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Fiona Hsieh @fionapup Orange County, CA

Full-time illustrator; formerly at Disney TVA. Art for Dreamworks Tv, Dark Horse, WOTC, Harper Collins, etc. IG: @ fionahsiehart |

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@tatiilange aw thanks tatii :'D glad the snakes arent TOO OLD @CaraidArt I LOVE THIS. and you are so skilled also love the name 🤔🤔🤔 @TobyEll51689042 @Mr_Rebecca no that wasnt the intent of my tweet, I'm just showing two pieces I did in these years @Kitty_Pumpkins thanks very much!! Unfortunately I actually no longer do private commissions @1_800_puppies theyre both one of my most popular pieces, so it's fine haha @Hinaniao thank you!! @CharMemeznabel ah THANK YOU very much then for your interest!! They situated me in some lonely spot on the edge of… @purrlea @AyokaiW woops, I should mention the 2nd piece (the ouroboros) was a private commission, so it may be weir… @purrlea @AyokaiW you totally can! Ive always let people tattoo my work, as long as the tattoo artist credits me if…
@CharMemeznabel aw thanks to your friend for purchasing!! @saturn9moon @burnmycxrpse he's eating it @oboziuniu thank you!! @Admitone16 thank you! @chutkat ugh Ive been trying this, I HOPE IT WORKS. it seems to only slightly work for me so far2017 vs 2019 🐍 @chutkat I KNOW UGH my tl is finally free I noticed the "likes" disappear on desktop but are still there on mobile LOL @heartleaved RIGHT I WAS LIKE... wow. it works and my TL is finally almost normal. LOL @AetherDraconi ugh yeah I have realized- it's pretty useless because it only lasts for a day or two, or whatever te… @Kolossus154 my twitter actually is set to home currently and this mute seems to have helped with that too?? switch… @halcypher471 Im not sure yet, but it seems to help with that too??? That could be just a fluke for me rn though bu… about you guys, but now 90% (or dare I say 100%) of my TL is also showing me the tweets of people I follow in t… I have JUST discovered (maybe I'm very late) that if you dont want to have 70% of your feed covered in retweets…
@elbowrocket for me it was when the negative/weirdo comments started becoming fairly regular and "becoming normal"…
@chirunax i def think it depends more on the cultural background of the family than the country, like almost all ch… @xXDibbs hes a COOL LOOKIN DUDE @twhsieh you @Chad_Difficulty the anime definitely looks super cool I think, it's super well done I actually read the manga alm…
@chengeling IT IS TRUE :') @tatiilange @Fiopup_Games ahaha yeah I made it after animal crossing was released, and then it just turned into.......... this...... @tatiilange OH I actually deleted lemonish awhile back (like in january/february I think) and I just have a public… @Chad_Difficulty YEAHH I rather like that song too. unfortunately not a huge fan of beastars hahah @Kyranitar Ive been looping it since I first saw it, because SAME @ArtraxNetsky omg that sounds inconvenient in terms of tables, but thats awesome you just built yourself one!!so this is useful, an ergonomic desk/chair height calculator based on your height :O THE ANSWER…
@ithayla I realized it might be that my desk is too SHALLOW so I cant sit with my back against the chair while draw… @ithayla AH THANK U!!! i think i have to buy a new desk slfmksdm @ithayla omfg OF COURSE!! I recognize you, and for some reason I thought I was following you the whole time??? but apparently wasnt LOL @daizuboy omg WHAT fkskdk I'm honored, thank you ;; @Foervraengd @autumnalknights omg thank you.... this will help a lot @daizuboy oh my god THANK YOU @knightessa_ right that's what I'm wondering too LOL, there must be some correct formula that workplaces apparently follow 😭 @ZenEffyArtist ugh... from the sounds of it, I may have to buy an entirely new desk, because mine is too low LOLレッドとグリーン
