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@johnbiggs Anything is possible when you have inner peace.From “What the %$#@ Is Going On?” to how are you dealing and handling things? Ken and Peter @flargh Cohen pass the…
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HBO rolled its massive streaming service onto (and over) the scene. Ken discusses the apparent business plan with P…
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You know that nagging feeling you’ve not done something? Apple wants to make sure you DO know that feeling. On toda…
Retweeted by Peter  CohenThis is literally the cyberpunk dystopia I read about as a teenager. launches web app after getting booted from the Apple App Store
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@macosken Cook? @dfravel @mlafleur @realDonaldTrump Antifa HQ dairy creamer makes bad coffee even worseThis MF......
Retweeted by Peter  Cohendogma toscarina from #endroll #end_roll
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In Camden, NJ, protestors took to the streets to peacefully protest racial injustice. When police saw them marchin…
Retweeted by Peter  CohenWow. Saturday fucking SUCKED.Burn it all
I miss the good old days when Sharknado seemed implausiblePerfect.
@OliverJHaslam @MikeTRose 30 years of professional and 25 years of parental so yeah @reneritchie's something fun to do this weekend on Apple Arcade. @harrymccracken news! I have a fantastic recipe for a pineapple brulee tart with cashew cream up on @thetakeout today. The bad…
Retweeted by Peter  CohenThe number of people who apparently believe that the president can amend laws passed by Congress is a staggering in…
Retweeted by Peter  CohenIf my refrigerator and window air conditioners are any indication, LG makes some really wretched shit. @Angry_Drunk We're all part of the Toxoplasmatrix. @superpixels A good enema is made easier with proper hydration.I feel like there should be a food blog somewhere that does vitamin water pairings @MikeTRose total absence of self respect and willingness to be exploited no wait nm that's propelled me through 30… media has ubiquitized the distribution of sociopathy.Palms Trax remix for Deleter is out today. We're really enjoying hearing the tracks together. The four brilliant ar…
Retweeted by Peter  CohenThese days are stressful af. Come escape into Dungeons & Dragons on my Discord. Doesn't cost you a damn thing. Got…
Retweeted by Peter  Cohen @goldietaylor I remember. @Tim_Stevens MR2, Miatas, S2000…I sense a theme. And @briancooley's glorious estate car is 👨‍🍳👌Billionaires shouldn't exist. I will not be accepting @'s at this time.Even Roland Emmerich would be asking you to dial it back if you’d pitched him a straight narrative of 2020 as his next disaster film.So happy we’ve gotten to the Planet of the Apes apocalypse moment because 2020. the actual fuuuu Not today Twitter. Not today. @mattdpearce You forgot murder hornets and cannibal rats. @jonst0kes Whey protein isolate isn’t cheap @kerri9494 You need Drambuie too I think
mescaline salad with goat cheese is delicious if you can handle the fractal tesselation @ericasadun @twostraws clarusex post fuckto gort, klaatu barada nikto @snipeyhead @havochaos @daemionfox But if they do then PEW PEW PEW fingersInstabuy Via @snipeyhead @havochaos @snipeyhead @daemionfox DittoPatriotism swells in the heart of the American bear. @YevP @chrisTgrace Roast beests fans of mahou shoujo: Motherland: Fort Salem, amirite? “magical military school harem” hits the trope check marks pretty hard.I’ve been obsessed with this new ⁦@DukeDumont⁩ track @c_davies I will trade in my Infiniti for this experienceFrom the Catalina 10.15.5 read me. Note for Mojave and High Sierra users staying put on their versions. @lymond @misscrisp Someone else has the ASSONMAN vanity plate @c_davies here’s great advice to someone researching a story: Run a few semi-helpful paragraphs followed by "For the full…
Retweeted by Peter  Cohen @CraigyFerg Fuckin wisdom @robicellis Anemia sucks., Trump threatening to dismantle social media is the best news of 2020.Just washed. Spring comes late to the Cape. @johnbiggs @SinisterOneSD Passable tooWorking nights for two months is paying off for my goth cred. Asked if I was anemic the other day. fewer, more meaningful words.Your hot take on the CDA sucksNice clicky keyboard option for a touch typist looking for a tenkeyless workstation @johnbiggs I use a Das at my not-podcasting workstation. @burgerbecky Upgraded with better DPS and larger ammo capacity I hope @dfravel Ambivalence doesn’t make for good copyA lot of people really don't realize what's really going on here. They view life as a bunch of unconnected incident… @lexfri Yes, but only in areas with blanket 5G coverage. @davemark Huh.
Magnetic Fields’ Stephin Merritt on not being able to write songs under lockdown. 'The problem is that he can only…
Retweeted by Peter  CohenSo it turns out Ariana Grande is *not* the typeface of the Huffington Post and I just don't know what's real anymor… started with a worldwide pandemic and has reached sewer tunnels full of murder hornets riding cannibal rats as… so often the Reptilians forget they're speaking ABOUT livestock when they're speaking TO livestock.… @Jon_Alper COVID-19
What terrifies you more?
Retweeted by Peter  Cohen @niclake KevinWhen the world says you’re an asshole, listen
That candy bar has 30 grams of protein but that doesn’t make it food @tankgrrl @carrchr thing that has become clear to me over the last week is how few people actually understand how podcasting works…
Retweeted by Peter  CohenWhat is a style guide @carrchr 300Do BBSes count
@Jon_Alper I say it without judgmentPeanut butter Belvitas are basically Nutter Butter cookies FYI
@ejacqui No one should feel hydration shamedThe whole energy vampire being an internet troll subplot in last week's What We Do In the Shadows was 👨‍🍳👌
@MargaretWallace One step closer to Skynet @FuselJeremiad I think you’re picking up on the mahogany, tobacco, and cocaine. @GlennF don't drag u2 into this glenn @TheBreen @gizmogladstone @TheBreen Cthulhu's, in the script draft I downloaded off the darkwebEpic Games Store and I go through this dance every few weeks where I add a new freebie to my account that I can't p… @d_a_keldsen @dfravel call me a marxist if you must @FuselJeremiad undertones of salt, ketones and urea @dfravel if medical marijuana facilities are essential services, why not the opium of the people.