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Maybe you've got a bit of free time today between arranging your fireworks displays and would like to read my repor…
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MLB cancels All-Star Game for first time since 1945
Retweeted by Edward FitzpatrickMultiple Red Sox players tested positive for COVID-19 via @BostonGlobe.@RIHEALTH announces that visitors will again be allowed at nursing homes and assisted living facilities beginning… with response from @RIHEALTH: Nursing homes say R.I. was slow to test at outset of pandemic via @BostonGlobeTake a virtual hike through the Dolomites, home to some of the world’s most majestic scenery
Retweeted by Edward Fitzpatrick.@RIHEALTH reports one death and 59 new cases of the coronavirus in Rhode Island. homes say R.I. was slow to test at outset of pandemic via @BostonGlobeWho remembers all the straw-covered wine bottles on the ceiling and wall? My sister and I used to try to count them… a scene from Sharknado... warns his mostly white base of threat to ‘heritage’ as Confederate statues come down via @BostonGlobe
Herman Cain hospitalized with COVID-19, less than two weeks after attending Trump rally in Tulsa
Retweeted by Edward FitzpatrickRare R.I. Supreme Court vacancy raises questions of race, power by @FitzProv via @BostonGlobe
Retweeted by Edward Fitzpatrick.@RIHouseofReps and @RISenate to reconvene the week of July 13. a story:
Retweeted by Edward Fitzpatrick“It’s a little bit odd when that is the only part of the body that is clothed.” Nudist resorts adjust to wearing fa…
Retweeted by Edward FitzpatrickWe used to be friends, Maine (Ditto, says Rhode Island) via @BostonGlobe
Retweeted by Edward FitzpatrickPJ Fox is leaving the @NVIinstitute.
Retweeted by Edward FitzpatrickGhislaine Maxwell arrested in New Hampshire on charges in Jeffrey Epstein scandal, FBI says - The Boston Globe rate dropped to 11 percent in June as employers added 5 million jobs - The Boston Globe Globe article on the selection process and prospects for the R.I. Supreme Court. @FitzProv @RIHouseofReps
Retweeted by Edward Fitzpatrick“For a state supreme court in 2020 to have never had a justice of color on it raises questions about the legitimacy… R.I. Supreme Court vacancy raises questions of race, power few months stuck at home and this happens.
Retweeted by Edward FitzpatrickCharlie Lombardi, now 73, running unopposed in 2020. “I’m having the time of my life."
Retweeted by Edward FitzpatrickHere is just a lovely way to close the evening. The wonderful @rosannecash singing a song by her father - about Ire…
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This is cool. #RhodeMap has now passed 2 million opens since we launched last June. It's free, but it does cost mon…
Retweeted by Edward Fitzpatrick.@AmandaMilkovits @LynnArditi and @aayresbrown look into who was involved in the Providence disturbance on June 1
Retweeted by Edward FitzpatrickA list of current travel advisories due to COVID-19 in the Northeast via @BostonGlobeBy @DanMcGowan -- With Fourth of July looming, Raimondo ‘worried’ about coronavirus spike via @BostonGlobeResidents speak out after white man followed, harassed Black Groveland resident
Retweeted by Edward FitzpatrickThanks @DanMcGowan for interviewing me for our Rhode Island newsletter. Read/subscribe below! via @BostonGlobe
Retweeted by Edward FitzpatrickIt’s July 1. Here’s where the race for president stands today -- Rhode Map by @DanMcGowan talking w/ @JamesPindell to remove controversial monument depicting Lincoln standing over freed slave via @BostonGlobeMust read by @AmandaMilkovits — A night of flames and fury via @BostonGlobeSneak peek at tomorrow's presidential election edition of #RhodeMap with @JamesPindell.
