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Also, forwards play defense too folksThey have like 3, maybe 3.5 actual defensemen. Fox is legit. DeAngelo has certainly taken steps forward but I still… @Zibanarin Than that falls on David Quinn's not like he has no say whatsoever in what is going on @JosephC_Jr His rookie year he was also playing 3rd pair minutes and being sheltered. I get it, Ruff definitely tak… @jaysonbuford just randomly thought about the time when the Rockets missed more straight threes than years I have had on this e…
Retweeted by FitzI will never ever get tired of Rob McElhinney explaining the reasoning behind Fat Mac Goodell when he sees a player walking across the field to exchange jerseys after the game @danborkes Coaches always fall on their swords. Just the way it works hahaRuff isn't solely to blame; having, idk, actual good defensemen will help the defense be better as well (a wild tak… really hired Ruff with Gallant and Laviolette out there @FitzGSN_ Got me inspired
Retweeted by Fitz @jacxxon Hahahaha Uncle Jack absolutely kills me man @FitzGSN_ Rickety Cricket patient zero
Retweeted by FitzI’ve been paying for this hellscape with my sanity and soul for a decade now
Retweeted by Fitz @jacxxon Dkekemsoseot the image of this has me cackling 😂😂 @FitzGSN_ uncle jack next to him trying to jam his fake hands into latex gloves
Retweeted by FitzPop-pop will get the rona but somehow beat it, as The Lawyer continues to slip into madness from dealing with the gangAlways Sunny Curb will be about the systemic denial of the virus existing and if it’s a hoax or not Curb will be…
Retweeted by Fitz @Handsome_Jake_ 100%. I don’t think there’s like even a close 3rd for a show to tackle it haha“Now joining us is local community activist Frank Reynolds to talk about wearing masks in public” *camera cuts to… @FitzGSN_ Dennis will claim to be immune, Mac will say this is God punishing us for our sins.
Retweeted by Fitz @FitzGSN_ frank will buy all the toilet paper in philly and and propose they go door to door selling it while every…
Retweeted by FitzCurb and Always Sunny are the only two shows I’d want to actually do it. Cause I think they’ll capture it the absol… bought my first house at 21!! Neighbor seems like a nice guy, but just told me that it’s a hot one. No shit
Retweeted by FitzRespect the greats while they’re still here 🐐 @FitzGSN_ Charlie will be in the hazmat suit
Retweeted by Fitz @FitzGSN_ Master of Covid and Friendship for everyone
Retweeted by Fitz @FitzGSN_ Mac will call it a hoax. Dee and Dennis will wear the masks. Charlie and Frank will just eat cat food to build up an immunity
Retweeted by Fitz @Oh_My_Gos “This is America: you’re either a duper or a dupee” @FitzGSN_ Will be like the gun episodes where Frank tries to profit off of them
Retweeted by FitzFrank and Charlie will wear masks. Dennis and Mac will call it a hoax. Dee will nose her way into the scheme somehow @DaniGroho Boutta break the record for longest running sitcom after its next season 🐐I can’t wait to see how Always Sunny tackles coronavirus“I am an American, I can believe in whatever I want at any given moment based on what the argument I am trying to m… @bretther Might as well try now, got nothing else to do haha @RobCelletti It wasn’t as bad as I thought, I just can’t get into soccerI can’t believe I watched a full MLS game last night man. I’m down bad @Harry0ungg I’m hoping most people will understand what it means haha@ Lindy Ruff @FitzGSN_ you made it to reddit
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Kendrick Perkins neighbors when they heard him taking jumpers in his driveway at 1 AM
Retweeted by FitzEichel still trending lmao @mattoxstuff I hope so man, I’d be devastated if it’s doneStill the 🐐 tweet"Ay my man wanna talk to you he over there"
Retweeted by Fitz"Stephen A man, it's just for my glaucom......"
Retweeted by Fitz🔥🚨🎙NEW EPISODE🎙🚨🔥 #️⃣3️⃣2️⃣: Opened with a few thoughts on DeSean Jackson's recent anti-Semitic posts, followed by…
Retweeted by FitzSpecial @HartnettHockey True true. There's really no bad answer between the Blazers, Grizzlies and Pelicans. No matter what… reallllly hope the Grizzlies end up with the 8 seedBig men should not be able to do this part deux @TheRealPJClark Izzo should've been fired after that game lmaoBig men should not be able to do this Morant and Jaren Jackson are gonna be what everyone thought Towns and Wiggins would be
Retweeted by Fitz @aslamm1233 Sadly the Steph comparisons are gonna follow Trae around for the rest of his career, and those are lofty ones @JerryDurneyPBP Never ever, Izzo was befuddled by the zone @tallerthankobe Bruh, obviously I'm a Cuse guy and i had them winning that game, but like I was angry with how badl… @troonooyawker He's legit the perfect mold of a modern big. Can stretch the floor, can switch basically everything… Izzo played JJJ 15 minutes in that Round of 32 game against Cuse a few years back smh @troonooyawker I love him man, even from college. I knew he was special when Izzo was misutilizing the shit out of himI think Trae is better right now for sure. He's mad good too. But JJJ fits the mold of a modern big almost too perf… Jackson is 6'11" with moves like this 🥵
Retweeted by FitzI said JJJ was gonna be the best player in his draft class, and that was obviously wrong cause Luka is insane, but… @DomZucarello Haha ok those were bad @JerryDurneyPBP I've been hacked @FitzGSN_ A lot of good young talent? I can’t believe they took you back with takes like these, Fitz.
Retweeted by FitzThese two are a problem do not disturb, watching Jaren Jackson highlightsThought he was gonna be the truth was just your average pandemic Wednesday until @FitzGSN_ turned half of #NYR Twitter into GMs...
Retweeted by Fitz @vzmercogliano @JudeLeafs Barzal lol bottom left. No love for 91
Retweeted by Fitz @ian_10_19 Barzal was going AFTER himThey booed Tavares through the entire video tribute to him man lmao @Pchopz_ The viewing experience at home is so much better than in person. RedZone, games on the regular cable chann… @FitzGSN_ Someone was really selling shirts for a LATE FEBUARY game
Retweeted by Fitz @Handsome_Jake_ Bro some of those goals are absurd hahahaBron and KDs returns to Cleveland and OKC were both pretty wild, but I'll still say they not on the level of Tavare… @RyanMura Everything here seems cool until you got to the pizza. That's where I draw the lineFake trades are the best, I love this stuff lmaoThat'll cause a revolt lmao @sportgu17292995 That's always @WojNYR your city is coming after meBrayton, my man, we gonna keep talking about it and trying to speak it into existence until live sports are back on… goal scorer (cc: @Handsome_Jake_) @DimFilipovic The second goal, the playoff one against the Rangers, is legitimately one of the best goals I've ever seen in my lifeThem: “There’s no way to get Eichel to NY with the way the cap is set up. It’s not possible” Me: @TheTickMS @coreygriswold Hey man, they took that for ROR, I wouldn't put it past em @coreygriswold Fair is fair @JJMaples55_MST The NHL never gets anything right but having their two bubble cities in Canda was smart as hellThe Mac clips from Always Sunny of him talking about science are almost TOO on the nose these days lmaoMe and my boys trying to talk about the economy and the stock market
Retweeted by Fitz @Pandamo61523399 For sure, I completely get that. And lmao, iono iono seems like the Rangers might be getting robbed thereMy counter to that would be that we see very good players get traded for, like, 50 cents on the dollar every year.…"I have the earplug in and I'm going to use that earplug" is a bar arguing about the Coronavirus
Retweeted by FitzSpeaking it into existence one today