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hyacinth macaw・freelance artist・bird enthusiast 💸commissions: closed, dm for waitlist 🗣:🇬🇧/🇯🇵/🇬🇷 💞partner: @p0tachi 🦜 icon by @p0tachi

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Recent batch of spooky portraits!🎃
Retweeted by finβeard👺COMMISSIONS CLOSEDanother sketchpage commission, a cool peacock named Marcel! very proud of how this one turned out!
Retweeted by finβeard👺COMMISSIONS CLOSED28th Anniversary
Retweeted by finβeard👺COMMISSIONS CLOSED @hafgan6561 @OmuMacaw thanks!🦚🦚🦚
@BridgeOfFaust these are beautiful! share more of your traditional sketches!miga pode fechar a porta pfv ja ja eu chego lá
Retweeted by finβeard👺COMMISSIONS CLOSED🎃$45 USD SPOOKY PORTRAIT SALE!🎃 👽LAST SLOTS OF THE YEAR!! 👽 🎃Will be completed before Halloween! 👻All species welc…
Retweeted by finβeard👺COMMISSIONS CLOSED @putukspitsvenom really cool character, right? everyone who commissioned me for these has the wildest characters!another sketchpage commission, a cool peacock named Marcel! very proud of how this one turned out! @OmuMacaw i don't know where you found this stock image but it's a beaut🦖✨new sketchpage commission! fun to get to draw a feathered dinosaur! #scaly #anthro
Retweeted by finβeard👺COMMISSIONS CLOSEDnew sketchpage commission! fun to get to draw a feathered dinosaur! #scaly #anthro
some Large Bird studies i did on procreate 🦜✨
Retweeted by finβeard👺COMMISSIONS CLOSED @zytomega sonic is the only creature that can move quickly enough to escape the 4th wall’s gravitational pull @zytomega this is a thing i never thought about even once before today & will never not be able to think about going forward
@Brysondawson1 thanks! @Salted_Menma thanks so much!🦜✨🙏i referenced photos by talented Japanese photographers @talisman_028 @Louise_yome and @miterudakeyo !some Large Bird studies i did on procreate 🦜✨ @fefquest bird/d&d artist here. dm me! @cubosh intensely cool & weird! i have only seen this kind of technique applied successfully before now to landscape stuff!
yo when did i hit 700!? thanks so much y'all! @talisman_028 おかえり! @Bleychimera thanks!thanks for all the love on this one y’all! i’m floored to get these kinda numbers on some sketches, dang! 🦜💖✨ @zytomega aka you have enough confidence to work smart not hard 💪wanted to draw herb
Retweeted by finβeard👺COMMISSIONS CLOSED @federkeks 🦜🖌✨ @zytomega man, stella, i love your “big confident moves only” shading style 🙏🦜🦉✨ @FidoBloo @FilthyFurball12 thanks very much! @federkeks i’ve been doing bird studies specifically for that!! thanks!
@ArtAndMemesPlz thank you thank you! @tlactl thanks tlactl! post more of your cool space art! @talisman_028 その梅干すげーうまそう! @directorflik thanks!two more sketchpage commissions! liberty commission. Anne!
Retweeted by finβeard👺COMMISSIONS CLOSEDThe Electric Slider hope im not too late to the party #acnh
Retweeted by finβeard👺COMMISSIONS CLOSED @zytomega @p0tachi yo this is still so hard @OmuMacaw really nice work Omu!New banner for my youtube channel, and a separate variation! 🦜🐉💜 Omu, Dew, and artwork ©OmuMacaw
Retweeted by finβeard👺COMMISSIONS CLOSED
@zytomega i saw the same thing recently & it bummed me out... i don’t like always having to be Mysterious Art Accou…
@zytomega gender neutral emperor @zytomega please king please make more...... 🙏🙏🙏Moon. #budgie #birdtober
Retweeted by finβeard👺COMMISSIONS CLOSED🦜🖌✨ @talisman_028 日常の「お仕事終わり」を見る時が来たw🦜📜✨two sketchpage commissions hot off the presses! seems to be a lot of owls around these days!
Retweeted by finβeard👺COMMISSIONS CLOSED
two sketchpage commissions hot off the presses! seems to be a lot of owls around these days! tf is @p0tachi 's stunning traditional art sitting here with zero engagements???? deck art time! All the 3s from the deck.
