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Never have I wanted to be a Kiwi more badly. @jacindaardern you’re the best ever
Christian Bale is gonna get Covid-19 for a role, I’m fucking calling it
Tonight’s show kicks off with another edition of #FallonAtHome! Then a #FallonReplay of Andy Samberg (…
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Thanks for everything today MTV! @SPIN Thank you!Thank you! shares his latest video for "Lets Fall in Love for the Night"
Retweeted by FINNEASMy new video for Let’s Fall in Love for the Night is out NOW! You can watch it all day on @MTV live and mtvu!
Tomorrow 9am EST!
Hey thanks @BBCR1 @BBCSounds @philytaggart
LOVE this theory but as far as I know, I do not early this morning, the House sent a comprehensive, bipartisan coronavirus bill to the Senate. The presiden…
Retweeted by FINNEASDuring these times, we must work together and not against each other. Here are the facts: -There is no food shor…
Retweeted by FINNEASYou can't imagine how much good you'll be doing for public awareness of the danger of the coronavirus outbreak if y…
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Hello! I’m sorry to use this kind of language but as an immunocompromised person who is the sole source of nutritio…
Retweeted by FINNEASplease bring these back @Altoids
Retweeted by FINNEASNovember can't get here soon enough. Retweet if you are ready for President @JoeBiden right now! #Biden2020
Retweeted by FINNEASIt wasn’t no corona till y’all started balancing brooms in the house, y’all let the devil in
Retweeted by FINNEAS.@Finneas tells us how Taco Bell's Cinnamon Twists are made (it involves exploded pasta)
Retweeted by FINNEASIf you sexually abused multiple women, kept families locked up in cages, mocked disabled people on national TV, wer…
Retweeted by FINNEASThis is inexcusable. We’re in the middle of a pandemic where every day counts and the only person stopping relief f…
Retweeted by FINNEASIt would be so fucking hilarious if Trump got the coronavirus. Like so funny.
Retweeted by FINNEASNIGGA HELP! @BarackObama
Retweeted by FINNEASThere is a significant chance we will face a shortage of ventilator machines in the coming weeks. I wish 50% of th…
Retweeted by FINNEAS45 failed us
Retweeted by FINNEASThis is the side the media doesn’t show of Young Thug. Here he is at Harvard University working on the cure for the…
Retweeted by FINNEASThank you to the marvelous minds that are able to help people in medical pandemics such as this. Wow, I am in awe o…
Retweeted by FINNEASHow will the government help increase ventilator capacity?
Retweeted by FINNEASWhat’s so fucked up about this moment in time is we’re facing a deadly crisis and the President just went on tv and…
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If Billie Eilish gets Coronavirus the stans are gonna find a cure within 24 hours
Retweeted by FINNEASJack Ma, China’s richest man, to donate 500,000 coronavirus testing kits, 1 million masks — to the U.S. “Speedy an…
Retweeted by FINNEASChinese medical workers who have been fighting the #coronavirus day and night in Wuhan celebrated the closing of th…
Retweeted by FINNEASI keep waking up with that “I live in the wrong country run by the wrong idiot during a pandemic” feeling.
Retweeted by FINNEASDoes someone have an unfinished game of Jumanji going right now
Retweeted by FINNEASMany White House officials — including Donald Trump and Mike Pence — were directly exposed to people who tested pos…
Retweeted by FINNEAS“They’ve simply lost time they can’t make up. You can’t get back six weeks of blindness. To the extent that there’s…
Retweeted by FINNEASthis is what we get for saying there’s too much tv and not enough time to watch it
Retweeted by FINNEASreal life is gonna put the onion out of business
Retweeted by FINNEASYes this is Trump’s fault. The virus was inevitable but *90%* of deaths are avoidable. ▪️He FIRED the entire US p…
Retweeted by FINNEASThis is a TERRIBLE precedent and clears the way to canceling an election in the fall when COVID-19 bounces back. W…
Retweeted by FINNEAS▪️The World Health Org had tests ready for mass use IN JANUARY. Trump REJECTED them bc he thought the increased num…
Retweeted by FINNEASThe president needs to declare a national emergency. He needs to do it today. No more time for complacency.
Retweeted by FINNEASThis 18 seconds is probably the best single piece of advice I’ve heard about the #coronavirus
Retweeted by FINNEASHAHAHAHA 😂😂😂 Geraldo Rivera and Dan Bongino on Hannity screaming at each other, is the perfect turd trifecta.
Retweeted by FINNEASDear President Trump, Talk less Stop lying Get tested Don’t tweet Elevate science Fire Stephen Miller Prepare for…
Retweeted by FINNEASIf Disney decided to capitalize on its already-spent marketing push and release Mulan on Disney+, they would instan…
Retweeted by FINNEASThis is how a president speaks. This is what a president does.
