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Ben Goldhaber @FishStix Bay Area, CA

Esports player, commentator, tournament organizer, and fan. Founding team @Twitch 2011 - 2018 | Co-founder/CEO of @JukedGG | @500Startups

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Less than 12 hours to go till we see the highly anticipated Worlds rematch! These are the lane advantages for…
Retweeted by Ben Goldhaber @djWHEAT Good on you. Still doing the call in show?Oh yeah and according to Trump last night we're "rounding the corner" and things will get better very soon. Fuuuuuck no they won't. @bsdlp Yeah. It's pretty dope how well we've been doing but also kinda shocking when you look at dolores park on a… is seemingly no one talking about the fact that the US is back to it's all-time high for daily COVID infections… when we see #RLCS with 125,000+ concurrent viewers
Retweeted by Ben GoldhaberTFW Rocket League easily surpasses 6 figure viewership for the South America Major... 😩👌 are LIVE for the October EU Team Playoffs! 8 teams square off to see who moves on to tomorrows finals! Follow a…
Retweeted by Ben Goldhaber @LiNkzrOW Because America is ass backwards on social support programs and has been since the Reagan admin in the 80s. @ChanmanV Definitely better than last debate.
@Alchemister5 nah no calls @Alchemister5 I use the android web messenger to send texts from my browser all the time, if ur on android: intense #Worlds2020 Semi-Final matches -The CS:GO #DHOpen wraps up with a $100,00 prize pool on the line -And…
Retweeted by Ben Goldhaber @tokyo_bat @KyleThatKyle I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT WHAT THE FUUUUCK KYLE FUCKThis comes off as whiny and jealous. So other people make money using your IP, try charging them to do that and see… truth is that game publishers could have done this all along, but over the last 10 years, has a single one? No… @jacksondahl Fucking love this man! Nice stuff. @JukedGG @PlayVALORANT @haloofthoughts @G2esports @guildesports Stoked for VAL to fully be back. Its been too gosh dang long.With the @PlayVALORANT First Strike: NA coming up, @haloofthoughts ranked the best western teams going into the eve…
Retweeted by Ben Goldhaber @CaptainPlanetOW @VentureBeat I'm a geniusIt's not a matter of IF Fantasy Esports will become huge, but when. And COVID has moved the "when" ahead by years.… @PlaySpellbreak GIVE ME CTF GIVE ME CTF PLS FIVE ME CTF
@LorangerChris wth now i wanna play again @mattisxy @JukedGG damn dude. old school has hell @drewwww holy moly, Voodoo 3. That's a throwback xD @Zefram_ @JukedGG NS2 friggin rules. I completely forgot that ESL used to run stuff for them... still play?I won a copy of SWAT4 at a TRIBES LAN in 2007 @IlhanMN @AOC @hasanthehun @isaiah_kb Big poggers @ScireMiseri @cypheroftyr @AOC 👍👍👍AOC already at double the peak viewership of Overwatch League
Retweeted by Ben GoldhaberActually. Scrap all of it. We're easily reaching 500,000 concurrent viewers across all participants streams. If a… importance of sitting Representatives streaming on Twitch and engaging with and encouraging the youth vote cann…
Retweeted by Ben Goldhaber235k viewers now, but actually more like 350k. More than 100,000+ more viewers on other related streams (… we goooo
Retweeted by Ben GoldhaberHoly shit. @AOC has 170k viewers on her debut Twitch stream. This is bananas. @mister_grouper @_Jo_di @kylegriffin1 And infection rates are almost back to their absolute peak from July. Many mo…
@JukedGG #CONTENT WOOOOOOut of 80 total players in the group stage, 31 of them made their debut on the international stage. Check out 5 pl…
Retweeted by Ben Goldhaber"I got interested in esports and...I was like okay fuck this, fuck art. If I’m interested in this, maybe I can purs…
Retweeted by Ben Goldhaber @TurnerNovak LOL I really need more of thisGaming headsets: should you use the USB sound card? Or just plug 3.5mm jack directly in to the motherboard? Pleas…
@TheCSA @okaydrian heck yesCALIFORNIA: TODAY is the last day to register to vote and receive your mail-in ballot before election day. Don’t…
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SO MUCH GOOD ESPORTS RIGHT NOW ON JUKED 😤 missing NA @PlayVALORANT action? The @nerdstgamers X @Renegades Invitational is live, including the new T1 li…
Retweeted by Ben GoldhaberI'm really really really really really really really really really really really really really really…
@chhopsky @discord I have. 3 times. @sebasdelvaux @discord yeah :|I've had to reinstall @discord 3 times in the last week :( grrr @itssBlue yeah, @SimeoneSergio Haha true. What do you do with the 5th having headset though...You know esports has come far when a tournament failing to pay prize money in less than a month is a big issue. Ba… @ggDoA @Blizzard_Ent Sad to see this but glad the game has gotten so much community love and support as of late. It… joined an esports team to play a first person shooter competitively in 2020 I'M BACK BABYWhat are you watching this weekend?