Retweeted by Edward FitzpatrickBy ⁦@tyburr⁩ — Three cheers (and four stars): ‘Hamilton’ goes from Broadway to the screen - The Boston Globe reports zero new coronavirus deaths for the first time in months via @BostonGlobe
No joy in Mudville or Pawtucket — Minor League Baseball’s 2020 season is officially canceled list of current travel advisories due to COVID-19 in the Northeast takeaways in coronavirus numbers: 6 states have seen cases double in under 3 weeks, and more - The Boston Globe ⁦@DanMcGowan⁩ — R.I. Supreme Court deals a huge blow to Providence in pension case Anthony Fauci on Tuesday warned that the United States was “going in the wrong direction” in fighting the coron…
Retweeted by Edward FitzpatrickBreakfast visitor at my office this morning. @pvdraptors @RIAudubon
Retweeted by Edward FitzpatrickNEW: Providence has (mostly) lost at the state Supreme Court on its pension overhaul. This is significant because…
Retweeted by Edward FitzpatrickRentals are one way to float your boat this summer via @BostonGlobeBy ⁦@alexspeier⁩ — Take a look at the progress being made on the new stadium for the Worcester Red Sox ⁦@DanMcGowan⁩ — One of the worst impediments to accountability’ in the country: Rhode Island law stands out for…’t Cancel That Newspaper Subscription are all these fireworks coming from? New Hampshire, apparently
UPDATED: By @AmandaMilkovits -- New COVID-19 cases fall in R.I., as Governor Raimondo announces move into Phase 3 T… @Dan_Shaughnessy -- If Cam Newton is healthy, this is a signing to get excited about via @BostonGlobeBy @AmandaMilkovits -- New COVID-19 cases fall in R.I., as Governor Raimondo speaks about Phase 3 via @BostonGlobe.@SlaterTech_Fund's own @thornesparkman was featured in @FitzProv's latest Ocean State Innovators column in…
Retweeted by Edward FitzpatrickI wrote about the lone Latina on the Supreme Court and how she has become “a voice of one” on issues of systematic…
Retweeted by Edward FitzpatrickIs Rhode Island ready for Phase 3? We could find out today -- Rhode Map by @DanMcGowan via @BostonGlobeFrom @GlobeVaznis -- Applying to college during the pandemic? College admission deans offer 5 tips via @BostonGlobe
Retweeted by Edward FitzpatrickFive takeaways from the Patriots’ decision to sign Cam Newton to a one-year deal
Retweeted by Edward FitzpatrickBy @DanMcGowan — When Providence students return to classes, they could be in a different school via @BostonGlobeSlater Technology Fund says entrepreneurship is the key to Rhode Island‘s recovery — Q&A with ⁦@thornesparkman⁩ of… for the capture of the night, BIG kudos and thanks to @jpaiva101797 for this gem of a #lightning strike near do…
Retweeted by Edward FitzpatrickPatriots fined $1.1 million, lose 2021 third-round pick in Bengals videotaping incident
Retweeted by Edward FitzpatrickPatriots sign QB Cam Newton to one-year deal, per report
Right before the rain started pouring, multiple bolts strike behind the Providence, RI skyline at 6:42pm as strong…
Retweeted by Edward FitzpatrickUS @SenJackReed, ranking Democrat on Senate Armed Services Committee, issues statement re: Russian operation target… Island and Connecticut only states reporting declining cases of coronavirus best outfield I ever played with. @RedSox
Retweeted by Edward FitzpatrickIn addition to being an excellent reporter and really strong runner, Ed takes some really cool pics. He also tells…
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Front-page @nytimes article features April Dinwoodie, 48, who grew up in Westerly, R.I. -- Black Activists Wonder:… Martin Becomes Ireland’s Prime Minister as Rival Parties Ally a listen: By @kmulvane — Across the nation, 50 musicians play their parts; R.I. native melds them into sympho… “Culture of Quiescence” first appeared in the @RWULawReview in 2004Give @TedNesi extra points use of the word "quiescent" in Nesi’s Notes this week: "The virus remains quiescent in… @NYTimes
Coronavirus rules for Maine tourists ‘distressing’ for state’s hospitality industry - The Boston Globe Rep. @davidcicilline issues a statement re: the death of former Newport Mayor Paul Gaines, the first Black mayor… panorama of the storm at 3:15pm from the same location. #RIwx
Retweeted by Edward FitzpatrickJust heard from former PVD NAACP President Clifford Montiero, who remembered Paul Gaines as a "groundbreaker" who m… write-up from @FitzProv, which includes this notable, understated line: "this reporter ran with Pincince the…
Retweeted by Edward FitzpatrickWhole Foods workers sent home for wearing Black Lives Matter masks - The Boston Globe @DanMcGowan -- Raimondo: Childhood vaccination rates have plummeted during the pandemic via @BostonGlobeRhode Island runner’s final numbers: 19 hours, 74 miles, $10,000 raised -- @JonPincince didn't reach the beach, but… Island town challenges coronavirus restrictions as unconstitutional via @BostonGlobeThe most intriguing Rhode Island Senate races of 2020 -- Rhode Map by @DanMcGowan via @BostonGlobeA valiant effort by ⁦@JonPincince⁩ today. He began running at 4:30 am in Burrillville and covered 74 miles, raising… ! ⁦@JonPincince⁩ was outstanding in this field 68 miles, @JonPincince is hanging tough, enduring lows (huge mounds of manure) and enjoying highs (night fore… through middle of sod farm amid smell of manure and sound of train whistles
She wouldn’t let ⁦@JonPincince⁩ borrow the horse either... would not let ⁦@JonPincince⁩ borrow it... grave yard ? are not out of the woods yet Shine w less than 20 miles to go w ⁦@JonPincince⁩ Livingston, I presume...⁦@JonPincince⁩ emerges from the wilderness at Mile 59 most intriguing Rhode Island General Assembly races of 2020 (Part 1) — by ⁦@DanMcGowan⁩ list of current travel advisories due to COVID-19 in the Northeast ⁦@DanMcGowan⁩ — Providence pulls Columbus statue reports 8 more deaths and 40 new cases of coronavirus in Rhode Island, PVD Fire Dept and RI Fire Marshal announce joint task force to deal with explosion of fireworks i…