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MAGDALENE is out now 🖤

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Join British 🇬🇧 singer and GRAMMY® Award nominated artist, @FKAtwigs for a tour of “Mary Magdalene in Ecstasy” by A…
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what's your fav scene in sad day? ⚔️
@cnstntnnn no i’m not
This visual is epic ⚔️ @FKAtwigs #sadday
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jumpin and twirlin and flippin and practicing for sad day x
@i_D 💕⚔️thank you so much @muraihiro for collaborating with me on this project. thank you to you guys out there for staying…, lilith (my sword) and i can’t wait for you to see sad day. out now <3
you can support @SexWorkHive and other orgs providing direct financial support to sex workers here lives matter, Black trans lives matter, Black sex worker lives matter, Defund the police, stop the inca… @slytherinsideme @Quinnderellla @Linda_Wennberg @VanillaIsBlaque That doesn’t help, criminalisation of purchase dam… @slytherinsideme @Linda_Wennberg @VanillaIsBlaque We do this by trusting and listening to sex workers.That's it from us - @SexWorkHive! We'll be around til 8pm though so ask us anything! Huge thanks to Twigs for shar… conversation around GRA reform in the UK has been hijacked by cis feminists who seek to persecute trans people… @slytherinsideme @toad_stan_acc We work closely with sex workers who work under the so called Nordic model, workers… with trans people is super important given this current environment, and our network and movement is full… this platform, and given the current push against trans people across the UK, it feels super important to als… @Linda_Wennberg @VanillaIsBlaque @slytherinsideme Sex work should be decriminalised for the safety of sex workers,…'re almost done! If you’d like to donate, money will be used for our ongoing mutual aid projects, to help sex wo… @slytherinsideme @toad_stan_acc No because if you criminalise the purchase you end up targeting the workers. Read t… @fumingagain @SexWorkHive @GnarlyShins Decriminalise sex work for the sake of the workers who experience police harassment, criminalisation,… is calling for an end to austerity. The struggle for sex worker rights doesn't stop with decriminalisation. O… @slytherinsideme But... that’s literally the case 💁‍♀️ why be a misogynist when you can, not?We join calls from groups like @CAPExpansion that incarcerated people not be left to die. We demand that detention… @slytherinsideme Sex work is work, only rights will stop the wrongs. By calling sex work paid rape you are belittli… of people who accessed our hardship fund needed rent money. There's a looming eviction crisis and ppl will be… are fears the Home Office still mines data from the NHS + some migrant sex workers say they’re afraid to seek… supports @libertyhq’s call for the government to put human rights at the centre of its response to… police powers, under the government’s emergency coronavirus bill, are being misused We know from experie… join @ProstitutesColl in calling for a moratorium on raids, arrests and prosecutions. Here’s ECP’s full list of… @fIamingmoe ppl working outdoors, increased police presence has made things more dangerous. We’ve heard reports from across… of sex workers have no choice than to continue working through the pandemic. Sex work isn’t an essential servi… @SIDEBlTCH @dominidani @graceyswer It would be interesting, but frankly what we will see from data is just a more convoluted w… sex workers can make money online but it’s not an option for everyone. You need tech knowledge, privacy, confi… the benefits system is a nightmare if you need to keep your job a secret. Migrant sex workers (+ worker… @blondedfeels has affected sex workers in the same way as other precarious workers - lots of us survive job to job + have n…’s been a lot of reporting about how the pandemic is affecting sex workers. But it’s not just that our job inv…"We are for the abolition of prisons, as we are for an end to detention, as we are for an end to prostitution. And…
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Retweeted by FKA twigsCurrent meme format with sex work discourse:
Retweeted by FKA twigs"We can't just be reforming the police, because they will never be accountable to us. We have to abolish the police…
Retweeted by FKA twigsBlack sex worker liberation march fuck yes
Retweeted by FKA twigsCheck out the amazing @SexWorkHive takeover of @FKAtwigs twitter! ITS SO COOL
Retweeted by FKA twigsWhy are the voices of Asian #SexWorkers consistently left out of the American/European-driven anti-trafficking char…
Retweeted by FKA twigsWe have to bust myths about the sex trade and ensure that there is no single monolithic story. We have to listen to…
