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Arts writer & columnist @guardian @FT @theipaper @independent etc. "Rampant feminist snowflake" - Piers Morgan. "Well-known lunatic" - man on the internet

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@pennyb Ugh. Hope it lifts soon x @pennyb Same here on the migraine front. Two days of relentless drilling inside my head followed by two days of fog…
@alimkheraj It’s extraordinary isn’t it?As well as appearing to be a decent human being, Andy Burnham really has the most outrageous eyelashes. Yes, I'm al… @vickygreer33 Invoice them! A blogger did this with a piece of mine (complete with byline) and didn’t want to remov…! 🐒
@AmandaPCraig Oh she has - and jobs come and go. But she's been shoddily treated in this instance, I think.This is so awful. Gillian is an absolute legend and shouldn't have been treated this way. And no publication should… @msmirandasawyer @BBCRadio4 @JohnWilson14 Oh man. Am going to listen to this after I've filed. Just thankful that I… @msmirandasawyer @BBCRadio4 @JohnWilson14 Good grief, that's awful.
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Retweeted by Fiona Sturges @eleanormorgan Oh sweet Jesus, this is wonderful"Jewish families under Nazi rule were scrambling to get their children out of the Reich. Newspaper advertisements w… @katehutchinson @RachelBrods Tesla a joke - 10/10
@Lovelivemusicuk @chrissalmon Excellent! Also, thinking about calling them out on Twitter. I did it the other week… @Lovelivemusicuk @chrissalmon BLOODY HELL. I think you should send them that invoice with all the accrued interest.… @Webwrights_BB @FTLifeArts If you read the piece (which tells the whole story), you'll see that the next line after… @DayTripper_RC Bravo SarahLove it. Exactly what a books dept should look like.
@katehutchinson Ooooh @albumtoalbum Ugh. Solidarity. Hateful behaviour. @MyNameIsAd Thank you! @ElisabethGeake Thank you! @KatyaTaylor Ugh. So bloody tiresome. @PatrickStrud @ParklandWalk How utterly vile. I'm so sorry, hope you're OK x @monkeyinacoma Aha thank you! @stevenackerman Aha! Thank you! @brettsr It's totally insane and it needs to stop (thanks for the reminders tho) @emmavj Uh huh. The J Stone pod is called ... wait for it ... A Cuppa Happy @JoshTANoble It's Nirvana, Bikini Kill and Hole all the way for my teen. @helenbarrett Thank you! @PaulEnglishhack God yes. May they be ghosted by editors and finance depts for eternity. @schmemma Thank you! @AlixFox I REMEMBER THIS POD @RodneyP34097667 @LauraCummingArt AMAZING! @emmaswannphoto Oh yes! Thank u! @ItsSophieDavies OMG, thank you. Didn't know about the first two. @HoratioClare But the Theroux one is excellent. @HoratioClare Don't apologise. Several of them are, as you suspect, total balls. @katehutchinson Yes! Still reeling from that one. Thank you. @HoratioClare I love that pod. (And I wouldn't besmirch her good name by calling her a celeb!) @ProfSJJames David Tennant's is a bit older but OF COURSE, the Obama/Bruce - thank you @stevie_chick Great - thank you.For a thing, can any of you lovely people remind me of the famouses who have launched a podcast since the first loc… @mattbsgrv *gangster voice* No one fucks me over for £100 and the cost of a train ticket, Matt.Time for the weekly ritual of "Where's my money?" emails. Let it be known that, when chasing unpaid invoices, I wil… > “Subjects such as music connect us to the essence of what it is to be human… They are the fount of wellbeing… @KatiePuckrik @spreadthatfire @tomfordyce @joshhollands Aaahhh OK, I got the wrong end of the stick. But yes, mad c… @KatiePuckrik @spreadthatfire @tomfordyce @joshhollands Last week I read that Abel Meeropol, who wrote "Strange Fru…
