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@bbylapras make everyday different @produsomi nerd > @soju519 ? sojung? @urlocalpiscesgf BFF @m2sty hi @jinprk21 wat happen @andrwval nope @kaitssmurf i be stackin up my missing assignments like money 🤣😼i will delete once my crush likes this @karxoo :D @soju519 @alviism vouch @NOIRMAGlCalways forever :D please like and retweet :) FULL VIDEO @karxoo 😆 @bobabonk @nekodeathyo nice drawing @_karbunni 😆 @produsomi WOAHH @karxoo @kanatouu just got rationed 🥺 @dommymommies hello @iluvplaygirlash wanna die together? @yiiesu I LO)VE IT @1HUNNYU @scarI2t WWW @6suls idk :( @mendalol i can replace the hand plz 🥺
@yiiesu hi @cloudyerin_ uhhhhme and who? @kanatouu me and who @yslnai just got blinded by your beauty @urlocalpiscesgf 🥸 @1HUNNYU yup @CZElliefromYT yay @CZElliefromYT u should buy me a car @CZElliefromYT i’m broke @iluvplaygirlash when was this @kanatouu uhhh @AspireUnit memoney is so cool @iluvplaygirlash MSG ME @Nipozy1x @WasteManOP @iluvplaygirlash TEACH ME @hctans @JeremaFN @starlovesuu @xshiae HBD OMG @karxoo GAP* @karxoo shits absurd but big age gape is apparently normal in eu @karxoo me and who? @wackyxz u a menace dev @karxoo no @wackyxz i give both sides money y’all stop fighting, good deal?just got home, time to play val! @m2sty that’s not legal @soju519 balls @miusuo nope @urlocaldutchboy oh @Wuntahps_ cookies @6suls valorant credits @1HUNNYU wsg andrew @tsokopluff OMG OLI I LOVE THE COLOR @mendalol my day was interesting 🌚 @6suls y @mendalol hi menda @anntfkk thx @J2SIE sophomore @J2SIE says who @6suls i had more circular ones BUT LOST THEM @J2SIE no @TicSteel 7088.45 @J2SIE @J2SIE hi viv @merakidina i’m brokewhat’s up @maichuhu my school wild @iamhcu yo @etherealVAL_ sheee @merakidina yeah, what about it @iluvplaygirlash good, was boutta say @iluvplaygirlash was this at school @yeopsoo hi amy @J2SIE BAHAH @Wuntahps_ LOL @senaachu ohio wild, i’m coming to njBRO MY SCHOOL WILD TODAY @playgirllashley i’m a fish @arsyncolin @PlayVALORANT yes @nines1128 @PlayVALORANT this is me @edensarcade :D @edensarcade 13,000 OOMFIES @PlayVALORANT i’ve been working really hard recently, i’ve destroyed tenz,hiko, you name it @1HUNNYU @1EDEN_ how many he got @S1SS1L @Ammarala23 LOL @dogbackp6ck Xander kim @nadiamatt1 @veltqt 🙈 @veltqt @nadiamatt1 u scary @urlocalpiscesgf what da @Kunstmaa MR KRUL ATE THOSE PUNCHES LMAO @lialovesyu shit had to be personal @lialovesyu OTHER GIRL WAS SWINGING AT THE TEACHER STILL THO 😭 @Wuntahps_ my friend recorded this