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How can you not vote for this man😍 is Daisy and Luna. Daisy doesn’t like car rides so Luna comforts her until they both fall asleep. H*ckin heart…
Retweeted by tamalería 🌽An interception, cool 😐The chills 🇲🇽 are perfect
Retweeted by tamalería 🌽 @TheColorfulKit @TCKFC @IcarusFCphl I want one!!! @CCupo My youngest husky (the white one) was never actually trained on a leash when he was puppy due to the fact th… yea the chargers are playing @CCupo Thank you so much. I was thinking about getting something to weigh them down but that works perfect! @El_Rey_Pobre They better or they’re getting kicked to the streets lol jk my boy is super protective over me @ariellec I was afraid the entire time that he would follow me or pop up somewhere else. I started to run in the mi… @El_Rey_Pobre They look like they will kill but they’re super friendly so idk lol I would hope they would defend meSide note: I’m glad I ran with both huskies due to a creep just standing there in the dark. I’ve seen him before wh… @El_Rey_Pobre Thank you, some creep was in a corner but luckily I had my dogs to scare him offI almost tripped twice, took at least .30 until my dogs started to run at my pace and not pull me. But heyyy we did… am going to try to run with both huskies tonight, so wish me luck, because I’m pretty sure they’re going to drag me to the ground lmao
My favorite episode so far... @elllie_kay Awww yay congrats 🥰 @The_LA_Wanderer Omg I didn’t even notice that lmaoWent to see @LAFC and @LAGalaxy season-ticket holder @meggwallace (she's not the only dual season-ticket holder btw…
Retweeted by tamalería 🌽MAGA “rappers”, on crack?
Retweeted by tamalería 🌽Disgusting. If you’re seeking prostitution from a minor, you’re a pedophile. There’s no debate. @pressures_on 100000% @lilpuzihurt Esta pendejo el güey“We’re both beaners, and you’re wearing a Trump shirt” 🤣 moves into Scorpio today: bring the messy stuff to surface so you can release it. You’ve got to feel it to h…
Retweeted by tamalería 🌽 @pitacardenasx What did she say?!? The nerve lolI love seeing how creative people are on their bullet planners, but I am absolutely not creative, and just plain lazy to do all of that. @dxisyleonor That’s horrible! Hopefully the culture changes, and you’ll be able to go soon than later. I was readin… @CheeseburgerEUR Happy Birthday!!!Patriarchy: If they were raped, why don’t they report it? If it happened to them, why would they let it happen to a…
Retweeted by tamalería 🌽Still paying my summer PG&E bill off, it’s was at a grand, and paid off half of it today 😭 @dxisyleonor That’s freaking awful😡 @BlackFlagsLA @Super_ye_ True, hoping they get scared enough to not to do that.we live in a society
Retweeted by tamalería 🌽 @BlackFlagsLA @Super_ye_ Issa a joke to get gentrifiers scared lol*MacArthur Park & they open at 10pm
Retweeted by tamalería 🌽 @pressures_on That mamba mentality is in the air 🐍#NoEraPenal en trending @LigaMXShitpost
Retweeted by tamalería 🌽 #WatchmenHBO you just validated my suspicions on the senator..... “But you were staying at the house of a convicted sex offender” Prince Andrew: [Long sigh] “It was a…
Retweeted by tamalería 🌽¡CLARITO!!!!!
Retweeted by tamalería 🌽Watching Los Tigres del Norte Folsom to cheer up my dad and I 🇲🇽Imaging screwing kids out of a championship. They deserved better than that.