Retweeted by FINNEASBiden today proposed using the military to set up mobile field hospitals. This is why:
Retweeted by FINNEASWhere are the tests?
Retweeted by FINNEASI know this is all hard for you, @realdonaldtrump, so let me spell it out: - Free testing - Fee waivers - Emergen…
Retweeted by FINNEASFacts: The Obama administration tested 1 million people for H1N1 in the first month after the first US diagnosed c…
Retweeted by FINNEASThe United States is now the only industrialized country in the world without mass testing for coronavirus.
Retweeted by FINNEASMAJOR BREAKING NEWS: NPR Source Says Trump Blocked Coronavirus Testing in January to Aid His Reelection Chances By…
Retweeted by FINNEASthis crisis is incredibly revealing about how much of this shit is just fake
Retweeted by FINNEASThis tour has been one we’ve dreamed of our entire lives. We will absolutely pick up where we left off whenever it…
Someone sneezed at Disney World and I just saw a cast member take the person outside and we heard a gun shot but th…
Retweeted by FINNEASI know I RT’d this earlier, but READ that second paragraph. Donald slowed testing of COVID-19 to keep the numbers l…
Retweeted by FINNEASHahaha god I love that shit
Retweeted by FINNEASsarah palin being on the masked singer is like the 31st worst thing to happen today the insanity barely even registers
Retweeted by FINNEAS“It’s a bad disease, not too bad. But it is bad. The flu was worse, I had the flu when I was 4 and I was only sick…
Retweeted by FINNEASThe only reason Tom Hanks was able to be tested was because he was in Australia. If he had been in the United Stat…
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Almost impossible to articulate how horribly the WH has screwed up the response to Coronavirus without sounding like a hysteric.
Retweeted by FINNEASEveryone should take note that Trump who is an absolute demagogue is trying to convince the american public that it… are the number one reason music sounds dated. Truly timeless drums are so rare @ughitstodd So far, it’s still onWake up feeling fine, check twitter and get convinced I have coronavirus, spend the morning worrying about it, take… someone can convincingly explain why his folder suddenly changes colour, none of us will ever truly be at pe…
Retweeted by FINNEASAs someone who has been a big fan of @BernieSanders and has gone to bat for Bernie in op-eds and on TV, tonight tel…
Retweeted by FINNEASHave a friend worried she has coronavirus...she’s trying to do the right thing and get tested. Here’s how that went
Retweeted by FINNEASI’m going to be on @Beats1 this morning around 10am PST speaking to @zanelowe. You can listen here: is now dating pete davidson
Retweeted by FINNEASmickey has died from coronavirus
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please someone buy this last ticket from me lol #WhereDoWeGoTour
Retweeted by FINNEASIf you live in Orlando and you wanna come to the show tonight!’m excited to announce that i am @iheartradio’s newest pop on the verge artist !!! check out and listen to my stat…
Retweeted by FINNEASTesting saves lives. This is CRIMINAL negligence. Coronavirus testing per million people: 🇰🇷 - 3,692 🇨🇳 - 2,820…
Retweeted by FINNEASLindsey Graham speaks for all of us.
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Retweeted by FINNEASCustom ukuleles for @billieeilish & @finneas! ⁣🎶 We’re looking forward to more awesome music being written with th…
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South Korea has not had to ban any travel or quarantine any areas because instead they have AGGRESSIVELY tested the…
Retweeted by FINNEASOn the list of things I feel grateful for for, James ranks higher than just about everything Joon Ho Is Too Exhausted From Oscars to Start New Films: ‘I’m a Shell of a Human’
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You heard em is lethal to the elderly. The CDC wanted to issue a warning that ALL ELDERLY Americans refrain from fl…
Retweeted by FINNEASTexas baby
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Should I put out some new music 🤔I know they say it’s always the little things that end up breaking you, but Melania building a Tennis Pavilion at t…
Retweeted by FINNEAS @Dannmace @Casey “Maybe Casey Neistat”You’re goin to... kill Joe Biden? Lol. You’re saying you’re going to kill Beto O’Rourke? Like... you’re publicly st…
Retweeted by FINNEAS.@iamtrevordaniel’s latest single “Past Life” perfectly balances the anthemic nature of pop & the lingering melanch…
Retweeted by FINNEASPost Malone addresses peoples concerns about his health
Retweeted by FINNEASAs always, rooting for Post MaloneI know the coronavirus isn’t that scary for a lot of ppl. Many of you are young & healthy & will be able to defeat…
Retweeted by FINNEASFleabag has a dope social media team
A week ago there were 15 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the US. Trump claimed it was a “hoax” to believe how ser…
Retweeted by FINNEAS... 1.5 dollars