Retweeted by Fiona Hsieh @ithayla AH so like that the shoulder isnt hunched u mean? and thank u, I guess that means my chair needs to be hig… @ithayla did you figure out what counts as the correct height? I feel like I can never get it right no matter how I place the chair height @ithayla it was hard to describe so I saved a pic circled in red?? LOL I guess it's not exactly a shoulderblade @Catdemon_CD noooo @Dasorine whats worse is I think everybody is working from home now LOL, so I cant even ASK @Dasorine exactly, but regardless it is a perfect setup and I DONT KNOW THE FORMULA @VLXCAT RIGHT!! I cant figure out what it is no matter what height I set my chair at LOL. like is it the chair??? the DESK THICKNESS?does anyone else have experience with how to figure out the "correct setup" for this kind of thing... like why are… about the height of my chair relative to my cintiq is not quite right but i cant figure out what, and alw… @carnivorousjel1 I really like how the site just never changed its layout and is still exactly the same as it was,… @HouseHippoArt i havent actually drawn water WHOOSHINg for so long but maybe i should start again @milkbreadtoast he is my fav protag in one punch man TT @carnivorousjel1 i did for a BRIEF MOMENT IN TIME and that is where I found my oldests posts on the internet LOL @elbowrocket same here, most of my feed is what people are LIKING or retweeting and barely anyone's actual posts @SashaDistan SJDFK HAHA and then I stayed chaoslavawolf for the next 6ish years of my life because it stuck with me too hard to change it 😭 @k04sk @gamutfeathers this isnt first edition or shadowless, so it would likely be around $3k tops even for a grade… @gamutfeathers I see a 1999 charizard, i click like @ClaytonIsDaBomb LMAO it's all good, I realistically did seem to combine aspects of all the big cats in my brain an… @ChloeCarterArts AH thank you chloe!! :') @magical_scope haha ITS ALL GOOD @magical_scope it is ok, it seems that I myself didnt know the differences between tigers, jaguars, cheetahs, and l… @DiailyDarudas I have, but I'm unfortunately no longer doing private commissions @_lulles_ right idk man lmaoooo @ClaytonIsDaBomb it's shockingly supposed to be a jaguar (I didnt know the difference between a jaguar, cheetah, an… @GapingInnuendo completely normal and reasonablethe last time I made one of these posts (I think it was the 2009 vs 2019 meme) and specified my age in the child dr… @Nefariousnitro omg, I really appreciate it- thank you😭 @Nefariousnitro thank you!! @rosewhiplash619 I LAUGHED @ArielWa21574742 I actually didnt consider this aspect, but one can think of it as the tiger being upside down here… @ziqqix AW ZI, thank you 😭relic description I wrote in 2005 and one of my oldest posts that still exist online LOL it started how it's going 2005 2019
@tossadoo IT WOULD BE SO EASY..... @Comet_117 it really is sadly :( I remember there was a moment when people were thinking about changing artist plat… @Squiddiez ahhhh SAD @chutkat same! Thats been my feed too, which is so much the opposite of what we want LOL @Catdemon_CD that is so odd, like what is even the use of that function then LOL @OurBraveHero damn, I'm sorry... but also same, though not at the same scale, but proportionately my tweets havent… @hibbary I kinda wish the main artist platform just stayed deviantart @EarthwormGods same here... actually even if I just open a new window, it's a different feed @thatonemidget that is so strange? wtf @magical_scope whaaat really?? amazing.... @elbowrocket time for me to perishso I was just talking with a GOOD friend and we realized she only sees half of my tweets, despite her clicking like… it started // How it's going 2013 // 2020(unfinished ver) Okay, no joke this time :P
Retweeted by Fiona HsiehHi #PortfolioDay! I'm Xelgot, a Mexican freelance illustrator and Concept Artist. I love drawing fantasy character…
Retweeted by Fiona Hsieh @arvalis I picked manga initially, and then remembered that I shouldve picked TV shows because of the fact that it also includes anime 🙃🙃🙃 @LilEgg666 I do ship abroad! (once my regular shop re-opens in a couple weeks LOL) Thanks very much!! @DevinElleKurtz my heart is touched @AtlassArts oh thank you so much!! 😭 @_lulles_ ahaha I hope so, thank you! 😭 @G0ldnFen1x @lyonlickers THANK YOU! dm'd you!! @JonathanReyesFU @G0ldnFen1x @lyonlickers thank you!!
@lyonlickers OF COURSE!! I'll dm you for your info and this will be shipped out in a couple days :DWINNERS!!! I definitely did not expect such a big response to this giveaway ;; @G0ldnFen1x will receive Ho-oh and… @JediTimeSaiyan THANK U DANIEL!!!