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fl0m @fl0mtv Las Vegas, NV

I'm a ex-professional CS:GO Now full time streamer! playing with Mythic currently! Check it out at!

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We got one more stop before finals come watch.
Retweeted by fl0mJoJo's mix team is playing the BO3 finals in the subscriber cup vs Secret Club starting now
Retweeted by fl0myo @MythicRebornGG ancient10 mans with @dafCSGO and @daveycsgo rest of @MythicRebornGG cup ~~~~~~~
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We've got another interview to share! @FreyaSpiers sat down with @blameFFFFF to chat about his leadership role at…
Retweeted by fl0mlive! @MythicRebornGG sub cup with @Drewby_1 @daveycsgo @dafCSGO @freehitboy. Maybe @TheUltraLex if he gets his stu… @chad @Athena DUDE?!?!?! @chad @Athena weird flex @GeT_RiGhT @MythicRebornGG I’ll kick @freehitboy @Butterzfps GrindLive in 20 for @MythicRebornGG sub cup. Starting with delay.Playing the @MythicRebornGG sub cup with some gamers in an hour. Should be fun and i promise to only troll a littl…
Retweeted by fl0mThere are 90 minutes left to sign up! Check-in begins at 5:55PM ET but you still have up to an hour after to join!…
Retweeted by fl0m @dakotaz A few 🤫"Magic 8-ball, will the #cssummit 8 Talent Lineup be hype?" 🎱: It is certain. Join our mystical and magical talen…
Retweeted by fl0m @AidanCarson7 @launders @MythicRebornGG @launders wanna play another @MythicRebornGG sub cup tonight at 4pst?I think I found my spot. @dakotaz See you soon beautifulAncient gamer playing ancient map in 10. CS. @MythicRebornGG sub cup later today. NA sign up fools get reps in before the major quali tomorrow.First video of me showing basic nades on every map is out make sure you guys go check it out. *CSGO* Basic Grenades…
Retweeted by fl0mNA FPL
Retweeted by fl0m @el_jack0 talking with admin now just manually adding but its super scuffed atm.MYTHIC ACADEMY MATCH NOW!!!! 📺:
Retweeted by fl0mThe captchas were bad before but now it just says “failed” when I don’t even get options for pictures just a green… @ESEA 99% sure your captcha system is super scuffed and is messing up team signups for the major qualy.Release Notes for today are up. Updates to 360 Stats, Ancient, and Community Maps:
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Another exciting weekly edition of @NathansFranks Famous Duos with @JoshOG We're playing games and chatting about…! Ancient 10 mans into @NathansFranks duo stream in 15. Cs ancient 10 man then eating some @NathansFranks and checking out a new game 👀 @JoshOG W I believe is what the kids say.Excited to share the next chapter of this fitness journey with you.
Retweeted by fl0m// LIVE oh my lord are you telling me that I will be getting lessons from @n0thing in CSGO today? No shot // TWIT…
Retweeted by fl0mSo i can give @fl0mtv 5gifted on here also? Sick.
Retweeted by fl0m @NathansFranks @leaf_cs WE ARE GOING TO PLAY SIMON SAYS @arTcsgo Agreed. Wonder if they could just remove the scaffolding on either side to widen the choke point.LIVE! CS and them nice vibes in 10. Catch you beauties in there.,HE'S QWAAAAAACKED BABY! 🦆 The boys are BACK with a new episode of Triumph CS:GO Comms! 🎥:
Retweeted by fl0mrough 3rd map but for 6 scrims and my ass playing so poorly im excited to see what we can do in this season of @ESEA premier.LIVE! First match with the new roster in @ESEA premier starting now vs @teamoneesports! is an incredible player, been hoping that a team in Premier would give him the chance to show his worth. Has…
Retweeted by fl0mMythic complete roster with Slugy
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LIVE! warming into practice into 1st match of @ESEA PREMIER TONIGHT VS @teamoneesports @CSGO
Retweeted by fl0mWhat are you doing if someone catches you like this? CR: @fl0mtv
Retweeted by fl0mLive in about an hour. Scrim 5pst match 6pst vs team one.Played two officials with @Lilmixgg just and managed to get two wins out of it, makes an old timer like me smile!…
Retweeted by fl0msomething something @fl0mtv shorts on youtube...
