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PhD scientist (T-cell Immunology) and medical student KU '18 NCI @ Fort Detrick '19 NIH NCI CRTA '10-'13, '16-'17 Johns Hopkins '12 Johns Hopkins '09

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@HopkinsMedicine @SuburbanHosp An interventional radiologist at Suburban saved a loved one from sepsis, was a very… raise my taxes by 1% and give that directly to hungry children. Pass it on. Copy and RT.
Retweeted by Anthony J Leonardi @OskarOtterr @NickytaLeb one that confers variolization ie ineffective @sarahgeline @EricTopol @ArditiMd @ImmunityCP that's unknown, however moderbacher, et al show that aged cd8 t cells… @EricTopol @ArditiMd @ImmunityCP those t cells are also wrecked @ChristosArgyrop flubros... I don't feel so good... @ArditiMd @yoncabulutmd @NEJM @PIPSQC @OpenPicu I absolutely believe the superantigenic behavior. There is widespre… @johnlan82430010 @DrTomFrieden 'herd immunity' does not exist to this virus, and to attempt it is self defeating an… @Bob_Wachter @UCSF @MaMoMVPY @berlingske @MaMoMVPY @berlingske
@JamesTodaroMD @NickytaLeb disney's family passportA porous mask is a passport to Covid-19. You get access to the supermarkets, gyms, bars, and a nice dose of indoor… @NickytaLeb lol a porous mask is a passport to covid-19. LOL @NickytaLeb oh you mean passport to covid 19? lol @NickytaLeb and when you have a porous mask to 'variolize,' you are more likely to be infected @DrTomFrieden "Herd immunity" is simply insanity to be controlled so that both groups engaged in the same level of risk. this is why i get irritated at top dow…, they could be 'variolizing' with ineffective masks (not something I would recc but nejm did). therefore, I wo… @stuartjdneil people wear masks when they perceive risk I'm sure, and by then it is likely too late. The behavior i… a standard deviation... @fernandez1869 @AliNouriPhD i think the immune dysfunction is a component. @LaraCody6 @AliNouriPhD covid tracks into the brain regardless of severity. if you dont like it, dont believe it. @AliNouriPhD CD4 and CD8 immune aging looks to be a decade as well @TimBushLondon @Wolfdog_girl @giles06175099 @sinichol"In the long shadow of our best intentions: model-based assessment of the consequences of school reopening during t…'ve just posted substantial revisions to the hypothesis text. New CD4 FOXP3 downregulation makes the case much str…! @florian_krammer epic. if we go for herd immunity we can have the natural experiment. in all seriousness herd immun… @JosephBertolin8 washu is using pi3ki. i dont recc it. @RogueRad what about if hillary wins @JosephBertolin8 and then you can keep your tregs and prevent excess Th1 @JosephBertolin8 preserve foxp3 expression through foxo1 by inhibiting AKT maybe
@sinichol @Wolfdog_girl @giles06175099 @TimBushLondon when people age their cross-reactive cells for prior flus do… @giles06175099 @sinichol @Wolfdog_girl @TimBushLondon cov2 isnt under selection pressure for less lethality due to… @sinichol @Wolfdog_girl @giles06175099 @TimBushLondon cov2 distorts immunological memory with a few proteins not present in cov1 and mers. @sinichol @Wolfdog_girl @giles06175099 @TimBushLondon speak of the devil @Wolfdog_girl @giles06175099 @TimBushLondon @sinichol the vaccine is a more precise and useful dose of antigen. it… @Wolfdog_girl @giles06175099 @TimBushLondon @sinichol cov2 has a protein that allows it to hide from t cells. it ca… @Wolfdog_girl @TimBushLondon @giles06175099 @sinichol where did you hear these ideas, so far i have been the only one saying that i thought @Wolfdog_girl @TimBushLondon @giles06175099 @sinichol i dont know yet, but certainly mitigations are helping @sinichol @giles06175099 @TimBushLondon @Wolfdog_girl it's half the rate of flu, and that has not burnt out @sinichol @Wolfdog_girl @TimBushLondon @giles06175099 i carry an adaptation to stubborn ancestors; im heterozygous… @Wolfdog_girl @TimBushLondon @giles06175099 @sinichol every one of those is a good research question for which the… @sinichol @Wolfdog_girl @TimBushLondon @giles06175099 genetic adaptation happens over millennia; I care more about… @sinichol @giles06175099 @TimBushLondon @Wolfdog_girl Ah, they don't. They are fuel for fire in mutation and epitop… @giles06175099 @sinichol @TimBushLondon @Wolfdog_girl i mean antibody levels as they go up and down @sinichol @Wolfdog_girl @TimBushLondon @giles06175099 there may be ADE