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A piece of advice to young creatives. “Shooting your shot” is promoted widely and I think honestly, it’s a little o… we still talkin range 😂
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a “caucus” is when a big group friends all plays in each other’s bands until one band becomes the most successful a…
Retweeted by FINNEASThis is a really alienating thing for a Democratic candidate to tweet
Retweeted by FINNEASliterally every cat ive ever met has tried to hook up with me
Retweeted by FINNEASFilmed the ‘Let’s Fall In Love For The Night’ music video yesterday :)Is there any sound as soothing as opening a car door onto an extremely high curb
Retweeted by FINNEASAnderson Cooper is a legend.
Retweeted by FINNEASOh so we’re talking about range?
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These are my #lyricstoliveby- thanks for having me @AppleMusic! @JuddApatow @boburnham @largo I have to come to thisThere is no ‘next billie eilish’ she’s one of a kind. There’ll never be another lose years on my life when a show host or award announcer or whoever says when we fall asleep where do we go inst…
Retweeted by FINNEASThese Oscars, forget it — we love the way Hollywood used to be, don’t we folks? We love that train coming right at…
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Thank you, @BritishGQ mom has really stepped up her game and now listens to me over 5,000,000 times a month
@quitstouch Ain’t meThis is extremely important. Because of the Electoral College, (and the heightening urban/rural divide) THIS will…
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The father the son and the Holy Spirit
How about we nix Presidents Day and make Election Day a national holiday instead?
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‘Party Favor’ would never be allowed to sit with ‘Hostage’ and ‘I Love You’
This movie is fucking wild i swear it was a fever dream
Retweeted by FINNEASToo good“Listen, I’ll drink lemonade no matter what temperature it is” - billieHoly FUCK need to CHILL on the vocoder
No auto tune used on this song @GeoffLRamsey @GavinFree @MillieSRamsey Love you too, GeoffBillie Eilish - “No Time To Die” The theme song for the upcoming @007 film. Out now.
Retweeted by FINNEAS @nevrseemecry Wow, I’m a fool @ThisIsRYLS All up to us but you know bond chords when you play em @blohshes I love Apple but they must literally have Siri right down the lyrics for them smh @whosgotacrush Happy birthday Lia!!’“Are you death or paradise”It’s “Blood You Owe” @Seddzzz @GavinFree @AchievementHunt DuhThis dude knows how to use the Internet this ends up being the death of me, my last thought is gonna be “cant believe I learned about this from DatPiff” @GavinFree Billie and I watch RTAAs together and you’re our favorite always @GavinFree Been a fan of yours for 10! Count them 10! Years!I got to write and produce a fucking bond theme song!!!Coolest shit I have ever seen in my fucking life
Moves on the @billboardcharts: @finneas makes his debut on the #AlternativeSongs chart with "Let's Fall in Love For…
Retweeted by FINNEAS“Woodland trail” will absolutely be voting for the democratic nominee, regardless of whether or not it is my preferred candidate b…’m not gonna be voting for Bloomberg but holy shit “a carnival barking clown” is the fucking slam of the year and… so many songs right now, it’s making me really happyA candid conversation with @billieeilish’s brother and collaborator, @finneas.
Retweeted by FINNEASAlso our James Bond theme comes out tomorrow we are keeping you FEDI said we’re *working* on album 2 you absolutely should not expect it soon. you, Fader and @notsalmaicki.
If you told me someone was screaming about how joker should have beaten parasite for best picture, I would have imm… John admits he didn't actually eat 40 pizzas in 30 days
Retweeted by FINNEASDoctor: don’t worry the x-ray is safe Doctor as soon as they turn it on:
Retweeted by FINNEASNew strokes song is unfucking believable
this could singlehandedly revive american malls and destroy amazon
Retweeted by FINNEASI am fairly confident in my musical abilities but I am undeniable at “Simon Says” the red carpet of @theacademy 2020 awards, @finneas wore a #GucciSS20 three-piece suit, evening shirt, grosgrain…
Retweeted by FINNEASSaw Dragon Tales trending on Twitter, got genuinely concerned one of the dragons might have diedLOOK AT JERRY HYPING UP BILLIE AND LETTING HER WEAR THE NAVARRO RING PLS IM CRYING #Oscars
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If there were actually a mouse as big as Mickey you’d have to imagine it would raise some eyebrows
Retweeted by FINNEASThere is overwhelming public support to fund Planned Parenthood. We have to make sure women have access to contrace…
Retweeted by FINNEASSomeone once told me that it is possible to fall asleep without looking at your phone until the very last second, but I don’t believe them.
Retweeted by FINNEAS @Oliver_Stacks @BillRatchet GI JOE CASUAL @BillRatchet His right knee is blowing my mind
This ain’t me hahaha after you store spaghetti in it
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@godlyeilish I notice your tweets first ♥️Hahahahahahahaha @joeltovar56 @RecordingAcad @RecordingAcad @whethanmusic @grandson GREAT artwork
Every day it's more and more clear this man has never opened a Bible. Satan quotes scripture. It's like his whole d…
Retweeted by FINNEAS @Brittany_broski @chrisdelia The highest honor
"I will tell my children and their children" @MittRomney has also now told history that one Republican Senator liv…
Retweeted by FINNEASTrayvon just wanted to go home.
Retweeted by FINNEAS @ErinTurner16 But eeeeeeverybody has a cellphone @ErinTurner16 Voter suppression *is* hacking the election @BruceWiegner @lightsuplu 2024 looks great, bruce! I’ll see you thenWe’ve been able to vote for the next american idol with our cellphones since 2002. The american political voting pr… pb&j’s at Kim Kardashians house
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See you all in about 25 minutes! @audiotreemusic @billieeilish I love audiotreeThey’re introducing me at 7:25pm EST, so be on early!I’ll be live tonight at 7:30 EST on the @iHeartRadio Winter Series! You can watch here: I got to SING let me TALK n EVERYTHING @MarianHillMusic If you eat the pie, you’ll be happier and make it a better songSinging with my hands on @FallonTonight tonight, 11:35 PM wherever you are
therapy is just talking shit about other ppl with a licensed professional who legally can’t tell anyone what ur saying about them
Retweeted by FINNEAS🎶 We've got an awesome week of music lined up with @finneas, @mura_masa_ & @slowthai, @LilTunechi, and…
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Goofy has died
Retweeted by FINNEASPlease stop torturing the rat with this bullshit
Retweeted by FINNEASHow can you do this and not think about how history is going to paint you
I would say peeps voting against having any witnesses to testify in a trial is a pretty solid indication that they…
Retweeted by FINNEASWe won!! US just rightfully declared a public health emergency around the #coronarvirus. There have been 0 deaths in th…
Retweeted by FINNEASIn denying the opportunity to hear from John Bolton, 51 Senators just blatantly broke their oath “to do impartial j…
Retweeted by FINNEASJust a reminder - each of these Republicans took an oath last week to be impartial jurors and then voted within day…
Retweeted by FINNEASThanks to @BBCR1 @ariellefree for including me on Best New Pop today! You can listen here: