try’s to fo… can taste every gremlin. When I put my LION SWORD through every single gremlin. I can feel them coping. It give… told you. There’s more starlights coming. I told you we are the greatest of all time. I told you I was goin… at all these gremlins. They don’t even want to be reminded of our name. But I told you we make best products… with a starlight I need you to take it out into nature. I told you Finalmouse is forever. Art and innova… are going to make more. We are going to move mountains of magnesium. And everyone is going to experience art.DIDN’T I TELL YOU ? I TOLD YOU I’m freethinking on a different level. I told you this is the greatest piece of… told you. I told you we are on a different level. I told you we changed the game. Ask someone that has a St… told you we made the greatest mouse of all time. I told you we are decades ahead. Anyone not using a Starligh… has arrived so light and elegant 😍 @finalmouse #151
Retweeted by FinalmouseIt has arrived :] 0141/2500 @finalmouse
Retweeted by Finalmouse @finalmouse unbelievable how light this really is
Retweeted by FinalmouseThank you @finalmouse for the god tier number #1000
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they did a very nice job @finalmouse
Retweeted by Finalmouse @finalmouse
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king of the dead @finalmouse
Retweeted by FinalmouseOut with the old, i’m with the new ⚡️ @finalmouse
Retweeted by Finalmouse @foxx_gfx Sheeeesh @BrandonRoukey @foxx_gfx Sheeeeeeeesh