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Long term hold, capital appreciation based #footballindex investor since October 2018. Please tweet me instead of DM'ing me.

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@MartinDaubney I guess you think that means you belong in heaven you smug prick @personalsigh @mxrgyb @richard79page @chrismack_nufc @Carra23 @FIFAcom @UEFAcom @premierleague @personalsigh @mxrgyb @richard79page @chrismack_nufc @Carra23 @FIFAcom @UEFAcom @premierleague @personalsigh @mxrgyb @richard79page @chrismack_nufc @Carra23 @FIFAcom @UEFAcom @premierleague bye Pep #HereWeGo #MCILEI @personalsigh @mxrgyb @richard79page @chrismack_nufc @Carra23 @FIFAcom @UEFAcom @premierleague @Indexinho1 No I didnt, I said world class defenders take massive leaps,hands down by side before the leap and then… @Indexinho1 That's right, you cant find one video of Ramos giving away a handball while jumping for the ball, unlucky 🤣 @Hemyli29 There was no push, Dier was just underneath the ball, didnt read the flight well and jumped late, not kno… @Hemyli29 Tomato tomato @dbrett63 Ramos jumps shoulder to shoulder or over his man not underneath his man facing the wrong way from 15 yard… @Indexinho1 Ramos takes massive leaps,hands down by side before the leap and then always in contact or over the man… @FI_SJ10 You jump with your man shoulder to shoulder.If he has the jump on u & theres no way of winning the header… @Hemyli29 That's called obstruction, Dier checked his feet into Carroll's path and waited for the contact to fall d… @ajfhindley @mxrgyb @richard79page @chrismack_nufc @Carra23 @FIFAcom @UEFAcom @premierleague Paid* @mxrgyb @richard79page @chrismack_nufc @Carra23 @FIFAcom @UEFAcom @premierleague Spitting at girl caught on camera… it hits your hand in the box it's a penalty. Simple. Italian defenders & world class defenders like Ramos defend… @TheGemmaFox @Reece_Haynes U live in a council flat though? Your best selling single went double acrylic on the cha… @mcfcjoe93 Is this what football index has become? Day trading, undercutting bs? @outofcontextars Are you people thick, they tweeted there was no game but it was the biggest womens game of the season on the same dayI've literally never played a game of football manager 2020 where Dias didnt end up moving to man city in a big tra… @kreptplaydirty Pay when you take wifey material out not these 21st century megan d stallion hoes... arguing cause one of them said the other ones car looked like a bat mobile 😂 woke up with tears in my eyes 😂Had a dream I was playin for ac milan and maldini died and I was crying outside of the training ground on the floo…
2020 predictions BHA 1 - 0 MUN CRY 1 - 2 EVE WBA 1 - 4 CHE BUR ZZZ SOU (The structure of both clubs is not ambi… havent been able to sell one player since offers went 1p below sell price. What percent have you been able to sell? #footballindex @reginae_carter1 I followed you because I thought you would be humble cause u are not that pretty but you're just a…
@FI_Stevo @FootballIndex No I thought I got out at the right time after he failed to move to Man U last summer too, opps lol
@FootballIndex Great times @IRISHFI1 Stop racially profiling ethnic minority hair dressers. If you have to question whether something is insen…
@IndexRover Not long now
@indexhub When you spot a wonderkid click on his agent, this will bring up all the agents other clients, there are…
@MrNickybarnes00 @ZezeMillz Just makes her think she's better than the next black personWe really need to give Fabrizio his flowers Has completely revolutionized and opened up the world of football jour…
@BalsamicVinFI I was a youtube man but there are so many interesting documentaries on netflix. It's not jus movies and tv showsNetflix or YouTube? @theindexclub Yeah they should hire a guy who manipulated the market and got banned then flagged off the product for months lol @Freunds_Mullet Lol Osegard is the odd one outThiago and Bale will both flop. They're good, exciting signings but ultimately they'll both be up for 'worst signin… @RBLeipzig_EN Adams @DivvyRascal @StewartChalmer6 @spfootballindex They want it to be buy/sale but they want to reduce the liability on… @spfootballindex In other words "dont treat traders like babies but also do treat traders like babies". You been wa…
@Dazzler2207 @FootballIndex It's not simple to go from instant sell to OB's. There was always gonna be problems lik… @FootballIndex Never in doubt 👏 @FiEdging Not exactly Dani Olmo is he @rgfootballindex I went from £13,000 profit to minus £1,000. Still 100% confident in the app but refuse to trade while I'm in monus
@DollyAfroAvi @doctor_perc @prettynbrwn @Tinashe @kanyewest Americans so weird @Leedsarewefoot1 Do you agree we need depth of market asap though? @Leedsarewefoot1 The general consensus is that they need to put in depth of market asap and increase the price that… sure they'll sort this out eventually but for now it may get a little worse before it gets better. My port is… @FootballIndex @FootballIndexCS Football index listen to their customers. Let’s get as many votes in in order to c…
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@linmeitalks condemning whatever that racist Marseille players name is for getting caught but no one condemning what he said? 🤔 @mcfcjoe93 🤝 @secret_index Yes. Never doing it again!