Retweeted by finβeard👺COMMISSIONS CLOSED @tlactl i really enjoy your space art! this is great!shouts out to twitter with the worst crops ever, when y'all gonna let us edit this shit????they say this mystic scroll holds a strange power... can you guess it, traveler?! these slots went insanely quick, thanks for the enthusiasm everyone! @talisman_028 わーそのフラミンゴさんかっこいいよ!目が賢く見える#画像を4枚晒したらrtがきてフォロワーがぶわーって増えると聞いて
Retweeted by finβeard👺COMMISSIONS CLOSED @zytomega Only 90s Gamers Remembershould also clarify that references are required! this is for existing characters!
expect an assortment of heads/busts, arms, halfbodies, etc. every one will be different and vary based on the chara…👺✨opening SKETCHPAGE COMMISSIONS!✨👺 💵$75 USD each 🦅artistic liberty 💸paypal invoice ⏰limited slots 💌DM me to claim… @WillowCreative_ insanely cool printer & print! @KevynStott beautiful work with lovely limited palette use!
@zytomega but then they'd have to see even a single poor person, even once, and that's unacceptable @zytomega how tf do you spend $3500/mo on food, do all 5 of your spoiled ass rich kids only eat solid gold @zytomega smart! @zytomega kinda feels like they just want to flood your notifications with a billion instances of themselves for attention @cubosh hard to miss when your notification feed is 70+ entries of the same person's avatar over and overSpooky portrait commission for @federkeks! Thank you! #macaw #avian
Retweeted by finβeard👺COMMISSIONS CLOSEDthis happens like once a week, like bruh, i guess you didn't like it that much??? like why not follow, the next shi… will never understand how someone can go through my entire gallery on a site, like absolutely *every* piece of ar… @talisman_028 すげー、CGIのよう見える!FUTABA 撮影:2020.7.22 #ハシビロコウ #ふたば #Shoebill #掛川花鳥園
Retweeted by finβeard👺COMMISSIONS CLOSEDi am speechless!!! okamen is amazing & so are their beautiful birds! @okamen75 okamen!!!! you’re amazing! this is amazing! i am honoured!!!!! とっても嬉しかったよ!どうもありがとう!!🦉🦉🦉 @VCR_WOLFE i’ve been to Forks irl and the one kinda amusing thing to come out of it is the first nation there now h… commission of SorenBirb's barn owl sona
Retweeted by finβeard👺COMMISSIONS CLOSED
@SorenBirb thanks so much! i had a lot of fun with this one, especially the eyepatch!portrait commission of SorenBirb's barn owl sona
Retweeted by finβeard👺COMMISSIONS CLOSEDキックするまでの一連の動作 羽を広げてバランスを取り、上から振り下ろすように対象を攻撃します。 #ヘビクイワシ #掛川花鳥園
Retweeted by finβeard👺COMMISSIONS CLOSEDreupload
Retweeted by finβeard👺COMMISSIONS CLOSEDnighttime bump 🙏
@zytomega at least someone’s willing to say itme and @p0tachi steppin out like #anthro #ケモノ @zytomega @gamutfeathers yooo this is great! you gotta post more of your flat sketches, they’re so cool!!! smooth l… sketches for crash bandicoot oc(?) inspired by @gamutfeathers's bandicoot spyro he's Shred Hyena
Retweeted by finβeard👺COMMISSIONS CLOSED @talisman_028 頑張ってね。昔に私はプロフェッショナル写真家でした。貴方の写真はもうプロみたいと思うよ。 @talisman_028 熟練日本人写真家様がフォローした嬉しかったよ
#9月を写真4枚で振り返る 今月は動物たちの生き生きとした表情をしっかりと捉えることができたと思う...!同じ界隈の友人達との東武オフも楽しかった!(*´▽`*)
Retweeted by finβeard👺COMMISSIONS CLOSED @talisman_028 ああどうも!あんたの写真の見て時から私の絵かくインスピレーションがアップになった!もっと共有してお願い!📸🙏 @talisman_028 本当に素晴らしいtalismanさんの鳥の写真と思うよ!オウムさんのシャープネスがすごい。grackle sketchpage #avian #anthro
Retweeted by finβeard👺COMMISSIONS CLOSED @cubosh finally a way around the remarkably terrible imac built in webcam