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could you not

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@LiveHardMan these days @tristandross @Tom_Gann I've never felt more worried for someone else than the day I was first introduced to him, t…
@JakeFCohen I admire your optimism Jake @jamesrbuk @vivasopapo "synthesise" sure is a fancy way of saying "copy and paste" @sazza_jay @seanbgoneill still blows my mind that Charlie Brooker got away with introducing her on Screenwipe as the "titted geek" @lottelydia hahahha @lottelydia wow, I've never felt more emphatic in answering that question
@mattinacoglioni very tempted to get a Campbeltown, which I'd honestly never heard of before last week, so this looks v good @jamesdgreig I'm deleting my account @Gingerbeardyman that sounds.. intense. I've got the 'classic laddie' and I like it a lotremember the moral panic around snoods? simpler times @Repealist_ @TippDistillery @KilkerranWhisky @BalvenieUS @Ardbeg @KavalanWhisky ah, what a list! I think I have eno… @taneagrafika the QC is a favourite of mine, as is Woodford Reserve. the Hibiki is something I wish I'd picked up w… @jamesdrewturner not sure my bank account will stretch to something THAT special, but reading this in my head in yo… @welshmike yeah I think that'll be the next one I try @welshmike was it the Madeira finish? I have one of those. honestly don't think much of it, but I will try another at some point @Slates10 liiiiiittle bit above what I'm looking to spend. I hear the 12yo is nice too though!
@unrealbencurtis I have a Yamazaki 12, and a 10. both gifts, back when they were priced far more sensibly than today. both delicious! @davidroberts192 I think I probably have too many peated whiskies right now, but these are on the 'will own at some point' list @futurepollution ah man, the Corryvreckan has been on my list for ages. read about Green Spot today actually. thank you for the recs! @chrsgrn interesting. never heard of Kilkerran, but the reviews seem to be v good. quite cheap too. Lagavulin was t… am in the market for a new bottle of whisky. if you are at all into whisky, tell me about your favourite. @tweedy151 @_TheDevilsDen @BobJWilliams there's a difference between wanting someone to have the correct politics a… @M_Star_Online love it when I publish things which were never seen or approved by anyone, an immaculate conception… @_TheDevilsDen @BobJWilliams what a bizarre thing to say. it's possible and important to consistently oppose homophobia and homophobes. @dondeljul @SkyNews you.. feel unable to say that a profile with 50 followers may be a parody? just seems unusual.… @rascal_that @JackDunc1 @Tyson_Fury I'm not sure what you think your last sentence means - if someone says that he… @rascal_that @JackDunc1 @Tyson_Fury “I apologise to anyone who may have taken offence at any of my comments" - I'm… @dondeljul @SkyNews "if that's true" @dondeljul @SkyNews jesus christ it's a parody account @dondeljul @SkyNews look at the profile @dondeljul @SkyNews maybe take a look at the profile first @tackmethen @tjz1100 @JackDunc1 painful to read this. I hope you overcome this bigotry. @rascal_that @JackDunc1 @Tyson_Fury please provide evidence that he has changed his views
think we were both unlucky not to win, and lucky to not lose by more. sake @thejackalist thought so @FloydTweet they are the past, Flo. you are the future. they are getting weaker as you get stronger, and it scares… is the sport I swear at the most, and especially today @PolProfSteve do you ever tweet and then think "did I really have to? like, did I actually *have to* say that? coul… Halfpenny looking like a damn amateur today @AbiWilks @GAYLEXITNOW fridge poetrywhat an embarrassing state of affairs back the time a guy sent me an unsolicited dickpic so I found him on Facebook and sent him a list of his f…
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Men do the same thing every time a big boxing match comes on when they know fuck all about it
Retweeted by Jonathan Fisher @grahamcoxon @AyoCaesar or perhaps some farmhouse cheddar @vnbrkl looooooool @richardfscott I know, I knowoh to be watching the rain and listening to jazz on a balcony in new orleans
Retweeted by Jonathan Fisheryou should make time to watch the highlights of the Rangers game from last night.
@jasebyjason 🤔 @davejone @FayeCarruthers @maxrushden @guardian_sport @bglendenning @PhilippeAuclair @jonathanliew did it make it? @davejone @FayeCarruthers @maxrushden @guardian_sport @bglendenning @PhilippeAuclair @jonathanliew I reckon so!
