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musician, Final Fantasy VII ultra, video game scenario writer, love people, destroy capitalism and loot its corpse (she/her) #NeurodivergentCrimeSquad

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@makeupaguy My dad is a dead sea scroll scholar and he has literally had multiple students tell him that they are t…
Retweeted by lockdown two-p rankinghomestuck ceasing to bother with 'allegory' i see ANYONE in this dogshit horrible world going to point out at any time that saying "anti-capitalism is anti-Semiti… couldn’t just walk past this Tweet, so here is some fun #dataviz Scented candles: An unexpected victim of the CO…
Retweeted by lockdown two-p ranking @SpleenDave @BareLeft I do not think in the current circumstances thinking is the biggest issue is necessarily irra… @BierStarmer Do some squats while you're waiting for the fire brigade @SpleenDave @BareLeft I don't think it's the most important issue either and it wasn't when it happened, but now it…’re putting this in Spider-Verse 2 if we have any self respect at all
Retweeted by lockdown two-p ranking @SpleenDave @BareLeft but it's the monomaniacs who got us to THAT point too. Discussing nothing but Brexit in such… thing with Illustrator is that it had a horrible workflow from a distant time before vector was used for everyt… i bought Affinity Designer in the Black Friday sale and... you should do that. Affinity Photo feels like an offb… @SpleenDave @BareLeft That's reasonable, yeah. I mean, my own analysis is based on the fact that it is going to hap… @BareLeft But thinking it is the biggest problem I don't think is inherently irrational. The irrationality is if yo… @BareLeft Do I think it's the biggest problem? Welllllllll depends what you mean by biggest. I definitely think it is a very big problem @BareLeft I'm being regularly fucked up by Brexit because of how close it is and seriously I cannot even correctly… @BareLeft I don't necessarily think it's about whether you think Brexit is the biggest problem, and more about whet… dad was trying to remember the name of "the shit Marx Brother they added later who used to come on in a suit and… everybody I am currently doing a therapy-themed personality and my friends on WhatsApp are being terrorised b…
how are we in the same year as large boulder the size of a small boulder
Retweeted by lockdown two-p ranking @DurstApologist Have never seen people who are winning and getting everything they want be so wimpy about it. You'r… was like I went through some Ayahuasca experience that taught me that I want to fuck an expensive carI just remember feeling the texture of the sliproads of CGI tarmac like it was all along my tongueDon't take this as an insult to the transformers movies. I saw Transformers 4 in an IMAX in a sort of animatronic f… @TheMirai I actually wept laughing at this @TheMirai I made a joke that with the three hours she could have watched Transformers 2 and she said (dead serious)… Good the Bad and the Ugly is an mlm slowburn AUThe older I get the more I realise that it wasn't me who got uni wrong, I genuinely was just surrounded by a load o… cannot believe I made it through uni hyperfixated on Sergio Leone movies without ever encountering another human… beginning of The Good The Bad and The Ugly on Channel 5 reminded me of when I got my high school best friend to… wolves live inside you; they have formed an improv group and you have no power over them
Retweeted by lockdown two-p ranking @ire_engine Thanks, it didn't, I think.why is it that computers are in everything now and yet if your wifi blips for a second you still can't resume your downloadthis is so bone-headed
Retweeted by lockdown two-p ranking @judenonesuch I'm obviously not trying to override the entire body of physiotherapy and sports anatomy with this tw… @judenonesuch I still think the philosophy is useful for a lot of reasons, particularly for situations where you fe… of course if you have had a doctor prescribe a specific physio routine or you are actively following a yoga p… @judenonesuch Don't knock it until you've tried it @geeoharee Dogs and cats know how to stretch when they get sore but us, the monkeys with anxiety, invent ways to forget we can also do that @geeoharee It is obvious and depressingly I only worked it out yesterday. I have no idea why they didn't teach us this in school @mynnoj @cymrurouge Genius(note that "you don't need to do someone else's stretching routine" does not mean you shouldn't, like, stretch. Jus…, even if you feel stupid, find a room away from other people, put down a mat if you have one, close your… incredibly hippieish but very useful lifehack is that you don't have to do someone else's dumb stretching routin… a terrible time reading the backstory of Ghost, the Modern Warfare 'character'
Retweeted by lockdown two-p rankingless than one week ago someone yelled at (I think) @inthesedeserts for connecting britishness and noncing, and yet
Retweeted by lockdown two-p rankingThis sent me reeling
Retweeted by lockdown two-p rankingThe pomposity to ignorance ratio is off the charts on The Times’ letter page this morning.
