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@Holly_bops Try Feather and Black.In today's @theipaper, I interviewed Jeremy Paxman who was, to my surprise, absolutely DELIGHTFUL. We talked podcas…
Retweeted by Fiona Sturges @MikeDiver Are we T2? @MrPMHarrison I know. So hard to anticipate the anxiety of millions whose livelihoods are on the lineGovernment tier-finder already a balls-up. Quelle surprise. @SteveDoherty1 Hahaha. Excellent. @thedalstonyears @theipaper Thank you!Here he is getting all mushy about his dog 💕 today's @theipaper, I interviewed Jeremy Paxman who was, to my surprise, absolutely DELIGHTFUL. We talked podcas… @nadineshah OMG! Adore them both.
@Ceri_Roberts Not L’s class sadly. Full two-week lockdown. Bah. @Ceri_Roberts Fingers crossed Y10 can hold out. This has absolutely ballsed up L’s birthday plans too. Misery. @KatyaTaylor Yikes!According to the Mail's report, the girls that were spoken to are between 12 and 18. We're not just talking about s… a member of staff can't focus on his job around young women and girls in sports clothing, then he needs to be re… spectacular piece of writing by @Claire_Bushey on the nature of loneliness. @Dorianlynskey @JonathanDean_ Keep going. The focus shifts to Caitlin in the second ep, and then broadens out further to their friends. @helenbarrett YES! "Oh, jet lag, is it? How absolutely dreadful for you." @ruhawksley @hannahbeckerman @KatyaTaylor No, I reckon extraordinary covers it. You imagine things have changed for… @helenbarrett Or writing on the flight home, while catastrophically hungover. Feeling very wistful now... @helenbarrett I imagine they must be a thing of the past now, for interviews at least. The Zoom genie is out of the bottle : (( @KatyaTaylor @ruhawksley Yes, same here. "Fuck a fresher" was a mantra thrown about without caution or consequence.… @DayTripper_RC yup @helenbarrett Yes, you're probably right. I saw it in Brighton Centre, so snug in comparison to O2. Press trip to NYC in 2021 maybe? @verddegris Misery all round. @helenbarrett Totally. I can't think of a show that has blown my mind in the way that one did. @helenbarrett Looking forward to reading this. I've just watched the film and have been basking in the joy of it al… @MikeDiver Oh, I'm so sorry. That's a whole different level of stress. Mine's a minor moan. @susiemesure Yeah, there's a timetable. Plus GCSE options hoving into view. @enwhitehurst Oh man...Ah, home-schooling. We meet again 😭💀😭
@redshadegreen @msmirandasawyer @Emmabarnett The sad thing is, in many ways he's not wrong. It happens everywhere,… @msmirandasawyer @Emmabarnett Yes, all that. Absolutely mesmerising to get into the mindset of one of these morons. Bravo Emma. @Emmabarnett @bbc5live Brilliant work. So important that men hear this.Brilliant, unsettling @Emmabarnett convo w/ "George", a lifelong cat-caller, on 5Live earlier. George regards young… @sportingintel When Harry Met Sally, for the extraordinary writing and its massive, beautiful heart.
