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@LordBrexit Manchester on the 8th November @ManchesterRise @danlightkeeper @katevonlaegel @NWPolice Terrifying numbers? 151 people today who died within 28 days of a positive… @j88KBF Just had to educate our restaurant in the fact we do not need to show proof of exemption 🙄 @laughingginge @PaulMathieson10 @Charlotte3003G If that's what you think, then I question that you are a professor… @latimeralder Other - I know and I don't care
@jimeekay @ScentlessAppr10 @Chrisevs16 @BeyondRoom313 @ianbrown And you haven't answered mine where is your evidenc… @jimeekay @ScentlessAppr10 @Chrisevs16 @BeyondRoom313 @ianbrown You mean like lockdowns work, or there will be a se… @jimeekay @ScentlessAppr10 @Chrisevs16 @BeyondRoom313 @ianbrown A bit like Vallance, Whitty, Ferguson and the SAGE… @j88KBF Trying...they see its wrong but font want ro break the law.Not sure what else I can doPlease let me see my family before it's too late! - Sign the Petition! via @UKChange
Retweeted by EmmaCAnyone in #Manchester and #northwest surrounding areas, it's time to make our voices heard @ItsRebster We know this is true. For the sake of your sanity, block anyone who says these things to you. They can… @ItsRebster There are lots of us here in Manchester, we're trying to do something that will make a difference watch… @ItsRebster I think there are lots of us with the same feeling. Be positive and don't let them dampen your spirit x"In spite of scare stories about ICU units already overflowing, at present there are only a tenth as many Covid pat…
Retweeted by EmmaC @jimeekay @ScentlessAppr10 @Chrisevs16 @BeyondRoom313 @ianbrown Why aren't you disputing Yeardens facts? The Barrin… police stopping cars crossing the Welsh boarder with the very serious charge of 'Intent to go mount… your mask to protect the elderly, whilst they are being denied treatment. Don't visit the elderly, whilst they… @gymslip @Lordgreyofponty @repoman500 *independence @jimeekay @ScentlessAppr10 @Chrisevs16 @BeyondRoom313 @ianbrown Theirs is a alternative view to the official narrat… @jimeekay @ScentlessAppr10 @Chrisevs16 @BeyondRoom313 @ianbrown I listened to the evidence and facts laid out by ex… @jimeekay @ScentlessAppr10 @Chrisevs16 @BeyondRoom313 @ianbrown Really? Have you actually read any of these or look… @ianbrown #Riseupmanchester @ManchesterRise Manchester is getting ready @jimeekay @ScentlessAppr10 @Chrisevs16 @BeyondRoom313 @ianbrown The independent scientists are now regarded as cons… @ianbrown @ManchesterRise #Riseupmanchester @Bandageboyz @alfie_dad @GitGrumpygit @DevonshireDanUK You really think these measures are to give the NHS time? It… @brownhill76 @LeahButlerSmith We're getting ready 🙌🙌 @ManchesterRise @AndyBird21 I'd want a cup holder in mine ! @BuzzTracks @TybrynM @TelBabe @RodriguesJasonL @debatenothate2 Turning their TV off will do them the world of good @ManchesterRise Posted on FB too ✅ @AndyBird21 Not at all - wonder if it comes with windscreen wipers as an optional extra 🤣 @alfie_dad @GitGrumpygit @DevonshireDanUK You need to open your eyes and look at the bigger picture, this is not ju… @AndyBird21 🤦🏼‍♀️speechless @latimeralder Not me. I seem to always forget my phone 🤷🏼‍♀️Most exciting thing I've done today? Sneezing in Sainsburys without a mask on. Oh the looks 🙄 @j88KBF It's already uncovered, we just need the general population to see it @MichaelYeadon3 Just to reiterate that Witty agreed with verything @MichaelYeadon3 says about the course of the vir…
Anyone still thinking this is about a virus? 🤔 @j88KBF I reported a mask ad for being offensive 🤣 @joannemac19 @Setpieceuk Thought it looked familiar, my sister has a holiday home there, its a very Spanish holiday… @Kateandtheboys 😪😪😘 @howeid66 Maybe, not seen if he's done anything personally, but still good to see local intervention wading in @j88KBF Doesn't take cash? Did he whip his contactless device out specially? Honestly give up 🤦🏼‍♀️If you've not already done so, go look at @MarcusRashford timeline. It's heart warming and just shows humanity is o… @Crony_Virus @KayBurley @AndrewRTDavies @YouTube 'These measures are to stop a virus that has killed over 40,000 pe… @LellyParker @Su15100307 @smcbride360 It wasn't your maths I was questioning but your belief in the measures. Try… @Crony_Virus @KayBurley @AndrewRTDavies @YouTube Levi3d You clearly don't have long hair. Do you have any idea how… @Anshul__K 🤦🏼‍♀️ just no words @LellyParker @Su15100307 @smcbride360 I think you need to switch your TV off @lm_stayfree @smcbride360 @Su15100307 @LellyParker It is quite scary that people believe this stuff 🙄Proper gym session today on the first day of #Manchester Tier 3 thanks to the efforts of @nickwhitcombe1 they're al… @lm_stayfree @smcbride360 @Su15100307 @LellyParker Best line.'it takes 81 years to die but Covid can do it in 3 weeks' that had me rolling 🤣 @smcbride360 @Su15100307 @LellyParker I'd give up there 🤣🤣 Best thread of the day so far! @latimeralder Maybe with the hundreds of millions they're paying for track and trace, they could increase capacity… explains the PCR test. Amplify it enough and you get 100% positive results.
