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Gamer, partnered Twitch Streamer. DND Nerd, Asst. Manager for WouldYouKindly 8LD3CG

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@shadNolympia Bloody crazy man that you are.We're live! We're early! We're checking out the new Rimworld DLC! Oh.. and someone tonight is gonna get yelled at!… where is my mother trucking Metal??
@wgrates That is literally Blue 90% of the time she sleeps in the bed in my office lol. @TheAznInvasionX @jempanada3 Yep.. had it happen to me a few days ago.. luckily it just seemed to be randomly gener… @EdEMonster The same number of days for Doom Eternal @djfluffkins I got you, I literally have an emote for this..., guess who has two thumbs and has an interview for a new job Wed.
Hey you people out there. We're live! My slow decent into insanity continues... More RLCraft @simplyjxn @GlamShatterskll @badnewsbaron Completely detached and self absorbed post making a tenuous connection to current conversation. @Andy_Lunique You see that in almost every job these days. They put Senior in the job title. Ask for a degree + 5 y… has been a hell of a rough start to 2020 for me. The past two months have been literal hell and the only reason… @OverBoredGaming @RobAndDan @DomesticDan @Goobers515 @InexpensiveGamR @Romcommm @omgvandi Congrats for that and wel…'re live. Don't worry.. won't last long... not in the nightmare known as RLcraft! @GlamShatterskll @CohhCarnage Man I miss DAOC. It was always fun times racing to Darkness Falls after slugging it out on the frontier.
@alexmonney @Nightris_ Are you saying you don't like Samoas? @simplyjxn YAY! Good on you! Kick some butt! @wgrates Awww hell, I'm so sorry bud. Ivy and Buddy will be romping around with all the other good bois and girls.Oh hey there! We're live! You should probably stop by and see someone slowly lose their mind....… should all blame @Goobers515 for the fact that I have only gotten ONE thing done out of a laundry list of stuff… @landoffacts @Leto Overhyped. Gimme @SteaknShake any day.. also I would kill to have one open near me... just sayin' @Goobers515 @wouldyoukindly @RobAndDan @DarkestDungeon @OverBoredGaming @DomesticDan @Romcommm @InexpensiveGamR yawp!A Day With WYK starts tomorrow at Noon EST on @RobAndDan 's channel! The team will have 12 hours to beat the…
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@TheHunterWildTV Good lord man! Hope you get back on your feet soon! @OfficialFarEm Awwww Doood.... much love bro!, that was an insane stream today. We unlocked another emote for crying out loud! Thanks @Barnacules for bringing…
@iKasperr Generally.. if you can't get it or don't have time to make it you can always grab a can home style, put a… @iKasperr Garlic Chicken Noodle Soup.We're live! Time for some more pawns to lose their minds! Rimworld Continues. @SimmerPlayer27 @RoryPlays_ @Goobers515 @DomesticDan @littlesiha @LadyAderissa @snowlitTV @OverBoredGaming another night off after losing Buddy is probably not a bad idea in itself. I'm getting way more pissed off… @seriouslyclara Well, they are obviously an idiot. @RichardHammerTV @EllohimeTwitch I was a competitive before I started streaming... I was... not a nice person when… here is the deal. I'm still wrestling with getting the old dryer out and the new dryer installed. Unlikely the…
@Goobers515 Couldn't resist. Love ya brother! lol @Rabidwombat442 Hell I've been told that, asked to see their benefits and it wasn't even close to competitive. Not… @Goobers515 I thought she was just promoting your usual "unique" method of streaming at first... you want experience, you want top field performers... be willing to pay for that experience and level of performance. Good lord...I have to chuckle at companies that look for Software Testers, require at least 5 years experience, want you to hav… @SpencerWest @DomesticDan @djWHEAT @Bizsnes @Twitch It was a great resource to have.. common meeting spot, good ent… excuse me? I'm all about this.. @Ezekiel_III Alien Resurrection was the comedy reliefI've done it! I've come up with my rebrand! I'm the Schlitz of Twitch! @Diction top off what has to be the worst beginning of a year ever, I had to say goodbye to this good boi today. I have t…