Retweeted by lockdown two-p rankingadhd
Retweeted by lockdown two-p ranking(thinking about the job interview I had in 2015) so looks like NEITHER of us knew in the end, bitch @casperdafriend @TheFightingArt They also got in on television early while the other studios were desperately tryin… @casperdafriend @TheFightingArt Once Disney was making dramatic storytelling in the more prestigious feature format… @casperdafriend @TheFightingArt Disney were (and are) undoubtedly technical masters and innovators but I think what… @ElSandifer @Matthew_Kilburn one striking thing about his take is that there is nearly no Hinchcliffe in there. and… @ElSandifer @Matthew_Kilburn What Who does he like? 5 is obviously his default image, but it's a kind of fanonised… @ElSandifer @Matthew_Kilburn Producing approximately the same amount of series as there are years would probably ha…
@ElSandifer @Matthew_Kilburn Chib is painfully 80s geeky (so is embarrassed about everything camp about Who) but is… @ElSandifer @Matthew_Kilburn i think i said a couple of years ago that Chib had finally turned the show into what p…'m staring at the decision to drop the (clearly iconic) plunger and realizing once again that Chris Chibnall's ent…
Retweeted by lockdown two-p ranking @rollerska8er then you watch something like - not even a remembered something, but a forgotten something, like The… @rollerska8er the thing with classic Disney shorts is that they're ALMOST good in this very numbing way, so you can… @Dreamboum try the bottom rowHave you tried initiating a chronic inflammatory response to the problem?
Retweeted by lockdown two-p rankingyeah, the first colour cartoons and the first talky cartoons and the first feature length cartoon and 'the illusion… he recruited Disney animators specifically to do those sequences. it's not subtlethis isn't even a boring retroactive opinion. A standard Tex Avery gag would be to open a cartoon with saccharine c… a tedious anti-Disney bore as I get older. Fleischer and MGM and Looney Tunes were making toons that were… @ComboBarry @mynnoj @cymrurouge tree is Conservative Partyi'll be honest, Black Friday is not even on the top 50 of my list of things i hate about the current economic system(trying to make a popular post) if your favourite one as a kid was either Wakko or Dot, but deep down you knew you were Yakko, you have ADHD @RobThez Dug this out, because I think this was the 'British accent joke' that broke me:
Retweeted by lockdown two-p rankingthe plugin I ended up getting on sale is AKAI VIP 3.1 Plus, which comes bundled with a zillion goodies (plus the sh… in a pile of black friday VST deals emailsImagine going to an ayahuasca retreat and all that happens is you see visions of all the posters you've been feudin… tiers x coalfields
Retweeted by lockdown two-p ranking @NARFNra If you are asking about an interaction between stimulants and caffeine, then yes there is one and I have h… @NARFNra I hear in America it's Adderall they try and get everyone on. I have never done it but methylphenidate sui… @NARFNra The type of brain pill I take is methylphenidate and what I have learned is that it makes the vague awful… @johnbrownsbooty There used to be a real anvil brand called Acme @videoblivion @LysandraAriella Incidentally like.... what kind of music did these guys make if they didn't like dru… @LysandraAriella This is actually just ink on scrap paper but thank you. I am a researcher @LysandraAriella Hip-hop in 2020 is about as old as rock 'n' roll was between the first rock n roll songs and Fucki… @LysandraAriella I understand a lot of people are still really angry about what happened to rock 'n' roll but like.… @videoblivion @LysandraAriella God what tedious nerds @LysandraAriella Yeah the thing with Post Malone is that he would be an appropriating dick in any genre of music in… @LysandraAriella I mean this isn't saying that white people making hip-hop shouldn't be respectful and non-racist i… @LysandraAriella WOW THIS IS SOME REALLY OLD SCHOOL RACISM from like "erotic jungle rhythms" era @LysandraAriella It's so culturally illiterate to think in 2020 white people are trying to appropriate hip-hop inst…, Prestwich, Preston, York, Skipton, Scunthorpe, Scarboro-on-Sea, Chester, Chorley, Cheadle Hulme, Ormskir…
Retweeted by lockdown two-p rankingIdiotically took my brain pill just before lunch so I suppose I will have no appetite thenhoney it wasn’t momentum saying this 🥴
Retweeted by lockdown two-p rankingAsked my dad how old he was before he found out that anvils are real @SteffanBlayney @DurstApologist One of my enemies signed me up to OZY and it doesn't seem to respond to unsubscribe requestsThe Kraken - Sidney Powell's lawsuit that will supposedly blow Biden out of the water has been released. And it's n…
Retweeted by lockdown two-p rankingGame writers have a much tougher job than they’re credited for. The reason most game plots aren’t spectacular is be…
Retweeted by lockdown two-p rankingjust got ps0
Retweeted by lockdown two-p ranking @rollerska8er When I do them, I roast them in my butter and miso sauce. Absolutely divinemaybe ur crush loves u back in the spanish dubbed version of ur life
Retweeted by lockdown two-p rankingA small recommendation for in between: The creator of this Bitsy game loved Pokémon and especially Mew back when sh…
Retweeted by lockdown two-p rankingCave Story is one of the most important games every made and I will 100% recommend you do not buy it. Download the…
Retweeted by lockdown two-p rankingThe incredibly trippy-looking ocellated turkey, a relative of American wild turkeys that lives in Central America.…
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