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'People are by nature friendly beings. In Davos you don’t meet evil crazies,' says author and historian Rutger Breg…’s ruling coalition debates bid for Borsa Italiana now the right time to move to the country?‘The Last Dance’ and lessons in leadership to reinvent the restaurant news, virtue signalling and race-baiting. Simon Kuper looks at why social media has become so insult-rich latest: US deaths top 1,000 for 3rd day as NY rate eases declaration to terminate WHO relationship puzzles experts
‘Average places will not cut it anymore. Expectations will be raised.’ Hear what industry experts say about what th… critics pick the best of what's available this week, including a cosmic comedy and a detective noir drama'There’s something unbeatable about a good recipe,' says APC co-founder Jean Touitou. 'A trench coat is one of thos… Dylan, son of Bob, talks about his star-studded music documentary Echo in the Canyon‘My lovely neighbour has just made two spitfires out of merino wool. We can do this. #knitforBritain’ Robert Shrims… is more than just a situationist prankster in the spirit of 1968. His new book, 'Humankind', displays his g…‘A broken piece of jade’: the turbulent future of Hong Kong weigh long-term cost of Cummings controversy, banks and cafés are grappling with a very British problem: whether shoppers can be relied on to queue pa… our latest Coronavirus Business Update newsletter: ✔️ US household spending suffered its biggest-ever monthly fa… published: front page of the Financial Times UK edition Saturday May 30 published: front page of the Financial Times international edition Saturday May 30 Rishi Sunak promised a 'new collective national effort' to revive Britain's economy after laying out pla…, Mr Trump is withdrawing the US from the World Health Organization and will redirect funding to 'deser… in: Donald Trump says the US will revoke special trade privileges for Hong Kong and sanction officials from th… Trump's battle with Twitter escalated after the social media network hid one of his tweets behind a label ex… UK has now extended visa rights from 350,000 to almost 3 million Hong Kong residents, setting itself on a colli…, the open source software sharing platform used by 40m developers around the world, may well provide more pr… news: Derek Chauvin, who was fired by the Minneapolis police department this week, was taken into custody…‘We’re going to struggle to find staff who want to work and customers who want to visit.’ Tim Hayward on the surviv… scientists questioning the use of hydroxychloroquine are being threatened by alleged followers of Jair Bo…'s how global markets finished up this week: - A heated exchange between Donald Trump and China boiled over int… At least 1m people in Britain are estimated to have lost their jobs since March. Dominic Cummings is not o… and Denmark have snubbed Sweden by opening their borders to each other but not to their Scandinavian neighbo… now the right time to move to the countryside (a thread)
Retweeted by Financial TimesBrazil's GDP dropped 1.5% in the first quarter of the year, paving the way for a recession in Latin America's large…'Please, please, please, I can’t breathe.' As the US wraps its mind around another black man killed by a white poli… to write this week’s Long Story Short, an @FT newsletter put together by a different female journalist ea…
Retweeted by Financial TimesNew podcast! On @FTCultureCall this wk, Lilah talks to New Yorker cartoonist & Instagram star @LianaFinck about how… coronavirus lockdown has focused minds on how wealth will be passed to the next generation. FT Money looks at t… The case for a libertarian lockdown, one that relies on voluntary action and social pressure, is strong. B…'Across the world, the economic fallout from the coronavirus crisis is disproportionately hitting young people.' Co… has transformed the dining experience. Some of Britain's best chefs including Angela Hartnett and Tom Kitc…'Even usually optimistic industry voices are beginning to admit that perhaps three-quarters of current restaurant b… returns to Australia, with officials planning to live-stream matches from Darwin to celebrate the return of… asset managers cut fees in an attempt to stave off negative returns'Even usually optimistic industry voices are beginning to admit that perhaps three-quarters of current restaurant b… whether to move to the countryside? Join property adviser Mark Parkinson and FT columnist and country-dwe…'The 62-storey tower with 1.4m sq ft of space is still scheduled to open later this year.' Will London's newest sky… announces €2bn savings plan involving the axing of 14,600 jobs, following a dramatic fall in demand announces €2bn savings plan involving the axing of 14,600 jobs, following a dramatic fall in demand whether to move to the countryside? Join property adviser Mark Parkinson and FT columnist and country-dwe… tensions continue to rise as Beijing threatens countermeasures London, while you were sleeping, our most read article was our free to read story on the UK's coronavirus dea… spoke briefly to Zhang Zhan last month when I was in Wuhan. 'Citizen journalists' (ie ordinary people who feel th…
