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Long term hold, capital appreciation based @footballindex investor since October 2018

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@FIClub1 No criminal his profit isnt a lot bigger than mine seeing his sancho has risen £5 more than my adama and he spent £300 more on him @GregIndex He spent £300 more on his sancho than my adama, it's gone up £5 more than my Adama yet hes only made £1000 more 🤔 @FootballIndexRC That's too hard to predict but I'd say most of these have a good chance of getting to £1.50 within… that his Sancho has gone up so much more than my Adama and Hwang but I got the same profit as him. Dont b…
@Mirandaprod @BRITs @Santandave1 It's allowed cause my great grandad was a slave and your great grandad was a racis… @Mirandaprod @BRITs @Santandave1 It's black and its allowed, unlucky ugly x @Mirandaprod @BRITs @Santandave1 Cause white pride is associated with supremacy while black pride is associated wit…
Dont blame Love Island Dont blame The Sun (or other traditional media) If you have ever made a meme or posted a p… @mallynl @adamdon141 @Jhus How is it not real?
@ggilespayne @BBCNews Mate I get what you are saying, but people like you and me use logic and reasoning while 99%…
All you social media bullys who live for likes and retweets and memes shut the fuck up, you killed her! You're gon…
I sneeze and the #footballindex sheep catch a cold lol. They're finally ready to admit Neymar is a waste of money.…
@primevideosport Silence brand!"There is a fine line between having a five/six figure port and leaving the platform." No truer words said about p…
@IndexPT Totally. Only 5 man of the match performances in his last 10 games. @ThatFIndexKid Why would it drop? I'm just alerting all the people who play for media dividends so they can buy him… Adama as quick as you can! #footballindex @FootballIndex Sounds confusing but could be decent. Basically you're gonna get money for players who perform well…
I see the trend of listing a players current and potential fifa rating is slowly creeping into the #footballindex m…
Going through a @worldsoccermag from summer 2003, I stumbled across a few names who might have been worth a punt if… @KashibaAkatsuki @noma_khabo @KPierceTV @Sheri_show @WHAS11 Evolution - I want my daughter to be greater than I was… @KashibaAkatsuki @noma_khabo @KPierceTV @Sheri_show @WHAS11 1. Because women can only carry one man's seed at a tim… @KashibaAkatsuki @noma_khabo @KPierceTV @Sheri_show @WHAS11 When an ice cream van comes around people are going to… @ToBeWorked Let's discuss it at the end of February, the last one I did everyone said they were bad choices and the… are the players who's price will shoot up over February. The higher up the list they are, the more likely the…
@RocketManFI Well hes 28, hasn't won 1 balon dor and didn't even get nominated last year. All he has is one ucl and… he's gonna be the next messi or ronaldo, when really he's gonna be the next Adriano, Joaquin or Denilson. P… was a funny old month for FI that left some of us scratching our heads a bit. I’ve managed to get my hand…
Retweeted by Sol @Football_MDJ 🔥 @FIAnfieldDream1 Hwang back on his way up now too @RyanPearce5 Why would you not mention the name? Do you not want people to buy them? 🤔
@Christo80895273 @sshrivastav16 Worst propaganda of all 🤬 @sshrivastav16 Shut the F*** up with your patronizing PC bulls***. People like you are the most ignorant of all.
@GregIndex @IndexSymo Reality is always better than distortion. @GregIndex @IndexSymo Pennies in comparison to the profit, and most of them will go up in due time as well e.g. Maj… @GregIndex @IndexSymo K. @IndexSymo @GregIndex £2000 instead of £300 and I'm the idiot/troll 🤷‍♂️ @Cal_Lewis_7 It would literally make no sense to make so much less money for the same amount of money invested if y… @TheKopHQ @CraigHope_DM Once he got the euuurghs and errrms out of his vocabulary @lildurk I'm one of your biggest fans since "I'm a hitta" but you are irresponsible making people buy tickets befor… 5,507 traders would be a lot better off if they invested that Neymar money in hungrier, younger players… @TheKopHQ @CraigHope_DM Orrrr euuuuuurrrrgh Steeevie Geerrarrrd eeeeuuuuuuurggghhhhDecent 3 month improvement, I still need to be doing better though 😤 #footballindex
@KiaHumphrey3 @HairWeave @oshay519 @get_stoke_d @guardian "Afterwards" @Nuradin46546657 @dhalioua @jonbir90 Lol just stfu. Lauren > TAA? Hahahaha. Was Lauren whip an early corner for the… @HairWeave @oshay519 @get_stoke_d @guardian Or are you just a 21st century woman unequivocally backing another 21st… @Twtvs2
@AdamColeFI Snapchat! It's a very big market for people who are looking to spend money!