Retweeted by EmmaC @jobytensen @LeProfMoriarty They are currentmy paying out millions to those affected as well. Probably why they hav…
@AndyBird21 @jimmystjohn @bubblygum1983 I've seen a few, I like to challenge a little but no longer argue 😊 @AndyBird21 @jimmystjohn @bubblygum1983 Done 😊 @jimmystjohn @bubblygum1983 @AndyBird21 You think these measures are about health? @jimfalty 😡 no wordsWhen they ask you to protect Grannie.....😪 more sense that the drivel that normally comes out of his mouth! we have more of this logical speaking in Parliament please? @NaomiMeeks1 The police should know that if you are exempt you don't have to give the reason ! @j88KBF I have one too...its like logging into a parallel universe ! @j88KBF This just shows what can be done if we're prepared to fight @Kateandtheboys @j88KBF Nor me x @j88KBF Having a hot flush then going for a temperagure check for fun 😉Go follow @ManchesterRise #Manchester
Retweeted by EmmaC @Nikita_st @latimeralder Have a look at virus behaviour @FatEmperor has many videos explaining this. There is a ri… @latimeralder Other - there is no second wave. Virus don't do second waves. Any proper wave will be a new virus. @j88KBF Be careful of the garlic bread....I heard it sticks to that.....order the brushetta instead, it slips off the tomato topping
@sapiofoxy And here's me thinking that they mandated masks to make people feel safe when shopping and to boost the… very succinct 2 minute video...ask why #WhyAreTheyDoingThis tuned #Manchester
Retweeted by EmmaC @KayBurley @RobertJenrick Looks like all gyms can stay open 😊This is what happens when you stand up for what is right. Huge respect and well done to these guys for not backing… @LeProfMoriarty I wish they were, but not sure at this point.Thank you #London @GarethWynDavies @willcarling Gareth, have you actually looked at the data, done any research? There will be people… heck. He doesn’t hold back either
Retweeted by EmmaC @bubblygum1983 @AndyBird21 That's so true! It gets frustrating because they don't want ro see whats happening in fr…
@bubblygum1983 @AndyBird21 I think at the moment that's the case. They don't want to look at why this could be happ… @SueSaffa Never regret Champagne! Happy birthday 🥂🍾 @bubblygum1983 @AndyBird21 Had a very similar conversation today at work when we found we're going into Tier 3. I p… @j88KBF something for everyone to take offense at 😁 @j88KBF is it the text or biceps that puts them off 🤔 @j88KBF 🤦🏼‍♀️ my conversation was with someone who isn't bothered as it doesn't affect him. so he'll wear his mask… @morrisinator @BBCPolitics Because he seems to be talking sense...its about measures being proportionate to risk, h… @Panthro21443928 @Anshul__K I'm not sure they do...the 93% false positive is still widely talked about. I haven't s… @Panthro21443928 @Anshul__K There is. It is flawed, was never designed to identify live viral infection and they us… @Panthro21443928 @Anshul__K Why do we need a test and trace system? We have a PCR test that provides a false positi… @DanEvans1986 I love the buzz of smiling at them! @Panthro21443928 @Anshul__K Even when the law has been brought in without any scientific evidence and puts health a… @bahamut_Cha0S @LeProfMoriarty @alexmaccaroon Proud #Mancunian here too, but let's not forget the small gyms standi… @j88KBF 😂😂 I have this issue with my PT !!
@AndyBird21 @chezzy8080 I am after I've shaved 😉😁 @chezzy8080 @AndyBird21 remarkably similar to mine..but without the beard obvs !So much respect for these guys. I always thought that we'd have to wait for big business to push back, but it just… @chezzy8080 On the plane the other week I saw a girl slide her straw into the side of her mask so she could drink w…