@LeanderReeves 😂 @floral_teapot @hammerotass @eleanormorgan @Emmabarnett @bbc5live Experience tells me that engagement of any kind i… @katieglassST *applause* @badseamus I'm not big into bingeing, but I still like to watch when I want to rather than when a scheduler tells me I have to. @hammerotass @eleanormorgan @Emmabarnett @bbc5live My advice is usually not to react in any way, especially if on y… is interesting. I don't agree with all of it (I rarely watch at the scheduled time) but there's something to b… @eleanormorgan @Emmabarnett @bbc5live I've had to tutor my 13yo in how to handle this and it makes me sick to my st… @Emmabarnett @bbc5live JESUSIt's Monday so here's my @FTLifeArts pod column on @johnsweeneyroar's new series Hunting Ghislaine, the first episo…
@susiemesure We haven't for the whole lockdown. Have got very comfortable with being antisocial. @catthetwatblog @lw_mj89 @FTLifeArts Oh Cat. I'm so sorry. And yet you will understand, for reasons I can't outline… this weekend's @FTLifeArts, I talked to Louis Theroux about the nature of interviewing, professional envy and be…
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@sportingintel @louistheroux Nick! Thank you!OK, gentlemen of the internet, you can stop explaining things to me that I've spent time thinking, researching and… @AnnalisaB Coming from you, that's a lovely compliment Xx @AnnalisaB I adore my pets. But I would say that children make a lot of promises in order to get them, and don't al… @ChrisFrantzTTC @leebrackstone @WhiteRabbitBks Yes, as pointed out in the review. The author is a clear fan, so rat… @lw_mj89 @FTLifeArts Ha. I wonder if @catthetwatblog has noticed. She might have something to say about it too 😂Here's my @Guardian review of William S Burroughs and the Cult of Rock’n’Roll by Casey Rae, which looks at the Nake… @leebrackstone @WhiteRabbitBks @CaseyContrarian OUT AT LAST! @rhiannonlucyc Depends entirely on the cat. I've had loads of cats over the years and none have tried to eat the tr… @LukeCustardtv @FTLifeArts He'd been on my list for a long time too. Really interesting guy. @emmavj @FTLifeArts Same on Ruby W. He told me that was precisely why he asked her on to the podcast. @jamesmoran This thread could also be describing sexual harassers. Exactly the same behaviour: gaslighting of victi… really like how upfront he is about professional envy (the Jon here is Jon Ronson). I'm sure lots of successful,… this weekend's @FTLifeArts, I talked to Louis Theroux about the nature of interviewing, professional envy and be… @sirbernardh I meant the actors obvs @Eamonn_Forde GN told me once that Bowie hated him so much he had him thrown off the set off Kenny Everett's TV Christmas Special
Do you think the Dr Whos do this as well? @ladyhaja I bet he longs to be called Andrew now, as opposed to all the other names people are using for him. @ClarissaPabi @PolyesterZine @galdemzine @slayinyourlane @blackhistory777 @outofhome_ams @TPpodcast_ @MuradMerali @DemTimes Thank you! @WeAreWhoWeAreF1 @Independent Thank you! And no worries! @antoniacundy I loved it. An extraordinary doc. @LizTray SOLD! (Thank you) @LizTray No! And thank you! @andyonpaper Yes, I loved that too. @davesimps0n @BBC6Music LOOK AT THAT LITTLE FACE @steviehertz I agree, it was wonderful @johneshields Yes, I loved it too.Here's my @Independent arts column on the brilliant We Are Who We Are, and how I refuse to grow out of coming-of-ag… @laurasnapes Thank you! @jlsinc Absolutely agree. It was extraordinarySome lovely suggestions here - do keep them coming. It's obviously OK to plug your own pods, but I'm most intereste…
@TonyChurnside @FallingTreeProd @mrkimnoble Mine too. @PipStewart @AshBhardwaj @TravelBarrell might be interested in this too @Dempster2000 It does! And I never got round to listening to it, so good call x @edmorrish @nickfthilton Can you do it in a maximum of three tweets? @nickfthilton @edmorrish Excellent. I'll cut and paste the lot and claim it as my own work. @edmorrish @nickfthilton Haha. Noted. @FallingTreeProd *waves* Did you hear The Constellation Prize pod? I think it might possibly be up your street x @_Ben_Walker @syncboxpost Thank you! @edmorrish @nickfthilton Thank you! @notphoton Love the sound of this! @SaintCirce @M_Z_Harrison I loved it too! @LightHealing Not at all! There's a lot of good stuff out there that I missed, on account of there not being enough… @BBCdementiapod @Vicky_McClure Will check it out, thanks. @LightHealing Oh I LOVED this. @ItsSophieDavies Thank you! @Narcomania This sounds excellent @trinmiller It's 2020 ones I'm interested in at the moment as I'm getting ready to write an end-of-year round-up. @betamother Well this is new information. Thank you! @deboc77 Oh, that's a great call. I heard good things about it and then never got round to listening. @samatlounge @SamBaker Very much agree. @rising I think mini-series count, yes. And NWP - good call!