Just finished the last ep of @Rose_Matafeo's comedy Starstruck on @bbcthree and it is the purest joy. Big-hearted,… @KarlynLKing Try @IAmBeckish, she's brill! @lucytweet1 My skincare secret: being 21. The end. @SteveDoherty1 Exactly. I particularly enjoyed JM making this series about a journalist and woman of colour subject… @SteveDoherty1 His abuse of a Guardian journo who dared to write that LoD had lost its way was extraordinary.For the sake of consistency, I do hope Jed Mercurio is going through Twitter and publicly abusing all the viewers w…'s Monday, so here's my @FTLifeArts column on Life Jolt, a pod series from @cbcpodcasts looking at life in a wome… @sarahditum If you read the piece, you'll see it was her idea.Laura Snapes interviews Billie Eilish for Vogue. A++
@ObviouslyItsJaz Ha! @mary_novakovich Makes me want to commit a serious crime @BriW74 More than I earn in a month, I'd imagine.Who knew that witness protection was basically one long Lenor advert? #LineofDutyFinaleAnd can it now be a matter of record thatJames Nesbitt's full role was, in fact, a photo of him sunbathing? #LineofDutyFinale @pollybirkbeck My thoughts exactlyThe writers clearly buckled under the pressure
Retweeted by Fiona Sturges @KatyaTaylor YupChloe solved the whole thing. Does she get any credit? Does she fuck #justiceforchloe #LineofDutyFinaleAre you telling me H doesn't have autocorrect? #LineOfDuty @ChloeHubbard @MarkAPierceNE From Dartmoor. Still love it when I'm there and an older woman calls me "my lover"Well Starstruck is completely lovely isn't it? @helenbarrett Love it @gerardmac4 @MarkAPierceNE Yes! And 'I'll be gwin now"I also miss being called 'maid' - though anyone who called me that anywhere else in the country would get a kick in the shins. @SimonOHagan What does it mean? @MarkAPierceNE I'm from Dartmoor. Widecombe closest village but, in reality, no neighbours for miles. @MarkAPierceNE Forgot gurt! Is that Devon or is it bit more Somerset/Wilts/Glos? @heawood Snicket - what a lovely word!What words give away where you grew up? Me: grockle and scats. (Fellow Devon brethren will know...)
@BlueMouth4 What you believe means little when you clearly know nothing about - and haven't attempted to comprehend… @Minderbinder12 @Independent How about you read the piece? Your question is answered in literally the first paragraphSmug hosts, sanctimonious speeches, numb backsides all round. My @Independent arts column on why televised awards c…
The men of the internet really are outdoing themselves right now. @NickAnthonyMic1 @tracymarsgrant1 @guypratt @msmirandasawyer Nope, I write about (and thus raise the profile of) po… @NickAnthonyMic1 @tracymarsgrant1 @guypratt @msmirandasawyer As I've just said, I do appear on other people's podca… @alexmarshall81 Is this the Covid clubbing experiment?? @NickAnthonyMic1 @tracymarsgrant1 @guypratt @msmirandasawyer Part of my job is literally writing about podcasts and… @NickAnthonyMic1 @tracymarsgrant1 @guypratt @msmirandasawyer Gosh, well thanks for explaining the power balance to… @NickAnthonyMic1 @tracymarsgrant1 @guypratt @msmirandasawyer You absolutely can if that representation is a blatant…"The most perfect place to sit and contract a withering form of dementia while wanging on about multi-wife Tories."… @SianySianySiany @UKWritingAwards @annacod You are doing a great thing x @MrMichaelSpicer While watching films, my daughter and I play a game of 'sexist bullshit bingo' on this theme. Most… @BlueMouth4 Because of people like you, mainly @UKWritingAwards @SianySianySiany @annacod OMG! @Catcopywriting We’ve had similar convos and now I just can’t go there. V little understanding that if you’ve been… @alicevjones YIKES @emmako Totally. Men who laugh along, or pretend they haven't seen it, or stay silent out of discomfort or loyalty… @katehutchinson I mean, they'd probably screw it up - but we can dream @DrMatthewSweet @BBCFreeThinking Has to do with the delineation between high art and popular culture, and the overl… @freeandfiguring OK thanks. I'm afraid it's a bit too early for my purposes (am currently looking for late June/Jul…