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i’m sorry what??? i thought everybody sees lines on lights?
Retweeted by valeria 🕸Watching everyone’s stories and how everyone is spending time with their parents is starting to get me depressed. I… @srtaintelectual He’s the cutest 🥰 @CCupo That smile is saying “ you know what to do” 🥰I have one that freaks out about fireworks, and the I have this one.... is the dumbest fucking timeline
Retweeted by valeria 🕸Distracting Storm with a bone, and calming treats from all of these fireworks of my favorite sister pictures lol. Happy birthday Malia Obama
Retweeted by valeria 🕸 @BlackFlagsLA I love her. Her eyes tell an entire storyWhen people ask me about aging gracefully with tattoos, I think of her 💛 #goals @HappiestofJoes Thanks I’m doing goodI don’t why I watching Real Housewives of OC right now Musk is getting spammed with twitter replies of him and Ghislaine Maxwell and it seems to have altered his vie…
Retweeted by valeria 🕸 @_Zeets How I see them...
When I was 16 I fell in love with a guy and for about 10 years I swore we’d eventually end up married. I saw him to…
Retweeted by valeria 🕸 @Commander_00 @LAFC3252 @LAFC @district9ultras Here you go Ricardo, read.
Retweeted by valeria 🕸We literally went into battle against TA for using Rising Sun flag, and now we have a SG leader using it to "empowe…, we are now promoting a fascist flag's night and day on how two directors decided to be held accountable...To clarify, we have not been in communication with The 3252 or any of it’s SGs. While we appreciate the sentiments…
Retweeted by valeria 🕸An good apology should: acknowledge why you were hurt take ownership of their actions accept the blame instead of… wearing a mask for 3 seconds:
Retweeted by valeria 🕸 @NotAlexis Hahahaha that’s true. Watching the Man U game to this is like night and day in action lol @NotAlexis It’s dragging does this #WOLARS match feel like it’s been on for 3 hours?!
Retweeted by valeria 🕸😑😑😑 #WOLARSI knew rich Americans were gonna try it, I’m just surprised it didn’t actually work. Other countries really sick of…
Retweeted by valeria 🕸👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 are being posted in Tucson, AZ. This was found around Euclid & 4th. Please be careful and stay alert. Also…
Retweeted by valeria 🕸An apology should be for the person you victimized....Link in bio.
Retweeted by valeria 🕸
Retweeted by valeria 🕸This banner suddenly feels extremely relevant again
Retweeted by valeria 🕸y’all must not be readin this, two trans people were beat by FIIIIVE women last night in VEGAS. rt rt rt
Retweeted by valeria 🕸This tweet is TIMELESS
Retweeted by valeria 🕸All of these tweets from folks being angry Manchester United is fun to watch again is my sustenance right now. #MUFC
Retweeted by valeria 🕸 @srtaintelectual Hell to the F Yea we areEvery since we started these zoom chats, Man U has been on 🔥🔥🔥🗣 UNITED! UNITED! UNITED!
Retweeted by valeria 🕸Females be driving 90mph, blasting music, throwing up gang signs, just to go to Target 😭
Retweeted by valeria 🕸A Red Devil Morning 👹 @dreyesceron @callme_STEP @srtaintelectual seeing soccer teams that were too poor to pay their workers all of a sudden find a lot of money to spend on transfers
Retweeted by valeria 🕸Today is a lovely day to remind you that #America is a continent, of which the #US is just a part. To say “America”…
Retweeted by valeria 🕸 @OhPitah We got this 💛I think it’s so incredibly sad that we, as native peoples, have to literally face tear gas and rubber bullets to pr…
Retweeted by valeria 🕸 @The_LA_Wanderer Omg Hahahaha yes!! Also #5 @The_LA_Wanderer Hahahaha omg this made me laugh, thank youThe Six Grandfathers. Before taken and turned into Mt. Rushmore
Retweeted by valeria 🕸A bunch of white Trump supporters chanting "Go back to where you came from" to Native American protesters in front…
Retweeted by valeria 🕸You know I lived through high school girl drama and bullying, but man nothing compares to grown men bullying @ThatDamnYank Thank you so much, appreciate it💛Another burner account created. I’m exhaustedIn Mexico, it’s more “disrespectful” to be a seleccionado and drinking on an off day, than be accused of intento de feminicidio.
Retweeted by valeria 🕸
Racist and likes to harass womxn? What more can you ask for here
Retweeted by valeria 🕸He accused me of being a rat, and guess what?!? I am rat when it comes to racism. Guess he doesn’t like those who… for the surprise 😊 @ohhhthelights Thank you so much. Most think of it as a death sentence. I know cried my eyes out on the first day.… does this even mean
Retweeted by valeria 🕸 @ariellec She’s feeling great, so I thinks she’s over the worst part of it. My dad is just worried because of every… got off the phone with my mom, and she told me that my dad is depressed about her testing positive. I just hat…😭😭😭 drank 3 beers and need a pedalyte, so glad I choose against drinking tequila @sujeeeen You’re the best 💛Read that first sentence again.
Retweeted by valeria 🕸 @srtaintelectual 1000000x I didn’t know it derived from rape cultureUpdate: the husband lost his job at Oakland University. Him and his wife have been charged with one count of feloni…
Retweeted by valeria 🕸Rat > being complicitcall that a curbside delivery
Retweeted by valeria 🕸This is seriously falling apart in a much more chatoic fashion than I imagined.
Retweeted by valeria 🕸Wait wut Are they not getting the same news?
Retweeted by valeria 🕸 @jherrera5 You hit it right on the spot. I didn't cry until after I got off the phone with my mom. Thank you so much for your well wishes.I am very thankful that I never heard my parents tell me 'calladita te ves mas bonita". My parents had me in their… hate you fireworks @ElBorregoal They really are! @darwinc27867200 Thank you so much appreciate it 💛 @thetcog Thank you so much 💛From one of fav breweries to drink and sell ...🚨LATEST FROM THE BUBBLE🚨 #MLSisBack
Retweeted by valeria 🕸The time is now, change the name! @newt_ripley I will for sure🙏🏾 @newt_ripley Thank you so much 🙏🏾 @srtaintelectual It’s a limited run, but hopefully if you ever come to LA, I can take you to the brewery. It’s one of my favorites @DiamondFischer Thank you so much 💛 @agonzalezjr_ It’s very delicious!!! It’s the perfect amount of hazynessRarely drink alone, but when I do, I support local breweries 💕 remember to check the bottom of the can. I left y’all a message, @johngreen would be proud
Retweeted by valeria 🕸um, I'm a vet. and the flag 🇺🇸 is just a symbol, and right now that symbol represents white supremacy. i don't stan…
Retweeted by valeria 🕸 @deeber225 Thank you so much 💛 @Greg_Bleier Thank you, it’s brought me to my knees to be thankful am for what I have. @Drew_NearPost Thank you so much 💛 @kedesco It’s definitely the white one! lol @eddiefuentes_ Hahaha this really made me laughIf Vela should play the tournament...
Retweeted by valeria 🕸Wonder what they’re arguing about today .... @HopHeadJim Thank you! Hope this is over soon🙏🏾 @EduardoFortane4 Gracias💛 @The_LA_Wanderer Thank you. They’re my world💛 @aliavee_ It definitely isn’t. Cried my eyes out afterwards @JossetDiaz We’ve have these discussions before, but this one hit harder because of COVID. Talking about dying should be normalized