Retweeted by Jonathan Fisher @ryanhunn @stadio @Okwonga that is lovely tbf @stadio @Okwonga @ryanhunn and I assume you'll get there at some point - but Barcelona taking a relegation-struggle… @stadio @Okwonga @ryanhunn how on earth do Leipzig look so much like a team unit, given that they've started with 2… @iheartpylons the first time that I was hounded by transphobes was a genuinely scary day, and then I just got used… @b11ckchps it's just not worth it is it @iheartpylons this whole thing was basically prompted by an argument I've just had, with someone who has 'mental he… @iheartpylons exactly, people say the ugliest things to one another without stopping to think about how it'll be re… @joeparry for me it's something like FOMO, which also affects my sleep (I frequently find it hard to sleep before t…, this is more dramatic than it needed to be. follow my alt at @lolwutwhat if we're tight/have known each othe… can't really do it any more. I've experienced an unprecedented period of depression, which has lasted (with diver… this website has, more and more, rewarded and encouraged people who act and argue in bad faith, and failed to r…'ve never got used to how people argue on the internet. call me naïve or gullible - but I always try to enter into… know people scoff at celebrities who talk about how it used to be nicer, but there has definitely been a shift. I… website is really horrible and encourages terrible behaviour in people - myself included. @CalumRobson @ovni1969 @NoToMisogyny @PaulEmbery for someone apparently concerned about/interested in mental health… @CalumRobson @ovni1969 @NoToMisogyny @PaulEmbery why would you retract an accusation which you believed in good fai… loves diversity so much that he backtracked on an inquiry into Islamophobia in the Conservative party, then f… @CalumRobson @ovni1969 @NoToMisogyny @PaulEmbery stand up the accusation of bullying, Calum, which is a serious one… @CalumRobson @ovni1969 @NoToMisogyny @PaulEmbery Calum, you're going to have to stand up that accusation of bullyin… @CalumRobson @ovni1969 @NoToMisogyny @PaulEmbery woah, I didn't realise there was a 27-minute expiry period on repl… @ovni1969 @CalumRobson @NoToMisogyny @PaulEmbery I've engaged in this conversation in nothing but good faith - a re… @ovni1969 @CalumRobson @NoToMisogyny @PaulEmbery a shame that a teacher is unfamiliar with the concept of 'bigotry' @ovni1969 @CalumRobson @NoToMisogyny @PaulEmbery again, we're talking about bigotry, and we should be clear in that… @tristandross "I taught my daughter to laugh every time the debt collectors called the house phone" @ovni1969 @CalumRobson @NoToMisogyny @PaulEmbery I think this is quite unnecessary fear-mongering. what is your alt… @ovni1969 @CalumRobson @NoToMisogyny @PaulEmbery as a teacher yourself, surely conflict resolution is an area you a… @ovni1969 @CalumRobson @NoToMisogyny @PaulEmbery for "education" read "being made aware once more of the rules of m… @ovni1969 @CalumRobson @NoToMisogyny @PaulEmbery redemption in the context of a) contravening anti-discrimination r… @Sebmeister @IndiaWilloughby she tried to pull some "reverse racism" bullshit around Dave's performance last night,… @ovni1969 @CalumRobson @NoToMisogyny @PaulEmbery would be interested in your thoughts on how to give fair process t… @bettytasticss @CalumRobson @NoToMisogyny @PaulEmbery let's be clear in what we're talking about here, which is big… @iamhighlystrung I am wholly anti-VAR and think that technological interference in refereeing should be limited to… @iamhighlystrung right, but you're defending moving the line a metre or more, because of 3mm @hatfood NO @iamhighlystrung I would have time for this argument if e.g. goals were being scored at a dramatically reduced rate… @Barcajim3 oh aye, I know we're on the same page here @Barcajim3 on the flip side, I've heard English spoken by 100+ nationalities, and so even if they don't nail RP or… @Barcajim3 one thing I've experienced learning Danish is that it can be difficult to get someone to speak it back t… @Barcajim3 and the thing is, most migrants who seek work here do speak English - they're just not 100% fluent, or t…, come on @CalumRobson @NoToMisogyny @PaulEmbery ........why?
@AniqahC she's absolutely desperate for that anti-PC hero dollar @LDLDN @IndiaWilloughby she's busy liking tweets saying that racism is worse in other countries, so.. @JayJayWinter @IndiaWilloughby racism exists everywhere ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @JayJayWinter @IndiaWilloughby you have the tone of someone who thinks they've just contradicted something I've said, which is strange @IndiaWilloughby the level of education around race issues in this country is absolutely dogtoilets