@omglazerkittens @505_Games Ayyyy! Congratulations!I am SO very tired of the constant rain of shit that has dumped on me the past 4 months. It wears on the soul, it r… honestly don't know how the American Health Industry and big Pharma can live with themselves. Beginning of the ye… @elgatogaming It looks something like.... them squirrels... way for me to feel, I know. But think about this... he had no reason or need to say anything of the sort or say he'd recommend me.You know.. I actually appreciate the VP that gave me the news about the RIF... My old boss called me today and appa…'m not in a great head space today for stream on top of getting about 3 hours of sleep thanks to insomnia. I'll se… I'm on board with this aren't you @domesticdan? #RTXOn
@bobbyhill2019 That'a Fair and appropriate.Send halp! I've got 5 new emotes to plan and no clues!!! @Goobers515 @tchelicongaming You endorsed this! You just HAD to reply with a Double Duh! @katestark've said it before. I'll say it again and continue to say it. My community is nuts. They are generous souls who su…
We're live! 7 Days to die time! Streaming with the other half so.. 1 Day to kill each other? Let's find out!… @TimeJumper319 @simplyjxn Basically the same environment, just colder and a bit more trees. @simplyjxn Heh. It rained a lot over here so.... good luck?Well, for some insane reason you guys wanted it. Today you get it. I'll be playing 7 Days to Die with the other hal… @AliciaMarieBODY I expect this would be about right... @Sm0kal0ke @Nelstar15 Just call him Slateson @Goobers515 @simplyjxn Wenatchee isn't bad. You can book White water raft runs there. Fun time ;) @simplyjxn Yeah, Leavenworth is always cool to check out.
The Paqui One Chip Challenge is imminent. @FirecrowTV's folly of underestimating the dingusry of the WouldYouKindly…
Retweeted by Firecrow @hiimjade What.. I... why you do this Jade.... why?We're live! More Rim World because... well I'm nuts? Paqui One Chip Challenge today as well since we passed 1000 su… @Levelupdice The only skill that matters... rolling natural 1 er, wait.... @JayBrotatoe Could be something as simple as crystals. Hoping for the best.
Hey you! Yeah You! Afternoon Bonus cast! I'm in the mood to ruin some pawns lives! Rimworld!… @CSpoonerPFN @Viking_Lass Honestly? You probably COULD put cake mix in a rice cooker. @Romcommm Heh.. That would have been one of the FIRST things I tested. @Viking_Lass You can also put Cake Mix in a Waffle maker... ponder THAT! @rinnboi @DanieltheDemon Happy Birthday Bud!When the day ends and your mind settles and everything that happened today sinks in....
@Gamer_Riku That's great to hear!!! @AznSensation27 Giant. Steam. Powered. Spider. @AznSensation27 Dammit Azn... no, no I will NOT watch this abomination of a movie... no.... @meaninglessInMO @Barnacules @Microsoft Both honestly. The new VPs never met me, never talked to me, never talked t… Get's Riffed "I'm going to take a week andd detox from the job" Also me: sends off a billion resumes... @renee That actually looks like it plays a lot like a Mass Effect game.. at least the combat and cover usage. @Graphoniac VR rigs. I want VR rigs.. @Barnacules @Microsoft Yeah.. they are at least going to give me the bonus but... really unwise of them to get rid… @TinyPixxels @ORIGINPC Hah! I WISH I was that lucky. I seriously need a new streaming rig! :p bad part of this is I turned down a (slightly) better paying position not long ago because, with my daughters c… appreciate everyone reaching out. Thank you. The fact of it is the new upper management has no idea that I'm thei… anyone need a Senior QA/Test Lead with over 20 years experience.. I can throw in 6 years as a Twitch Partner o… @VorAbaddon Yeah.. I get a severance.. a whopping 2 weeks and once the bonus is approved by the board. At least today is covered by PTO. @Graphoniac I'm apparently due some major negative karma for something in my past or past life. get an Exceeds Expectations yearly review.... and I get a call from work this morning informing me they are "…'re live! Time to get building again! Checking out the new update to Satisfactory! Always a special day when your clothes dryer motor is fried and you need it working to get your daughters bedding clean daily...
@Goobers515 @Romcommm @InexpensiveGamR @LogitechG @alexmonney @Goobers515 @Romcommm @alexmonney @InexpensiveGamR @DomesticDan @LogitechG @Romcommm @alexmonney @Goobers515 @InexpensiveGamR @DomesticDan @LogitechG Like he needs any more encouragement @InexpensiveGamR @Dixiespork @spofiee Yeah, I would definitely go with clip reels and clip compositions. I generall…