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Invisible Man stan, Cast of Cthulhu, Council Of Zoom, former co-host and writer for CriterionCast, and Small Screen Cinema. Creator of #McCormickChronicles

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Sometimes you just want to listen to the Mortal Kombat video game music. #mortalkombat #mortalkombatII @HairEverywhere_ @LeighMonsonPBF Agreed! @Psymin1 The problem is that when someone is a chronic liar all their life, they actually can’t ever tell the truth anymore. @TheZapRowsdower I think it’s perfect.Newest episode of @CastCthulhu is up! We interview the co-directors of the @hplff Gwen and Brian Callahan. It’s a m… @jimcnapier It’s a fun one. But I love the films of Dick Maas. @RobsCamping Thanks. It’s one of my prized possessions. Was a kickstarter I contributed to awhile ago and finally u… @mistydawnfilm I got to meet Christopher Smith after a screening of BLACK DEATH here in NYC and he was so appreciat… playing a little BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW right now to relax. @skinslip It’s such a fun anthology film!We have 10 copies of THE DEVIL’S CANDY we want you to have! All you have to do is like this post and comment wheth…
Retweeted by Fistful Of Viscera @Goyastoner Blu-Ray!Anyone else see the film GAME OVER where it’s just a film that is half newly filmed stuff and half is Sega CD FMV g… @capnnarcolepsy I’ll definitely check that out. @capnnarcolepsy I will probably get the vinyl at some point if it’s still available. @mrjoehumphrey Those scenes just kept going and going and going and going... and ultimately it was like, “And she lived happily ever after.” @mrjoehumphrey My gf and I said the same thing. So many beautiful women and boobs galore yet it was tiresome.Danzig after he wrapped on VEROTIKA. @Karaszewski @TrailersFromHel Yes! Finally! @mrjoehumphrey I’m just amazed at how badly it was directed. Like, it was truly surprising because I thought there… @mrjoehumphrey Eh, why not? Haha the music wasn’t too bad. 😅RT if Wesley Snipes went to prison for the same shit our president is doing.
Retweeted by Fistful Of Viscera @amylopan I survived. I was lucky that my girlfriend picked it out, and she was just in awe with what we were watching. @Chris_Coffel I laughed so hard with the way she pronounced ‘beee-errrreee’. @T_Lawson Haha well, um, I’m glad to have seen it just to say, “I watched VEROTIKA and I didn’t even get a lousy t-shirt.”So I just finished watching VEROTIKA... @JerryisjustOK I want them all!
Some #enniomorricone soundtrack goodness with Machine Gun McCain. #record #soundtrack #machinegunmccain #vinyl @JerryisjustOK @NolanFixesTeeth @CastCthulhu It was a fun one! @joshbrunsting There’s actually something like that called Grappl. I need to actually use it more often because it’s a cool app. @JerryisjustOK I just finished building this record holder I bought about a month and a half ago. And now sorting t… posted a photo @amylopan Same here. #releasethemusicalcuts of these two and I think throw in GARBAGE PAIL KIDS: THE MOVIE which I… @mistydawnfilm Exactly! I personally like a good twist, especially when it’s actually surprising and makes you thin… now is time for a rewatch of SCOOBY-DOO ON ZOMBIE ISLAND. Forgot it was streaming on Netflix, too. @mistydawnfilm I’ve never understood the hate for that film. Yes, there’s a twist but it’s a good one. And the scen… @NolanFixesTeeth Haha yeah. I don’t mind the yellow subtitles but those are awful.Do it!’s worse than being sick? Getting your significant other sick as well. @ChuckXL Yeah. It sadly does. So does the PC game.Tired. But I’m always tired. @whatalanwatches I’m intrigued. @matthewgleslie Great question. I’d either go with one of these 3 films. HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH, TRICK…, I adore HORROR EXPRESS so damn much.