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@Malik4Play Gonna vote this weekend. Let's go #BidenHarrisLandslide2020Best esports-focused TikTok accounts? Go @discord I realize that discord.exe was still running and after I closed it I was able to reinstall. was super surp… @DizDotTV @discord i have no idea why i didn't think to check, yes it was (even tho I just restarted my computer???)first error when i try to open discord second when i try to uninstall can't run @discord, uninstall @discord, or delete @discord's files from my computer @discord has cursed my PC pls help @DavidSohl @JukedGG thank you!Juked is a fast-growing esports company with more than 50,000 monthly active users, who spend an average of 90 minu…
Retweeted by Ben Goldhaber @JoeMar @T1 @minon501 @PlayVALORANT WOAH Big move.
@PonzaLT @JukedGG Thanks bud :)⚠️Juked users we need your help!⚠️ We're created a survey to get your feedback on what you like about Juked and wh…
Retweeted by Ben Goldhaber @TenZ_CS @seangares @aimlab Sicko 😱 @AndyLunique ALYXXXXXXXXX PLAY ITTTTT @rrhoover Dude. You are going to love Alyx! It's mind explodingly awesome.
ATTN: @JukedGG users and esports fans! We need YOUR input to improve Juked. We released a new survey this morning…
Retweeted by Ben Goldhaber @kellykiewel Ah, yeah, I already have a 128GB card and on my bro's online plan. Again, good deal, but I'm set.Bose QC35 for $199 is a very good deal and some of these TVs are incredibly, absurdly cheap. But I don't need this… find good Prime Day deals? After doom scrolling for 10 mins I didn't find a single deal that appeals to me… @Grazen @overwatchleague @Blizzard_Ent Really depends on Overwatch 2 IMO. The current state of Overwatch itself is not great. @lawliepop That's awesome! is a great resource.ATTN: @JukedGG users and esports fans! We need YOUR input to improve Juked. We released a new survey this morning… @dabootv nah, AMA is the new gold standard AFAIK. It is a fair way to look at viewership.So China made for 88% of the OWL final's viewership and rest of world peaked at 180K. The timezone was awful for u…
@CaptainPlanetOW Congrats ben, excited for you! @EpicCatzpaw for real... @Veineless 😭 @annimaniac @discord yea'member Overwatch 2? @ggDoA HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM @YangCLiu @ballmatthew @hbomax Yeahhhhhhhhh. That ending... @taydert0t This is incredible.
@DoneForTheStory @JukedGG xD settier! It's more setty than the other thing! but in all seriousness, would love t… @Diabotical is about to start in a few minutes too: @DBTesportsThere's like a million games on @JukedGG right now
Retweeted by Ben GoldhaberEnjoying an extremely diverse set of esports tournaments this morning! Dota 2, CS:GO, MTG:A, Street Fighter V, P… @puncayshun ??
@Faucius @JukedGG <3 We're building a rad community, come chat about esports news, events, and juked :))))) @okaydrian @Faucius @JukedGG Ya'll can share :)Congrats @SFShock @NRG_Brettbox @amiller and all the boys for another huge W 👏👏🍾🎉
@NumbertwoTV We are sweet day! Dropped a series of tweaks this week in fact. Anything in particular you think we could be improving faster?Now suddenly wondering if I need to upgrade my webcam too.... @LtRoyalShrimp @hitstreak Hey! Looks like the key lights are sold out. What's the diff w/ Key Light Air? Does it co… @snoopeh @LotharHS @elgato Damn! That's pricey. But may have to take the plunge.. @Tayl0r_Ward I see I see! Out of stock tho :( @Tayl0r_Ward oh dang