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the Coppola Dracula is a very good movie, actually @dragoninns no @BrndnStrssng @teesenscene I'm still waiting for the Kelly Reichardt tee to come back once my size is available lol @ashwllliams ADSADADADASDSAD @ScottMendelson Am fine with that!wait so standing with jeremy corbyn means no capeshit? hell yeah @jojochalamet original is better tho @jojochalamet good movie!Finally managed to get a full-length film review done for my first time in over... two months? @untitleduser Oh no... @NabariNoBro Need to get my hands on this one at some point, wonder how well I'd fare considering how much I struggled with Bloodborne lol @yubinsiyeon very bad
@wescravn cinema!!Quote tweet with a double bill you recommend working so many hours that in June your studio head sent out an email apologizing to everyone’s spouses/par…
Retweeted by Jaime (Lee Curtis) Rebanalshot - chaser
Retweeted by Jaime (Lee Curtis) Rebanaloh look, my faith in humanity slowly vanishing by the minute @ballardiangorse why not (also for a research project on Dracula movies)OK - you know what? It was worth it just for this BLUE VELVET/MUPPET MOVIE mashup.
Retweeted by Jaime (Lee Curtis) Rebanal @based_confused good movie!Apparently, under socialism, AOC also lives in all of your heads rent-free
Retweeted by Jaime (Lee Curtis) Rebanal @captchadaddy this looks like it was made by COVID denierswatching the Coppola Dracula movieLGBT BBC staff can't attend LGBT events? The BBC can fuck riiiiight off.
Retweeted by Jaime (Lee Curtis) Rebanala story in 4 parts
Retweeted by Jaime (Lee Curtis) RebanalPaperhouse (1988, Bernard Rose) - ✯✯✯✯½ First-time viewing. @TheSparkKn1ght @Tony_simp_rano MovieBob admitted he's pro-entrapment lmao you got owned by the guy who reposts Ben Garrison Cartoons
Retweeted by Jaime (Lee Curtis) Rebanal @wonderhalI I hope Duncan Jones sues @ConnConCon I've only played a bit of Killer7 which is... something @ConnConCon Maybe I should get on these games for once @ConnConCon Can't think of anything we need less than a movie like this especially right nowHey, you know, maybe don't do this. Maybe you don't need to tell this story right now. Maybe you don't need to spre…
Retweeted by Jaime (Lee Curtis) Rebanal @sydurbanek sydney...The Foul King (2000, Kim Jee-woon) - ✯✯✯✯ First-time viewing.😐 feel seen by this game #13Sentinels #PS4share @untitleduser Being There. @graceelavery people who used racial slurs to describe Diane Abbott still have gainful employment with the Party, b…
Retweeted by Jaime (Lee Curtis) RebanalThis isn't anti-racism. This is manipulating Jewish pain and fear to fight factional battles. We deserve so much…
Retweeted by Jaime (Lee Curtis) Rebanalwine, pizza, ass enough I'll muster patience to get Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice to see if I really am good at Soulsborne games af… @TheLonelyPhoton the disrespect to Trouble Every Day will not be tolerated here @SamNiles @thediegocrespo Usually for me it's always at least one new Marvel fan that blocks me. @thediegocrespo @SamNiles LOL @ConnConCon update on this, I got both Hotline Miami and 13 Sentinels lolokay guys I bought it @paranoidspark yes good contentorigin story what is this some sort of new superhero movie? @kersey_benjamin absolutely @SilentDawnLB this bracket is just trying to make me angry by existing at this pointi want shorter games with worse graphics made by people who are paid more to work less and i'm not kidding
Retweeted by Jaime (Lee Curtis) Rebanal @NerdDiamond84 oh...Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, no question about it. @thediegocrespo am blocked by the op welpoh no reminded that Henry Kissinger is still alive and am just irrationally angry remembering thiswe. are. on. STOLEN. LAND
Retweeted by Jaime (Lee Curtis) Rebanal @SamNiles Yeah I'm already halfway through it haha @matthewmercer You're about to drop some sort of metal record by the looks of voice tweets for me yet, wyd jackMight probably finish The Last of Us 1 now that I'm done Final Fantasy VI, then I've got a lot of grinding worth to… @filmsbytaylor I'm just waiting for the Criterion at this point 🤧 @filmsbytaylor I got hopeful for a second but it's not on Prime in Canada 😭Ted Nugent is a pedophile who once became a girl's legal guardian so he could marry her. He also shit himself, on p…
Retweeted by Jaime (Lee Curtis) RebanalJust a few potential maps I've been tinkering with. Any thoughts?
Retweeted by Jaime (Lee Curtis) Rebanal @DeatleyMorgan oh I can do this to you alrightPick the better final boss themeWell duh @ConnConCon should I also mention I'm playing the Devil May Cry games too lol @ConnConCon also really want Outer Wilds and Shadow of the Colossus, look what's happening to me lol and then I al… @ConnConCon that Fire Emblem deal seems so tempting too @ConnConCon kinda tempted to, rn I see it's on sale on the Switch store but I also really want to get 13 Sentinels for my PS4Should I play Hotline Miami
J is a step away from creating a real-life Sephiroth and becoming Shinra’ll bet Scorsese doesn’t give money to Trump
Retweeted by Jaime (Lee Curtis) Rebanal @based_confused seems normal to me, at 3 years old I was already playing Silent HillNo the fuck you can’t, you dumb fuck.
Retweeted by Jaime (Lee Curtis) Rebanal @ConnConCon ya need to finish FF7 first too, mateNow that I'm done Final Fantasy VI I guess now's a good time to actually start playing Chrono Trigger @SilentDawnLB gave up voting on these brackets long ago lol @zascmo Yeah I gave up voting on this bracket long ago lolFinished up Final Fantasy VI, not like there's anything else to say on my part other than this game probably being… hanging fruit i know
Retweeted by Jaime (Lee Curtis) Rebanalthis ugly ass mfer thinks he can get away with killing Celes huh I'm already at Kefka, let's goooo @casersatz Nope, last time I played it was back on the Wii when they had the Virtual Console service. It took me ov… blasted my way through FF6 to the point it took me only around two weeks to get to the Kefka boss fight, hell yeahGENERAL PSA because I’m exhausted but: “womxn” is a TERF dog whistle that is used to sideline trans people as “oth…
Retweeted by Jaime (Lee Curtis) Rebanal
Retweeted by Jaime (Lee Curtis) RebanalAnd it's better than anything by Disney or Pixar from the last decade too. @stankbrakhage Happy birthday!Our #TIFF coverage continues with HOLLER, debut feature from Nicole Riegel that gives us a glance at the bleak land…
Retweeted by Jaime (Lee Curtis) Rebanalmy mom really just cancelled Crave in favour of D*sney+, ueah I am not happy about it 😐yes @ConnConCon gonna @ Square Enix to make a Final Fantasy + Fast & Furious crossover soonI've come to accept that Setzer might just be one of my favourite team members in FF6Beyond excited to share these first 2 photos of my Aerith cosplay. How lucky am I to voice her? Photographed by…
Retweeted by Jaime (Lee Curtis) Rebanal @JohnnyOatley Shit, I feel like we might have passed each other back then, haha.