@Football_index9 @AdamColeFI What a prick you are, first person I heard talk like that and first person to go on my block list @FIBigDonJr1 @FootballIndex I dont think that's necessarily the problem but I feel that at the very least people sh… @Dannn777 @JustBeingTrueMe How come they can wear mics in basketball?
@DonosaurusRex1 @Adamcooper89 @FIWillock You havent lost money until you've pressed sale.The problem is people are… @Adamcooper89 @FIWillock The prices are rising and dropping constantly. Sancho went down to £9 then up again to £12 within minutes @Adamcooper89 @FIWillock Yeah the buy price is equal to the 300 lowest bids @FIWillock @Adamcooper89 I thought that but now I think it is just low offers. Some big whales selling up and creating panic I guess @FIWillock 🙏 @FI_RuJa 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 "errrr I dont know what to tell you bro, I'll give you back the money you put in" 🤣 @Joshcarpenter94 @IndexLen Same @Al3x_Dobbins 🤣 @aion_zr 🤣 @AddyAlberti 🙏 it's true, you never know how much someone has gambled but tbf to football index they do put out eno… @richiearmstrong Lol are you serious, Felix obviously has a higher ceiling than Greenwood at this point. Dont let form fool you @EmpireFI Somebody probably had to take their money out immediately and put all their Sancho shares up for sale at… @richiearmstrong Adama no, Felix definitely. If Sancho can get to £15 at this stage when the platform is so young y… @richiearmstrong 2023 Oh it was just market manipulation by some whales, false alarm 🤣 hopefully whoever's doing… genuinely hope Sancho's price rises back up for all the people invested in him, but if I'm honest I dont see it h… @Moonwalker619 @FI_ScarFace Racism has only been around since imperialism as it was needed to justify the brutal co… @Marc_Slates @Kaytea21 @GabbyLogan @HellsBellsy @laura_woodsy @MelissaReddy_ @kelly_smith10 Lol cool I'm sure they'… @Marc_Slates @Kaytea21 @GabbyLogan @HellsBellsy @laura_woodsy @MelissaReddy_ @kelly_smith10 Why would you say you d… @Marc_Slates @Kaytea21 @GabbyLogan @HellsBellsy @laura_woodsy @MelissaReddy_ @kelly_smith10 Explain how you're a fo… @Gashrambler What are you talking about? The whole purpose of social media is that you say what is on your mind. Fr… @Kaytea21 @Kaytea21 A LFC fan from Coventry who just happens to have her boobs falling out of her skirt 🤮🤮🤮 I want world clas… @Gashrambler I'm not appalled by sexual preference. But seeing a man girate his anus up and down in another mans ge… @Kaytea21 @HellsBellsy @Shar_A_ LFC fan from Coventry. 🤣 Do 1! ✊💦 @GoHawker @S4NGA @Shar_A_ I want to see Lyon glorified for their domination of football, not average players glorif… @GoHawker @S4NGA @Shar_A_ Some girls use football to get naked like Alisha Lehmann cause they know boys like women… @FI_ScarFace Fair enough, that's your right xx @FI_ScarFace Its nothing to do with intolerance or ignorance, It's to do with reality and subjective opinion based… @FI_ScarFace Nah you're a sheep. From 0 AD to 1970 AD it was normal to say eurgh at this stuff but you are a sheep… argument against God being real is the whole of the United States of America #BlueLivesMatter?… Greenwood is bisexual 🤮🤮🤮 disgusting #MUFC #EPL #LGBTQ @neilj951 @Shar_A_ I'm talking about the new generation of girls. Obviously not every girl from your generation lik… @Shar_A_ @HellsBellsy Look is this the future you want? Girls using football for fame then… @Shar_A_ @HellsBellsy No but look though, arsenal in her bio but ain't got a clue. I used…
@HellsBellsy @Shar_A_ I miss the days when only women like you who actually knew about football liked football, now… @CaDe1312 @DieRotenBullen I am comparing them taking the most obvious generalisation - Black man = beast. South Kor… @Clemencecats12 @DieRotenBullen How long ago was racism? Black men are not beasts! @DieRotenBullen Fuck you admin. Race is not a trope @DieRotenBullen @redbull what the f*ck is #hwangnamstyle, cant Hwang be a great footballer without the official RB…