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Matty B and Jacob Sartorius fan page and DC Metro hate page

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@andy_freemN DOES THIS COUNT AS CELEBRITIES ???Saw a Luka Magnotta doppelgänger on the Metro and he GOT OFF at tenleytown help meI’ll do both my bf if he wanna watch a movie with me for class and I tell him to look up Rosario Tijeras and him typing “Rosaria T. Harris”Cannot stress enough that Saint Valentine was also the patron saint of bees so even if you’re single you have plenty to celebrate today
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You forgot Obbie
whenever i pass by a sorority table on the quad i get a speed boost like i just bumped into someone on one of the a…
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@505hellcat Gay
@505hellcat Can you write about pesticides as reproductive toxicants and send it to me? Thanks. @MegMacK16 Star crossed lovers...When the dumb idiot kid in my philosophy class tries to justify murders’ and psychopaths’ actions as morality
@aygeyre y do u hate the gays 🥺
me at lunch with my friends
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The Wendy Williams Dula Peep joke has impacted me so much I actually called her Dula Peep in real life and the pers… CAnt believe my Spanish prof made us watch a rated R movie... and there were DICK and BALLS in it @portabible Where did the come from where did they goIt's always band kids this and theater kids that. how come no one ever talks about science olympiad kids. wheres the respect
@andy_freemN Are they still whiteIt’s like the equivalent of Corazón in Spanish songsWhy do I hear the word hajima in every Korean song. Why do they want us so stop so much. Stop whatHow long are socks supposed to last ?? I feel like I’ve only thrown away a few pairs in the past couple years. Pls stop gifting them to meThe fact that id wear an XL in Japan...
growing up lesbian and not really aware of it was weird bc all my friends would be like "god that dude is hot" and…
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okay jay “shooby doop ill sing my way inside her pants right to her coochie cooch” park
Retweeted by Cammy’s ass cheeks @ katsucon @portabible WHORE I did it exactly at 8am and it said it was sold out after it took me to the confirmation pageGonna start dressing like its midterm szn just to prepareMay i should become a juul so my bf will never let me go
My SI said enjoy FAILING you stupid fucks
@505hellcat Who? I’ll fight @Nomming_of_Hams Lawful evil @FranklovesTay ;-(
@FranklovesTay No for 1. GoodbyeYes I did just get tickets to see MCR in philly. Yes I paid $230. Yes I have to wait 8 months. But I’m sitting in t… she wearing the same outfit she was in lecture yesterday ??? What ??? @Synkix She gonna spill hydroxide in it oh nahhhI cannot believe this girl got Uber eats starbucks to class... but this class is a LAB !!! GIRL ur Frappuccino gonn… asked me if I needed to use the bathroom and I said no so he could shower but he’s been standing in there… is no reason for amazing Phil to be 33... why
Literally just saw a girl almost get slammed by a wonk bus in the Nebraska Ave crosswalk because it ran the yellow light HARD @AmericanU
@505hellcat Well that blessing bouta be REVOKED once this store closes @505hellcat Every time he was supposed to visit my store while I was working he faked so..What do you MEAN Jason Polan died !!! @portabible Why y’all look the sameYes ma’am she is an Aries !! have reported this ad three times already saying “I don’t like it” and here it is again like tho think that the real circle of life is the takeout containers that you loan to a friend who then loans i… @t_freud Pre wawa Sears skeleton
@505hellcat I’ve never seen him before this video chat interview but he looks nothing like his airbrushed k drama thank you board headshot @TheAc3ofSpades He look like he hate his job tooHaving to wear a full face of makeup to work for my promotion interview so my area manager doesn’t think I’m dead and hate my job
Retweeted by Cammy’s ass cheeks @ katsuconSomeone at the grayscale show asked josh and me if we were like seniors in high school I-Gonna start ripping the biggest farts on this packed ass wonk bus right now because fuck AU
@Synkix Man what
@Synkix What are your qualificationsemailing my ex’s friend’s mom who works at EPA and begging for a job grandpa: don’t bring the bird over also my grandpa:
Retweeted by Cammy’s ass cheeks @ katsuconmy former lab instructor wondering why I'm in his class again vs. me waiting to tell him that I failed the lecture… @Nomming_of_Hams andy gets paid for listening to music @Synkix @CurologyUSA Y’all suckWhy does every pimple I have leave a HOLE in my face when it heals help me somebody @RTran69 how Baltimore dudes be running around
this chinese girl in my class said her name is Peiyue and my white professor thought she said PERRY and she been calling her that ever since
Just crawling down the red line. @wmata better start paying my tuition since they wanna make me late for class every dayMan what
2020 @GalenDeese He not staying anywhere !!When childish gambino said I’m a G from the A and they ask Y... I really felt that
@ho_malone6 No... @ho_malone6 I haven’t even unlocked credit score askkhfgkkl @ho_malone6 What abt GRE
Intro level philosophy class our professor asked us “what does it mean to be moral” and this nerd next to me said “…
gonna see emo band @GrayscalePA with my emo bf @Synkix later this month who's pumped?LISA FOR NYLON MAGAZINE
Retweeted by Cammy’s ass cheeks @ katsucon @505hellcat @aygeyre NOW u should be worried about y***i finding ur tweetssoy el fuego que arde tu piellll.... soy el agua que mata tu sedddd @505hellcat @TheAc3ofSpades Dont patrick already have one ... @TheAc3ofSpades So be it @TheAc3ofSpades in a hotel of strangers... no thanks
Katsucon once AGAIN on Valentine’s Day weekend and I actually have a good bf this time so sacrifices must be madeLMAOOOO i cannot believe y’all are having us pay $30 for this bullshit 😭😭 @CurologyUSA Faced cosmetics is run by transphobic people. This is absolutely disgusting and trashy. I stand with…
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Retweeted by Cammy’s ass cheeks @ katsuconCharlottesville? More like. Harlotsville. Bye UVA hoesThis is so shady.... @ me next time of all my tumblr is hilarious and I will not forget about it. Follow me @ 4dayweekend @ho_malone6 When I learn a new environmental topic and/or song that appealed to me that much
Retweeted by Cammy’s ass cheeks @ katsuconSHUT UP @portabible YesI only see one type of woman in Bethesda: Middle aged and white Blonde highlighted hair in a messy bun Puffy coat… at the pharmacy in tenleytown and overheard three AU kids in a row were picking up the same prescription @ AU s…
@jacobsartorius no ur literally just a babyWhite girls at AU shut up challenge