on the second go around, early in vitro data… @TimBushLondon @Wolfdog_girl @giles06175099 @sinichol circulation enables mutagenesis, which enables reinfection an… @giles06175099 @TimBushLondon @Wolfdog_girl @sinichol let's prevent transmission so it's not an occurrence @Wolfdog_girl @TimBushLondon @giles06175099 @sinichol let's not say fatigue as much as age... recently got served b… @sinichol @giles06175099 @TimBushLondon @Wolfdog_girl I'm unsure. i linked a paper earlier showing they are good ma… @DrZoeHyde Dislike @itosettiMD_MBA I wouldn't accept 1 percent @TimBushLondon @sinichol @giles06175099 @Wolfdog_girl no disagreements here. janeway's immunobiology can be had cheaply as well. @sinichol @giles06175099 @TimBushLondon @Wolfdog_girl yes but due to time kinetics and when they intervene they are… @giles06175099 @sinichol @TimBushLondon @Wolfdog_girl T cells are not first lines of defense and they are present t… @MHPoison1 stayed in silverton for a month, it was wonderful
@Dr_FarrisD poor iran @cygvadis @EricTopol @ScienceTM @ScienceVisuals @ACKdraws i have been thinking about this as well. @AngryCardio hillary @GR67587007 yea I think they are trying it out. I'm unsure until I see some animal data at least. they might go straight to human.And when I noticed that, I stopped fighting them as much because I think they are being supported by Trump. @ashishkjha It's because they didn't open schools after labor day like many places did.The peddlers of misinfo don't believe their own misinfo. It's just to give the appearance of reason in order to jus… mocks Biden, by saying: "He'll listen to the scientists." "If I listened to the scientists we would have a c…
Retweeted by Anthony J Leonardi @KateCushing2 @sceneisnotsafe @medespresso From our lips to God's ears. I don't mind another Cushing eponym if you'd like to claim it.
@sceneisnotsafe @medespresso Are they still around? What’s the canonization process for eponyms? Miraculous diagnosis? @MichaelBoyes16 @TimBushLondon @sinichol @braddercaster @mancunianmedic @ShelaghFogarty @JamesTodaroMD Michael, I s… @medespresso at that point, THEN you should just use an eponym... @DrTomFrieden ha yes @grace_za @JuicyFranck @fmd4cp @EricTopol @vmcorman @amibanerjee1 @ahandvanish yes, and let's hope that's the only way @saugarmaripuri You will not find an immunologist that believes it is acceptable to attain 'herd immunity' to this… @saugarmaripuri To be blunt- I have the suspicion trump opened football with enlisted help. And necessary for that,… @saugarmaripuri I found it very odd that Trump claimed he was responsible for opening Big 10 football. I thought my… @MGliksmanMDPhD launch him straight into the sunItaly had 10,925 new cases today. @JuicyFranck @EricTopol @vmcorman @amibanerjee1 @ahandvanish interesting @Aesculapius1898 it's crazy, it's as if we live in a post-truth society. @Biomaven misinfo from that guy. and yes i took issue back when masks were broadly disadvised.… @SWAtlasHoover @realDonaldTrump masks work, period. maybe not when a radiologist wears them though ;)… guy should be locked away. he's spreading dangerous misinfo. Lunacy. and to think he advises the president? ma… @SWAtlasHoover You're an idiot or worse-
@NickytaLeb word of advice: you don't want to be in that severe category lol. and it's prob only 10 percent of peop… @itosettiMD_MBA @MauroPoggia that's one way to get closer to the Creator... @giles06175099 got it @giles06175099 @sinichol @TimBushLondon will do once i incorporate it and the other authors finalize the resubmission @giles06175099 @sinichol @TimBushLondon you. we'll see if it gets accepted. i mean in the acknowledgements. @giles06175099 @sinichol @TimBushLondon i may formally thank you for linking me this publication in an article i have in revision. @sinichol @giles06175099 @TimBushLondon i can't disclose all my ideas in twitter, can I? Quell the exuberant activation by AKTi(ng) Fas(t) @giles06175099 @sinichol @TimBushLondon interesting. i worked on how to put the brake on t cells with akt inhibitio… @sinichol @giles06175099 @TimBushLondon well, t cells unfortunately cant prevent people from producing and shedding… @Biomaven hyperglycemia perhaps @Biomaven lol @giles06175099 @sinichol @TimBushLondon noone knows yet what the kinetic is for cov2, i think prof iwasaki is looking into it. @CovidTooo @EricTopol @vmcorman @amibanerjee1 @ahandvanish are there any talks in your country of getting any of th…