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Mum. Actress. I ran the London marathon 2019. Currently Sarah Barnaby in Midsomer Murders. Proud ambassador for Hospice UK.

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the loss of @DeborahJaneOrr is a big thing. there was so much she had yet to write. we are very lucky we have…
Retweeted by Fiona DolmanAh so good. morning look!
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That’s not adoption that’s kidnapping.
Retweeted by Fiona Dolman @mutablejoe Exactly this. Ridiculous isn’t it?still in my heart of heart i believe that some grown ups will come and fix this
Retweeted by Fiona DolmanMassive. The protest against Brexit in London today.
Retweeted by Fiona DolmanTa Daaaa! Single. Year. Ffs. chosen’re going in. @Simon_Pegg This is fine. I’m cool with this. (Also see mayo one side and ketchup the other) Your other view is shite. Nuff said.The reduction of workers’ rights is vital to the vision of a low regulation post Brexit Britain which is more align…
Retweeted by Fiona Dolman @JimMFelton Loving your book so far! X
@thhamilton @gabyhinsliff Hahahahaha! @piersmorgan It will never matter what she does, people like you will seek her out regardless. Can’t begin to imagi… alot @JimMFelton Daughter: “mummy, what’s a bellend?” Me: (Panics as daughter examines drawings) “Erm it’s… Shout out to all you wonderful women out there managing to not beat the shit out of anyone*❤️… government with zero sense of any duty of care to the people their every decision affects.
Retweeted by Fiona Dolman @russmalin “wunderbar”! @dolman_dawn Hi dawn sorry I must have missed that. It’s not a very common surname is it? We are East End origins t…
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Have just opened a beer and it exploded all over my face, my hair, clothes and the kitchen. Cleared it up and sat d… apology is not in order here. An Apology implies they made a mistake. At least three layers of decisions were ma…
Retweeted by Fiona Dolman @hughesjg @dudgeon_neil Thank you John x
My British aunt is being flown by helicopter from hospital in Perigueux to Bordeaux for an urgent heart operation.…
Retweeted by Fiona DolmanI think the headbangers will claim to support *any* ‘deal’ now. Even one demonstrably inferior to May’s & immeasura…
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#Succession = perfection. @MrNHendrix 😘 @MrNHendrix Even without the chicken suit? Amazing. Well done! Xx
@IanDunt AgreedIt’s the end of #HospiceCareWeek but the work at over 200 hospices across the UK never stops. Grateful thanks and b… @lucyprebblish I don’t want it to end @MrNHendrix You survived it then? Well done hun xNEW WORLD RECORD! 🌎 🤯Incredible scenes at the @ChiMarathon... 🇰🇪Kenya's Brigid Kosgei has broken the women's mara…
Retweeted by Fiona DolmanShe's just completely incredible. INCREDIBLE!
Retweeted by Fiona DolmanHospice Care Week is nearly over, but our work will continue all year round, showing #WhatItTakes for more than 200…
Retweeted by Fiona DolmanGood morning.
Retweeted by Fiona DolmanFinland 🇫🇮 - No homework for primary school children - Equal access for all children. - Higher pay for teachers -…
Retweeted by Fiona DolmanThe prisons in Norway prioritise rehabilitation and education rather than retribution. The results are astonishing.…
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@JoeSims10 @CocoFennell @FilmFestivalCGN Aw you-thanks hun xxHaving seen the state of this one yesterday having to dose up on meds and lemsip (and possibly the odd beer 😉) his… @bunnybrunnhilde I started running (the 0-5k app) and signed up to do the marathon. The focus of raising money and… @Wal_Ruth_GER Get well soon x @NickCohen4 Impressive. Plenty of time to replace any bits that need replacing surely?! @FrivikMarius @CocoFennell @FilmFestivalCGN @dudgeon_neil @MrNHendrix @all3media_int Traurigerweise Nein. Ich habe… @NickCohen4 Not for me next year. Happy with park run and the occasional 10k. Are you running again? I’ll support y… @NickCohen4 Phenomenal achievement. Need to step it up a bit eh Nick?! @zarges @dudgeon_neil @MrNHendrix @MidsomerTV Lovely to meet you. Thank you to you too x @PhelpsieSarah You’re amazing! X @WhoFrazer @FilmFestivalCGN Ah thanks lovely! It’s from @CocoFennell xVielen Dank für eine wundervolle Zeit! and thank you to @CocoFennell for the beautiful dress. @FilmFestivalCGN @JolandaSnell @FilmFestivalCGN @MidsomerTV Thank you it’s from @CocoFennell x
@BrokenJoe5 @dudgeon_neil I’m shocked. SHOCKED.We’re @FilmFestivalCGN with the cast of #MidsomerMurders. Here’s @FionaDolman in the midst of the meet and greet wi…
Retweeted by Fiona Dolman🕵🏻‍♂️📱 Meet-&-Greet der deutschen "Inspector Barnaby"-Community mit den @MidsomerTV-Darstellern @dudgeon_neil,…
Retweeted by Fiona Dolman @NeillyRoberts Not a bit xx last night, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s daughter, Gabriella, came home after more than 1300 days in Iran. She…
Retweeted by Fiona DolmanHow would I respond to someone who says marriage is between one man and one woman? #EqualityTownHall
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Take home message: Be kind. Read more books. Spend time with your family. Crack jokes. Go to the beach. Hug your do…
Retweeted by Fiona DolmanGod we’re officially that old they’re doing a remake @NeillyRoberts 😂 @tommyjessop @BAFTA @kenross2011 @PortsmouthDSA @sallyephillips @Ben_A_Reid @alicelowe @willjessop Congratulations… me fucking sick. One of the greatest political betrayals in our lifetime.