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Retweeted by fl0mIf you could only play one video game for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? 🎮🤔 cc: @fl0mtv @JoshOG
Retweeted by fl0m @NathansFranks @JoshOG week's Mythic League subscriber cup will be our first one featuring the new map pool! Do you have the courage…
Retweeted by fl0mlive! CS and 2 streams today with a match later tonight! in 10. Cs all day first match later tonight.I am officially a @ESEA Premier Partner! I'm so excited for the opportunity to cast! Tonight I will be casting…
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LIVE! GAMING AND WARMING UP FOR @MythicRebornGG PRAC LATER TONIGHT WITH NEW 5TH CAPS LOCK WOOOOO in 10. Gaming and then @MythicRebornGG prac later tonight. Trialing the slug to see if he keeps killing 4 at a… confirm adreN signing
Retweeted by fl0mFollowing a change in the @CSGO competitive map pool and a platform-wide survey, we are making some changes to the…
Retweeted by fl0m @EliGE @fl0mtv fixed it for you
Retweeted by fl0mMap callouts for the new map de_ancient?? 🧐
Retweeted by fl0m @piethrouer @slovecs @MythicReporn Do me a favor though and make it clearer that ain’t us boo.GUESS WHO'S BACK, BACK AGAIN
Retweeted by fl0mI’m sad and happy at the same time 😢 home @adreN_Hoag
Retweeted by fl0mAnd @seziwana 10 man’s with @seziwana a bit more in depth about the update. Gaming CS afterwards might get some ancient 10 mans going. in 20. Update talk first then cs all day bb. Maybe some ancient 10 mans.I’m old and going to bed. But imma wake up and talk about the update and give my take in a more in depth manner on…
Retweeted by fl0mHow are so many people upset train is removed when it’s less played than office? Some of y’all just like to compla…
Retweeted by fl0m @empathyxd Hope soI’m old and going to bed. But imma wake up and talk about the update and give my take in a more in depth manner on… @CsRoker Yeah it’s the majority of the player base. Just cause you or I don’t play it doesn’t mean it’s not important. @empathyxd Stats don’t lie nobody playing that shit though whether I think the map is good or like it.How are so many people upset train is removed when it’s less played than office? Some of y’all just like to compla… @careyfrozt @EliGE Not disagreeing with wanting more communication I’m just explaining that they aren’t just changi… @careyfrozt @EliGE I mean they just work off of data in terms of what map they chose. Train is the least played map…'ve never seen a community hate any type of change in a game MORE than in CSGO. Same map pool for 2 decades. Same…
Retweeted by fl0m @ESEA OPEN MATCH NOW!!! LIVE @ 2 MIN DELAY
Retweeted by fl0mImmediately after the first game on the new map, FPS optimization updates need to be TOP TOP priority @CSGO. Top…
Retweeted by fl0mThe night has just begun 🔥🔥
Retweeted by fl0mCS community: We want changes in Active Duty map pool! CS community after map pool changes: Fuck this new map 🤬🤬🤬 No comment. 🙄
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@EliGE @CSGO we love this tweetAll jokes aside for the benefits of the team's map pool, happy to see @CSGO actually making a change to make me mor…
Retweeted by fl0mhey @ESEA WE GETTING ANCIENT?
Retweeted by fl0mSO WAIT DOES THIS MEAN WE SHOULD TURN ON ANCIENT IN @MythicRebornGG LEAGUE?!?!WHAT!?!?!?!?! to everyone who took part in Operation Broken Fang. As of now the Operation has concluded. Players have unti…
Retweeted by fl0m🤣 poised for Liquid return - Report
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