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Finn @Finndog2018 The North

Labrador eating his way through lockdown, dreaming of 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 and Dentastix. Scientist.

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@sarahchantrey @antoniosteve 😁😁😁 @KateMatheso @antoniosteve 🤣🤣🤣 took me straight back to the 80s. @antoniosteve 11 @MPrepuce She's fucking eaten all the kids. @HairyMarmite @BeccaGibben @MarkOosterveen @OwenJones84 @JohnnyMercerUK I smell a bot. @rollocs @MarkOosterveen @JohnnyMercerUK Oh I don't know. My brother went to boarding school and I went to a comp.… @JohnnyMercerUK I was at school with you Johnny. The same house, in fact (Pennell). Don't act like we weren't expli…
Retweeted by Finn @Schadenfury Missing an 'N' thereThis is MY CONSTITUENCY - you could stick a blue rosette on a pile of poo and it'd be elected. The fact that this…
Retweeted by Finn @Sillyshib @David_Cameron S**t. I thought you meant me then. Glad to see it's the puffed up fuckwit Cameron. @Schadenfury Feet up and rest. Doctor's orders. @salliduvain I think he was hanging on. I'd not had any cogent communication with him for a year. I'd told him the… this the greediest: nastiest, dumbest, Government we have ever had?
Retweeted by Finn @salliduvain What a piece. My dad died at the end of a year's long journey with dementia on the day my twins were b… @Debveglitter Finn says hi! @formerlyknow @IanMaher7 @BBradley_Mans @IanMaher7 @3xfactorial Aaarrrgghhh...Python🥺I take heart that when the Government failed our children... a Nation stepped in.
Retweeted by Finn @johnredwood Still chatting shite. Come back when you have something sensible to say. @Sillyshib Even if trump wins they won't get a trade deal. @PaulDavidBudd1 @BoardsJohn 🤣🤣🤣 @PaulDavidBudd1 @BoardsJohn Nor has Rona. Taking a vegetarian to Nebraska was never going to end well. 🤣It's about time everyone got their heads around the fact that with this government, infliction of suffering IS THE WHOLE POINT.
Retweeted by FinnOh poor bellend. His tweet's not going so well. @Globalist_Watch @JimMFelton Bought a copy thanks to your publicity. When did you learn to read though? @Globalist_Watch Seriously? @Rosiecat2 @garethjaz @YorkshireTea @yoffy2909 @ij_ford @GOP Preferably him. @BoardsJohn @PaulDavidBudd1 Melting Nazis is a full time job at the moment. Can't call them cunty though for some reason. @BoardsJohn @PaulDavidBudd1 I work with a bunch now and they never go outdoors. Purely lab work. Predominantly GC-I… @BoardsJohn @PaulDavidBudd1 We never get to wear headwear. I've never thought about it like that but maybe it's tim… to live in a country where the minister for children votes against free school meals.
Retweeted by Finn @BoardsJohn @PaulDavidBudd1 We do get a reaction though. @PaulDavidBudd1 @BoardsJohn Happy days around the time of the failed attempt to purchase the laser ablation ICP-MS… @BoardsJohn @PaulDavidBudd1 As a chemist who sneaked in there in disguise I'm shocked! @KuntiePlopkins @jennyrickson @peveret @jennyrickson @Orwellforesawi1 @jennyrickson @ChrisGBurns @jennyrickson From behind a plastic screen.