Retweeted by Financial TimesCrises often expose faultlines that we know exist but prefer to ignore. FT innovation editor John Thornhill says we… accused of competition abuse over tracking apps //
Retweeted by Financial TimesThe number of UK businesses reporting gender pay gaps has halved during the past year, sparking warnings that the p… Why has Boris Johnson stood by Dominic Cummings at the expense of his own popularity? Sarah Sands, editor… UK economy is showing tentative signs of improvement, an FT analysis finds, with job vacancies starting to reop… Mr Biden need do is not interrupt the president while he is defeating himself, writes ⁦@EdwardGLuce⁩ via @FT
Retweeted by Financial TimesFT science writer Anjana Ahuja explains the science behind governments’ strategies to ease lockdown restrictions wh… chances of any serious change to how social media platforms operate are low, while the anger it has stirred up… readers asked Demetri Sevastopulo, Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson and Laura Noonan about the US government and busine… FT View: Twitter has long been overcautious. The US president has spread misinformation on the social media sit…’s coronavirus death toll has now exceeded China's, with 4,711 people now confirmed to have died, compared to… US has charged 33 North Korean and Chinese with running an alleged $2.5bn money laundering operation designed t… stocks fell on Friday in anticipation of retaliation from Washington, as Donald Trump prepared to address Be… 315,000 people hold valid BNO passports, a document issued to Hong Kong residents born before the handover to… her last report posted to YouTube on May 13, citizen journalist Zhang Zhan described how ‘human rights had suffe… Exclusive: The World Health Organization has launched an internal review into the role of James Chau, a news anc…’s domestic air travel has rebounded to 50% of the level it was a year ago, Turkey announced a lifting of many… reviews China-based news anchor’s global ambassador role Reserve adds just $1bn of new corporate debt to balance sheet Australia welcomes back the game after Covid-19 stopped play rounds up Wuhan’s citizen journalists for ‘provoking quarrels’ latest: US outbreak data suggest new hotspots emerging, Hong Kong. While you were sleeping, our analysis of the UK’s coronavirus excess death rate was our most read…
Pay dispute threatens start of US baseball season store owners may bar entry to those not wearing face masks, governor Andrew Cuomo has announced. 'The masks wo… appears that science — the lodestar for Boris Johnson’s response to the virus crisis so far — is heading in a di… president Donald Trump has ordered a wide-ranging review of the law that underpins how social media companies op… oil imports surged last week, with almost half of the extra crude arriving from Saudi Arabia published: front page of the Financial Times UK edition Friday May 29 published: front page of the Financial Times international edition Friday May 29 this be the ultimate socially distanced summer holiday? Johnson confirmed plans for a phased reopening of the retail industry and schools in England, which will allo… Johnson confirmed plans for a phased reopening of the retail industry and schools in England, which will allo… Johnson dramatically tried to shut down a debate on the behaviour of his aide Dominic Cummings, saying that i… into our @FT live Q&A on how the US government and business leaders are tackling the #Coronavirus crisis. Jo…
Retweeted by Financial TimesJared Diamond: If the pandemic does at last prepare us to deal with the existential threats the world faces – such… UK government has opened a path to citizenship for more than 300,000 Hong Kong residents in a bold riposte to C… Premier League is set to restart its season next month, as it seeks to prevent more than £500m in losses at Eng… will relax travel restrictions inside the country and allow schools, cafés and restaurants to reopen beginni… Lockdowns have prompted the US to relax some rules governing addiction treatments. Addicts can now be… relationship with influencers has changed: how coronavirus sparked a backlash against those who promote themsel… Until this morning, the UK had a higher rate of death than in any country for which high-quality data…
Retweeted by Financial TimesFree to Read: New data show Spain has overtaken the UK for the highest death rate from coronavirus questions about how the US government and businesses will respond to Covid-19? Ask our journalists Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey are fighting over how to deal with Donald Trump's posts on social media. The founde… campaigners worry the coronavirus crisis is about to make age discrimination far worse? 'Hugely,' says Ros Altma… the current pandemic represent the beginning, not of a dismal era of chronic worldwide danger, but of a brigh…