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@21astaa @nnijaz9 @tradedily he lurked b and i didnt stop saying that he did the entire game @21astaa @nnijaz9 traded made me entry on cypher i wanted to kms
@notrxchel @Darrinsval i didnt put much thought into that @notrxchel @Darrinsval scam that bitch and let me use it for a realm @notrxchel @Darrinsval can i use ur mc acc @playgirllashley @exavlrt @Evs2x so can i use ur acc @playgirllashley @exavlrt @Evs2x ? @playgirllashley @exavlrt @Evs2x can i use it i wanna play on a realm but My acc got taken by russians @playgirllashley @exavlrt @Evs2x do u have a mc acc i can use @exavlrt @Evs2x genshin moral support @notrxchel u not dialed into the outlast stream @wunjii @turbi55 @brnarvo @Evs2x @AeroValorant wtv u do dont look at imsg @Evs2x @AeroValorant
@21astaa @exavlrt @1nxsh @gvnocide @acez2k look behind u @exavlrt @1nxsh @gvnocide @21astaa @acez2k haiiiiiiiiiii roy chan ^>.<^ @cindeenuts @Abdeznuts @AeroValorant u asf @cindeenuts @Abdeznuts @AeroValorant @cindeenuts @Abdeznuts @AeroValorant Hi @baobaeda never too much @WasteManOP @AeroValorant @f1ukie DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN @AeroValorant @f1ukie DAMNNNNNNNNNNN @audestball ? @babagirl @WIIREE_ last thing i expected to see at 1 in the morning @WIIREE_ @babagirl too unholy it got deleted @Evs2x @zeravalorant @AeroValorant @Bobbert_VAL @Kazler_Val @kazvmo me next me next ! !!! @sobersushi01 @babagirl not my fault @babagirl unholy @Sophia56579490 @Abdeznuts @AeroValorant @ignovercook @overcookpriv @ov6rcook @Abdeznuts @AeroValorant @Abdeznuts @AeroValorant a little birdie told me ppl who were in it and i started crying its too funny @Abdeznuts @AeroValorant owned fraud @nuwumy ? @arrt7x whyd u post a dm clip @arrt7x fire ass dm clip @Bobbert_VAL @ysk1ng LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @Bobbert_VAL im guessing ur not in it @soojais @esexaim bro @cryptXVAL @1nxsh @gvnocide @OvertimeGG @nuwumy why is this the one tweet u see from me @1nxsh @gvnocide @OvertimeGG @nuwumy go 10 inches in me @gvnocide @1nxsh @OvertimeGG @nuwumy LMAOOOOO @1nxsh @gvnocide @OvertimeGG @nuwumy how are u n nico almost the same height tho @zekeiVAL i got 3 20 min q's earlier bc everyone is doing 10 mans @Evs2x @unst9ble LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO
@WasteManOP proof @WasteManOP I lied my bed is comfy @WasteManOP yea @chithetree @shuuuuis stfu @chithetree @shuuuuis type shit @chithetree @shuuuuis ur harmless chithetree @chithetree @shuuuuis so ur like diamond or what @chithetree @shuuuuis i threw whenever we had q'd @chithetree @shuuuuis i forgot what rank u are so i cant even say anything @shawno @OdiFps @yoonchiiu @Dogo_VN @shawno @OdiFps @yoonchiiu @Nighty10k @Dogo_VN @fishsznss @elonaine u not even in the top 11k anymore @shawno @OdiFps @yoonchiiu @Nighty10k @Dogo_VN @kinetictz @kellyakisoba @vlyuuki LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @chithetree @shuuuuis ☠️💀☠️💀 @nuwumy @jeffiefps @OdiFps @1nxsh @sobersushi01 hai @jeffiefps @OdiFps @1nxsh @nuwumy @sobersushi01 ye @jeffiefps @OdiFps @1nxsh @nuwumy @sobersushi01 type shit @1EDEN_ water bottling ur game @OdiFps @1nxsh @nuwumy @jeffiefps @sobersushi01 Wtf @1EDEN_ LMAOOOO @1EDEN_ i did that yesterday its fun asf @1EDEN_ sounds like a u problem @kqmbrrly @nuwumy @cindeenuts captain obvious @ricem1lk Oh @aleksandarosa @babagirl real and true ☝️☝️☝️ @unst9ble @exavlrt HAHAAHAHA @vlyuuki @lem0nbb 🤯🤯😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️🤯 @Abdeznuts fire @Abdeznuts is that scooby doo @ricem1lk whats bpd again @Abdeznuts ya bro im flexing rad u caught me red handed @Abdeznuts like surely ill do good one game right @Abdeznuts LMFAOOO BRO @Abdeznuts i still havent gone positive @Abdeznuts Abdeznuts come in @exavlrt LFMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @Dogo_VN @TiffneyVal @nuwumy @dearIy_beIoved 💀🤖🐮💀🤖🐮🐮🤖🤖💀💀🤖 @vlyuuki LMAOO @vlyuuki she dont know u bro @ssav1or @nvrcall @aryhnval LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @OdiFps @yoonchiiu @Nighty10k come check this out rq @Dogo_VN @ysk1ng i put out a crazy submission actual cheatcode of how to get in @babagirl this shit look like it in 8k ultra hd @AeroValorant too much of a greek god for u guys to handle id go 30-5 every game @AeroValorant shiii @AeroValorant u rlly jus dont want me in there huh @Abdeznuts ive gone negative 13 out of my 15 games on my career @gvnocide @urvietgf
@BlanKAims @Darrinsval ^ @gvnocide wbu @vlyuuki @gvnocide 2000000 eth @Add3rTV LMFOAOAOAOAOAOAO @4NN7A mayhaps