Retweeted by FKA twigsHere’s a recent video from @ProstitutesColl - policing is never ‘neutral’. POC, migrants and trans workers bear the… @swopusa @EmpowerThailand @SweatTweets @RedCanarySong @LysistrataMCCF @STRASS_Syndicat @tampepeu @sexworkeurope, the video is by @junomac_ 💕.@SexWorkHive shares the Black Lives Matter call to defund the police. Sex workers - and particularly Black, migran… join the @decrimfutures reading group @CuteCatriona more info on the different legislative models + further insight into why we campaign for decriminalisation, wat… @wanba_uob @SexWorkHive @MadiOCarroll is moving away from its dark past of controlling women’s bodies. We #repealedthe8th, brought in the Gender… is the government-funded organisation which works with prostitutes (as they call them) and were a le… @meetmeintheaft2 @SexWorkHive It is safer to work together but under UK legislation it is illegal to do so without… @wanba_uob @SexWorkHive Passing policies in support of sex working students is good and signposting to sex worker s… this law is up for review. When the law was debated @swaiireland and the voices of currently working se… @wanba_uob @SexWorkHive Working with student unions to pressure universities into adding policies which prevent sex… 2017 there has been a 92% increase in violent crimes against sex workers in Ireland. Sex workers are now extr… law is a failure. Only 2 clients have been prosecuted but there have been approximately 50 sex workers prosecut… years ago Ireland introduced the Swedish Model/ End Demand. @SWAIIreland warned that these changes would increase… @MxJackParker I hope so @thatDEDGUY @SexWorkHive In Nigeria there is a sex workers association doing vital work :) next few tweets are from @SWAIIreland, the only sex worker-led org in Ireland ❤️ @thatDEDGUY @SexWorkHive SWARM are UK based but there is a global network of sex worker led orgs from across the world :)France introduced the Nordic Model/ End Demand law in 2016. Since then at least 10 sex workers have been killed - m… @TheAriDee @SexWorkHive’ve probably heard people talk about the ‘Nordic Model’, ‘Swedish Model’ or ‘End Demand’. This is often sold as… @abesuxx That I have let sex workers take over my Twitter for the night. @raeIiti Donate to sex worker led orgs like @SexWorkHive (uk) @swopusa etc in your local area @raeIiti @SexWorkHive Healthcare should be free for all to access and use at point of service irregardlss of occupa… you’re a UK sex worker and you need to know your rights, @ProstitutesColl produced this guide: @livingdead @SexWorkHive - has to include the decriminalisation of being a migrant, (this is why we advocate for de… @livingdead @SexWorkHive A large issue is that as we know sex workers have a large proportion of precarious, someti… Leeds, it’s legal to solicit in one area: Holbeck. Here’s a thread on what’s happening there @kelseelarue @SexWorkHive - experienced sex trafficking or not. By adding further criminalisation to prostitution y… @kelseelarue @SexWorkHive Sex trafficking discourse dominates must of the western world, but sex trafficking won’t…’re calling for FULL DECRIMINALISATION not because we all love the sex industry (some of us like our jobs, some d…, in the UK, we’re allowed to sell sex but almost anything we do to stay safe is criminalised It’s illegal to sh… @LEOINES1 @AshleyFires @SexWorkHive No, sex workers demand full decriminalisation, the Dutch model is Legalisation,… work is legislated in different ways around the world. The most common forms are: @gonikawon @SexWorkHive Paying for your porn often feels abnormal due to the prevalence of tube sites, however supp…’ll be talking about sex worker rights for the next two hours. If you want to know how to help, you can donate he… @sinnerswall @SexWorkHive Oh well 💁‍♀️ @julian_mrz @SexWorkHive The pandemic has decimated income for sex workers, and being an industry the majority of w… @joanne_melody @SexWorkHive Currently the majority of pressure comes from organisations that call for the Nordic mo… the globe, sex workers are calling for FULL DECRIMINALISATION: @swopusa, @EmpowerThailand, @SweatTweets,… @FKAJosef @SexWorkHive Decriminalisation of sex work is what we, and the absolute majority of sex worker led organi… ally ourselves with the unionisation movement, specifically that of precarious workers. In the UK,… worker rights are part of the wider struggle for justice. Many sex workers also experience racism, misogyny, ho… work alongside other sex worker-led groups in the UK and Ireland: @ProsColl, @SWAIIreland, @ScotPep,… is the Sex Worker’s Advocacy and Resistance movement, a UK collective of sex workers who campaign for the rig…! This is @SexWorkHive. We’ll be taking over Twigs’ account for the next two hours to talk about sex work, the f…