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Writer, editor, content creator. Obsessive about Apple and technology. Managing editor, He/him. Pitch me:

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I don't want to dunk on the Northwestern J-students, in part because I think we need journalists now more than ever…
Retweeted by Peter Cohen @robicellis twssum these are my rhododendrons this is some unwelcome bullshit, let me tell you @SamSykesSwears they have an unfair advantage over ugly-ass villains @robicellis lil smokies @stevekovach Someone who likes japanese comic booksoh no baby what is you doin @niclake Mine thinks it’s time to eat at 11. And then 2. And 4. And 7. Mine thinks she’s a hobbit.MLEM kitteh
Only one more day… @bgrinter @ShawnKing @leicaman Macs emit a natural drop bear repellent too #SafetyFirstSay what you will, but I think Han Solo and Greedo's new makeout scene puts the "who shot first" thing in a complet… @glenda_atom Plate o shrimp @dvsjr I stay away from non-skinny drinks, my stomach pouch can't handle the sugar. To date they haven't skinnied t… @robicellis ¡zomg chocolate nug dunks! @psorensen No, I agree. But they're convenient and predictable, and I keep a small balance on a Starbucks card, so I make it work.I hate on Starbucks plenty but they get things right too: Peppermint mocha is actually a year-round flavor. They ad… @psorensen eh. The blonde is ok. In limited doses. @YevP yeah exactlySure, Sonic looks better, but Jim Carrey still gives me a creepy uncanny valley vibe @benjedwards Your consciousness will, ironically, be doing it from inside an apparatus that resembles a VCS cartridge.I bet @Yubico will be VERY excited once this is out the door. @SebastienPage You'd think the unlimited caffeine would at least offset it but NO. @robicellis Donut sticks + chocolate sauce gives me a churros vibe @benjedwards When Paste and Match Style isn't an option, I usually intermediate with a text editor. @lschmeiser Last year they did Godzilla. If they do the God Phoenix ship from Gatchaman or maybe Gamera next year,… last week I spent my days working from Starbuckses. I did not find it particularly appealing. I prefer the rela… @LordRavenscraft So they're not prejudiced against women, they're prejudiced for men. @LordRavenscraft Worth noting that the XR marks the first time I've been on the inside of Apple's upgrade program.… @LordRavenscraft Over the summer I upgraded from an almost five year old iPhone 6 Plus to an iPhone XR. I run my sh… temperature has dropped about 10 degrees since this morning, it's also wet and we're supposed to get a dusting… was easily one of my favorite Apple Arcade launch titles. new mobile payment system from Facebook. What could possibly go wrong? latest for @iDownloadBlog. Expanding on some of the points I've been making for the past few days about the rela… difference between Google, compared to Facebook and Amazon, is that there's no villain at the top of the food c… scope of this study is impressive and it's certainly an important consideration for any business considering Ma… @Casieg Same. There's a guy in my town who rides around with his boxer in a sidecar (he wears doggles because safet… @thegraphicmac Having worked at an ASP up until March, I saw *loads* of customers coming in with keyboard problems,… @davidcaolo Highbrow? Like Queen Kane on See having a transcendental wank? 🤔 @ApplWatcher No. @alexbrooks Good analysis. And you're right. But within the context of value to me as a consumer, the two different…'re payinga a lot of lip service, but I don't think this is going to make Goldman or any other company reveal t… have to say that I'm much more interested in Disney+'s original programming than Apple TV+. No surprise there - t… @joshuatopolsky @JohnLegere @raywongy You are like the buzzing of flies to him. @utterer @flargh Steam games are a big problem because they're not "real" macOS apps. None of the available tools (…
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@Aleen EMERGENCY KITTY AIR BISCUITS John Corallo still dress Don Cherry? What the hell is that poor guy going to do now? THINK OF THE TAILOR @tankgrrl More like cybersecurity bizarre amiriteThe 16-inch MacBook Pro that may be on the cusp of being announced:Well, here's a good reason not to let Bloomberg get the nomination. @dementuschikan @stevewoz @dhh Yep, some folks responding to his original post note same - so it's not consistent.… @Lorskyfink The issue here isn't his personality. It's transparency. @danielwcooper rick and morty fans are worse than weeaboos @aaron_j_m @denisleary Same thought crossed my mind, lolDid the same thing that happened to @stevewoz, @dhh, and others happen to you and your spouse? @dfravel That’s every day on Cape Dave
The worst part of Patriots Bye Week is when you have to go to the grocery store. @dwarfland The switch from daylight savings to standard time always fucks me up for weeks. Then the solstice. First… think ancient people making blood sacrifices to make the days get longer is weird until you deal with Seasonal… am waiting for this to collide with the foods tasting like other foods trend so I can get Swedish Fish scented tr… would prefer my trash bags just to smell like plastic ok @blankbaby @dmoren Proles like us have to settle for Twix bars, DanI am not ready for cold weather I did not agree to this I have already expressed my anger in a strongly worded lett… @frogtosser “Look, we KNOW you and we’re just trying to get ahead of the curve.”Watch with sound on pls
As a follow up: I had to download yet ANOTHER app to see recent lab test results. It never ends. @StopandShop And I think we both know that’s a very different issue than sending memos to your store GMs. So let’s not kid ourselves here. @StopandShop So while I appreciate you understand why I’m getting frustrated, I’d really prefer for you to put that… @StopandShop I wouldn’t be as upset about it if this were the first time but it isn’t. It’s more like the third. Wh… @utterer You've hit the big problem. Go64 and System Profiler only show you what's on your Mac. If you keep a big s… @rosenz Sentimentally my old SE/30. Used it for many years, maxed out RAM, even put in a graphics card so I could r… @utterer This is the main reason my rMBP is still running Mojave and I have no plans to upgrade any time soon. If I… year the same folks did a giant Godzilla statue out of rice straw and if they do Gamera or the God Phoenix shi…'m thinking like maybe a billionaire dog park, where we can let them off their leashes and they can go frolic and… of the Impeachment hearings @StopandShop Between this and the robots, you folks are creating a progressively more customer-hostile experience -… @StopandShop I go to Mashpee, Sandwich, and Marstons Mills about equally. The incident that got me so angry was at…'re used to being stuck in the middle. The Jan Brady of generations.'m pretty sure that exceeding 50% savings on my CVS receipt makes me immediately eligible for AARP benefits. #old @mattbrigade Socialist @jearle I blame it on a pentium rounding error @moorehn Men and empathy in generalThere needs to be some sort of activity program for billionaires besides running for presidentWhen the going gets quid, the quid pro quo @Lorskyfink More savory than I would have liked tbh @StopandShop screw you and your ScanIt “auditing.” The whole point of self checkout is convenience and speed and yo… I feel indignant when I try to take a picture of my cat in Portrait Mode on my iPhone and it tells me NO PERSON DETECTEDThe dinosaurs went extinct because of a gender reveal party that went wrong @mcelhearn @lymond It helps activate the THCSpace Battleship Yamato recreated in rice straw, more than 50 feet long. ❤️ a writer is 67 percent just googling words to make sure they absolutely mean what you always assumed they meant.
Retweeted by Peter CohenI just put chili powder instead of cinnamon and ketchup instead of maple syrup on my oatmeal so that’s how my morni… really can't think of a more apt metaphor for everything that's wrong with Cape Cod. The town of Sandwich, next d… @tankgrrl @NBCNews In fairness the GOP hid a child molester for years so this is in character. Boomer is why I really could not care less about who the nominee is this time around
@lindsaygoldwert Oh hell yes I am on board 💯I like @emotionalorange to begin with but also this album art looks like a butt