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chris @flameontheroof The milk bar, IL

Chris | music @cilcxx | he/she(experimenting with this)/they, use male terms otherwise it’s easier dat way | gender is not real I am genderphobic

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Any moots who know anything about 3DS modding?
Retweeted by chris @I_R1CKY_I mf got clapped again @MomentumSonic Can’t I just play Mario and Luigi 😭
Retweeted by chris @BoneMonk5 Uhhh 14 or 15 @OwlexanderH @BoneMonk5 True, they invented musicThere is not one anti-vaxx stance that makes any sense or is actually viable. I’d rather y’all just say you’re bein…
Retweeted by chris @heathercampbell It has been five minutes @kaleidoskulI OH YEAH @kaleidoskulI This is one of the worst bits I’ve done I apologizeWhy does thom yorke sound like the guy from muse so much @kaleidoskulI If only I could @kaleidoskulI OK NOT IN A SEXUAL SENSE BUT IN A RELATIONSHIP SENSE IM SAYING THERE ARE WORSE SHIPS OUT THEREFitter happier just scared the shit outta me and now this western shit starts lmao @kaleidoskulI HE IS A FUCKING BEE @kaleidoskulI sonic x knuckles @kaleidoskulI I thought it was sonic Then considered tails but then I realized the truth Ur ATTRACTED TO CHARMY BEE @kaleidoskulI TAILS IS LIKE 8 DUDE WTF @kaleidoskulI IS THAT WHY U SAID MANIA LOOKS GOOD WTF?I hate this app
Retweeted by chris @kaleidoskulI Once u start ur second album there’s no going back u can’t play Pokémon the same @kaleidoskulI I’m aware @GifZelda OOT, especially if we talking the remake (which otherwise it’s kinda unfair) Might be less open but the t… @Micdali5 @detbrk @GifZelda OOT has things to do that are actually funAnd yeah I’m assuming it’s the 3D ver otherwise this not fairOcarina and it’s not even fucking close @kaleidoskulI All I’m saying is everyone Ik who likes them is a furry @kaleidoskulI have fun @kaleidoskulI It’s to a point where the joke is if u listen to them ur a furry @kaleidoskulI Furry community* @theageofelio Kerosene by red voxNo Love Deep Web
Retweeted by chrisI appreciate the fact that they’re gonna try to have the OK Human vinyl delivered relatively close to release, wish… I am listening to OK computer so I get the weezer album moreThere’s a joke here @swagweezer2 One of my favs of all time, fucking rip groggs @6appreciates @swagweezer2 I should probably listen to this before it comes out lmaoits been long enough
Retweeted by chris @aimkidblast WE SUP PORTDragon ball z is lame “imgonna beat you up! *proceeds to get ass kicked* I guess it’s time for my ultra power move!…
Retweeted by chris @kaleidoskulI Such a sexy banger of a song too @kaleidoskulI Thinking about how long face never got released @ViewMonsterr @honeyc0rpse @oceanratVEVO Any update @TheKidInTheBacc @emi_human Quality drop on god @emi_human Mario 64 third floor @emi_human Mario 64 sonic adventure lame people @emi_human I do not care which came first @cucumberisctgrl Yeah unless it’s more like Boneworks but, that game already has a better story imho @emi_human Mario 64 Sonic adventure @cucumberisctgrl Spoilers I mean the end of alyx......kinda confirms HL3I DUNNO WHATS WRONG WITH METoday is the 1st day that Biden has chosen not to cancel all student debt.
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Retweeted by chris“Are you ready for your rap lessons?” *Kendrick Lamar gulps* *Nas breathes heavily* *Kanye West nods nervousl…
Retweeted by chris @WeezerSimp It’s so good @oldtweets_ooc @swagweezer2 Banger tweet @LemonadeBlu GnHe served his entire term, Amy
Retweeted by chris @pradabears for me it’s when I need to sleep too She also isn’t real though so like, there’s that
Retweeted by chrisSonic labyrinth isn’t a bad game u just suck at it Gn @BoneMonk5 Bone monke @kaleidoskulI NOOOOODude I swear I wasn’t trying to 100% this lmao one better not suck @AlbumCounter That fits the cover most imo Also it’s the most limited so that kinda cool @AlbumCounter Oh wait clear @AlbumCounter Think I miiight go flesh bc I have an orange player Also it’s a more unique color @AlbumCounter Can’t choose between flesh or green help @mattapodaca Matt help do I get flesh or green @swagweezer2 REALLY FUCKING GOODTHIS PRODUCTION WHAT THE FUCKHOLY SJIR RIVERSOkay joe can I have my rights back
Not sorry at all for the BROCKHAMPTON lyrics btw @sonic_hedgehog
Retweeted by chrisRAH RAH RAH DOWN IN MEHICO
Retweeted by chrissomeone in my town put these up in their yard this morning then immediately took them down after noon
Retweeted by chris2day Imma be whoever I wanna beunedited pop cat!!!! unedited pop cat!!!!
Retweeted by chris"Keep Politics Out Of It" = (in most cases) I don't agree with your politics and it makes me insecure.
Retweeted by chris @mamarinpalace LIKE IF IT’S YODA AND A NON GIMMICK ACCOUNT PREPARE FOR A GARBAGE TAKE IF IT’S LIKE KIT FISTO OR GON… @mamarinpalace This gonna sound stupid but it depends on the lego Star Wars character I am dead fucking serious
Retweeted by chrisguy who thinks ACAB means assigned cop at birth
Retweeted by chris @makeupaguy @advertisedtwit Pfp is way too iconic imoTHEY SAY THAT THEY WANT ME THEY FORGOT ABOUT ME @kill_da_snake @twtplayspuyo REPLY BUTTON THOUGHAndroid & iOS vs. PC
Retweeted by chrisSAIDIKEEPA A GOLD CHAIN, I KEEPAWhat’s with his mouth?
Retweeted by chris @twtplayspuyo WHY CANT WE SPINNew prez just droppedFour years ago, I started saving the best of the incredibly bizarre, stupid and bad vibes photos being rapidly prod…
Retweeted by chris @OnTheDownLoTho 🤷‍♀️ @BoneMonk5 #forrealdoeMight be my favorite rainbow road actually @stopskeletons Dude i literally saw this controller and started laughing my ass off