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Candidate for best player of all-time. Major winner in both games. Mastered a style utterly unique to himself and…
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Do you have what it takes to impress the pros? @NBK from @OGcsgo sat down with @FreyaSpiers to give his honest opi…
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@OG_ISSAA If you are already missing his killing spree, you can still check out his energic highlights from…
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In our last Off the Record episode of 2020, presented by @VIEdotgg, #DignitasVIE reflects back on 2020 from how the…
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#C9CSGO VOICE ENABLED is BACK! Tune in to listen to the team as they played in @Flashpoint 2, #BLASTPremier, &…
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@Mauisnake @mdnNSK @TheEsportsBible Here ya go @VirreCS 2 featured some amazing CS:GO action from start to finish! Here's a collection of some of the best pla…
Congratulations to @virtuspro for claiming 1st place at #Flashpoint 2! Our champions have earned a SLOTH Custom AK-…
And who could forget our 2nd and 3rd place finishers, @jamesbardolph and @FreyaSpiers. @Flashpoint @FACEIT Shout-out to our lead producer @SmellyMoss, our show producer Reece, our skit/hype video direct…
Retweeted by FlashpointAnother champion was crowned today. Congrats to @Mauisnake for winning the @PinnacleEsports Points prediction com… from all of us here at @flashpoint for watching our tournament. We're all proud of what we accomplished in…
Retweeted by Flashpoint @hawka_cs You crushed it, Hawka! Thanks for being a part of this with us! @yek1ndar @Qikert @JAMEPAIN @xDsanji @vpbuster .@Mauisnake right now. A proud father.'s time for our final #TheBlindSpot of Flashpoint 2, and we have some awards to give out! INCREDIBLE trophies ma… @OGesportsCSGO @virtuspro That lower bracket run was legendary. GGs!The apex predators stand unchallenged! @virtuspro are your #Flashpoint 2 champions! spray down from @NBK! 💀 #Flashpoint
Retweeted by Flashpoint @Vladyslava_Z Sorry, we spent all our econ on this massive prize pool.Dukes of Banana. @yek1ndar and @Officialvalde are TIED for the most kills at Banana on Inferno during #Flashpoint$500,000 for first place It's all on the line in the final map of Inferno at @Flashpoint @virtuspro vs…
Retweeted by FlashpointDown to the bare wire! The $500,000 #Flashpoint 2 Grand Finals between @virtuspro and @OGesportsCSGO goes all the w…🔴⭕️ @OGesportsCSGO vs @virtuspro ⭕️🔴 VP pull on back on Train. It's about to be a 3-map madness! 🤯 🔞 Get our…
Retweeted by FlashpointNow they won their map pick. The simulation is broken. We don't know WTF is happening.It all comes down to Inferno. @virtuspro or @OGesportsCSGO, who will be the #Flashpoint 2 Champions?! Odds broug… @virtuspro map win... ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░░ 72% #Flashpoint
Retweeted by FlashpointOh, no... @OGesportsCSGO #Flashpoint is a one-man army on Train! 💪 #Flashpoint
Retweeted by FlashpointWe are off to Train. If @OGesportsCSGO wins, they are the #Flashpoint 2 Champions. If @virtuspro, we head to the fi…🔴⭕️ @OGesportsCSGO vs @virtuspro ⭕️⭕️ OG already 1-0 up in the final and the intern's going in with the flowers! 🌻…
Retweeted by FlashpointTrust nobody. Not even your opponent's map pick. #Flashpoint finally lost their opponent's map pick. @OGesportsCSGO takes Mirage and is one map away from being #Flashpoint're gonna run out of bounty-hunting contracts if @m4ntuu takes every available head like this. #Flashpoint's final time, baby! 🎉 🇪🇺 @OGesportsCSGO vs @virtuspro 🇰🇿 🔞 Get our #Flashpoint odds here:…
Retweeted by Flashpointinb4 @OGesportsCSGO and @virtuspro both lose their map picks. As is tradition.One bullet in the chamber. One last showdown to play. It all starts now. Welcome to the #Flashpoint 2 Grand Finals… Grand finals are inbound, with @OGesportsCSGO and @virtuspro both looking strong. Who will win the opening map… @Cloud9 @virtuspro @OGesportsCSGO @SimeoneSergio @Timmyham You basically got 3rd place. Just another thing you stole from @FNATIC it seems.It's almost time. The final pre-show of #Flashpoint 2 is starting now, which will be immediately followed by our…📸 @SimeoneSergioIn one hour, @virtuspro and @OGesportsCSGO will compete to become the #Flashpoint 2 Champion, taking home this incr… Esports Archaeologist @Thorin digs up another relic of CSGO history ⚒️ 📺 Watch all the #Flashpoint skits here…
Retweeted by Flashpointwe were all WLWWWW then we were all LLLL
