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@RONiTORiVERO @Mokanno LMAO BRO I WAS LIKE WTF IS THIS WEAK SHIT 🥱😭🤣 @RONiTORiVERO @Mokanno Yeah I knew something was wrong there LMAO! n yeo yeah even Aisha lost weight. I’m like oh! They serious @Mokanno @RONiTORiVERO Idk but Ronny was giving me a lot of Tommy Green Ranger vibes 👀 @RONiTORiVERO I mean they are fighting throughout the entire show everywhere, but yeah lmao 😅😭😭 @RONiTORiVERO Bro the whole fight scene was amazing. Its basically what Power Rangers should’ve been growing up 😩 @AMENProducer I was initially gonna do the same but got sidetracked. Its just a good and classic feel. Nothing too complex and I love it! @AMENProducer I jumped out my seat like “OHHHHH!!!!! SHITTT” the ending to Cobra Kai S2 tho was craiiiizy! @DamnItCarlos My ass was like in the last tower on the 28th floor or some shit. AT NIGHT! DURING THE WINTER! 😅😂Roberto Clemente Towers. This is probably the only place in the world that i’m super sus of.
I wish 5. Lets try like 10 and the holy spirit 😩😞 @AMVNDALYNN You a diff breed.You imagine taking a shit in a public bathroom and 2 random dudes happen to barge into the stall having a whole ass…’s been saying “This ain’t Hip-Hop” since the dawn of time. Just as people evolve and times change so will m… @obii_mp3 The way the hood in NY, PR, DR go about Reggaeton and especially dancing, is VERY! VERY! different the ev… telling me this is the same Man that decided to marry a Woman that was already making “thot music” who is also… 👀 @ThyToro Did the same last week along with like 5 youtube breakdowns 😭😭 @WalteroDMV Nobody playing none of both their shit at any real parties where people actually do actual perreo and actually dance.Nobody playing none of his shit at any real parties where people actually do actual perreo and actually dance.’s music is just basic ass new age pop music for all ppl. It aint rabia or sentimiento. No sandungueo, guay… @SpydaTEK These are the facts tho. J-Balvin makes music for the people who just discovered reggaeton, 45+ year old…
All I wanted for 2020 was to be dancing Bichiyal at 3:20AM in the dark with the Henndog in my left hand, a butt cheek on my right 😞
STICK IT IN HIS BOOTY!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭“I aint gon’ curse” *Proceeds to curse* LMAOOO just stick the receipt on the shoes while they at it. @chasetheHYPE Had a beer at 7AM 😭😭’s Sunday so that means Julio Iglesias 💜 @chasetheHYPE We in for a hardcore winterFuck all of ya who wished this 😒😒😒😒😒😒’s 6AM i’m drinking beer and watching Harry Potter all over again. @RONiTORiVERO I hate the fact that DC app didn’t have all the movies 🤦🏽‍♂️ all the shows are now being moved to HBO… @Mokanno I’ve been reborn to a 7 Year old 😭😭 @RONiTORiVERO lmao damn say goodbye to outside. I skipped that one tho idk i’ll prob check it tonight. I seen Super… @RONiTORiVERO Enjoy the ride 🤓🤘🏽I never in my life cared for Legos or even had them growing up. 29 years later, I realized its one of the dopest an… @RONiTORiVERO I saw some n fell asleep. Bout to finish it. Btw the Scorpion movie HEATTTTT!!!! @RONiTORiVERO Too much content out there for us to care about plans 😭🤣 @RONiTORiVERO Yeah that one slipped by me also. Saw it not too long ago. @RONiTORiVERO Yo Bloodline and Hell to pay were odee fire!! Btw the Constantine movie was also heat City Of Demons. @RONiTORiVERO I’m hopeless. They been coming out with quality stories since Batman Mask of Phantasm in 93 but idk h… @RONiTORiVERO He keeps fucking with the timeline 😭😭🤣 now he has to reset the shit AGAIN!!!! But he tried to warn them to be fair 🤷🏽‍♂️
@RONiTORiVERO Hush was tooo fire! Every Batman animated film is Goat status. They really shine when it comes to him… @RONiTORiVERO Get on it bro. Its really solid work from Teen Titans vs Justice League to surprising even the last 2… @RONiTORiVERO Bro, owns is an understatement! Those movies are pure genius especially Justice League Dark Apokolips… so gawdamn big that I better be able to do this for that $2,300 i’m spending per deck. #CDJ3000 @gglenccoco It gotta be a mental illness cause they’re never contempt and have extremely low self esteem issues. Shits fkn gross.Fiyaaa 😭😭🔥🔥🔥 be the chubby dudes that look like this that get all the “bad bitches” in Dyckman. know my 2nd grade notebook was covered FRONT N BACK with the Spice Girls stickers from the blowpops. I still g… that hits cervix energy
@AMENProducer Idk whos genius bright idea this was 😭😭Fuck around and sound might push us tf out of Orbit Michy vibes 😩 GOAT c’mon! white toes will have u from being a 6 to a whole 8 beloved.