Retweeted by tamalería 🌽
Once again #ElTri Mood: lo puedo creer. En unos minutos el sueño se apago. Una lástima que una gran historia terminara así. Aún así... ¡Viva México! 🇲🇽
Retweeted by tamalería 🌽I’m so pissed off that I want to cry, trash ass PK call. Fuck you @FIFAcomFucken rigged ass FIFA at it againJajajajajajaja SHAME ON YOU @fifacom_es
Retweeted by tamalería 🌽I seriously cannot believe that was called 😡NO ES PENAL!!!! are you not going to show the trophy presentation after the game and request people to change the channel?!?! #U17WCGoooooool de México @MaxBretosSports I hope one day to see the senior national team to make it to a final one day 🇲🇽🙏🏾I want to see curly haired Vela again really hoping that would go in for Efrain 😫 #U17WC #ElTri @TheColorfulKit It’s starting to get dangerous 😐Vamos México when i talk me when negative about my friends talk myself…
Retweeted by tamalería 🌽 @rennrants 😍😍😍Little Valeria, Big Valeria love to see it 👏🏽 in Chile brought down this statue Spanish conquistador Pedro Valdivia, the first governor of Chile. He…
Retweeted by tamalería 🌽Mexico beating the US to earn a spot in the Olympics? This is extremely my brand.
Retweeted by tamalería 🌽One the Expos showing love to our players in Japan. So damn amazing for Segura and Atuesta to show love back 🇨🇴🇯🇵🌅 son wanted to show me his abc’s so it was only right that I rocked out with him.
Retweeted by tamalería 🌽Atuesta and Segura will have some extra support at their match against Japan today. Expos worldwide 💪🌅
Retweeted by tamalería 🌽When you’re a racist the racism doesn’t seem that bad to you because you’re a racist.
Retweeted by tamalería 🌽👻 @GeorgeLA96 Duuude same! Lol @official_JR4 @UniverseLafc @LAFC I am staying out of this one lmao @culvercity_al Seriously the best! @UniverseLafc @LAFC It’s for season ticket holders...Super excited to try on these pjs that I just bought tonight 👵🏽Update: Just got to the part where Chief Powhatan says “these white men are dangerous!” This is the most accurate…
Retweeted by tamalería 🌽 @Nichollsodeon Sounds about whyte
I wanted to take a nap,so I was like let me put some Housewives of ATL to fall asleep to. Ha what was i thinking, in fully awake now lol @elllie_kay She’s like nah those are white guys lolThanks @lafc 👻 THIS LIKE A MF FIRE Adhara Perez scored a higher IQ than Einstein and Hawking ! She is 8 years old and h…
Retweeted by tamalería 🌽lol you played dumb so you could call josh hader "a good guy with a kind heart" after his racist homophobic misogyn…
Retweeted by tamalería 🌽yea sex is cool but have you ever cleaned your room after a month of being depressed
Retweeted by tamalería 🌽 @msstephanie The best! @mrgianfutbolusa It’s by Hombres G- devuélvemela a mi chica @muertomarte Same here!!!Dog Park closeups what I’m finally using lol gets tear-gas direct in the face by #Bolivia police, reports right through it.
Retweeted by tamalería 🌽Yvette was protesting the golden state skinheads, an infamous neo Nazi formation in California with a long history…
Retweeted by tamalería 🌽 @myeemye You gotta stay vigilant at all times while driving with american plates. My parents are about to leave to…’m turning into my mom. Waking up at 7 am to start cleaning while listening to Vicente Fernandez, and you know wha… @JossetDiaz The corruption is freaking real 🤦🏽‍♀️ what a mess!My biggest recommendation is not to drive down to Mexico. My parents almost lost their lives, but thankfully only w… to my twitter I’m single, taken, busy, broke, rich, depressed, and living my best life so don’t count on…
Retweeted by tamalería 🌽 @pressures_on My heart breaks for him and his family. People need to slow the f down and watch the damn road. Hope… @pressures_on Holy fuck that’s awfulRiley's watching Star Wars for the first time (thanks Disney plus!) and we're really trying to get her to learn to…
Retweeted by tamalería 🌽Brian in the locker room
Retweeted by tamalería 🌽 @mikj48 I guess they can but that’s a horrible abuse of power if he did it voluntary