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fin @finstergrrrl Denver, CO

gender/queer writer, @shimmerstories badger, tornado enthusiast, trivia addict. poetry in @Screen_Door_R, @jukejointmag. they/them. #STWSB #JHFL #ToastieTwitter

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@riekeoka aw shucks 😊😊😊
@JBelleLamb @genderqueerwolf only fireplace-approved things go in the fireplace @JBelleLamb @genderqueerwolf i would tell you but etc @genderqueerwolf @JBelleLamb shred that life. i like it. @genderqueerwolf @JBelleLamb correction: it was a security clearance @That_MarcC niiiiice!!! @JephiMykes whew i’m glad it’s not just mei know there are plenty of guides that tell you what paperwork to keep but one time my ex applied for a job that n… taking a week off just to scan old paperwork from 15 years ago yes clearly i need to save that time i… @genderqueerwolf *angry noises*hey @NewYorker and @CondeNast, i’m a subscriber and i stand with the union. a living wage is not too much to ask. @englishre15 @riekeoka loving the pearls-coat combo @riekeoka thursday face desperately needs a haircut but has very good coffee
@theKatriarch none feelings left beef @opheliaslumbers
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@ECthetwit @scribofelidae @effies @jennyrae @latifalyles @aidan_doyle @katsudonburi @invisibleinkie @outseide @ECthetwit ilu @invisibleinkie NOPE
@genderqueerwolf argh. ♥️
@Mcillibrarian @AuthorGaylord it’s a unique feeling
@bellmaison ♥️ @bluelightsix there’s a straight line from “bad girl” to pearl jam’s “life wasted” i am just sayingrectifying a musical blank spot and listening to the new york dolls’ debut album. so far, falls under the heading o… @AuthorGaylord the first time i ever saw twister was in a hotel room in oklahoma city and it’s a trip to walk outsi… @ShimmerStories multiple friends have recommended Jasmine Guillory, so i’m giving The Wedding Date a try!Teeth are the nakedest bones
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@riekeoka one (1) naptime @theannalytical
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Retweeted by fin @skidmorep if you did a top crust also of pop tarts, it would be like poptartception
@premeesaurus i feel like @sillysyntax and @ECthetwit need to see thisRectangle pizza was the school equivalent of a ballpark hot dog. There’s no logical justification for the delicious…
Retweeted by finGet some water, motherfucker, we’re having orange juice.
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@sofyasays aw no. i’m so sorry. @wordsbycho oh yesd y i n g i absolutely cannot stuff any more furniture into my apartment and yet
@sarah_jwh oh wowwwwwww. @zarffyn @blinkie much appreciated! @popelizbet oof. ♥️♥️♥️also researching GF vegan cheese shreds if anyone has opinionswatching a tribe called red x lido pimienta video on tv, sweetness in my lap, snoozy pupper in his bed in front of… put ur seatbelt on
Retweeted by finFor a Milk Hotel to be Neutral, at a time like this, is unconscionable
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@HollyKesley best gif @HollyKesley ohhhhh so this is M’s doing!! lol @faerieem woot woot!
counters DONE, and @Mesericorde is taking care of the floors @faerieem that’s still stuff!! you can totally do thiscamping gear DONEokay! vacuumed, did a quick wet vac in a couple spots, washed some dishes, etc. the last big things: - put away ca… most of it done. there are still donation items to deal with, but i’ll have to unload the rest of it from my ca… trash to chute - down to car, get cart, pull camping gear out of trunk - cart up to my floor, put gear away - loa… finished my coffee and started more laundry. next step is gonna be one of those things like crossing a river…! gonna spend a few minutes sipping coffee before the next task @faerieem i did! by the time it went off all the boxes were broken down and i was popping bubble wrap :)accountability post! i need to spend the next 15 minutes breaking down boxes. can i do it? LET’S FIND OUT
Retweeted by fin @HollyKesley it’s amazing what crud collects in a wet vac!and wednesday wasn’t even the worst day of my week.spent my evening cleaning cat waste out of a wet vac and it was still better than wednesdayI’ve been struggling to find something positive to tweet - and then I remembered this amazing Fred Astaire dance ro…
Retweeted by fin @sillysyntax well i just love every bit of that @sillysyntax what is your favorite thing about auntiesok wait, this is so confusing! FYI to all lit mag submitters: submittable MESSAGES go to editors. submittable NOTES…
Retweeted by finthoughtful thread about my hometown.
@Rollergirl31 @BusDadInc there is so much going on here @Rollergirl31 could i be a pearl onion and be part of a bourguignon @Rollergirl31 @BusDadInc need pics @jeannakadlec degunking our situations @jeannakadlec that was me with a toothbrush on my faucets an hour agoLink to the tiny desk
Retweeted by finThe vocals whew Jazmine Sullivan & H.E.R ‘girl like me’ tiny desk performance
Retweeted by fin @diannaeanderson @asunflowerpose lol yep. 5% of mine..@julienrbaker performs “Faith Healer” from her upcoming album #LittleOblivions on A Late Show! #LSSC
Retweeted by finah yes, this is the box with ex-spouse stuff in it i can’t quite decide what to do with maybe now that we’ve final… keeping my sesame street books thoi am not gonna be real honest with myself about how many of these books will ever get read, am i at least my mom’s… up some old school basement jaxx like i’m 21 and going through some boxeslet's keep calling our reps to impeach the orange Nazi (& if you dislike talking with strangers on the phone, as I…
Retweeted by fin @jennyrae oh my @effies @kurellian geeeeeez that’s half a kfc dinner right there @coachdavis07 @HollyKesley @SenatorBennet @SenCoryGardner @Hickenlooper let’s cover all the bases!So, I have received exacty $1,160 in donations, and I’ve paid exactly $275 in sub fees at this point. I know it’s a…
Retweeted by fin @HollyKesley @SenatorBennet @SenCoryGardner @Hickenlooper either one is just fine with me. both, even!
@spookysoups @whatmaddness @michaeltj10 i also saw several very bad therapists here in denver before finding my cur… state sent a letter to Phase 1 vaccine providers with more guidance on when to administer vaccines according to…
Retweeted by fin @ElnoraFuentes @SenatorBennet @SenCoryGardner @Hickenlooper i didn’t realize it! thank you :D i will call back and leave a message for Hick!It's a rough day to be dropping a new story, but hopefully you too are in need of a world where queer love and Davi…
Retweeted by fincalled @SenatorBennet and asked him to support impeachment. tried calling @SenCoryGardner but his local voicemail i… can call your reps and just say exactly this. I just did!
Retweeted by fin @riekeoka thursday face has not had coffee yet @KateLechler oh it’s still gross @riekeoka jeezy petes!Again, what is the basis for labeling it a “failure” and not an act of complicity?
Retweeted by finokay i gotta step away and do some rage cleaning the way this week is going you’ll be able to eat a poached egg of… @JBelleLamb it’s not my typical response in times of stress, for sure! @GeoffreyKeel i am unfortunately the target market for an unfathomably wide variety of thingsCapitol police didn't "fail" to stop the mob. They CHOSE not to. This is a law enforcement endorsed coup attempt.
Retweeted by finto be clear, this is not my first or only response to any of this but also i’m hungry