@killaLaura Me three!Now all I need is a Jetpack and a Flamethrower Is The Way. #TheMandalorian America’s Ass IM SO FKN WEAKK 🤣🤣 out here defending Utah, Wyoming etc talmbout is beautiful, this n that xyz...Man i’m from NY idgaf lmao. It’s… nights ago I dove into the recap of X-Men comics House/Powers X and Dawn of X. Last night I jumped back into Harr… craving something sweet 😋 blue bird app is too powerful and mighty 😭😭 remember when people used to actually hook up on Tinder? ...yeah I dont. @DjFl4c0 @_ohSamtastic @jmac1864 AHI TA 💀💀💀💀💀💀Bro it’s easy if you have no legs
Retweeted by THIS IS THE WAY @killaLaura LMAOOOO NA BRO!!! 😭😭😭😭Bustin ass on Call of Duty < Bustin ass on Call of BootyThings I dont wanna play with: PS5 Things I wanna play with: That Pussy. That Ass. Your Heart.
@ThyToro Fireeee!!!!THIS MAN HAS SURPASSED ELON MUSK, BILL GATES & STEVE JOBS. GENIUS!!! LMAOOOO. Life will never be the same anymore after this damn tweet 😭😭😭😭 Ring type night for the vibes @JordanByrn3 Its the only logical explanation lmaoSo the Moon is red which mean what? A Jedi died?
⚡️NEW MUSIC ALERT⚡️ Obii - Trust Ft. Gaby G (Dos Flakos Remix) @obii_mp3 @gabaybayyy
Retweeted by THIS IS THE WAYYo deadass wake me up January 1st 2021. IM FUCKING OUTTA HEA 🤣🤣 NY for 2,000 you’d be lucky to get a shoebox to live in. She won the Housing lottery. Thats realistically like… @ThyToro It was about damn time!! They def did justice with it. They even teased Sabine in there too.Half the people saying this Sabine, the other half saying this Ahsoka. It looks like neither. DEFINITELY NOT AHSOKA… if Mando went to Ilum imma GEEK TF OUT!! 😩 IS THE WAY!!!!! #MANDO @chasetheHYPE Na thats fkn crazy! LMAOOOO 😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣SMD Sincerely, all of NY.*Update* I forgot I had Heinekens in the crib 😋😋 beer, just dont wanna go outside 😩Revisiting my old DR Hip Hop phase and listening to all the 2006-2011 joints.
Damn I remember when they’ll put your Aim on a party flyer back then and all the ugly chicks would be messaging you 😫I woke up out of breath cause in my dream I was Boxing with a coat on. Let me guess this is supposed to mean something? LMAOO 😭😭😭2010-2011 YOU WASN’T OUTSIDE.’m pretty sure she trynna secure that PS5 also. & BlowJobs. #Priceless think one of the dopest tweets I have is one of the writers/showrunners of X-Men the Animated series commenting a… past 2 nights I been watching these videos recapping X-Men comics House/Powers of X and Dawn of X. Shit is fi… dont got a fat ass. You just fat with an ass.*Honorable Mention* and that only goes to Dyckman, Miami & DR 😭🤦🏽‍♂️