@PC_Angry @CrimeLdn No it means Original Farm Blocks
@ThisIsMax Watch this, they talk about you a lot*Rubs lamp* @KTHopkins is going to end up... @localbookreader I'm mad at the hypocrisy at the precedence it sets. Humans are socially primitive sheep in large… @RocketManFI @DavosFI I meant the Nations League not the World Cup, my mistake. @PaulFI9 I meant the Nations League not the World Cup, my mistake. But still doubt players will shift a lot based o… @sendacott @fuggirls No youre just a hypocritical idiot whose cognitive dissonance is ticking the wrong box. Rapist… @FiSpartacus #Reality @AltFedLaw @starmighty4 @TommySledge @MoAdekunleOni @NBA @WNBA That's right, question me. Don't question why everyo… @PocketOfSpace People are stupid, racist, ignorant, hypocrites. @RussMillions I respect your opinion, they're all sheep. Mention that Kobe was a rapist if you really want to see t… @m3ugy @gerren @DeliaMary @laurenthehough I'm a black male. I'm just a rationalist, not a sheep. @DrTSquare Keep your eyes shut and that little brain of yours is gonna stay shut too. Put down the doughnuts and do… @superfuntimeees @PhilanthropyGal Feminism is being the weaker gender who needs to make fun of the superior by your definition.But y… I'm done. Twitter you win. People are hypocrites and they know it. Wanna be a paedo? Just be a great singer an… @BridgetPhetasy @PhilanthropyGal The quote don't count for rapist and paedophiles you fucking stupid hypocrite @PhilanthropyGal YOU PHYSICALLY REVOLT ME YOU FUCKING STUPID HYPOCRITE. @TripleL86 @byjoelanderson @caseyturner @byjoelanderson 'Complicated' 🤣 the new word to describe rapist if they were super famous. YOU FEMINI… @FIndexBlog @swearimnotpaul @muhamadyasin82 Good, he chats shit. @swearimnotpaul @muhamadyasin82 You just chat shit @TheBrometheus Tells people how to raise their kids. Is a member of the catholic church @TimothyVink @mviser @WalshFreedom There's basketball in hell?
Quick update on the facts regarding Kobe Bryant's death 1. Was he a rapist? Yes 2. Have you ever shared his presen… @starmighty4 @TommySledge @MoAdekunleOni @NBA @WNBA @LAM_Barrett You sound dumb, I mean we live in the most comfortable time that has ever existed for humans EVER and… @byDavidGardner The worst: Heroworshipping rapists @CryptoGodfatha @byDavidGardner Kobe is a rapist how popular opinion picks and chooses.A rapist isnt imperfect, theyre inhumane & SHOULDNT be mourned.Groupthi… @gerren @DeliaMary @laurenthehough Wtf. Yes if someone rapes someone that is the sum of the person. Wtf is wrong wi…'s enough evidence for me. Kobe Bryant was a rapist. #BlackMamba @MattIanta Raping a woman isn't a mistake. It's the worst thing you can do next to paedophilia and murder.Rich people risking their lives in such unstable machines, one propeller or engine failure and you're dead. 🤦‍♂️ R…
@SandiDunnUK @BBCWomansHour So why is there a worker shortage if UK has potential talent? Its unethical to get peop… 2019 The ones that got away 😑 Big pump of money going into long term hold, young players under a £1 coming up… @IndexOn1 @YaviSFI @DavosFI I got no shares in him, that's why none are shown in the picture 🤷‍♂️ @workin_it222 @YAKS_1 @nurx___ @JavonReal2 W @DavosFI Euros are irrelevant for #footballindex. I would have thought people would have learnt their lesson from the last world cup 😑 @YaviSFI @DavosFI Akanji 🤔🤦‍♂️ @YaviSFI @DavosFI Because players went up so much during the world cup... 🙄 @FIbenman And to think, all you have to do is check players potential on fifa and you can get better results than a…
@OrionTaylor_ No lies told and I'm his biggest fan 😔 @IGetLifted_xo Literally every album is on youtube now these days anyway @FI_Traders @AdamaTrd37 @RyanPearce5 Yeah he's highly rated and still relatively young. @FI_Traders @AdamaTrd37 @RyanPearce5 Yeah but I'm down on him @FIDelBoy4 @AdamaTrd37 @RyanPearce5 Thanks @RyanPearce5 @AdamaTrd37 🤝In other news @AdamaTrd37 reaches an all time trading high of £2.75 and is up 235% for me personally. This…
@SandiDunnUK @BBCWomansHour If there's a worker shortage how is it unsustainable? 70 million is a small population.… @ramshaaleeze Lol who wants a stroppy feminist when you can have recyclable onlyfans/tinder escorts 🤷‍♂️… (Disposable income) or children?