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I’m going to hell for finding this funny goodnight @MalachiLui 100% @Dragonogon Us and get out are amazing Death day movies are good but kinda silly The first pooka! was really good The platform is godly @KanyePodcast Hey At the very least they used the term sampling instead of “ripping” or “stealing” THAT shit makes me scream @MalachiLui This is basically the kind of environment I grew up in it’s not goodchill man sheep man strike man nitro man solar man block man acid man impact man torch man fuse man blast man bounc… man frost man tengu man astro man grenade man clown man sword man search man aqua man dynamo man cold man bur… man dust man pharaoh man wave man charge man star man gravity man stone man gyro man crystal man napalm man kn… man time man cut man guts man ice man bomb man fire man elec man metal man bubble man flash man crash man quick… @classicchirpy U don’t need fingers u have vr hands @classicchirpy LMAO I LIKE HOW I DONT EVEN SAY IT AND YOU KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT @classicchirpy When it’s not anymore @flameontheroof
Retweeted by chris “megaman addict” flamingo @classicchirpy I will kill vocaloid @classicchirpy You kin Obama @oceanratVEVO WAIT ACTUALLY THAT EXPLAINS SO MUCHTopman is DEFINITELY a bottom @SlushyJug Holy shit that sound miserable, hope ur okay nowI shared my origin story yesterday, not sure how many people know this story.
Retweeted by chris “megaman addict” flamingo @oceanratVEVO This u? @kaleidoskulI Good luck @indeedeee DO IT @Voltrix77 I listen to white and black I’m on my yin and yang shitI do NOT remember megaman 5 being this good I’m LOVING this shit
Retweeted by chris “megaman addict” flamingo @indeedeee That’s what they always say and it’s like, YOU DIDN’T NEED TO TAKE A PICWhy so many white ppl post pics of themselves in a face cream that makes it look like they doing blackface @rap_knewnie Johnny cash @KanyePodcast 2016 being a better game than eternal lmao @Dragonogon I hate that it’s like, rare now I remember when just about every game had a demo Dude fucking megaman… day I’ll make a 50 page essay on why 2016 is way better than eternal and that eternal sacrifices enjoyment for false complexity @oceanratVEVO Literally just say “elves are usually icons of happiness, the narrator is not happy” That’s stupid but it’s readable @oceanratVEVO HE JUST SAID THE SAME THING WITH MORE WORDS @TH3_J4V4B34N @oceanratVEVO /j @TH3_J4V4B34N @oceanratVEVO I don’t have voice tweets yet so imagine me saying this BOOO!!! YOU STINKThe fact that they ACTUALLY made it a fridge is beauty. Pure beauty. @SnoopDogg @Xbox @MarthaStewart48 @KingJames Snoop one of the few ppl who appreciates the aesthetics for Xbox lmao Fridge is beautiful @OnTheDownLoTho They really hit in the second half god damn @KanyePodcast KANYE WAS THE ORIGINAL FREDDY FAZBEARLISTEN when you have two series that are CONNECTED by a time gap and we KNOW wily made zero, LITERALLY JUST MAKE HI… may or may not be one of the ppl who was disappointed in megaman 11 because of the story @KanyePodcast Bro the google translate lady can out rap Kanye on that track lmfao @MSumowski @SadCatGaming Literally, even the songs that aren’t big on the EP are great F9mily is amazingPOV: megaman is about to fucking murder Albert Einstein @afrotunes2 @JVNUSTHEGOD Not as bad as the amount of ppl that sound like gecs @allgroovybro @JVNUSTHEGOD Every member of Starbomb is almost always cited of inspiration/influence for almost ever… don’t mean this to insult ppl who say that but, why do ur characters have to be lesser, like I get it in some con… @Radjacob04 @OnTheDownLoTho I’m gonna get em anyway but I probably won’t wait lmao I was gonna buy alyx next I sho… I never hear successful creators call their characters OCsOk, is it just me or does calling your characters “OCs” cheapen them, makes them feel like not real characters Yo… @mattapodaca The switch literally has silence @OnTheDownLoTho Fadel I just bought all the megaman collections do I buy these now or wait I’m worried I won’t fini… @OnTheDownLoTho NMH I’m super fucking hype about playing that as soon as I uh finish...literally every megaman gam… IM TRYING TO BINGE MEGAMAN NOT NOW @OnTheDownLoTho I literally bought every fucking megaman game to binge play them and then this shit happens @Dragonogon I basically feel exactly how Barry does about the game lmao @oceanratVEVO NO. NO THIS IS THE ONE SONG I WILL NOT ALLOW TO BE RUINED. @OnTheDownLoTho aight now imma start asking for a FNAF stream @KanyePodcast Sometimes it is, but not everything is designed for a suuuper deep dive and it’s important to remembe… @KanyePodcast Gotta disagree here, it’s up for debate usually but sometimes things are meant to be taken at face va… @FunniJoshMoment tbh I’d be totally ok with no more anything until it releases, I doubt they’ll go that route but it’d be cool @antdude92 Banana blitz HD is really fun After you finish it, can play as sonic and uh skip certain...thingsI got a lot of friends who post on Insta like “anyone got old toys they want I like repainting them” No one ever want skylanders 😭 @Dragonogon LETS FUCKING GODude imagine a megaman rougelike @emi_human Ooooh hell yeah! I need to get that game I’m scared to play it more on game pass bc it’ll go off lol I… @emi_human pretty great! I’m getting back into megaman so I’m really happy :D @brokencobble Goodmorning have some beautiful boys have a Confession to make: I’ve never beaten mega man 9 @oceanratVEVO I’m offended that you’re even asking of COURSE @emi_human How are you doinggg what’s up @emi_human gm emEI cant believe Neil Cicierega invented Christmas music
Retweeted by chris “megaman addict” flamingomy year peaked at day 6
Retweeted by chris “megaman addict” flamingoMegaman @classicchirpy Half sunk the classic chirp @Dragonogon the bi tadpolesGn I love him’ on cars *guitar riff* @brokencobble Nah @V01DBaby As one of those friends I straight up do not remember this lmfao @lachlantula The game is gonna be fucking mid bro I guarantee low fi gonna be the better cyberpunk game @didjesusdrop NOOOOOOOOOO @samesadgirl Maybe not that intense but the base concept Like before there’s marks on my flesh that gonna be there for weeks @samesadgirl I meaaaaanI still fucking adore it but shovel knight didn’t age great @oceanratVEVO This perfect in between where it’s both Light yella and light green simultaneously @agenderkorekiyo I swear to fuck I typed this before I saw the other tweets lmfao @agenderkorekiyo Go crazy and do jim Carrey eggman colors @kaleidoskulI How long you got?is everything ok babe you barely touched your rivers happy meal
Retweeted by chris “megaman addict” flamingo @wormslvt If that’s possible, anything is Give the megas a 10 DO IT @kaleidoskulI Imagine giving money to GameStop @Dragonogon Don’t apologize your feelings are valid especially if it’s a coping skill Also your mom is being uh, not great so yea @oceanratVEVO I had DVD’s of all the pop culture ones lol @oceanratVEVO 2 geniuses what’s the issue @brokencobble Yea but its fun @Dragonogon Does this happen with new games too? @oceanratVEVO This show lowkey banged @Dragonogon Ion get the replies I’m on iPhone ion got the shit