@_HeatherBuckley THE LOVELESS - Kathryn Bigelow off the top of my head.Finally picked up volume 1 of the Paul Naschy set. Will be picking up the second volume soon. to me film. Love the title/font and color. @vinegarsyndrome #vinegarsyndrome #horror #horrorfilm #horrorblu #vsa @NolanFixesTeeth Seriously. It’s a blast and I wish I did better.Watching WAR OF THE GARGANTUAS because I built a bookcase today. I might even finally put together this record holder too.Doing a rewatch of BIRDS OF PREY and I didn’t realize until now that Ewan McGregor sounds like he’s doing a over th… @VinylGrrrl @terror_vision Oh my. That’s beautiful! @bobfreelander @VinegarSyndrome @BradFHenderson It’s an exciting time! It’s why I’m always a yearly subscriber.
@NolanFixesTeeth Another amazing move. I did prefer the Texas Cloverleaf a bit more. But I was a wrestling nerd. @NolanFixesTeeth That move was much harder to perform than you’d think, too. @scrawfish I did say something similar to that when I was a kid and was obsessed with Oates after seeing RACE WITH… @NolanFixesTeeth @JerryisjustOK @ChrisLaMartina @CastCthulhu @JimmyRGeorge would also be an amazing guest to talk to as well. @JerryisjustOK @ChrisLaMartina Man oh man, @NolanFixesTeeth and myself need to get @ChrisLaMartina on @CastCthulhu @BradFHenderson Dudeeeeee! I was about to tweet at you about these two!! @T_Lawson @mikeluvsgushers @BradFHenderson I can’t wait! @Psymin1 His song was disgusting too.Mood #braddourif #deathmachine #mood
Four stills from an underrated film so people might check it out: HOUSE WITH THE LAUGHING WINDOWS @Da7e It now feels like any video game that isn’t finished and they just add patches to properly work finally. @_katiestebbins_ @_katiestebbins_ It’s such a fun movie that deserves more love. @sick__66 Jesus tap dancing Christ. What is wrong with people?Time to wake up. @mrjoehumphrey Looks stellar! @brianna_ashby episode up over at @CastCthulhu. We cover HEMOGLOBIN aka BLEEDERS. like and share an… Now I will have to pay attention.
@oldfilmsflicker I’ll be watching his sister in SLEEPAWAY CAMP II & III. @scottEmovienerd Same here. I stare at it sometimes for a long time, picking out all the movies they’re referencing.Without downloading new pics, reply with a video/pic of what it looks like dating you. @JerryisjustOK Same here. I’ve always dug it and see it as another fun space western by Carpenter. I still want to… pinboard was filled in no time. This is about a third of my collection but somehow fit a lot of my favorites…
Finally put a ton of pins on this cork board I bought months ago (actually before the pandemic). It’s filled alread… @CastCthulhu’t sleep at all (the problem with working overnights and then going on a week long vacation means sleep schedule…
@vivalatony @PushinUpRoses Haha if only my cat was named Christine. Then it would make a little more sense.Morgan Freeman does a perfect R. Lee Ermey in Dreamcatcher. #dreamcatcher #stephenking #morganfreeman #rleeermey @_katiestebbins_ It’s a bizarre one from what I remember. @PushinUpRoses My car tries to eat plastic bags, straws and whatever else all the time. So it’s always a game to ta… @ScottWamplerBMD @theheadknight I had a movie theater double feature idea: FADE TO BLACK & POPCORN @diabolikdvd I can’t wait for that release! @Xtine_Makepeace Same!I just want to thank @diabolikdvd for bringing the world AMERICAN RICKSHAW. This movie is the right amount of bonkers I needed.Just posted a photo in October on @CastCthulhu. Mean Gene Okerlund outtakes on YouTube and I feel so much better. @abramvaldezCS 4 more that I love too.Thank you for being a friend... #goldengirls @timothypdoyle #poster #posterprint horror crushes. These were the first 4 that popped in my head. 🙂 @NolanFixesTeeth I think if I watch it every 8 years, I’ll be fine.
So being sick sucks. So tell me what I should watch while I veg out on the couch, drinking tea.Rewatching THE DARK KNIGHT RISES for the first time since it was in theaters. I like it much more now than I did then.Of course when I get a well deserved vacation, I get sick.