Retweeted by FlashpointPerfect story-line for the final of #Flashpoint 2: VP only lost in the final of their group and have not since. T…
Retweeted by FlashpointWhat is dead may never die! @OGesportsCSGO defeats @FNATIC as they pull off a legendary run through the Lower Brac… came to play today! 🔥 #Flashpoint
Retweeted by FlashpointsumSmash? jwSmash. 👊🖥️ Nobody has taken more damage from Molotovs/Incendiary grenades in #Flashpoint 2 than @JW1!… more can @JW1 do? 🤔 #Flashpoint
Retweeted by FlashpointCC: @omgitspotteragreed @JW1
Retweeted by FlashpointDid you see the intern in chat spamming the 🌻? 🔞 Get our #Flashpoint odds here:
Retweeted by FlashpointOverpass* We're so used to OG playing Inferno we just defaulted to it 😅Cool calm and collected! @OGesportsCSGO defeat @FNATIC on Mirage despite 36 kills from @JW1. We're going to Infern… a perfect round from @OGesportsCSGO to deny the map point! #Flashpoint
Retweeted by Flashpoint.@AleksibCSGO is all you need. #Flashpoint are just shutting down Mirage on their CT side right now! 😮 #Flashpoint
Retweeted by FlashpointIT'S FINALS DAY 🎉 🇪🇺 @OGesportsCSGO vs @FNATIC 🇸🇪 🔞 Get our #Flashpoint odds here:
Retweeted by FlashpointWe have two heavy hitters for this first game between @OGesportsCSGO and @FNATIC. Who will win map 1? Odds by end of the road is in sight, and only one's coming out of this shootout alive. #Flashpoint Grand Finals is toda… games are to be played on December 6th. All times are in GMT.A champion will be crowned. Here is the schedule for the final day of #Flashpoint 2. to go to the Lower Bracket Finals? This is the way. The Mantuulorian strikes again as @OGesportsCSGO defeats… year really snuck up on us. stack of early Christmas presents for @m4ntuu! #flashpoint will be sent home, someone will play @FNATIC in the lower bracket finals. @OGesportsCSGO vs @mibr Map 3,… or die time for both teams! 🤯 🔞 Get our #Flashpoint odds here:
Retweeted by Flashpoint🦀 Twitter was right 🦀 @mibr's @trkcsgo has been crouching the most of any player in #Flashpoint 2, for a total of…, teams in #Flashpoint 2 just hate winning their map picks. We have another Train decider, will it be…
Alright, Twitter, we have one more @StatsHelix trivia question for you today. 🦀 CRAB PERSON 🦀 Which player in Fl… rules over the banana from on high! finally on the board with an eco buy 🤔 #Flashpoint
Retweeted by Flashpoint⚓️@vsmzin being the best kind of anchor for @mibr #Flashpoint
Retweeted by FlashpointNerves of steel as @LUCAS1 secures the defuse under fire. belongs to @OGesportsCSGO and @mibr is on the brink of elimination! Who's going to win Inferno? Odds by @kngvito is kinda cracked!🤯 #Flashpoint
Retweeted by FlashpointWell, as long as you're comfortable, @jamesbardolph. @mibr vs @OGesportsCSGO is live now! of the #Flashpoint 2 playoffs, we find out how @mibr and @MADLions prepared for the $1,000,000 tournament 📺…
Retweeted by FlashpointWinner gets the prize of facing @FNATIC in the LB finals! 😅 🇧🇷 @mibr vs @OGesportsCSGO 🇪🇺 🔞Get our #Flashpoint od…
Retweeted by Flashpoint @Mauisnake next match is a big one, and one of these teams will be sent home. Who is winning the first map between… FLOOR IS BEING IN GRAND FINALS! In three maps, @virtuspro defeat @FNATIC and will play in the Grand Finals of… @m4ntuu Same tbhWhat a shut down from @Brollan and @flusha! #Flashpoint
Retweeted by FlashpointThe intern got their wish on Overpass! Time for a decider on Train 🚂 🔞 Get our #Flashpoint odds here:…
Retweeted by FlashpointWe're off to Train, which technically nobody picked so maybe we'll get a draw. Who knows at this point? Will it be… floor is winning your map pick, part 2. Why are you like this, @virtuspro? win! @AleksibCSGO of @OGesportsCSGO has the most kills from vents on Nuke, with 5 (and all of them were… about some more trivia from @StatsHelix? IMPOSTER AMONG US: Which player in Flashpoint 2 has the most kills from vents in Nuke?.@krimz is just picking VP apart right now #Flashpoint
Retweeted by FlashpointJame: *saves* Chat:
Retweeted by FlashpointThe sheer absurdity that is @yek1ndar!, I think the community might be right on this one but the intern is holding out for a @yek1ndar special on Overp…
Retweeted by Flashpoint @allan_hender lost their map pick... again... it's @FNATIC winning @virtuspro's map choice! We're heading to Overpass, who will win it? Odds by awareness from @JW1 to secure map point for @FNATIC #Flashpoint
Retweeted by FlashpointWho is gonna be the first confirmed finalist for #Flashpoint 2? 🤔 🇰🇿 @virtuspro vs @FNATIC 🇸🇪 🔞 Get our…
Retweeted by FlashpointDoctor @Thorin "cures" the issues of top #Flashpoint 2 pros with his own brand of medicine 📺 :…
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