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Joined Twitter 2/25/09 all warzone dons. Let’s get that no.1 spot! @Lorenzosbeats 🍻Now Playing Flava D - Desert Lights @FlavaD
Retweeted by FLAVA DWatched my first baseball game tonight lol guess I picked the right dayThe king is back! New @djqmusic — All That I Could, streaming everywhere now ahead of a full single release on Oct…
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Think you’ve got what it takes to secure a win on Call Of Duty: Warzone this Saturday with the one and only Flava D…
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The exploitation of Black women vocalists in house music @Mixmag
Retweeted by FLAVA DI like UKG. Sexy UKG? Oo la la.
Retweeted by FLAVA DMy next single drops this Friday. Who’s ready for some sexy UKG 🌹 🌹🌹 @dannybyrd Goldie - journey manFucking eye opening
I’ve just realised there’s 3 shots of espresso in this drink I just drank & now I’m drunk on coffee @AtmMehdi What a tuneWhen @FlavaD gives you feedback and advice on a track, you listen, take it in and act on it! Vocal out Snares war…
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Live on twitch! Feedback stream #2 | Music Production thought I’d mention I’ve remixed one of my fav ever D&B artists. Gonna be kicking off 2021 in styleI miss hearing very very loud musicNeed some really good liquid dnb albums to listen todayFeedback stream today! ⏯
Damn straight 🍾🍾🍾
Horizen would actually be a good one I were to do a production breakdown from a track on my Desert Lights EP, which track would you be interested in?🙏🏽 Nigeria 🇳🇬 #EndSARS
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Now Playing Flava D - Desert Lights @FlavaD
Retweeted by FLAVA DForcing my girl to sit & play Outlast 2 with me 😂
@jadoresha @Teddy_Kitano Gonna add ya :) @Teddy_Kitano @jadoresha What’s your gamer tag?Let’s team up 😏
Are there any established female gamers that play cod? New to this world so I’d like to be educated on who i can check out if soAyy bagged that #1 spot | Gun Game | @CallofDuty where my fellow lady gamers at? Still looking to create an all gir… @koalafireball Lemme know how it goes @oooGeezy Literally @koalafireball I did yes @iamdetboi @I_AM_EMLYN Ha will add these to the watch listThe most trippy, testing movie I’ve ever watched. If you make it to the end then 👏Lastnight I watched this film ‘mother!’ after doing a gummie & wow. If you’ve seen it then you’ll understand how horrendous it would be lol
No presets in this but loaaads of one shots that you can recreate your own ideas with + lots of loopsMy debut sample pack is officially wrapped up. Bare bass @stareyezzz 🥺🥺To say I miss this kind of thing is a huge understatement 🥺
Retweeted by FLAVA DFeedback session went off! You can rewatch here -
Live on Twitch for another feedback session in 10 mins’s really starting to look like some experiment going on in England right now. This tier stuff isn’t making senseThis weeks Top 10 features the Queen of the bass scene, @FlavaD Flava D performed a half an hour set for…
Retweeted by FLAVA D @hnrytrnr Jeez. ThrowbackWhen DJ EZ dropped Rhythm & Gash #2
Retweeted by FLAVA DThe most 2015 video I have ever seen
Retweeted by FLAVA D @Mat_Zo Watch Alone on Netflix. In-sane
@pritski @GrooveArmada Oo niceWhat tune makes you think of summer? Playing Flava D - Desert Lights @FlavaD
Retweeted by FLAVA DHouse & Bass set | @insomniacevents x @nightbass
Mindset feeling sharp as a dagger @djwillclarke 👊Massive love to @FlavaD ❤️
Retweeted by FLAVA DShoutout too @FlavaD for playing my Favorite tune @KOVENuk Koven - For Me (BCee Remix) On BBC Radio One Last night 🔊🙌🙌🙌🙌
Retweeted by FLAVA D @saluteAUT 👊Really enjoyed putting this mix together for @FlavaD in for @AnnieNightingale on @bbcradio1 - you can listen back h…
Retweeted by FLAVA DFew minutes to go til @sammy_virji takes over @BBCR1 with his guest mix! ⚡️
This @tsha909 guest mix is sounding so goodLocked @FlavaD on R1 🔒
Retweeted by FLAVA DLive on @BBCR1 right now let’s go to @tsha909's mix for @FlavaD on @BBCR1 in 30 min 🎉
Retweeted by FLAVA DMy new single #feelme ft @KelseySings getting another spin on @BBCR1 tonight by the boss gal @FlavaD 🔥🔥🔥👅👅👅
Retweeted by FLAVA D @craigstanley28 @BBCR1 @sammy_virji @TSHAtweets 🙌Playing new music from the likes of @djwillclarke @friction @MyNuLeng @BushbabyBeats @Shosh_ukG @Lorenzosbeats @netskymusic @gemitunes +++Back on @BBCR1 tonight taking over the Annie Nightingale show! 12-2am I’ve got @Sammy_virji & @TSHAtweets joining m… that stream today 😂Live • Not stopping til i win 1st place | Call Of Duty | Gun game
This is giving me life lol @hi_mija @UNIIQU3 Ayyyyyy 🔥 @DjPencil @BBCR1 Can’t wait to hear itBig Love Annie 💜💛 love this track
You’re gonna like this weeks show then 😉 fav new ukg track currently is Gemi - Buggin @joeTYTL Yeah that I fully rateI’m loving how there’s so many new upcoming UKG producers popping up this year. Gonna be playing a bunch of new talent on @BBCR1 this week!This is literally me all the time
Retweeted by FLAVA D @snydeeuk Is it pretty decent following some on there? @Houseplayerz lolI dunno how I feel about this OnlyFans stuff
Big up everyone sending demos in. Such a wide variety of stuff. You can rewatch the whole episode here… to go live on my Twitch for a feedback stream you're going out or staying in tonight, we've got the perfect soundtrack for your Saturday evening. Listen…
Retweeted by FLAVA D @ratiodnb There’s been quite few submissions to get through. Will try hunt it down
@TomGarnett3 Weird, gonna check tonight @Drhowzednb Hi, check the email in my bio for tunesJust a heads up, recording my next radio show over the weekend so today is a good day for last min tune submissions :)Yes feedback stream happening tonight Playing Flava D - What You Mean 2 Me @FlavaD
Retweeted by FLAVA DSeriously 😆 @ruchie74 Yep. already installed inside @JuniorisHere4U 💪💪I just completed my shed. game changer 😍
@killatmusic Yes please