Retweeted by Fiona DolmanAnother way #hospices are supporting #MentalHealth is through the @Compneighbours programme. Started by…
Retweeted by Fiona DolmanI’m sick of the way we talk about mental health. I’m sick of the idea that all we need is ‘awareness’. I’m sick of…
Retweeted by Fiona Dolman @Sonic_Screwup So much this. I have a friend who after 20 years of nursing, paying for her own training is now a qu…🕵🏻 Zum 20. Jubiläum @MidsomerTV feiern wir diese archetypisch britische Krimiserie mit der ersten Folge der 21. Sta…
Retweeted by Fiona Dolman @WorksWithWords Feeling very similar about going to Germany tomorrow. It’s just awful isn’t it?
@mrchrisaddison Same @_frog_in_a_sock Look forward to meeting you Sarah x @TonyTonyprince Yes. Yes it fucking is Tony 🤷‍♀️ @Graeme_Hawley Yeah I’d go with yours too x @reggief340 Unfortunately we don’t have any free time for sight seeing. Next time!Try to be more like a 91-year-old getting arrested for protesting against climate change rather than a middle-aged…
Retweeted by Fiona DolmanLooking forward to seeing you all on Friday! X #midsomermurders a climate of hate now. It’s not just the people who pick up the guns. It’s also those who incite them: the sca…
Retweeted by Fiona DolmanBeautifully and professionally handled @ckubeNBC #workingmums @hospiceuk have reached the shortlist to become @DeutscheBank charity partner. This is worth around 4 mil… year’s World Hospice and Palliative Care Day is about collectively saying, palliative care is the right of eve…
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He continues to show up...continues to demonstrate what love-centered leadership looks like.
Retweeted by Fiona DolmanThis is 5-year-old me. I reflected on this little girl's feelings and fantasies when I decided to write my children…
Retweeted by Fiona DolmanCongratulations lovely lady! 😘"When you're young, there's so much that you can't take in. It's pouring over you like a waterfall. When you're old…
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It takes 40,000 staff. More than 125,000 volunteers. It's free, but it's not cheap. Most of all, it's essential, an…
Retweeted by Fiona DolmanThis is the Twitter content I’m here for...💪😍🎶😇😉
Retweeted by Fiona Dolman @KayBurley @BorisJohnson @GMB This is not the story. Why are we so infantile and easily distracted? It doesn’t matt…
Well there’s lovely! Thank you kind sir x
20 years ago. A lifetime and yet a blink. @irrelevant9999 Lots of love xxxxx. @parkrunUK is a marvellous example of self-help and self orgnisation. No government or coporation runs it. There…
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An RAF veteran with no family has died aged 100 - you are invited to salute him at his funeral - Manchester Evening…
Retweeted by Fiona DolmanTonight, 100s of @actnforchildren supporters will give up their beds to raise £ for the 126k young people at risk o…
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@letterslive @RoyalAlbertHall @florencemachine @louisebrealey @baddabyng @sampha @Damonalbarn Brilliant night. Thank you! @letterslive @4thEstateBooks @RoyalAlbertHall Beautiful. Loved this ❤️Very much looking forward to @FilmFestivalCGN this weekend. Always a pleasure to meet the German fans! @ZDF
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This is how Dina Asher-Smith made history for Britain... 🥇 200m GOLD 🥇 #bbcathletics #WorldAthleticsChampionships
Retweeted by Fiona DolmanIt's October, which means Hospice Care Week is this month!! Join with us and more than 200 #hospices across the UK,…
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