@jennyrickson Rockin' @Eddystone506 "at the moment"?Yeh, because they’ve made it such a welcoming place to work and live. Ministers quietly lower minimum salary thres…
Retweeted by Finn @JaneMundon Likely to be a fake knowing Lucy. @lucyallan @MarkDrakeford The state should only concern itself with things like starving children, killing the elde… @BoardsJohn @PaulDavidBudd1 I have no option. Born there and worked at the university for a few years in the beauti… @Sillyshib Mine still uses parchment and quills. @PaulDavidBudd1 @BoardsJohn Yup. The two accounts I lost paled into insignificance at the side of the likes of Kate… @BoardsJohn @PaulDavidBudd1 UK. Common parlance in BradfordThis is a work of genius
Retweeted by Finn @PaulDavidBudd1 @BoardsJohn Apparently it's a frowned upon word in Trumpland. Not sure why. Used it all the time ba… @PaulDavidBudd1 @BoardsJohn I'm on my 3rd account now. Last permanent ban was for calling Roger Helmer a cretin. @markjenkinsonmp How did you vote? Some tell me, that's a rhetorical question. Was that a political point scoring v… @Sillyshib I could have done with that for the woman who came to view my house today. @PaulDavidBudd1 been banned for telling the truth about Tories again? @Schadenfury Uber for Soapy. If I hear another Tory say "there people with hungry kids have mobile phones" I will explode. Without a mobile p…
Retweeted by Finn @wheezylouse Aha! Anyone told Lozza yet?Mine... All mine. a pleasant pheasant. Didn't put up much of a fight for some reason. @BardneyBoy When Mrs. Finn is at work my dad eats this and corned beef too. She goes bonkers if she catches him. I… @amandamilling @Keir_Starmer @AngelaRayner You voted to starve children at Christmas, I think it’s probably that wh…
Retweeted by Finn @amandamilling @Keir_Starmer @AngelaRayner Voting to starve children? Don't expect us to be quiet. I think being ca… @ThatTimWalker Did 322 mps kill a motion to feed hungry children? There. Fixed it
Retweeted by Finn @Schadenfury @miffythegamer He'd go to the opening of an envelope. @Emmselk More out of touch #ToryScum @Mistywoman1 She's such a squirming piece of shit trying to justify her position and the subsidised meals she gets. #ToryScum @JaneMundon Great for playing poker.Fuck. Me. Backwards.
Retweeted by Finn @BardneyBoy That's my guilty pleasure you've got there. Never had you down as a spam dealer 🥺😁 @BBradley_Mans So, you didn't get away with it and now feel the heat on your grip of your seat. We see you. @SelaineSaxby You only regret it because it shows you up to be a typically selfish Tory who doesn't care less about… @SelaineSaxby Oh no I’m so sorry Selaine, happy to help by providing the context. Oh hang on fuck me that’s much w…
Retweeted by FinnCrikey. Just had a second viewing on the house. It was the guy's mother in law. Didn't know typhoid Mary was coming… @Schadenfury Social media had made them visible soapy. Before these times they'd be safely tucked away in crap pubs…
@BardneyBoy Quite like cocoa🥺😁 makes me giddy though @BardneyBoy Did she spill her tea again 😁 @johnestevens @amandamilling @AngelaRayner More to do with them being utter murderous bastards.This just about sums up Johnson and the Tories and their pathetic attempts to deal with Covid19. £2000 A-DAY-jobs t…
Retweeted by Finn @emmamcl92473438 😁😁😁 brilliant! Have a good weekend... And the kids too.Some of the quotes from Tory MPs in the free school meals debate are genuinely jaw-dropping - feeding hungry kids i…
Retweeted by Finn @emmamcl92473438 Labradors are sleekit beasties! @MarcusRashford We need a prime minister with your drive, your morals, your clear message.I’m signing off with a feeling a pride tonight. The superstars of this nation lie in local communities. Even after…
Retweeted by FinnHow it started How it’s going
Retweeted by FinnMarcus Rashford, educated Ashton-on-Mersey School. Boris Johnson, educated Eton. Who emerged with the greater emoti…
Retweeted by FinnOver 300 MP's voted against Free School meals. Here are their expenses.
Retweeted by Finn @MartinRemains Where do they find these empty headed gobs on sticks? Straight talking is one thing. Plain boorish i… @Eddystone506 @stimmopaul1 😁 if you gave him a cell for his brain it would die of loneliness. @hcathro @ItCorbyn @GMB @kategarraway @CharlotteHawkns It simply does not work and is not an option. @mxmmamuaythai @MartinRemains @GMB @kategarraway @CharlotteHawkns Everyone can have a view, even when it's wrong. Like hers. And yours. @AdeleDaniel23 @googoogajoob78 🤣🤣🤣 "presenting facts". You're really not doing that. Grow up. @GMB @kategarraway @CharlotteHawkns There's nothing straight talking about this. She's an embarrassment to Yorkshir… my, but Tory MPs are deleting a lot of tweets today.
Retweeted by Finn @Eddystone506 @stimmopaul1 For his brain? @Sillyshib He's deliberately missing the point again. This isn't a question of responsibility. It's a question of need. @Himself132 Twitter has suddenly got very annoying that way! @BardneyBoy @BBradley_Mans @karlmccartney @MarcusRashford Whoops! Sorry 😊What is going on in Poland? Abortions effectively banned and LGBT rights stripped away.
Retweeted by Finn @DrewLawDesign My Labrador. Oh, "fight". Sorry. Misheard you.